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About Sky Solar, Solar Installers

Sky Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves SA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Sky Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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We went with sky solar, not on your list but mentioned very favourably by a number of your reviewers and a good write -up on your website. it was a toss up with eurosolar found from the same source. The three you suggested all came with quotes at least $1000 higher. Lastly Skysolar upgraded the panels for no extra cost when they ran out of stock. same brand and model no. but higher specs with iron free glass. Many thanks, regards Carey E Show additional information

Some of our friends have shown an interest in our installation of solar panels on our roof in July 2017, We have deliberately waited until we had one full Quarter of unobstructed electricity generation to see how this investment in Solar Panels panned out

Some History:-
We live in a 20 yr old, Large 4 Bedroom, 2 Garage brick and tile roof suburban house with a large pool, air-conditioning, Insulated roof cavity, Solahart hot water, Sauna and No gas appliances situated on the north side of Brisbane. There are only generally 2 of us but we did have a son stay with for a few weeks last quarter

Previous power use:-

The last 8 quarters of Electric Power bills from Origin Energy were as follows

Aug 2015 ---- $533
Nov 2015---- $454
Feb 2016----$747
Aug 2016----$556
Nov 2016----$470
Feb 2017----$621

Av. Bill = $560 per Quarter

We started looking at solar earlier this year and ended up with about 10 quotes with the stipulation that they quote and install (the biggest under existing Law) a 6.5kv system with a 5 kv Fronius inverter made in Austria (which is battery ready when batteries are cheap enough to install) and tier 1 solar panels. We ended up with quotes ranging from $4480 to $7100. We accepted a quote with 26 x 270w Lightway solar panels and of course the 5kw Fronius inverter

In July we entered a monthly ongoing contract with Origin Energy to get 14c per kv generated from solar and they charge us 26.96c per kv for any power we use from the grid. ( we exported (1844kw) or 2.5 times as much into the grid then we took out (744kw) at night) during the quarter in what I must say was a rather cool, wet and cloudy spring for Queensland.

The only changes we made to our lifestyle were that we converted where practical all light bulbs from Fluro to LED , had the pool pump on at midday instead of midnight and if we thought about it we would set the dishwasher and washing machine to do a load during the day if we were out. But we will still use the Sauna and dryer after dusk if we feel like it

We had a bill for last quarter (Nov 2017) of $62 for 3 months power use or 69 cents a day

If we can keep our bills at around $62 then the payback time on the $4480 solar investment is two and a quarter years or over 44% per year return on our investment - After 2.25 years we have free power or very minimal bills for the next 20 yrs and/or until cheaper batteries arrive?????

We will keep you informed
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I have yet to have the solar panels installed. I will let you know how it all goes, thank you. Show additional information
Smooth and fast installation Show additional information
No hassles sales and installation. Professional and polite. Good job. Show additional information
Had system installed 2 and half years ago , inverter stopped working 4 weeks ago still waiting for replacement. No one returns calls to let you know whats going on .very poor service id go somewhere else.not happy Show additional information