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About Nu Energy, Solar Installers

Nu Energy

Reviewers report paying: $1,898 - $2,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

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Here's what the Nu Energy Website has to say:

Nu Energy is an Australian company, and has been providing renewable energy solutions for Australia’s commercial and residential sectors for more than 20 years. They have installed thousands of solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar hot water systems for companies and families.

Nu Energy has a nationwide branch network enabling them to provide service anywhere in Australia.

NU Energy employs over 180 people throughout Australia and only employs qualified electrical installers.

Customer testimonials for Nu Energy are available, and include the following: “I want to tell you that the two young blokes who did the job went about it in a very professional way; courteous and well mannered. I must say you have fine company representatives. Their explanation of the system, and what happens next was very informative”.

“Just a short note to say thank you to the Nu Energy team for installing our 1kW grid connect solar energy system so efficiently. Paper work was submitted per schedule and the reimbursement cheque arrived yesterday without any prompting”.

Generally the reviews are mostly positive but where they are criticised the common theme seems to be Customer Service and delays in installation. Perhaps these can be put down to struggling with rapid growth?

Nu Energy Solar Reviews

Prompt attention and service follow up

I have a Nu Energy 1.5kw system installed 10 years ago and it has been great with no issues, and generates in excess of 9k/wh on a good day. The original Eversolar inverter has just failed, and I contacted Ben at Nu Energy and he arranged to get a new one delivered, and for installers to contact me.

New Zeversolar inverter was couriered to me and installation completed within 8 days. Great effort.

By the way my electrical retailer sent an email suggesting I check my solar as they had picked up it was not working. I had already noticed by the higher electricity bill I had received.
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Very happy and a great experience!

We had 27 panels installed over winter and now starting to really see the fruits of everyone's labour!

The app is excellent and i check it daily to schedule the best time and usage for my domestics and all electrical usage. I see my usage and what im sending back to the grid at any time of day. It was sometimes hard to get hold of someone right away but they boys were always attentive and got back to me within 12 hours or so. I am loving my good solar days and would and have recommended Nu Energy again and again.
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Disgusting shonks that even the ombudsmen couldn't run to ground after confrontation.

Initial discussions with sales staff and contract settling were polite and helpful.. but they are just ring ins not actual employees. The installer was helpful and seemed to be knowledgeable about the job to be performed. Two years approx. later the system failed. Company from Ballarat who installed said installer no longer employed and none of their concern.. New energy were virtually impossible to contact by phone for weeks with only a telstra message of non service. Business premise appears not to exist at given address. Only made contact when ombudsman contacted them and Ben the reportedly new owner rudely acknowledged. Then after demands for photocopy of contracts and much back and forth info about what the inverter read out which was almost unreadable since day one said was informed that they no longer supplied aerosharp and that I could now purchase and have fitted at my expense their new model. The ombudsman who was helpful as can be was then given the run around from who again needed photocopies of the original documents thru him .. This after months and stonewalling of them concluded with would have to proceed with vcat have had no feed in for approx 5 yrs. and the whole debacle has left a bitter taste in my mouth.. why is the government virtually hands off on this. If there is ever a class action kindly add my name to the list to take down these mongrels... do not under any circumstance purchase..I might add that in recent storm I discovered that the installer who as I indicated previously I was satisfied with broke a tile on a terracotta roof left under the panels which then leaked thru and damaged my ceiling when the mastic repair failed. Show additional information
My solar system has been an awful mess . The panels have big arc marks and three have shattered through faults.the inverter died right on 5years which they claimed wasn't their problem.
I have a solar hot water system which has failed three times that they don't want to know about.
Contacting Ben is a waste of time he fobs you off.
Do not deal with this company go to a rep dealer locally you might pay a bit more and not have bad service after your systems are installed
Still waiting for response after six months but i have older panels they say hard to get, bull....
Anyway take a word of advice do not deal with this company
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Bought From:Nu Energy 2014
the salesman was up front it was made in china, but had said it far from junk
when call him out to give a quote had came with zeversolar inverter
he said it backed by one of bigger German inverter .
he said show my your other inverter on wall it was geoprotek.
the zeversolar look so much better made and salesman said look at connectors.
there unit had two female connecter on. I didn't understand what he was talking about
He said if it has to be disconnected it can easy mix wires about and blow you inverter
look at zever it has male and female and cant be mixed up by the untraded eye
As you see for yourself how the paint looks like it got 10 years fading and 2 screws holding it to wall backing plate is rusting and so small.
I replied you know a lot for salesman, his reply im a trained installer and still give the guys a hand when we short handed.
when guy left told me not to turn new solar on to you get the new net meter. They ever offer to check the old unit to make sure it working.
thy ever put some new tubing as he said the last install has put tubing facing the weather. so they place about meter tube running down wall to inverter. I said how much more do I need to give you for that. He said the last installing should had this behind the wall. I said to him I think I still have paper work and he earth Energy has gone broke in Newcastle. He told if I had problem's with old inverter told he who to contact in Sydney. I sorry guys i'm not good letter writer
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Brought 8 solar panels with inverter installed 5 years ago, we are on our fifth inverter. Six weeks it takes for the company to replace the inverter with a second hand inverter. Show additional information
You never contact us very very poor Show additional information
NuEnergy are now unreachable - 15 emails and calls has netted two replies asking for photos and then.....silence. Show additional information
The system Nu Energy installed broke down completely after approximately 4 years. When approached to fix or replace the system they ran a mile from their warranty like a dodgy used car salesman. Please don't use this company. Show additional information
No one is ever on time. Show additional information
Zeversolar inverter has now died again, system installed 2010, 2nd replacement inverter installed 2/14 and needs another replacement, Zeversolar are very slow approx 2 months to replace, NuEnergy dosen't help just supplies a warranty form to send to Zever you have to do all the warranty chasing yourself, would I recommend them NO.
Each time your down for a couple of months you lose.
The first time it failed I put in a claim for lost income that didn't work either they don't care, Zever always says we are waiting on a shipment to arrive, really.
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I have a 1.5 unit now but I wish to upgrade to a 3 unit now. Show additional information
I went with dc inverter so later on i can maybe load shift via batteries under my house and i still have rrom for another system later as technology improves again..hedging my bets a little Show additional information
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Contacted them in April 2013 stating our solar system wasn't working. They said it was probably the Inverter and someone would be out to look at it in 4 weeks. Several phone calls and emails generated the same answer from Nu Energy for weeks.
About August 2013 their representative arrived and stated the Inverter was faulty and needed replacing. Another 4 months has gone by and still our system hasn't been fixed.
We have now been without solar for over 12 months.
Nu Energy is very loose with the truth and are not to be trusted. If they were the last solar installation company on the planet I wouldn't have solar and I would have more money in my pocket.
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No after care service, NU energy do not answer their phone and do not respond to emails. I have now gone to Fair Trading in WA to get the inverter fixed that is under warranty but there is no one to service or fix it in WA as company does not have any local contractors........

