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Solarworld Industries (previously known as Traralagon Plumbing and Solar) is a Solar Power Installation company based in Traralgon and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

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Original Review on 27-10-2017:

The team at Traralgon Plumbing and solar really took the time to understand what my expectations were. They were able to offer solutions to help meet these and explained each benifit in layman's terms. They provided a good spread of information for me to be able to qualify. The team were prompt and reliable on time and completed the installation in one day.
I would highly recommend Traralgon Plumbing and Solar and will be contacting them again in the future when ready to install batteries.
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Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 4/5

8 months later we asked Chris: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The system so far has performed extremely well. The installation and pre install communication was fantastic. I would like to add that whilst I appreciate that I have dealt with a small business with all the constraints of limited resources, the after sales/install support was severely lacking. I felt that the people I dealt with were very committed to the task, however were stretched in delivering my expectation.
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We have paid a deposit, just waiting on an install date.
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This is my first experience with a solar hot water system and I looked forward to many years of efficient hot water delivery.
Unit was purchased by previous owner of house 3 years prior to my ownership.
My first alarm was a lack of sufficient hot water - although it was Winter.
Second alarm was high electricity bills even though a 4.5kW solar electric system is fitted to house.
Entered into discussion with both my Electricity Supplier and Retailer as to why house usage was so high.
Smart meter data (after several quarters) identified that HWS booster was operating every night regardless of season.
Tried changing booster times but no had effect on the booster continuing to operate.
Unit on roof then started to make noises during hot summer days - contacted supplier/installer (unit now 3 months past its 5 years warranty).
Installer identified that a pressure relief valve was missing on the Unit on the roof but claimed that someone had removed it after installation - Who would tamper with a system on the roof whilst it is still under warranty?
From this time on supplier/installer refuses to respond to phone calls, will not return phone messages and will not respond to emails.
Contacted the Melbourne Office of Solahart to complain but was told that as the system was now out of its warranty period (even though evidence of failure was able to be traced back several years) that I would have to pay for new replacement Unit myself - VERY POOR RESPONSE.

Supplier Reply:

Hi robert,

Feedback is always appreciated. We are sorry you feel that the solution we offered here was unsatisfactory. Unfortunately the solar water heater in question was beyond repair by the time we were contacted. The original purchaser and owner of the property prior to yourself never made contact regarding any performance issue with the system. Due to the system being outside of the warranty period and clear evidence of the system having an attempted repair by someone not from our service department we cannot pursue a replacement via the warranty path. A new system would usually cost around $6000, given the fact it was only 5.5 years old and taking into account the system had been touched by unqualified technicians we felt the offer to supply a new system at half cost of only $3000 was a mutually fair offer. You chose to not accept this and that is your right.
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Still waiting for final labeling anf inspection
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Unfortunately, after 3 weeks, I am still waiting for my Energy supplier to contact me so I can let them know that I now have Solar.
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This was the only quote that i got, however i did quite a bit of research about the products and was happy with what i was supplied. I went for a Solahart 302CS13C hot water service, as hot water was a significant portion of my bill and this model suited my site due to exposure to frosts. The solar system was a 3.5 kW system made up of REC TwinPeak 2 - 290W panels with a Solar Edge SE5000H Wave Inverter and a Solar Edge Modbus meter with connection to SolarEdge monitoring platform.
My site has very good exposure for both the panels and hot water service with a NNE (hot water) and N (PV) aspect.
The install was completed on time and budget and the advice given prior to signing up was accurate and very useful. I will extend the PV system at some stage.
I am still waiting for the power Company to complete their part of the installation.
I have found your web site invaluable throughout this process and the general information you cover very interesting.
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I chose to install a premium system that was 'battery ready', and had the most flexibility so that I can 'fine tune' the installation in a couple of years.
Traralgon Plumbing & Solar designed and implemented the system in a timely & professional manner.
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Did my research and came up with not necessarily the cheapest, I was more concerned with quality of the product and installation.

Had 16 panels installed and connection fitted to later install a battery. Am able to monitor performance of system on internet.

System was up and running in 2 days. Less than 2 weeks to wait for work to commence and date was mutually agreed to.

Those doing the installing were teriffic and kept me fully informed of their progress.
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