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Your home and business is in safe hands.

Energy Makeovers is 100% Australian owned and operated and has been since 2008. We have served over 250,000 customers.

Our mission is simple: To provide cost-effective energy saving solutions to homes and businesses throughout Australia.

Why choose Energy Makeovers?

" Focus on making your whole home more energy efficient

" Offer a free needs analysis to understand your energy use and tailor a system to suit

" Fully CEC Accredited in-house installation team

" 10 years experience in solar installation

" Only sell Tier One products

" Melbourne-based customer service support

" All systems are completely battery ready

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Original Review on 07-02-2019:

The main reason I took so long to take up solar was because I did not know who to trust. Solar Quotes fixed that for me. This turned out to be one of the smoothest and most pleasant transactions I have done. Everybody from the salesperson to the office support to the installers and the inspector were right on the money and so supportive. And it didn't end there. Powershop have organised a new meter for us that allows us to feed into the grid. It was all so simple and seamless and now I am waiting for Energy Makeovers to complete the paperwork for me to claim the $2225.00 rebate from the Andrews Labor government. It all feels so immensely liberating. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Paul: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes, yes, yes!
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Extremely poor service all round

Best not anything as everything has been poor from start to finish
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Arrived to install on a different day to original booking date.
We accepted the quote on the panels & inverter after researching them & ensuring they were fit for our purpose. We happened to notice once installed that they had installed completely different panels, when we raised our concern they brushed over it stating they were better panels. We asked them to remove the panels, they then reduced the cost of the panels.

They placed the panels differently than planned. Our larger system consistently produced less than our daughters smaller system, when we challenged with the evidence & requested the panels be moved to capture the afternoon sun too, our system now produces more energy than our daughters on a daily basis.

Very poor at returning calls, following up issues & concerns. Slow in providing the paperwork required for energy company, grid connection, solar rebate etc.

The inverter app did not work for more than 5 months, 2 call outs to eventually get it working.

We paid 6 months after the installation, only paying once the system was working properly.

Overall a very disappointing service
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I felt the sales team, installer co-ordinator and installers were top notch but the paperwork & certificate processing at the office level was well below par. The office processing is what lowered my review to 'Average' for service. Repeated requests for the same documents and documentation requirements which should have been processed or, at least prepped ahead of time, were left to last minute. Only got the rebate documents days ago after requests from me and still no confirmation that the documents have been forwarded to enable calibration of the meter. We had this system up and running on March 28 and still have not been able to feed in; which is costing us valuable income against our electricity bills.
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We have only had it for three weeks and we are still waiting for our distributor to connect us to the grid. Because of that we have not heard from our retailer how much rebate we will be receiving per Kw hour. On the other hand, during the daytime, we have noticed that our use is being covered by solar power.

On the debit side, whoever installed it did not put all the panels on the best side of the roof as we actually were told initially.
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Simply great service from Energy Makeovers, definitely one of the most reputable companies. We had three electricians Matthew Fabian and Athan come over and knocked the job over within one day despite the difficulty in installing on a double story house. They provided great recommendation as opposed to and installed the inverter closer to the meter and in shade (great for inverter efficiency).
The guys took their shoes off when needing access to the house which was really a plus.
We are very impressed with the service and cannot recommend them more.
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The install was professional, efficient and went smoothly. We were given honest straightforward advice on the system that best suited our needs and budget. The system inverter connects to our home network and let’s us monitor the system output in real-time, which is great to help decide when to turn on things like washing machines and air con. Very happy with the system and looking forward to the lower power bills.
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Very effective and efficient about every aspect of the process. Design was provided promptly and the appropriate system recommended quickly after accepting the design, given complexities in the house's roof structure. Installation was completed in a single day and we were on to the grid a few days later. Could not be happier, especially when my electricity bill over the Christmas holiday period was a credit!!!

A couple of after sales enquiries and follow-ups handled promptly and without question.
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Energy Makeovers has a non-pushy sales approach. They took time to explain the different system components and provided costings for me to chose from. Installation was hassle free (they were on time and very professional).

Recommend to people looking for a quality system and installation for a long term piece of mind.
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energy makeovers was very responsive to my solar system needs, and their customer service and professionalism was exemplary. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. They helped to maximise my energy capture, whist minimising cost outlay for the system.
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