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About Australian Solar Designs, Solar Installers

Australian Solar Designs specialise in the installation of Solar Power for your Home or Commercial Property.

We are a Company that provides professional Engineering advice to determine the best Solar Power System to suit your home or business. We will inform you about all facets of the installation, from planning the layout of the system, the components that will make up your solar system, and arranging the connection of your system to the grid. When you call Australian Solar Designs your time will be spent speaking to a professional engineer and not a sales person.

The owner of the company, Scott Mason, is hands on and will provide detailed and formal site visits show casing his 15 year Electrical engineering experience.
Australian Solar Designs only supply Tier 1 Quality panels and high quality electrical components. We provide monitoring with all solar installations and will provide advice on how to maintain your system to keep your investment performing efficiently for many years to come.

Australian Solar Designs have worked as preferred installers for significant companies and associations such as Harvey Norman Commercial, ACT Government, Solar Switch, Marks Group, RF Industries and many more.

We have divisions in NSW, ACT and Brisbane QLD.

Australian Solar Designs Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
We were not unhappy with any of the suppliers that you suggested and your service was very helpful in getting us started. All your recommended companies were helpful, particularly Martin from Solar Hub, who came to our home and explained his system well and gave us good information. I did a lot of research, and in the end decided to go with Solar Designs as they provided what we wanted at a better price. We were very happy with Wes, from Solar Designs. His customer service, installation and so far, after sales service has been excellent. We haven't had our solar panels very long, but feel confident that the decision to go with solar will well and truly pay off. Show additional information
I thought ASD were brilliant. Wes was very knowledgable; being an electrician and not a generic salesman is a huge plus. As an electrical engineer I appreciated ASD's command of the technology and quickly adapting to my evolving requirements. They have a simple an efficient business model. The installation by a team of 4 was done within a day. The quality of the workmanship was excellent. They offered plenty of flexibility in systems they could install and knew the cost/benefits. I'd unconditionally recommend them. Show additional information
Wes the salesman was excellent and easy to talk to. Came to inspect our house and advise on the best solar input consumption we would achieve also came on site during installation. Able to answer a lot of the questions we thew at him. Very quick installation from time of inspection. Very prompt returning my messages. Show additional information
The installation has not yet been finalised as we are waiting for regulatory approvals and switchover by the local authority. This is not the fault of the supplier, whose performance has been highly satisfactory throughout the tendering and installation process. They have been very good in keeping us informed of developments at all stages, and in responding to questions Show additional information
In addition to the 3 quotes triggered through the amazingly informative SolarQuotes web site I also got quotes from two highly rated installers nearer to where I live. Those two came to the property for site inspections and very helpful discussion. Scott Mason from Australian Solar Designs was outstanding and I chose to go ahead with him because of his excellent advice on component quality and suitability to a sea side environment, and being a locally based installer. Being in a small regional town I feel follow up service and proposed future battery addition would be much easier than with a capital city based company over two hours away. ASD's top ranking was also a big factor!
From quote to sign off the whole process was smooth and seamless, with Scott and Wes being in contact and available all the time. The two guys who did the actual installation in one day on Dec 3rd did the most careful and tidy job - way better than my expectations. (spirit levels on the switches,all wiring to the switches and inverter hidden in the wall cavity etc.) To have the company owners/directors on site at times during the work, and to have it grid connected the same day was a real bonus. I could not be happier and would rate them way above 5 if it was possible.
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The only reason I have said 'Good' and not 'Fantastic' for all of the ratings is because the system has only been commissioned and running for one week so it is a little early to crack open the champagne (I'm tending towards 'Fantastic'). So far I am very impressed with almost all aspects. Australian Solar Designs (ASD) streamlined and facilitated the whole process of approvals and inspections. The whole operation, from proposal to completed installation took just over 3 weeks, with inspection and final commissioning another 12 days - this is not under their control. The only downside is that sometimes I felt out of the loop as the client when the details of dealings between ASD and the other players were not always made known to me at the time. Having said that, ASD worked very efficiently with the ACT Government agencies and the electricity supplier. ASD do not require a deposit up front, another plus, and an indication of the relationship of trust they have with the client, but having paid the full amount by EFT upon installation, I had no confirmation of the financial transaction for a week and had to ask for a receipt, which ASD then promptly supplied. In summary, ASD could do better at making sure the client is well informed and feels like a full partner at all times in the process, but their proposal was sound and flexible in terms of future addition of storage, good value for money, in short the best; their installation was quick and efficient, and their relationship with government authorities and electricity supplier, key ingredients, was very good. Show additional information
I had 5kW systems installed on two properties I rent out on Thursday and Friday last week. Tiles were cracked at one house, leading to leakage at one of the properties, but the company has been excellent so far in terms of repairing the damage. I would still recommend them. Show additional information
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All of my questions were answered. The installers did a good job and were very polite and cleaned up after themselves. I did not go with the cheapest quote, I did my own research on the equipment offered and made my decision. I dealt with Wes Green from Australian Solar Designs, he and his team did everything they said they would do and turned up when they said they would. This was a really good and painless experience. The output of my system thus far has exceeded my expectations. Show additional information
Gave an honest appraisal of what to purchase and install and did not oversell going to three phase and battery system when were initally keen to do so. Suggested we wait. Show additional information
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One other Supplier tended to be supplying the cheaper products but was pleasant to deal with.
ASD was very professional,listened,easy to communicate with and bent over backwards to give satisfaction.
Supplies top of range products with heaps of information and alternatives.
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Thank you Finn for providing this service. It meant we were able to trust the companies that contacted us through your vetting process. All companies were attentive but not overly pushy. As we had no idea on what would service our needs, companies took time to step us through the process and explain what would suit us best. ASD were wonderful...prompt and efficient. We have recommended them to others contemplating moving to solar. Show additional information
Australian Solar Designs gave the very best quote and service for our needs, prompt honest people to deal with.
Another organisation I believe mislead me about details as I had researched and overall quote was too much.
The last organisation did not call until we had already gone with ASD.
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Having said that the value for money and quality of the system are good I have never had solar power before and whilst the system has been installed we have not used it yet as we are awaiting the relevant checks and approvals. However from what I have read the system is very good and appears to be a good price Show additional information
After dealing with several land sharks it was a pleasure to find Scott from ASD. He gave good advice without the sales patter or BS the others try to baffle you with. He knew what he was talking about and gave me his best price up front without any haggling which discounted many of the other installers I was talking to at the time. A couple came back at me with offers to match but nobody could beat ASD on price, nuf said. Two weeks after I approved the quote the paperwork was approved and they had a team on my roof conducting the install, the boys from ASD, Wes, James & Mitch were punctual and polite despite my tendency to look over shoulders and ask stupid questions. They worked like Trojans and got my system up and running within the day, they did a very professional job and even cleaned up after themselves, what more could you want.

