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The southernmost capital city of Australia, the sleepy city of Hobart is one of the prettiest capitals in Australia. Hobart residents (of which this writer was one – can’t you tell?) will wax lyrical about the city’s cool climate, scenery, access to surrounding bushland, interesting history and … well, yes, we do go on!

But how does being the most southern capital affect renewable energy options such as solar power systems in Hobart, particularly since it is not as sun-blessed as its northern counterparts. Does this mean solar energy is not an option?

Not so, as the burgeoning number of companies installing solar panels on houses and businesses in Tasmania will attest to.

While the level of solar energy is reduced in comparison to mainland locations, it has been shown that a combination of PV panels and natural energy efficiency will pay enormous dividends in the Apple Isle. Cooler temperatures can also help improve solar panel efficiency.

Making use of the Hobart yearly average of 3.5 hours of sun per day with efficiency guidelines as suggested by the Hobart City Council – which promotes the use of the sun’s energy to heat homes through design at the building stage – shows that Hobart residents are equipped to embrace the future in energy needs: that of solar energy.

Hobart City’s Council has also jumped on the solar energy bandwagon. In 2015, it installed a 100kW system on the Hobart Aquatic Centre rooftop. That project was so successful in helping slash the facility’s electricity costs, it was announced in May 2017 another 1,040 solar panels would be added. Furthermore, Council will be installing solar power systems on 11 other buildings throughout Hobart; generating savings for ratepayers and setting an example for others to follow.

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