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About Start Solar, Solar Installers

Start Solar
Start Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Oakleigh and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Start Solar Solar Reviews

Fantastic Installation

The Company management really did an appreciable work. They took no time in getting everything approved and install the Solar Panels, thereafter.

I shall really recommend them to anyone who is looking for good Solar Companies.
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Very poor

They did very poor job.
No experience workers.
They break the tiles no fix.
When I talk to start solar they said they can’t fix the tiles because they installed the solar panel over year.
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I wasn't quite sure if the firm I ended up using were actually one of those you recommended. They got in just before I was about to go with another and just beat their price. I kept getting so many annoying phone calls that I couldn't even understand ( strange accents) any way thanks for your help . Now I have to claim my Govt. rebate which seems rather daunting but here goes ! Regards Robin B Show additional information

No transparency, expensive, lacking customer service, all offers misguided-like warranty of workmanship and hardware

The sales agent will promise you a lot of things, and since the initial stages there is no paper works available yet except my details including credit card, and bank. Once panels are installed, the verbal agreement for the warranty was for 10 years, but on installer document warranty only stated 5 years, no documentation provided for workmanship warranty despite a verbal agreement was discussed. One day after installation i noticed a crack on my ceiling-and they refused to fix it saying that they didn't cause this.

Be careful giving them your credit card/bank details as they will start charging you even if you advised them ahead of time not to do so. And later will refuse to return the said deposit.
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System did not work.

System never worked and poor customer service, never rectified.
Promised a country man with cancer that if they put solar panels up it would work, Never did!!
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I rarely write reviews, but we got Start Solar at our home and I cannot believe the difference to what we pay for energy. Yes the service is amazing - just speak to Ayush - and everything is seamless…. the value for money is the best on the market and I did my homework. You will not regret Start Solar for a moment once you have it installed Show additional information
I Purchased this item (a 5 kilowatt system of 20 panels and a SOLAX inverter capable of adding a battery system for $9,480.00) on 3/10/2017 and got approval of the finance company (Certegy Ezi-Pay) 0n 25th of October 2017 for a premium price (other advertised systems on TV were under $5000) as the salesman said the equipment is of the highest quality and standard and the after-sales service is of a premium for any problems with the next business day, on the door check and/or repair. And the inverter was a smart inverter and the slightest problem and they would know at their end before I did and they would be here the next day.
Well, no documentation given, the panels are warped and the inverter is giving error messages. The system was installed on 18/10/2017 and inspected and certified on 24/10/2017, the system was actually connected and working with the electricity company after 13/11/2019. It was December before I had requested documentation and only received a book on the inverter which was left in the electricity box without our knowledge and then still no help on the ipad/computer connection to the inverter so got instruction over the phone how to connect (Still no further documentation or customer welcome pack) so December 2017 before I could know about the inverter errors. I contacted Startsolar of my concerns and they refuse to come out and look and check, they requested me to send photos of the warped panels, of the inverter and serial number and screenshot of the 2 error messages. So I did, then after not hearing and no help again they requested the photos so I resent, after still no help a new employee asked again for the photos and I reluctantly forwarded them to me and he replied that he received them and found another set that I previously sent. He came back as far as the inverter is concerned that the inverter's modem setting has to be reset. and asked my telco to check my home modem. It has nothing to do with my home modem it is the modem in the inverter's modem that they have to check which is independent and nothing to do with my home wifi. They still refuse to even come and check. They now say If they come and check and they find nothing wrong then I will be charged a call out fee of $250 paid up front as it is now past 12 months from installation date of 18th October 2017 and out of warranty even though I brought this matter up many months before the 12 months was past, and in any case I was told the inverter was 5 years warranty and the panels 10 years warranty by the salesman. . Also they want me first to send the pictures for a 4th time. And on the back of the sales contract at terms and conditions 6.2, it says that the system is under 5 years warranty and start Solar is responsible for free on-site service during the warranty service. I have now no alternative but to take the matter up with consumer affairs. I have already complained to ACCC
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Very happy with the installation of our 5kw micro inverter (1 per panel) 16 panel system. There were a couple of misunderstandings in delivery of parts, however our installers solved the glitch quickly and worked all day Australia Day to finish the job, extremely pleased with the product and the installers' work ethics. Help in customer service to learn how to use the Android Management App. was fast and only needed one call to do the lot. So far I have fed power back into the grid almost every day even with the "eggnishna" goiong 24/7 on a couple of days. Would do it again with same people. Unreservedly recommended. Love, Andrew. Show additional information
Very pleased with my Solar System, this company took the time to come out and chat to me face to face to work our exactly what size of a system I needed. They didn’t pressurise me into a sale on the day, they let me take the time I needed to make my decision which I must commend. The guys had the system installed within a few hours and they did a great job. I can’t thank the team at Start Solar enough and I will be back for a battery in the new year! Show additional information
Start Solar did an excellent job, provided the right advice and installed in accordance with our requirements very efficiently and very quick . Highly recommended . Show additional information
System was installed 6 months ago and still going strong. Show additional information
The system was well installed and the inspection was all promptly completed. apart from the inverter issue, the other problem has been the 'feed to tariff' information. Our provider claims that they are waiting on the information from our supplier while the supplier claims to have forwarded the information weeks ago. We are unable to facilitate this as both provider and supplier claim it is an internal problem requiring their business centres to communicate. Extremely frustrating! Show additional information
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