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Sunburst Solar Solar Reviews

The worst solar company ive ever delt with would highly recommend going any where else but with these gutter sharks

The worst solar company in Australia they are will rip you off with the quote tell take your deposit and then jack up the price of the original quote. Show additional information
Went bust Show additional information
This company now has a consumer watchdog alert against them. Too late for us but everyone else beware Show additional information
Company has been not contactable since installation. Havent received additional feed in tariff as promised and system now showing fault on display. Company not answering calls emails and salesperson tells me he isnt with them any more and hung up on me. Website under maintenance and when i researched company on ASIC's it appears they applied to deregister the company in Sep 2013 and are now insolvent. Currently onto Office of Fair trading to try to stop our payments with them. Show additional information
The ongoing saga of Sunburst is early Feb, 2014. SS installed a 4.7Kw, 18 panel system Nov, 2013. The problem is basically a rushed, poor-quality installation. The system is NOT generating anywhere near what it FULL SUN it is lucky to reach 3000W. Friends down in Leongatha who have 2 x identical systems display at least 4000W on the inverter in full sun.
To compound this problem, Sunburst Solar is unreachable on both their numbers and their website is down for maintenance. A thread on the Whirlpool forum; Sunburst Solar closed down? gives the impression that it has not (see SunburstSolarJames reply).

It is a pity as the hardware is first rate (the reason why they were recommended) and the company APPEARED to be better than average. The installers went that fast they mis-crimped more than one low-voltage connectors and left all their rubbish (bits of wire, connectors, drink-bottles and other crap) neatly tucked under the panels.

I suspect that at least 3 panels are NOT feeding to the inverter.

If YOU get a system installed by SS, might pay to give it a visual once-over before you receive the TURN ON notice.
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No customer service at all after installation, have had ongoing fault for over 3 months, they do not return calls, but are very rude in emails, and will not fix our problem. Once sunburst have your money, they are done with you. Would not buy off them at all. Our complaint is now in the hands of consumer affairs, and we are not the only ones. Show additional information
What we recieved in quality and output, 4-4.5 kw from this system is dismal for this area, should be 11-12kw, system is not the quality as advertised or sold to us by salesman, this output has been verified by VCAT and quality of system also, if we had to do it again we wouldnt go solar and definetly not Sunburst Solar, poor system, poor output, poor everything, I could write a book about this. Show additional information
Things couldn't have been simpler, ordered and installed within 3 weeks, we got a 4.5kW system, couldn't choose that from the list, installation was held up once due to weather but i guess these things happen in winter!!
Thanks guys
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False claims about the return and benefits we would receive. It was meant to cover electricity bills and generate income from surplus electricity, doesn't do either. Still disputing 2 years later. They called us in response to a letter of complaint with aggression and hostility. Show additional information
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We ordered our system at the end of June12 was installed 28th Aug 12. had problems with installation as electrical team stated our electrical cable between shed where solar was installed and house was not suitable and needed to be replaced, head office stated it was suitable so system installed.

Our electrician checked cable and it was fine. Waited for three weeks for paperwork so we could be connected to grid before end of sept and had to ring twice for this. Our system was turned on and didn\'t work it kept disconnecting and reconnecting making 1 - 3 kws per day (this is a 5kw system) Company was informed of this 4 days after it was turned on and I was told the electrician would ring me in case it was something simple.

Never heard from him. I found his no: on our paperwork so I rang him several times and was told he had to wait for the company to give him a job in our area.

I contacted the company several times and on one occassion was told I could take the inverter off the wall package it up and send it back to China then wait 10 weeks for a returned one. Finally after 4 + weeks and many complaints someone came. The team of electricians that came were excellent and found our system had been wired incorrectly and it was amazing it even started, have since spoken to a friend in our town had her system installed 2 days after me by same people and hers was also incorrectly wired and it had taken 4 + weeks to be fixed.

This was also Sunburst Solar NOT good after sales service at all. We also have not received our check from other people buying from this company on our recommendation and both systems have been installed. Not recommending again.
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At the time of signing the contract, 18 months ago,we advised that we wanted to cover our power bills for Electric floor heating a well as general electricity and we had both 1phase & 3phase power. We were advised we were able to have all that done for us.

We paid $16,000 up front and to their word the installation was done on time as promised. We waited until Jan 2012 for Powercore to finish connectionsalong with Sunbursts Electricians. however 10 months later we find we are still not connected to the Solar power and have paid one power bill of $1,700 and have another one due for $1.880. The after sales service is non existent.
The electrical work is woeful and they cannot connect floor heating, or get the wiring correct.
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Early days but they claim their system is the best of the best.
We are still waiting for new meter so have not got full value yet
Very quick with install but terrible lack of communication
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no not really, just feel we paid far too much for a 2kw system. Show additional information
Unable to honestly rate at this stage due to 5 weeks since purchase - installation still has not occurred, have phoned company a couple of times finally to be told on Friday (17.08.12) they will install Sept. 14 this will be 2 months since purchase, reason for choosing company I was told installation would take place within 2 to 3 weeks. Yeah funny, at this stage have not even seen product although I was told that would be delivered prior. Still waiting. Show additional information
Show additional information
We spent our savings of $14,000.00 on this system, yes they may have intalled the system quickly but that doesnt mean that we were getting the rebates it took 10 weeks from when we paid until when it was actually hooked up....but they had there money so they didnt really care.

I have just recieved my power bill for the quarter to find out that the system is not working so the credit we had from last quarter was all soaked up and we now have a bill to pay.

When I called them, not helpfull and couldn't care less oh they will send out a tech to have a look but as for the bill we have recieved through no fault of our own... Who cares.
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This was the only company that made any real effort to do a deal with us. I had one company arrive 3 times and finally decided it could not install the panels on my roof...three trips for nothing.
It has just been connected to the power system last week, so it is too early to say whether it has been good, bad or indifferent in terms of value and quality, that is why I posted good comments rather than fantastic.
The sales and installation people were extremely good to deal with. Since they were installed I have had to have a new smart meter installed, the other one lasted 3-4 weeks and was not deemed appropriate for use with solar panels, so it was changed last friday (March 30) and I was finally connected to the system.
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I dealt with Sunburst Solar. Their representative was excellent during the selling phase but suddenly ill when I wanted clarification after installation. A 2kw system that battles to get 1.6. Calls to the office not returned as people are in a meeting. Installation set for 2pm to avoid inconvenience, actual installation began at 7am in the morning. Follow up letter received telling me not to contact them with problems but call my electricity provider. Not a happy experience and I am waiting for the first electricity account to see where to go from here. Show additional information
The installers were very prompt and they answered all my questions, which there was a few!! The fellas that installed the system were professional, neat and tidy. I actually got quoted for a 3.5KW system and they ended up installing a 4KW for the same price. Sunburst Solar guarantee that if you have a problem they come back rather than having to get a registered local electrician. They are country friendly which was great for us. So far. So good! Show additional information
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