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*****Please note: Enviromate Australia Pty Ltd was placed In Liquidation on 30 November 2012. The administrators are Hamilton Murphy Tel: (03) 9024 6244 ******

Read real customers' experiences of Enviromate below.

Here is what their website has to say:

Enviromate Australia has been in operation since 2005 and specializes in both commercial and home installations of efficient solar power systems. The company has offices in Melbourne, Geelong, Albury/Wodonga and Brisbane.

All systems installed by Enviromate Australia are certified to Australian standard AS4777 and are installed by Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved installers in accordance with CEC guidelines.The company provides both solar electrical and solar hot water systems.

Enviromate Australia provides one of the best warranties in the market with a comprehensive 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on all solar panels and power inverters supplied. They also provide a 25 year PV performance warranty, warranting a 90% rated capacity performance over 10 years and a 80% rated capacity performance over 25 years. Their panels are made from A grade silicon.

The company says that it also handles all rebate paperwork involved.

They also provide finance terms including a nine month interest waiver.

Enviromate Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Fly-by-nighters were installing 6 years ago when SOLAR was all the rage (large rebates).
Panels seem very good, Inverter was very good until it died after 5 years.
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I have bought a solar system from enviromate victoria in December 2010 which was on 1/20 Arthur Street , Eltham, Victoria and I now hear that they are liquidated. Now I have trouble with my panels (250W mono crystalline panels)and I really don't know how to get in touch as their phone contact is disconnected and their email is never replied to. I'm struggling to get my panels replaced and I do hope someone could help me solve this problem.
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Very pleased with Enviromate. Excellent installation, excellent response time. Show additional information
The company and the installers were friendly, willing to answer any questions and were very efficient in all aspects of supplying information and follow up after the installation. Show additional information
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After a long and drawn out investigation process I decided to go with Enviromate. From my research they had a better system at a price I was happy with. They were very helpful with all my questions which were very basic to a little more technical in regards to monitoring the system via a data link to my PC. After placing the order I had to wait two and a half months for the install but in the end I got the Solivia inverter and the panels were updated to Infinity 245Watt panels which are better panels than I had ordered. At this stage I am waiting for the system to be turned on.
In all the installation took a lot longer than I had expected but the hard part is over and thus far I am satisfied.
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Environmate had an excellent salesperson who followed up my initial interest quickly and was very patient in answering my many questions. The system was installed within 3 weeks. However, there was disagreement between the salesperson and the installer as to which part of the roof would provide the best result. The salesperson suddenly left the company and I just had to take the word of the installer. Show additional information
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Still waiting to be connected to the grid. Show additional information
Value for Money and Quality of System cannot be properly judged at this time.
Enviromate had a cancellation and they installed the day they contacted us and it took less than a day. Excellent experience.
The inspection found a wiring fault which was fixed immediately.
The meter was re-configured today (22/5) and hopefully everything now works to our advantage.
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They were very professional, flexible with us when it came install time. The price between my known brand system and less reputable system's not significant enough to chance buying a lemon. Show additional information
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I was quoted a price, but the installers were able to reconfigure the layout. It looked better and it cost me $500.00 dollars less. Enviromate had the $500.00 refunded to my credit card, the same day as they were notified of the installation. Absolutely, no hesitation. Fantastic. Show additional information
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Quoted 6 to 8 weeks to install, but was installed within a week of signing. Reasonable price, not the cheapest nor the dearest and were willing to negotiate price. Salesman bent over backwards to get our business. The system is up and running better than I expected. Well done Enviromate. Show additional information
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Our sales representative was fantastic, he went out of his way to answer all of our questions and replied to endless e-mails that I sent. He made us feel very comfortable with the investment we were making because he knew the product so well and answered all of our questions with confidence and knowledge. Installation was quick and professional and head office were very polite. Show additional information
When installers arrived I found out the meter board had to have an upgrade as it still had the old fuses, not circuit breakers. The sales rep who checked the site for my quote did not mention this. Would have thought he'd have known that the board had to have circuit breakers installed. Added to the overall cost of job. Very happy with the installation, very professional. Job was completed within 3 weeks of the quote.

