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About Solar Essence, Solar Installers

Solar Essence

SOLAR ESSENCE PTY. LTD, ACN 146 093 432 went into liquidation on 11 September 2017.


Solar Essence is made up of qualified renewable energy experts who provide a no nonsense approach to solar power and other clean energy solutions. Customers benefit from having direct access to their expertise - and do not pay a premium for it.

Clients of Solar Essence are dealt with on a face to face basis so their needs can be met. Investment analysis is provided by customised software so people can get a better idea of what savings their purchase could lead to.

A number of different solar power products are stocked, including those from Australia, Japan and Europe.

Solar Essence Solar Reviews

It has been over 6 months since deposit paid, the panels are up but who would know whats going on now, they are just ignorant and lack any manners by returning calls or emails, almost think this is a scam company but had used them before and were good, totally lost the plot as far as customer care. Show additional information
Now not aansering phone or emails for warranty repair System has been out of action for 2 months Has solar essence done a runner?
Rory won't return messages
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Thanks to Solarquotes I got three very good companies. It was difficult to choose between them- all quality people and products. Each rep explained things thoroughly and I felt comfortable with each of the sales reps in my home. I also liked the fact they were Australian companies , not to large and eager to help, in a non invasive way. Show additional information
Paul was very clear about his product, checked my house to make sure the system he offered was suitable and offered multiple options to suit my enquiries. Show additional information
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Installation was prompt and done without me needing to be home. The paperwork took a while due to the independent electrician they used being tardy. Main delay thereafter was primarily caused by the electricity retailer (Simply Energy) and supplier (SP Ausnet). Took from late June to early November to get the meter upgraded and the system turned on. Show additional information
Paul and Rory at Solar Essence were excellent to deal with. There was one issue only and that was that it took a few months rather than weeks to install. Obviously they were very busy and they kept in touch during this period so it wasn't a deal breaker for us. Show additional information
Good salesman, very helpful with different options for 2 systems on 2 townhouses on the site
Deposit paid on system on 2nd April.
Installation occurred 4th June for U2, and 18th June for U1
It is now 2nd August and still waiting for electrical inspection and only have action after phone calls.
Solar Essecence are a very small operation and seem to have taken on too much work. Because we are on the Mornington Peninsula and they are based in Thornbury, it became all too hard.
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I would be confident recommending this Company to provide honest and reliable dealings which is what i experienced . Show additional information
A genuine local small business with attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Show additional information
Contract installers where extremely friendly/punctual, clean, courteous, and despite some rain did the best to get the system mounted properly. One thing could have been better - after installation a rundown/explanation on the inverter function. But then again, this is just a tap next to the panel and see through each function so, really easy to follow and understand any how. Show additional information
Sunwerx was just an email quote, Mark Group, long sales pitch... Too long, hard seller (didn't like), Solar essence , good, had the panels and inverter I wanted as I did some of my own research. But had to get quotes else where for them to be competitive in price. Show additional information
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I appreciated the company going the extra mile to find a solution to the physical layout - two other companies looked at the site on google-earth and simply decided there were too many trees. Solar Essence did a proper onsite examination and made it work and it is performing to expectations. Show additional information
Communication between installer and myself was great, they kept me informed and prior to installation assisted me with even more expertise on positioning of panels Show additional information
I think more customer training may be helpful. I for one have a lot of difficulty understanding the supplied technical manuals. There is much more I would like to know and understand about my system. Show additional information
Solar Essence were helpful, pleasant to deal with and genuine in their advice, follow up and installation. Show additional information
Whilst the Solar Essence quote was not the cheapest, the knowledge and care shown by Paul Blackman in the preparation of our quote from an onsite inspection, left us with a very clear picture of costs and the installation and activation proceedure of our system. Installation went without a hitch and within the timeframe quoted. A very professional job all round with people who know their product. Highly reccommended. Thanks Solar Essence. Show additional information
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Your website was a great find. An independent voice and someone who really sounds like they are there to help the uninitiated was such a relief, and proved to be the springboard for a great solar result for our home. Thank you so much! Show additional information
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Really hard to answer value for money - because we are still awaiting the final connection and paperwork with electricity supplier. Will then compare existing and future power bills.
It's worth getting a fixed price quote which includes access and I recommend that you read through the fine print before finalising a contract. One consideration is that there are likely to be major advances in solar technology, efficiency of panels, etc which might affect a decision for current or future installation.
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Solar Essence gave us a choice of size, panels and inverter. The installation process was well explained and promptly and efficiently carried out. A very good experience all round. Show additional information
This service was exceptional - all 3 companies approached me speedily, and the meetings and quotes were all done within a few days. Having got to the point in my reno of needing this turned around quickly, having a fast turn-around was great. Installation went pretty smoothly, and I'm really happy with the results. Show additional information
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From my first phone conversation with this company (Solar Essence) i was nervously pleased to go with them. Their representative arrived when he said he would and the advice and system we decided on met all of the criteria that i had been researching for some 6 months. As a consumer i was able to establish a trust with this company very quickly out of a miriad of choices of companies that i had previously never encountered. I am now a very proud owner of a 5Kw off grid system. Show additional information
Having an established and visible local supplier was one factor - in case there is a need for troubleshooting later. Show additional information
Getting a Solar system is really confusing and you need to make sure that the size of the system is sufficient to have a positive effect on your bills, no use putting in a 2 kW system if your using 8 kW an hour, it's just not worth the money.

