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Considered the unofficial capital of North Queensland, the historic city of Townsville is looking to a renewable energy future. This journey officially began back in 2006 when Townsville was announced as a participant in Australia’s Solar Cities program; an initiative designed to trial new sustainable models for electricity supply and use.

Magnetic Island, considered a suburb of Townsville, was a focus of the program due to its clear physical demographic and electricity network boundaries. Hundreds of systems were installed on the island.

Fast-forward to June 2017 and nearly 19,000 small commercial and home solar panel systems had been installed in the Townsville region. The area is also home to the Ross River Solar Farm, which will see 450,000 solar panels installed on a disused mango plantation. This 135MW project is expected to create 150 jobs during construction.

Another renewable energy related employment boom may be provided by a huge solar battery manufacturing plant proposed for the city, creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs.

Solar power has also been recommended to provide the energy needed for water pumping in a proposed duplication of a pipeline crucial to Townsville’s future water security.

Townsville Perfect For Home Solar Electricity Generation

With an average 320 days experiencing sunshine a year, 8.5 hours of sun a day and 5.9 kWh m2 of global solar exposure, Townsville’s excellent resources makes installing a solar power system a great investment option and provides a hedge against rising electricity prices, while also reducing a household’s carbon footprint.

Feed in tariff incentives make the case for installing PV even more compelling.

20% of the city’s residential rooftops are generating their own electricity by harnessing the energy of the sun. You could join Townsville’s people-powered electricity revolution – make a start and get your solar quotes now from three pre-vetted installers in our network.

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