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Nexus Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Albany Creek and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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I feel like I got scammed

Promised 2-week turnaround, 2 Months on no solar installed.
Refusing deposit refund (50% of purchase price), unable to return calls/messages.
100 Excuses from this guy.

Please be aware.
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Failed to Supply

Assured 3 week turn around
One year later Still No Solar
Limited communication
Refusing Deposit Refund
Buyer be aware
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Was paid in October 22 and still avoiding phone calls and no system installed

Had all the talk but failed to deliver
have left message after message he promised a refund and again nothing
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Reported to department of fair trading and ACCC.

I signed a contract for a 6.66Kw Canadian solar system (16 panels) in November 2022 for $10995. I was ASSURED that this system would fit on my roof at the time of the site inspection.
They of course would receive the government rebate making the system a total of $14995 approximately for their pocket.

Finally, in January 2023, I finally had confirmation that the system will be installed.
The tradies came and installed, all seemed very above board. UNTIL

I look at my roof & I checked the 'sign off sheet'. They had installed 11 panels @ 4.59kw Shanghai tech solar ... WHAT?!?!

So I rang the installer, salesperson, and head office to see what is the go.
I heard many excuses including:
The warehouse ran out of Canadian solar panels
The 6.6kw Canadian solar system quoted won't actually fit on the roof space so they gave me a smaller system
After a 2 week wait the business owner even went so far as to attempt to coerce me into paying the same price for the substandard system because ' look there is no way a 6.6 system will fit on that roof'.

All the above are not my problem, therefore, I offered two options that they come and remove the substandard system and replace it with what is stated in the contract OR just came and remove it all, leaving no damage as they have failed to uphold the contract conditions and I don't accept their excuses/options.

Still waiting to hear from the and it's April 2023. 3 months.

The system is substandard at 4.59kw as opposed to 6.6kw, I don't want it, I have other companies that can deliver and install the system I actually want and that perform what I require.

Panel rating: 1/5
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Do not use Nexus

Do not deal with Nexus Solar, I paid for work to be completed 2 months ago and the amount of excuses is amazing, will take your money and not deliver.
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Great job fast and efficient

Easy to deal with from office staff to sales person and installers, fast and efficient and tradies very respectful and tidied up after themselves.
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Not happy

My installation went well, I was happy with the system, until after a hospital stay. Then I received a power bill, which was as if I had no solar. I contacted them, they said they would come down to look at the problem, that did not happen. That contact was late April, calls weekly have resulted of being told no electrician available too. They have paid electricians, they should have been to look at the system. No show from them. Finally I left a message on their phone and told them they have no intention of fixing my system. I have now raised a complaint through the office of fair trading. After my problem I would advise people thinking solar, bypass this company.
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No connection

So we had our solar panels installed August 2019. We were assured by staff that everything was good to go. We received all the information that our energy supplier had received the EWR and a new smart meter had been installed.

Having had zero experience with solar we trusted everything was good.October last year I recieved a bill from energy company and it was extremely high.I rang my energy company to find out why.I discovered that our solar had not been connected because the electrical contractor used by Nexus had incorrectly lodged the EWR.Energy company admitted some fault and advised that we needed to supply a new EWR so that could backdate and provide a credit. That's where our problems started.

I rang them and explained what had happened and he advised that the electrical contractor no longer worked for nexus and he would have to get another electrician to submit EWR. I rang Energex on a weekly basis only to find it wasn't being done. I rang them so many times to find out what was happening.He made every promise under the sun but it still was not being done.He stopped taking my calls and avoiding me.We where stuck in limbo with our solar.We had paid Nexus $6000 to have it installed but we had not received any benefit for over 18mths.We eventually got our own electrician to submit a new one and we have finally got solar.This company is so hit and miss.

They are all good when it comes to the sales pitch but after service is non existent. They are very slick with his promises but does not deliver. We took the company to fair trade but overall there was nothing we could do outside of the court situation. They have stated that Nexus will compensate through fair trade but again he will not take our calls.
Please be aware if you use this company to follow up on everything and do your homework. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Panel rating: 1/5
Inverter rating: 1/5
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Original Review on 01-04-2020:

So so experience

The sales quoting and explanations were good. The installation by Platinum electrical was very neat albeit under very trying difficult rainy conditions. Nexus attempted to arrange the grid connection. It was only once that I had returned from overseas 3 weeks later with still no grid installation that I called my supplier that the installation of the smart meter was booked and installed 2 weeks after that. So a 5 week wait before I could finally turn the system on. Appears to be functioning beautifully now. Follow up has been non-existent. Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 2/5

8 months later we asked Stephen: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes it has. Best investment ever!
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Efficient installation, very personable and keen to please

We found all the prices much the same. We are happy with what we choose. They are all wonderful people who knew the product very well.

Install was on time and efficient. great guys. Head down and had the work done in no time. Great job

I am still waiting for the salesman to get back to me on helping to set the inverter to my phone.
It is all up and running. YouTube instructions that we tried has a part missing so not able to connect. As the inverter is working I am thinking that it is going well. We have the numbers during the day.

Inverter rating: 1/5
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Very happy.

Ashleigh was a very friendly and polite salesman, explained process clearly and gave us a fair quote and date for installation.
The guys who came along to install right on time were respectful, polite and they left everything neat and tidy and up and running.
We are very happy with the whole process thank you.. Brendon and your team.
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Beware after sales service is appalling

After many attempts at trying to get my app to work I have given up on that.

The after sales service from this company is disgraceful and is almost non-existent when they were installing my solar they did damage to the back line it was replaced with an inferior model after many many months of calls emails and messages recently I was contacted after leaving a bad review and was promised that it would finally be fixed still months later nothing if I could offer you one bit of advice don’t go with nexus go elsewhere do yourself a favour learn from our mistakes it has been over two years and I’m still waiting for these issues.

I recently had Aircon installed by a different company and when the installation was done the Electrician said the installation was not up to safety standards and individual fuses were not installed on my mate on my fuse box as should’ve been done this was done at a cost to me after installation of an extra thousand dollars so in summary.
No after sales service.

No repairs done to damage on my house still waiting since 2017.
No app working to show me how much solar I am producing.
Safety switch is not installed as per Australian standard.
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Nexus Solar

•How was the sales/quoting process? Accommodating and clear.
•How did the installation go? Polite? Tidy? Punctual? Punctual & Tidy
•How was the customer service? e.g. did they help organise the grid connection after the install? Very good - yes, connection after install
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Sold me the dream, ended in a nightmare

Purchased Solar from Nexus Solar. It was installed in January 2019. The App never worked correctly to let me know the solar reading and after the first bill came after 3 months it showed the system was not working correctly. I informed them immediately. 7 months later they fixed the system- which was incorrectly wired by 70% of the panels. I therefore paid for full electricity for 7 months plus the cost of Solar - no savings.
They confirmed they would refund me the difference owing due to this being the law if the installation was faulty.
They never refunded and have refused to.

Sales man was friendly - but never replied to my calls r emails once I said it was faulty
Installed incorrectly
Customer Service was helpful and followed process but when it came to paying us back for the fault the owner never paid or replied to messages

Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 3/5
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