Stay clear......
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I concur with Terence's comments. Initial purchase/installation was fine. Went with this company after a friends recommendations. Of course the salesman was great, the installation went smoothly and an electrician friend confirmed that installation was good. It went downhill rapidly after that when the inverter died. To say that the experience of dealing with the After Sales 'Customer Service' area was the single most frustrating, infuriating and never-ending drama is an understatement. When advising the Cust Service member that we would be addressing the issue with the Office of Fair Trading, the reply was that they didn't respond to 'threats' and to 'Go Ahead Mr XXXXXXXX'...

Not only was there the loss of feedback to the grid, but the time spent and money on the ongoing phone-calls, arguments, variances in reasons as to why they couldn't resolve the issue. However, they advised that they would install another inverter, but at a cost (even though we were still under warranty for the defective product) The CEO is TOTALLY uncontactable, so no joy there. Check out the Whirlpool forum for the legion of disgruntled customers. Its the same story. Apparently Nu Energy were not concerned with the Customer Feedback on this forum. Go Figure...
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NuEnergy Is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Be warned if you deal with this company you will be very very sorry.

I have warned you. Go to some other supplier.
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Connection still hasn't been done due to the installers incorrectly doing their job. Just got another electrian to fix everything and now waiting on the electrical certificate.
Should have had it connected 2 months ago.
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Very quick install, less than 7 days from purchase and this includes Inspection and sign off Show additional information
Five weeks have now passed since we paid a deposit. I would like to think that it will be in place within the three months time frame. Show additional information
Deposit paid but not yet installed so hard to comment just yet. Show additional information
I had quotes ranging from 9,500 to 5000.
Nu Energy were the best organised re information,the panels and Inverters they offered compared very well with the others (Aurora inverter; QSE 260 watt panels).
The installation was done on time and efficiently,plus the electrical supplier connected within the 10 working days as per the contract(which requires paper work from myself and Nu energy to be done on time).
I could not see the difference re equipment ,between the Nu Energy quote and all the others ( I checked panels and Inverters on line etc.)
I paid 5,000
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This whole solar thing is still a very much unknown topic. My system a 2.08 kWh ($3863) through Nu Energy was on average 55% cheaper than 10 other suppliers. It has only been up and running for 2 weeks producing anywhere between 2.5 kWh - 7 kWh per day which I'm told is okay for this time of the year. Until the correct import / export meter is installed (on average 4 months after completion of the system) the unit is obviously not returning us any real benefit. Sure my unit maybe a cheaper system however this is what my budget allowed. It has the same warranty as the other units. Time will be a crucial factor in all the new systems being installed as to quality and how long the companies stick around for once the work slows down. As far as Nu Energy goes they have been great. A special thanks to Tom and his team of installers for a fantastic job. Show additional information
I have only had the system for less than a week and it is not yet connected to the grid so My comments must be viewed in that light. The system is actually 2.5 kw and the $7200 I thought was good value with the 3 kw inverter (10 yr warranty). I was pretty keen to have someone with a local office. Nu energy had staff who came when they said they would, did what they said they would and performed a friendly and efficient service.
I found solar quotes informative and a very good place to start for getting my head around the solar power world. Thanks for you efforts.