In a nutshell I would very much recommend ASD if you are looking at taking on solar, best price, best products done your way and good advice with none of the usual BS you may very well get from others, but most importantly the price was right, give them a go you won't be sorry.
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From our enquiries to final installation the people at Australian Solar Designs were extremely helpful and very professional . I would recommend their service to anyone that asked as from start to finish it was a hassle free installation . Very pleased with their work . Show additional information
All went well, and system performing well. Scott was here working on the installation, good to see the boss on the job rather than a contract team. I have a few issues with the monitoring of it that will need to be sorted, but hopefully will get assistance with that if needed. Still early days. Show additional information
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Did a great job, minor issue with installation fixings and they came and repaired it next day. So impressed I got them to do my elderly parents home in Sydney metro area- highly recommended Show additional information
Our installation was difficult because of the high pitch and slippery metal roof.
It took longer than expected, ASD did not flinch, got on with the job, very professional with focus on quality.
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Excellent advice prior to installation of the system, and follow-up after installation. Quoted price was competitive and reasonable. All approvals etc. were managed by ASD and the installation proceeded on time and smoothly. The system has been operational for a week now and the output has been consistently higher than the estimated output. Overall I am very happy with the quality of the work and the quality of the system installed by ASD. Show additional information
Both Scott and Wes are easy to talk to, helpful - I really felt 'looked after'
I certainly recommend them and their company, ASD.
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Yes, your 3 quotes system seems to be slightly skewed towards installers with larger volumes than those with the highest rating. I went with ASD as they had a much higher rating than the next closest installer, yet your system provided an installer with a much lower rating than ASD.