At this time it is not worth it to put the power back to the grid because at 8 cents a kW it's just not viable especially when the power companies are still charging you 26-28 cents a kW. The Government need to get behind solar again and pay people a decent feed in tariff.
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I probably got 60+ quotes from online automated sites and brokers and when speaking to other companies it felt like I was in the middle of another �pink batts� fiasco. With most solar companies, you can only speak to a sales person who is only too happy to sell a $5,000-$10,000 system over the phone from looking at a satellite picture of your house!

It was a relief to find Solar Essence. I spoke to Karl initially and with no sales talk I found out all the technical information I needed about types of panels and invertors.

Being able to choose the brand of invertor and panels was ideal - I much prefer their approach of building a system to meet my requirements and budget rather than offering a �package deal�.

It's also great that their back-office process is finely tuned all the paperwork, what's happening next PDF's, invoicing and general quick replies have been very helpful especially with the 30th Sept deadline.

Everything has gone smoothly, from the initial call to the installation and inspection.

Needless to say I would highly recommend these guys to anyone.
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Dates and times arranged by Solar Essence were kept. The installers ensured that all offcuts etc. from their work was removed and site cleaned. Show additional information
Karl at Solar Essence came to our property to supply us with a quotation. He was very helpful and professional. We later obtained 3 other quotes and although Solar Essence was not the lowest priced quotation we went with them purely because we felt the most comfortable with them and confident that they would provide all that they claimed. The installers were also very prompt, professional and friendly. Michelle in Customer Service has been extremely helpful in regards to the paperwork involved. All in all we are extremely happy with the process so far. I have just submitted the Feed in Tariff Agreement Form to AGL (with Michelle's assistance) today and am now waiting for the meter to be installed by United Energy. Show additional information
There is a long lag time from system installation to system being operational. Have to get system inspected, paper work lodged with electricity supplier to configuration of meter etc.
2 weeks after installation none of the above has happened yet.

Lots of options available in the market. For the size of system installed, I could have got another system installed for less than half of the cost I paid for.

Perhaps made decision too quickly.
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Solar Essence have not been pushy. They have explained things - left me lots of time to consider my options - enough time to talk to other suppliers and for some of the time to just let the thought and process run through. Show additional information
The reason I chose Solar Essence was because they were the only one out of the 3, who would do business face to face, the others wanted to do business over the phone or via internet.
They were quick with the installation, only took 3 weeks. It was an all day job.
However, due to our power company stalling and taking their time, it is still not working..
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