Deposit payed 20th January. Job completed 9th February. Job inspected, passed, and paperwork sent to Origin Energy 16th February.

Already had a smart meter installed, and the Powercor tech arrived and reprogrammed the meter beginning of March.

All in all I have no hesitation in recommending Enviromate, and the price was right, too.
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I was looking for someone to install solar in the month before the state premium tariff of 66c/kw was due to end. Geoff from Enviromate was great - he rang us as soon as he heard that the tariff was ending, booked us in, promised us installation within the fortnight and delivered on his promise. I was very nervous, having read about Enviromate on a blog that was highly critical, but our experience was quite the reverse. Promises that were made were filled and I am entirely confident in the system that is now on our roof and working! Show additional information
I pointed out to the supplier that the contractor who installed normally used a Melb inspector and as I am in the country there could be a delay -Within 5 days a local inspector arrived.
Am most grateful for being introduced to Environmate.
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Enviromate were extremely difficult to deal with. Once they had our deposit we didn't hear from them until we started to chase them and ring every day to get some action for re installment. Show additional information
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Since the system is yet to be installed, it is difficult to comment on service or quality of system. Show additional information
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They seem to be very well updated with solar panels and the inverters they new what they were talking about . Show additional information
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They are a bit hard to get in contact with. Phone calls not returned which leads to not knowing if order is going forward or not. Show additional information
Although the supplier was incredibly busy at the time. They had to be chased a few times to finalise the contract resulting in a visit to their office.(Brighton to Eltham). Show additional information
Your advice regarding the questions to ask and things to consider was wonderful. And included things that we had not a clue about. One or two of the questions were new to the salesperson, so he too was grateful. Thank you for your assistance. Show additional information
As at today I am still waiting for installation so the question on installation standard etc not applicable.
The company were quick to sell me the system and take my money off me but that's where their service stopped. Phone calls, email requests were not returned. I am looking forward to a positive experience but Enviromate customer service is pathetic.
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This field seems to be populated by ex-roof insulation companies.
Nearly all are retail outlets, not the actual installers.
All offered the best panels and inverters that China makes.

Real information upon which to make an informed choice is hard to come by - Goverment Consumer Affairs would not provide list of dogdy dealers, the whirlpool internet site provided some good news stories but is short on facts, independant test results on panels and inverters are non-existent, CEC accreditation of panels and inverter are un-verifiable and rumor has it that installers can buy their way onto the CEC list. I even knocked on doors of some solar power installations around the area to get some idea of wether they were getting what was advertised (sold to them)

I tried to contact 3 installers directly not they don't have time to give quotes or don't awswer their phones or return calls!

I contacted 6 retailers; ranked here from bad to OK.

1. Exel Power wanted to deal only with husband and wife. Advertising deal only
2. AGL 11 x 185w panels $6374
3. Environment Shop 12 X 185W panels, $6095
4. Eko wanted $900 upfront to give a 'free' quote, 11 x 185W panels, $5099
5. Energyaware 11x190W panels, $4500 ($4300 for payment in full before installation)
6. Environmate 9 x 230W panels $4170 ($3961 ditto)

Installation dates were quoted by 5 and 6 were both 6-8 weeks after ordering ie mid June

I selected Environmate based on price, a 10 year warranty and a local installation recommendation.

Fewer larger panels suit my limited north facing roof space.
Energyaware were ranked a very credible second.

Note: 185W panels offered all appear to be copies of the Trina panel, (72 125 x 125mm cells) which is the only one with independant data available at the Desert Knowledge website.

A sting in the tail is that my electricity retailer changes the smart meter tariff when I connect my grid connected solar power from a 24 hour peak rate (19 c/KwHr) to time of use one at 26 c/kWHr peak rate. But then they are paying me 68 c/kWHr net feed in tariff for my excess generation.