I think it would be good to offer the customer a choice, possibly:

1. Send me 3 quotes from an installer with the highest rating.
2. Send me 3 quotes from an installer with the largest number of feedback entries.

Other than that, it's a great site, and it took a lot of the guesswork out of the choice of installer.


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I was dealing with the owner not a sales person & I felt that he knew what he was talking about. I avoided others for 4 yrs because I couldn't get answers I understood. The sales rep from SAE group was reasonable but the panels offered were not listed on tier 1 & the quote was slightly dearer. Solarblu contacted me after I had accepted the quote from ASD. Show additional information
I have already posted a review but felt these guys deserved some follow up . I learned a lot from giving Scott and his team credit for sticking to their guns and not allowing me to naively dictate what system I though was best . Its very easy to get sucked in by sales hype and end up buying a system which after more extensive research I realize would have been a big mistake . I am getting fantastic output from my 5kw SMA string inverter install. Peak output in winter so far was a very impressive 23.4 kw.
We did have one minor glitch which Scott had fixed the very next morning . Now that's what I call service . No arguments , no excuses , no BS , they just did the right thing ASAP.
My winter output (cloudy mostly) today was better than my Neighbors best summer output ! (17kw) .Same size system . So it goes to show how important it is to get the install right .
Another acquaintance went with the lowest quote and ended up getting such lousy output he reckons it was a total waste of money . I did not have the heart to tell him what my system was pumping out compared to his.
So my experience is ,when you find a good INSTALLER, NOT A SALES GUY ,take his advice . Scot genuinely wants to give you the best system he can because he understands the value of maintaining a good reputation . Because he designed the system properly the output is much higher than the design another company quoted me on. A design they came up with without a proper site inspection. A design that would not have fit on my roof anyway ! They told me many things that were totally incorrect such as flat laid panels on a low angle skilion roof would work fine without being mounted at a correct angle !
The reason I have taken the time to write this is because I want to see Solar take off in OZ and not get messed up by dodgy fast talking sales guys . I nearly got screwed myself and its just not worth doing unless its done right . Its crazy to penny pinch over a few hundred dollars when it could mean losing many hundreds/thousands per year in lecky bill savings. Scott gave me a better system for over a thousand dollars less than these other guys too ! So like I said before , in terms of real value for money ASD really came out the solid winner in every way that counts. I rarely make the effort to write a glowing testimonial but these guys earned it and nobody deserves to get short changed . The lowest quote is never worth accepting but neither is a top spec system installed by poorly qualified installers.
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Scott took the time to talk , he did not make any promises he did not keep. He sent out a qualified employee to do a proper site inspection which is a must . Don't ever accept a quote without one . I was given Honest straight advice without any sales BS . He got the job because he demonstrated integrity , gave a realistic price and installed when he said he would . We would happily recommend ASD to anyone looking for genuine professional service from a proper installer , not a sales team subbing out work and cutting corners.
Ten out of ten from us . System is going great guns . If peace of mind is important and quality too , Go ASD . No they may not be the cheapest quote , but value for money , they delivered a top spec system for a reasonable price. That's the smart way to go solar. Its just not worth doing it otherwise. I know plenty of people who went for the cheaper option and regretted it. Poor quality , bad install , bad components, lousy output . And all to save a few hundred dollars. Don't do that to yourself.
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I am still thinking over how well aligned and positioned the panels are.

I have real privacy and network security concerns with the system, a tigo cloud connect. If I had understood how it worked I would not have chosen it. I asked tigo a series of questions about how they deal with my private data nearly a month ago but have not heard back from them yet.

