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About Solar Harness, Solar Installers

Solar Harness

Solar Harness has a presence around Australia - its installers are all accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin are just some of the areas where Solar Harness already has happy customers.

The company considers itself to be a leader in its industry and strives to help customers reduce their energy bills.

Wherever possible, Solar Harness aims to use recycled products that have little impact on the environment. Free estimates are supplied by the firm, which will also do all it can to ensure customers meet their energy reduction goals.

Solar Harness Solar Reviews

Very happy long term customer

Solar Harness installed a 3kW system for me 9 years ago. Originally there was a defect with the inverter that they supplied and they came and installed a new (upgraded) model without hesitation about a year after the original install. I recently had some troubles with the inverter, and they were still in business (awesome) and were really willing to help. The system is now back up and running again!
From what I have seen and heard, getting good after-sales support from solar installers can be difficult and these guys went out of their way to help. Big thanks to David and the crew!
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Great System & Company

We recently purchased a system from Solar Harness. Solar Harness were very professional, easy to deal with and their installers did a great job! We have been very happy with the savings we have received so far. We would highly recommend purchasing a system from them. Show additional information

Very happy

Very easy to deal with from start to finish. Not the cheapest but definitely good quality Show additional information

Fantastic installer.

• Sales Personell Paul was great, patient, understanding, of our situation, accomodating, & did not try and upsell us only the biggest system but actually recommended us only what we needed + a little extra.
• Installers Jack & David from Vista were very punctual, try thier best to keep the noise level as low as possible, & made adequate effort to not interrupt our day as much as possible.
• Yes, Paul organized all the necessary arrangements for the Reprogramming of the meter and Grid connection very promptly, & even organizied the Interest Free Finance. Very happy.
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Highly recommend

Fantastic company to deal with. The process was very easy and the installation time/date was flexible to suit us. The product is great quality and has made a great impact on our electricity bills. Would highly recommend them Show additional information


After enquiring about one panel (the panel does not have water on it when it rains and all the other panels have water beading up) I was told next time it rains I need to climb up on my roof & take a photo & send it in to them, I was also told its only been up their 1 month so it should be fine...!!! My question was do they think the installer forgot to take the plastic cover sheet off 1 panel, the answer I received was they don't leave the factory with it still stuck on them, my reply was well the installer left the rest of the plastic cover sheets jammed in our gutters which was lucky that i found it as solar harness would of had been responsible for my gutters overflowing possibly into our house. Not happy with response I expect better than climb up & take a photo next time it rains after what i paid for the system ....if this is the way they deal with enquiries they need to step up better than that response. Show additional information
I have had solar panels combust, which they would not cover - insurance did.
3 x inverters fail and have waited many months for replacements

* Salespeople tell you a pack of lies basically to get a sale. Definitely shop around (know what you are buying)
* Told panels would cover my power bill and pay for itself. Isn't worth it for sure - save $60 via deductions only every 2 months - big wahoo.
* Inverter/Panel failures -- Blame everyone else - but themselves. "Manufacturers fault" as inverters in China not Australia (6 weeks at least for an inverter replacement)
* Panels I was told top quality German and paid for it - yet these broke and brochure says a golf ball wouldn't break them?

I want to go with battery storage, but unsure I can trust the panels or inverters!

Do not go with these guys and definitely check other companies reviews, customer service etc.

