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Solar Shop

Update: Solar Shop are In Receivership as of 9 Sept 2011 Unbelievable!

Solar Shop Australia is a renewable energy solution provider that designs and installs photovoltaic (PV) grid connect and remote power systems. The company operates throughout Australia and claims to be the country's largest provider of grid connect solar power systems. They have been operating for 10 years and now have over 200 staff employed throughout the country. Solar Shop says that it is community oriented and supports community organisations Habitat for Humanity, Sustainable House Day and Planet Ark.

Solar Shop Australia designs and installs solar power systems for both the commercial and home sectors, and says that it covers the whole operation including paperwork. The company also says that it can make payment easy with its Sunworks finance package which can include a no deposit deal. They say that payments can be lower than your current electricity bill.

Customer testimonials for Solar Shop Australia are available on their website, and include the following:

"From the start, your sales contact was courteous, informative, proactive; and for me very positive. Then the representative who came to carry out the pre installation inspection was again knowledgeable and positive. Your installation crew are nothing short of amazing. I work in the construction industry and to have a group of young men complete the entire very neat and very professional installation in the time they did, is very much to your credit. The level of their concern with respect to rubbish and left over material being left behind was something I had not yet experienced".

Here are their reviews as submitted by SolarQuotes users:

Solar Shop Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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SolarShop failed to advise us that the mounts needed to be more than 5m from the point of connection (a local utility requirement!), so we had to dig another set of mount holes. They DID, however, split the cost of the digger for the second set. Installation was efficiently done, once the mounts were in place.
With ground mount, and a short run to the meter box, we maximised FiT while it was available on gross metering. Downside was that, with the requirement to changeover to Net metering, we lose a bit in the generation run (as the panels are around 200m from house).
Install was 3 strings of 10, 60W panels = 1.8kW, mounted on ground frames.
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Solar shop were great I was able to do everything over the phone and email including sending photos which was great considering my time restrictions and rural location. Matt was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

Your web site was a great starting point so I had a better understanding and could talk with knowledge to the sales reps.

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Wasn't happy with SA Quality Home Improvements at all. Took a followup to get someone out and then never actually received a quote!

Solar Shop was excellent to deal with. Very happy with the entire experience.
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Bit concerned because it was a big TV ad that drew me in but happy with it all the way, now working beautifully. Show additional information
Company is currently in receivership which has made the process quite stressful and harder than necessary. The quality of the installer and the electricity supplier have jaded up for this significantly. Show additional information
Sales Rep explained how to get most value for money and how we would pay for the system through energy use profiling and not FIT or rebates etc. Show additional information
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The professionalism and depth of knowledge left nothing to be desired, Solar Shop was able to answer every question put to them with much depth.

They knew and understood the entire process from me signing to the actual commissioning of the system. Unfortunately, the sales person did not make it clear to me that in Victoria there was a likely wait of two months from installation time to commissioning.

I challenged Solar Shop on this as for the two month period there was to be a no return on investment and this was to be my financial problem, to which I said that this was not acceptable. I challenged Solar Shop on this and now we will both share the financial burden of a waiting period between installation and commissioning.

I will make a part payment at installation and then pay the balance at the time of commissioning.
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I found the whole experience rather daunting, with so many new companies coming on the market it is very dificult to decide which way to go. I finally decided to go with a known company rather than take a chance with an unknown company. Hopefully it is the right decision! Show additional information
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Gave complete advise in an area where useful information is hard to find. Show additional information
The Solar Shop rep was responsive and very attentive to my needs and visited me personally when I had additional queries. Excellent customer service. Whilst I certainly appreciated this sites (your) assistance and advice, I found that the organisations that you recommended to be very unresponsive and if that is their approach to business and potential clients then I would suggest that their installations / workmanship would have to be closely observed. Thanks for your help tho. Show additional information
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I THINK that I got a good value system but it won't be installed until 14 July and not grid connected untill ????? So time will tell, if you send me a survey in a month or three I'll be in a better position to answer. Show additional information
We looked up the equipment and went with what we thought was the best value to us.
Also, the Solarshop came recommended from a friend who was happy with them.
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Very positive interaction with the salesperson, referred by word of mouth. Good 'briefing' and understanding of requirements. No BS, facts nor 'push' given the current climate. Realistic advice and quote. Show additional information
The system was installed 18 months ago and prices have decreased since then. The price was good at the time and qualified for the FIT of 50.05 c/kWhr.

The salesman lacked technical knowledge (he wanted to use a single tracking inverter for panels on both the north and west facing roofs, wanted to use 60 watt panels and suggested a 1kW.

I told him he didn't understand the physics of photovoltaics and embarrassed him into the same size system using 180 watt panels for the same price as the 60 watt panels they have been programmed to flog.

Thanks for the seven energy saving tips.


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Whilst a little more expensive overall, their finance plans were excellent and that is what sold us in the end. Show additional information
The property assessor for our area was friendly, knowledgeable, assessing the best type of system we were able to install at the best price. He provided us with much of the information we needed and also the answers to our questions.

