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Nationwide Solar Solutions is an Australian owned company and a Clean Energy Council member, providing quality solar installation for residential, commercial and off grid systems Australia wide. We have over 100 Clean Energy Council accredited installers in our network so you’re guaranteed a professional and compliant installation every time from a local installer in your area.

We use quality Tier 1 solar panels, inverters, racking, isolators and wiring to provide the highest quality solar installation using the best solar installers in the industry. Our 7 day repair or replace guarantee gives our customers peace of mind that if anything goes wrong with the system, it will be up and running again within 1 week, so you don’t have to worry about expensive power bills.

Whether you are looking at getting solar installed for the first time, or you want to upgrade or replace your existing system, we can help. Our solar specialist can design a system to reduce your power bill up to 100%. We use a program called Nearmap which uses high resolution photographs that allows us to design your roof layout, see how many panels can fit and ensure there are no shading issues. Our customer service team will take care of your solar approval and arrange for your metering to be completed, while keeping you updated throughout the process.

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Very Good Experience

Overall from the moment I received a quote and accepted the quote to the installation everything went very smoothly. The installation was done very well and most importantly when I pointed out two issues after the installation the follow-up was exceptional. I contacted Nationwide Solar Solutions and the following working day the installers were back and fixed my concerns. As well when one of the installers noted a concern he had with one connection he organized two offsiders to come out the next day and fix what was a minor problem which had no impact on the operation of the system. I can not speak highly enough of the product and its installation. I can not at this stage indicate whether it will be a financial return as the system has only just gone in.
Panel rating: 4/5
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The perfect system for our home!

Trent and his team did an amazing job of recommending the perfect system to benefit our home. We went from paying $1000 + a quarter to paying nothing, sometimes receiving a cashback! They were very reliable and had a fast turnaround for the install. Definitely recommend!
Inverter rating: 5/5
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The worst customer service ever received.

Do not deal with this company. We have had issues with the solar panels on our rental even before the tenants moved in.

They do not return calls. I have been promised something will be worked out. Told that they would send the installers out to check the panels. It is all promises and lies.

DO NOT DEAL with what I think incompetent company. Their customer service is that they have none.
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Perfect Service and Fast Installation - Value for $

Thanks to these guys our bills are $0 woohoo, never been so happy and wish we had made the switch sooner.

Your service was unbeatable and the turnaround time was amazing, thanks again to Toby and the team.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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A non-event

I replied to an online advertisement, which said that I would be contacted shortly; some weeks later, much longer than stated, I received a phone call from NSS. I am a forest-fire-fighter and the call was during a bushfire. I explained this and told them that it is usually difficult to contact me at work and could we communicate by email; the answer was no. Over the next few weeks, they rang me 2 or 3 times per week and eventually I managed to get them to ring my wife. A deal was agreed on and we deposited $3000 to get the process started.

A few weeks later a man from Western Power arrived and changed the meter.

About 10 weeks later, we contacted the person in charge of our case and left a message on her phone, asking what the progress was. There was no reply by later in the week, so my wife emailed her. The next day we received a bizarre email – strange that email was now an accepted form of communication. There was no greeting to either of us by name, just an announcement that our solar installation had been cancelled!

…“At this current point in time we have had an issue with our installer who will no longer be representing Nationwide Solar Solutions. Given this issue we would be unable to move forward with your application and will have to cancel it. I understand that this is not the best option for yourself and our company, however given the time frame and lengthy delay I do not wish to waste anymore of your time and I am really sorry that it has taken this long for an update.”…

Fair enough. Nice to know, but this is the strange bit:

…“Please see the below list on solar installation companies that we have in WA and would recommend you liaise with for your future installation”….

I don’t recall anything in the agreement, that said we had to work out the installation for ourselves!

“…I understand that this is not the best option for yourself and our company, …”

My wife and I agree with the NSS statement above.

The only good news, was that we got our deposit back, after NSS had been earning interest on it for 10 weeks.