It is a bit of worry that I was not able to get a clear answer from anyone on for how long the 68 cents will be paid for !!!

I can not comment on 'Installation' and 'customer Service" are they havn't happened yet!

I am not holding my breath for a good outcome for this project!
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Still waiting for installaton but was told before putting down deposit that it would be early to mid June and now its almost May. Only thing haven't got a confirmed date yet. Great price and quality system Show additional information
Some companies don't want to listen to what you want, they just want to push higher priced systems. Other sales people think it's a chore to come out and give a quote. I think in this area the better the sales person ( by being friendly and informative) the more chance they have of getting the job as it is an area that little is known about by the general public and the customer is relying on honest information being fed to them. Show additional information
The company installed the panels after 3 months of payment, which was specified. It took another 6 weeks to install the inverter and only I made numerous phone calls to find out what happened. The level of service was poor, no one seemed to know who was responsible. After the system was installed I was contacted and asked if I would like to receive an upgrade to a better system for no extra cost. When I informed them that they had installed a system they took back the offer of an upgrade.
The installer was very good but he was a contractor from another company.
Enviromate seemed very disorganised.
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We decided to pay up front to receive further discounts, BIG MISTAKE!!! They told us about 12 weeks from ordering, our system would be on our roof. It took 19 weeks, and I'm convinced that is only because I rang them every single day enquiring about our installation that we got it that soon. They got a local contractor to install it for them anyway. They always promised to return phone calls, but once we had paid we never heard from them, no phone calls, no emails. It actually made me feel sick! My mum had her solar system installed by a local guy, paid her deposit, four and a half weeks later she had her system on the roof. There is no way I would recommend Enviromate after our experience. Show additional information
I went with the Enviromate because the salesman was interested in my questions and always apologized if he couldn't immediately do something. He was also the only company to show me the workmanship of an install so I could see the results. The company also offers a 10 year warranty on workmanship, install, and the inverter up front with 25 years on the panel with a direct swap out if a problem arises not a return to manufacturer. Show additional information
I bought two systems for two different properties and at this point only the one has been installed but not yet connected to the grid, only time will tell what savings are made. Show additional information
Hi Finn,

The total cost of the choosen 1500w solar power generator is $ 2870.00. I have paid $ 700.00 deposit and signed the contract. They sent me the invoice no. 00001736 on 17/11/2010. They told me the job will be finished in about 10 weeks. Today is the 8th of march 2011. Two weeks ago I phoned them and asked them to tell me when they are going to install it because I have to travel interstate soon. They told me they'll look into it. After that, up to now, they did not answer my question. very diapointed.. thanks Finn
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The sales man "Matt" from Enviromate was the Nicest Salesperson I have come across in a long time ...he was very helpful. Show additional information
Just finding out what the different panels and controllers were all about was a one off experience I found difficult. Different suppliers were pushing their products and I had to go to Choice (good site) and Google to get information.

Three other people/friends are now going with the supplier I chose as they provide quick and clear quotes as well as being competitively priced.
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One installer did a site inspection and tried to talk me out of investing in solar power. The volume of choices of installers and systems is a bit overwhelming. If you know what you want a good deal can be nailed down. Show additional information
We paid the deposit just before Christmas. Was advised installation will be on mid January. Now it is Feb the 12th still nothing and heard nothing from them. Did enquire mid Jan and was advised 8 to 10 weeks from date of deposit. Person on the other end of the phone very rude. Just goes to show once they have your deposit NOTHING. Show additional information
Enviromate were the 1st to respond and were the cheapest. Show additional information
One supplier didn't even want to quote as they thought it would be a waste of time getting a system, based on near map photo at 7am in winter. All other photos had full sun!! Show additional information
I'll leave that till after installatin in mid-Feb 2011 Show additional information
The solar panels have not been installed yet. Show additional information
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