I work in IT networking and security BTW.
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Came when they said, installation was quick and done well. The system has been in for a while now and no problems. Will recommend them to anyone. The system was 4.75kw. Show additional information
Further to my earlier review, ASD offered the best value (quality for price) and the best technical support. All questions (and there were a lot of them!) were answered patiently and comprehensively. The installation team was very professional and courteous. Performance from the system so far has been great. All round a great experience and we would highly recommend Scott Mason and ASD. Show additional information
Overall an excellent outcome.
I elected to have the inverter installed in the garage and the installation was neatly done and all the dust and cable off-cuts cleaned up.
The installation of the system was quick and much to my surprise there was no external cabling (which one installer had insisted was the only option, given the double storey / garage layout)
The walk-though of the system was excellent and all my questions were answered in a polite manner.
Thank you for a trouble and worry free installation
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First class job installing Show additional information
Very impressed by professionalism and efficiency of Scott and his team Show additional information
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Yes. There were a couple of minor glitches but they were rectified without discussion or delay and efficiently. Show additional information
Impressed by the efficiency, responsiveness and courtesy of Scott and his workers. No hesitation in recommending them. Show additional information
The system has only just been installed, but it appears to be functioning well. It was a challenging installation, both because of the house design and the weather, but the ASD team were extremely professional and accommodating throughout. Scott Mason was very approachable and prepared (and able!) to answer any and all questions. I recommend reading up before talking to him so that you can get maximum benefit from his experience, and also to add your own local knowledge to the system design (which Scott was very happy to take on board). ASD also offer proactive after sales support, which was another important factor for us. Highly recommended. Show additional information
Scott from Australian Solar Designs was fantastic. From the moment I spoke to him on the phone I trusted his advice. I spoke to quite a few other solar installers, and while they were lovely, and happy to spend time discussing solar options with me, I still felt as though they weren't being 100% straight with me. By contrast, Scott gave clear, straightforward advice and did not push me in any way. He was not only professional, but also flexible and friendly as well - for example, I asked to upgrade our system from a 2KW system to a 3KW system only days before the installation date, and he cheerfully agreed. Sure enough, a few days later his team arrived to install the panels. They did an excellent job, and were a pleasure to deal with. It is now three months since our panels were installed, and we just received our first electricity bill: it has been reduced by 75%. I would highly recommend Australian Solar Designs (and have already done so to family and friends). Thank you Scott! Show additional information
Scott and his team were fantastic from beginning to end. During the process of quoting ASD were really helpful and gave great advice without being pushy. The price was excellent which made the decision simple given the high ratings on this website.

On the day the installation went really well and to plan. The panels were really neatly installed and the inverter and cabling was industrial standard.

A simple follow up phone call at the end of the day from the company owner was appreciated to check that I was happy with the work his lads had done.

Highly recommend to anyone, especially if you aren't too sure what you want - ASD make the process simple and stress free
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a job very well done Show additional information
Our installation site was a bit non-standard but ASD came up with a good plan. Their installation was fast and of high quality. I have no problems recommending Scott and his team at ASD. Show additional information
They were fast and efficient and absolutely no fuss. Show additional information
The whole process of getting this PV system was trouble-free and it was only 2 weeks from accepting quote to installation.
Scott is so easy to deal with. Personal service from the owner of the business is rare these days.
This is the second house that I have had solar put on, so I knew what to look out for.
I highly recommend ASD and Scott!
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I had read some impressive reviews on Australian Solar Designs on your website, and I can say the Company certainly lived up to my expectations. They are a well qualified team, and the time frame from my initial inquiry, to completed installation, was minimal, my queries were all answered satisfactorily. The two young men who did the installation were well qualified . I received a follow-up phone call from their office a few days later, to ensure I was happy with the work, and to ask if I had any others queries, I would certainly recommend this Company to anyone considering Solar installation. Show additional information
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We had a 4.94kw system installed for the same price quoted for a 4kw system.

Tier one panels and an SMA inverter. Quick turnaround, tidy installation exactly where we wanted the panels.

Exceptional, efficient service, straight to the point and no BS.

Supply and installation from the one company a bonus as well.

Very happily punching out the kws...happy days.
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Scott was subjected to a computer data hostage attack at the time of our installation, but that did not stop him getting our system installed asap.
Scott upgraded our system by replacing our old existing low output panels with new 260watt panels and adding a further 11 panels (10 on facing north) giving us very good coverage throughout the whole day.
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