Going to ACCC about issues I have had unless Solar Harness can sort things out - unlikely...
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They were very quick and professional, I got my old system through them I might have paid a bit more for it but if I need anything to know about it is close to my place and they are only a phone call away I had great service from my old system, so I decided to go with the one I know. Show additional information
I have the new inverter (good we) since jun 2017 and the electric bills are exactly as there is never solar system, just waste of money and I loose trust in both
this company and government rebate.,
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I had my system installed 2015 and from the off one panel was not working which the electrician should have detected but missed it. He is no longer used by Solar Harness, after what seemed like months to get the system fixed I finally had 8 of 8 panels working. 2 years on and I now find I am at 0 of 0 panels working and there is no contact details for warranty repairs or faults contact details. Instead you can request a quote, to give them more business which I am sure you will get a call toot smart. I was sold on he quality of this product and I have to say it is my biggest regret I wish I had opted for the cheap as chips option that my neighbour has as they are saving shed loads and have had no issues at all with their cheap system, so much for quality! Show additional information
Expansion installed wrong so it has never worked properly. Keeps tripping out. Solar Harness wont fix it. We've been trying to get them to for years but all we get is excuses and time wasting. So disappointing & frustrating. I have Solar Harness telling me that they have paid the electrician to fix it and the electrician calling me to say they havent been paid for any of their visits....NONE of which has anything to do with ME! Just fix my system already. Show additional information
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Sales person sold his experience and knowledge and promoted we go with
a quality system, which we agreed to.
Before installation we are told that we gave the wrong information because we had
a three phase system and would now need a smaller (3kW) inverter - shouldn't he have known or checked that, will all his experience!
Also told the installer was a local gent that knew the area well and had been in the industry for years, only to have a group of teenagers turn up, full of hurry & bluster.
Had to lend them a torch for the roof space for goodness sake!
The system has worked fine and saves me around 50 percent of my power bill, however the cost of over 10K was too much and the experience left me angry with myself for not getting three different quotes.
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In general good experience, not pushy salesperson, installation went well and they answer couple of questions regarding operation of the system via email and phone after installation was completed and system was working. Show additional information
Rely on work of mouth from other people who have installed systems or used company before. Show additional information
JFY JSI 1500TL Inverter installed on 21 August 2014. We've had no problems with this unit. Show additional information
We put in solar 3 yrs ago was told we would save around $1000 a year was checking the inverter other day up 20kWhs, produced, so we saved around $5,000 in our bill's. We are very happy with our system. Both our neighbors have solar also put in the same time with different company one had nothing problems with his inverter and the other has not produced the kWhs as mine. Show additional information
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We purchased our system a few years ago and I was more interested in quotes for battery backup systems.
Following recent news releases we have decided to wait for further news on the Tesla battery system expected to be available in 2016.
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From the date of signing the contracts to the date of installation was more than 6 months. Installation agents were awesome.
After a few billing cycles in operation we noticed that our power bills were not reflecting that we had the system fitted and upon inspecting the pannels noticed that 7 out of 16 were damaged. Upon contacting Solarharness they had no record of my installation due to a change in office staff so we contacted the local repair agent who contacted Solar Harness on our behalf. A week later the repair agent inspected the pannels and informed us that they were unservicable, we have been waiting 6 weeks and have not heard a thing. We are paying $167 every fortnight for nothing more than a little patch of shade on our roof
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David told us everything straight up, making sure there was no hidden costs etc,he gave us a great price and since then he has rang back every time I have left a message. The electrical contractor has been great, came when they said and even pointed out if we needed to pay any extra, which we didn't. Everyone has been polite and efficient. Show additional information
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We put in the best of the best. We had very large power bills and 6 months on and we have not seen ANY change in our power bill at all! Not a dollar difference! We have sent off copies of our bills to the company for a "please explain" , 4 phone calls to the company and not a single response to our query. We also started having power issues with our power shorting out, they came to assess after we persisted with them, but continued to claim no connection. We are now not convinced.

Stay away from this company!! Our next step is to go to consumer affairs to see if we can get our money back and the system removed. This is the worst company we have dealt with, they have our money, which they wanted upfront and now they don't care.
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They told me when I order it that it was a 2.5 KW inverter. When I tried to upgrade they told me that that was the peak value and it was actually a 1.8 KW inverter and hence could only get 4 more panels.

About a year later I rang them about another upgrade and they told me that they could magically fit another 2 panels. The system is useless and only knocks off $100 of the bill. Still getting bills in excess of $400.

Rarely generates more than 1500 Watts with 12 panels.
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The system has not been installed as yet to the grid. Show additional information
I am waiting for system to be installed. Show additional information
Promised the system before end of December with a date for install. Took time off work and waited but no one arrived.. When contacted advised they had no booking listed. Guy turned up unannounced to view building and promised install soon. Again no contact and no response from office claiming they did not have details. Numerous messages left with company but either no reply or promises of contact that never resulted.

System finally installed months after promised date and 5K system is yet to produce more than 4K even though roof is clear and North facing.
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Very deceptive sales person, with little knowlege of P.V. systems. Show additional information
All sales people fom the six companies who came to give me quotes were very good at their jobs. I chose Solar harness because the panels I went for are German made and not from China. Also there is a 10 year warranty, all the rest were 5 years. Show additional information
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It was very confusing making a final decision where to install the panels we were told by one company that east was best then we were told west was best both said they were right!! (we couldn't go north which is the best) Show additional information
I had the system installed about 3 weeks ago. I am still waiting for Synergy to supply us with our new meter but seeing the old one go backwards is a real treat.
I got a 1.52kW system as it was all I could fit on the roof space I had.
I am quite happy with it.
I wish I had got it a lot earlier as the rain has now come.
Having it installed also encouraged me get some quotes on upgrading my electrical distribution board.
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System to be installed in couple of weeks Show additional information
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not installed as yet Show additional information
I would have gone with renewable logic or the other listed supplier aaron browne electrical because they were both very knowledgable with the solar systems of theirs and also other suppliers without being biased. The reason I did not go with them was because solar harness has their 10yr parts and labour warranty (not offered by any other company that we had quotes from). Solar harness is a little more expensive but the service is there with there suppliers also Australian based. Show additional information
they supplied a 3.6 inverter in place of a 1.5 ,and they had it fitted within a month of order. Show additional information
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