Paul from Hobart
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Salesman from two free quotes seemed very helpful. Show additional information
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Nuenergy were great in their upfront service and details. The contracters were very professional and answered all questions that we had. They didn't even mind us watching them do their work (as I know alot of contractors dont like this). All I can say is Nuenergy keep up your professional service, I've already passed on your name to a few of our friends as they themselves are looking at solar energy. Show additional information
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This company is a little un organised and the accounts are very very slow, but I recommend that you you put up with this, as the installers are A grade and the quality of installation was great. I checked everything including the roof space, where I found neatly pin cliped cables and no broken tiles.
I have installed a 2.5Kw system @ $7600 plus $385 for level 2 Electrician to install meter for buy back.
I face north in zone 3 and in 71 days @.60c a Kw I generated $495. My best day so far was 15.5Kw or $9.30. Please note new NSW customers only get 20c per KW but if you go with AGL they are paying a premium currently of 8c Kw subject to change, so It is still possible to get 28c a KW so new customers could break even in about 6 to 7 years, after that its 100 percent savings.
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though company is in metropolitan Melbourne they use local electricians to install system; in case of a problem customer gets quick service because of a local installer. Show additional information
GREAT TRADE PERSONS Show additional information
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not having it done in the time quoted 3 months now tell us another 4weeks before instalation Show additional information
Too early to tell. Installation not complete yet, inverter still to come, connection to the grid to be made yet. Show additional information
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the buying,installing ,and paying for the system was all good Show additional information
Nuenergy themselves got rid of the person I was dealing with, then it became hard to deal with them might be better now as it was during a bad time. The electrical sub contracter was great. Show additional information
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Hi Finn, the sales staff were great over the phone. I specially requested a site inspection before paying a deposit. They said they do not do that but could measure over the net, OK, I said and paid the deposit. 1 week later they do site inspection and say cannot fit but will get back to me. 4 weeks later after numerous emails and phone calls I have no answers or installation date, they originally said 4-6 weeks. So, now I have to wait and see what they do as it is too late to use another supplier. I wanted them to fit the panels landscape but their installer said it was never done that way. Their panels were 250 watt, the inverter was EverSolar and price was $1699. Thanks. Show additional information
We got a 1kw system installed appx 2 years go ,salesperson recommended to choose a bigger 1.7 inverter to grow our system up to required size whenever we can .

A few weeks ago called the installer to purchase more panels and get them installed. Answer: we do not touch existing systems ( even though the system has been installed with nu energy) and we do not supply those panels anymore - but there suggested we can buy a new system and get this installed through them - yeah sure. Basically it is our problem and fault that we got a bigger inverter, which we now can't fully use due to dodgy supplier. We tried to talk to another installer about extending our already existing system to max .capacity but always the same answer... we do not touch existing systems of other companies and or we don't supply the panels ...or...or....or
so thanks to Nu Energy we sitting now on a system which doesn't do much and we can't get it to full capacity

At the same time we installed a big 400lt solar hot water system. This has been a total f..up as well poorly installed and due to incompetence of the salesperson (after we paid the money) we have never seen the goverment rebate so it has been $1300 or $1600.

So there we are with a double trouble of Nu Energy and whenever you tried to get an answer of the company - after we paid - nothing constructive which could help.

So be aware: a lot of these companies like Nu Energy want to get your money and then're on your own -no help no nothing....!!!!

Now we're here again try to buy an other system to fill in up to the recomendet 5 kW (but it is not easy to go through because we will lose the 0.7 kw from our first system - we'd like to take this down and get a new 5 kW system but it is a lot of money in the bin and I don't even know if it is possible)

We had a lot of quotes comming infor a new system, I'm just surpised how many companies don't do site inspections and trying to sell...

One thing for sure we do not use Nu energy ever again...
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Found out after getting a quote for an upgrade that the installation was shoddy, the company that was going to do the upgrade would't touch it and encouraged me to contact the CEC. Show additional information
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