The recommended inverter and panels were better quality systems than a previous quote.
However, being a reputable larger company meant that there is a time delay before instillation can occur - our system will not be installed until August.
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So far I can recommend the Solar Shop based on our experience. We did get a quote from another company which was set up in the middle of a shopping centre and they were quite a bit more expensive. This has been a bit of a minefield for us because there are so many companies out there. What helped was doing our own research first and working out the differences in panel types and where the quality components come from. Show additional information
The main reason for choosing this product was that I have some shading issues and these panels are meant to be better in these conditions. Show additional information
It would have been useful to have the state/region of the installer in the "Solar Installer Reviews" page. That way we may have been able to look a little closer at other installers in our area.

Other than that, you have provided us with tons of information and follow up in a timely fashion.

Not that all the suppliers/installers we contacted have done the same :-(

Thank you for a great service.
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System not installed yet.

Good efficiency panels - quick quotes - discount for paying in full up front even by credit card. Very good customer service. Very good referral from a friend. Not pushy.
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Obtaining an installation date was difficult;

The notifying of the electrical authority and arranging power meter change was not done (according to the authority)- fortunately I checked and was able to have this effected.

The panels did not fit the roof space requiring the installers to be delayed, they did find a compromise after a few hours delay.

The installers were good.
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This company was very thorough and go by the book regarding council regulations and explained all aspects of the installation and equipment. They have also already organized the change over of the meter by the electricity company.
They also have the opportunity of finance for the system.
The one thing really impressed me was they came to my property and assessed it and followed through with my quotes, more than I can say for some of the other companies. Some I am still waiting for the quotes.
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We went with Solarshop

1. Because they are an established business of some 9 years.

2.Salesman was extremely helpfull, and we did not feel 'pressured' as happened with one of the others.

3. With the problems with Japan being their supplier, they had to change panels to make sure we were in time with our installation, and we ended up with a better deal.

Not sure of the kW, but have 35 - 60w panels coming.
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I went with this system because it Japanese & German made . One thing I must say I was very happy with Assured Class Electrical Quote the only reason I did not go with them was it was Chinese But his quote was good and it was in booklet form & was done Best Ive seen Show additional information
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I think there are a lot of ill informed sales people trying to sell solar panels and unfortunately the info given by them did not add up and was somewhat conflicting. Show additional information
As I did not have a lot of time to choose between suppliers. I felt the ones who could come out and see me were the preferred option.

It was good to get quotes online, and the businesses that responded did well and also kept in contact. I ended up going with a local supplier who could guarantee me installation by June. Thank you for your recommendations. They helped with my research into solar power.
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Also had a quote from SolarGain. Was not impressed by the service from SolarGain, the salesperson wasn't interested and didn't even follow up.

Decided to go with the hybrid system with solar shop but still waiting for it to be installed.
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Following my request to your website, I was only contacted by one company (Renewable Logic) who did send a consultant out who took our details and measurements and promised to provide a written quote the next day. Almost 2 months later we haven't heard back from them. So we went with SolarShop following feedback from friends who had used them - not installed as yet due to panels being delayed by the Japanese earthquake. Show additional information
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They did the job . No one else could match price or would take it on in Broome. Show additional information
We had quite a bit of technical information then some suppliers told us to choose from that. It's like choosing a mobile phone plan - far too much complicated information. Warren asked us what we wanted from our system, then gave us choices with prices to match our wants. He then explained the difference between the choices offered. It's difficult to match prices to other suppliers as we didn't get quotes or even anyone to come to our house to help us decide. We had one phone call and some email responses which asked a lot of questions that we didn't really know the answers to, such as roof size and which type and how many panels we preferred. Even though our system is not installed yet, we feel happy with our choice of supplier as do some of our friends and neighbours who used The Solar Shop. Prices compare reasonably with other friends for smaller systems from other companies. Show additional information
I found the Solar Shop Riverland representative to be honest with his answers to my questions (there were a lot of questions I asked) and the representative was the only one to actually sit down with my wife and I. And show us the ins & outs and positives and negatives of what we were going to purchase. The representative even suggested putting some panels on the shed which I hadn't even thought of. So all in all it has been a great experience so far. Show additional information
Let me say from the outset I was very happy with your input and assistance in addition to the information you made available on your web site, it was all very useful. You were let down somewhat by your referrals.
I do not intend to criticise the two contractors you made reference to but suffice to say they leave a lot to be desired. Trades people do not necessarily make good sales personnel and vice versa. I went with the SolarShop, not on price but rather on presentation, openness, assistance and documentation.
Thank you sincerely for your help it was /is much appreciated.
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We decided on using an amorphous system as opposed to the mono-crystalline as relatives have been using this type and they have been getting excellent results with a 3 Kilowatt system for about two years now. Very few companies are using the amorphous type of panel, however we have seen the results and also like the fact that panels are made in Japan - [ as opposed to mono-crystalline which are mostly Chinese manufactured.] Show additional information
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