No installation at all, back at square 1! Apparently NOT Nationwide; may be Solar; does not provide a Solution in WA.
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Worst experience I ever had with any company in my life

Warning: this will be long, because it's detailed, in order to make clear exactly what happened. This was truly one of the worst, most shocking experiences I've ever had with any business, which still continues at the time of this writing. Not only did it take over four months to actually get these panels installed, after I put down a $3,000 deposit and was told that I'd have them in 2-3 weeks, but the entire thing, from beginning to end was a complete disaster. The reps would tell me one thing, and backpedal later, they act like an angry bully, who literally threatens and harasses me. There were numerous schedulings, reschedulings, installer not showing up, etc., and the cherry on top was when they informed me, literally at the last minute, just at installation time that the wiring in my house is outdated and it will cost me another $2,000 to get it upgraded by the power company. This is something that I should have been advised long prior to the day of install, as opposed to a few minutes before, to give me the opportunity to make an unpressured decision.

Their excuse was that "this is a one in a thousand case", which was why they never bothered inspecting the site prior to the day of installation, to make sure there would be no extra costs, as the contract requires. I found out about this extra $2000 cost from them literally 5 minutes before the installation, for which I waited four months. At the time they were so desperate for me not to back out and ask for refund that I was promised by NSS on the phone, that they will "personally" assist me in resolving the issue with the power company after the installation was completed. Later they backpedalled, I suspect because they were instructed to, when there was no longer a chance I could cancel. The installation itself took over a week to finish (Monday to the following Tuesday) in early March, 2021. My $3000 deposit for the panels purchase was paid on 2 November, 2020.

Before the job was even completed, they started sending me overdue bills for the $3,159.00 balance I owed them, and when I asked them to stop sending these "reminders" until after the job was complete, I received a contentious email from the company, threatening to fine me an extra $500 late fee and take me to court, insisting that the install WAS completed. It took me a while to prove to them that job was NOT yet completed. When I asked them to help resolve the wiring issue with power company, as they promised, they told me they don't have to do any of that, it's not their problem but mine. I wasn't even informed enough about this issue in order to coherently be able to explain it to the power company, yet the solar company has completely washed their hands of it. This sounds like an exaggeration, but it's not.

Right now I'm stuck with (allegedly) high quality expensive solar panels which are not operating the way they should because of the $2000 extra cost I hadn't budgeted for, or was warned about by NSS until 5 minutes prior to install, with installer already sitting and waiting in my driveway, when I was basically pressured to proceed with installation... But that's not the end of it. After I paid their final bill in full ($3,159), I suddenly got another bill of $641, which they claim I still owe them, and I'm still dealing with their extortion currently. I have the final breakdown of cost, showing the final balance, but they insist that I owe them the additional money based on some old outdated break-down from last year. Meanwhile, my panels are still not operating bi-directionally, and every day money is lost, and I'm getting harassed by their billing department, with this mysterious additional balance I suddenly owe them.

I really hope my shocking experience with Nationwide Solar Solutions is not the norm, otherwise I don't really know how these people stay in business. If all goes right for the customer, it will probably be fine, but anything goes wrong, like it did in my case, brace yourself - you will really regret dealing with this company, as I now do.
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Meter Installation

Purchased 44 Solar Panels with 13.5kw system in December 2018. Waited and waited for confirmation number to go to my Energy Provider, nothing happened for months, March 2019 to be exact.

Sales/Quoting process was expensive but wanted to try anything to get out of paying $1500.00 plus a quarter for Electricity
Installation had a few hiccups, One of the meter boxes kept reading faulty so continually had to get someone to come out and check our system, continuous phone calls and visits.

Never got any usage of the system till months later, very disheartening as this was the reason we got it installed. All in all, paying months of System installments plus electricity for approximately 4 months so no savings happening through this period.

Was advised that meter connected was incorrect, was referred to another employee to deal with my issue regarding my solar meter, had enough of the stories been given by Nationwide Solar and AGL so disconnected and switched electricity suppliers.

I question why it took so long to get my number to AGL, advised due to the holiday season, misplaced in work, so thats my fault?

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
Battery rating: 4/5
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Fantastic service and after sales service and price

The installer was punctual, tidy and polite. Customer service was great. Everything was great highly recommend
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Great service from the first phone call to the installation. Very pleased with everything especially the installer
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Solar quotes was a good place to start, it gave me people to talk to about panels and inverters, and prices to get the job done, then it was up to me to compare the quotes and the quality of goods on offer.
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I will be able to comment more after the install in complete and connected.
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