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About Sunshine Coast Solar, Solar Installers

Sunshine Coast Solar

Sunshine Coast Solar has in excess of 30 years' experience in the solar power industry and is licensed with the BSA. It is also a member of the Master Builders' Association and a certified REC Solar professional.

The company claims to offer the highest level of service and keeps customer satisfaction at the centre of its operations. Solar power systems are sourced from Australia, Singapore and Europe - only the best quality products are supplied to consumers.

A display centre is open in Maroochydore for anyone interested in seeing what Sunshine Coast Solar has to offer first hand.

Sunshine Coast Solar Solar Reviews

Fast and professional at a competitive price

Ben was great, met a price and delivered as committed. Thanks for a brilliant install...13KW 3 phase system on a double story house in a day! Show additional information
I found Sunshine Coast Solar be friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, competent and well-organised. It was a smooth process from start to finish, compared with some of the horror stories you read about. The system was ordered on November 4th, installed on 12th, EWR raised on 12th, on 13th AGL requested Energex meter changeover, Energex called on 17th to arrange changeover on 21st. The Energex technician that installed the new polyphase meter commented how neat and tidy the installer's wiring was.
The system worked without a glitch from the moment it was switched on. For anyone on the Sunshine Coast contemplating a micro inverter system, I would recommend Sunshine Coast Solar. And for anyone not contemplating micro inverters, take a closer look at the advantages of this technology which in my view justify the slightly higher cost over string inverters.
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The rep from Sunshine Coast Solar was probably the most helpful and least pushiest sales person we saw.
Quite a few others hounded us to the point where I wouldn't even answer the phone!
Also with Sunshine Coast solar they were able to supply and install the very next week.
The installer they use is Greg from Skilled Electrical and we were very impressed with him and the boys, their work was fast efficient , neat and tidy as well. Greg stepped us through the whole process and went above and beyond. Highly recommend these guys as well....he even came back and did a few other electrical jobs for us at a later stage.
I'm very happy I just got my first bill and even though we had only had solar for 30 days of the 90 bill we had a credit of $88 and the bill dropped already about $20, so can't wait to get the next bill !
Just a quick mention that a certain local company here on the Sunshine Coast who are doing letter box drops.....the guy first showed us pictures of burnt roofs from solar and tried to sell us a much more expensive system designed for people with shaded roofs ( micro inverters?) that we didnt need and then when we wouldnt budge he said he could also sell us a system that would burn our house down ! I don't like scare tactics!
Also like to say that I found this site extremely helpful in my search for solar...thanks for that!
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It is a hard decision to make what company or system you go with. It is hard to know are you getting a good quality system and value for money. Also the value of the STC's vary greatly amongst installers, are they telling you the value they want you to know? I am not sure if I decided on the best system or installer. Show additional information
Placed a deposit on on a 2nd tier system, changed mind & this agency immediately (next day) refunded my deposit. Some time later I called for best quote on a quality system I had decided on & they had best price & installation was performed most efficiently. Still awaiting Energex reprogramming of meter. Show additional information
I looked at many companies and options. Finally it was dificult to choose between a higher priced 3kw system and a very well priced 4kw system only $1500 difference. I chose the 3kw system because it was a local supplier and the perception of better quality [european.

PS: thank you for your time.
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Chose an established local supplier. Show additional information
S/C Solar Centre had all the info and specs on hand at quote time. They use top quality panels and inverters, and permanent contractors to fit their units. Great service, attitude and results followed, Well Done Guys! I'm still waiting for some companies to contact me_ Re a Quote!! Show additional information
Everybody out there is pushing a system of their own choice not what a customer asks for or necessarily wants. And a lot of consumers only connect so they can get payback from the energy companies and consequently don't get a system that will see them into the future. At the moment it is a minefield out there with so many different size and quality panels and so many different inverters. It is almost reminiscent of the insulation debacle of last year. Until the industry is regulated in some way I feel that people are going to be taken advantage of. Show additional information
I went with Japanese Panels and German Inverter(2 locations). The guys didn't BS and agreed with my choice and stayed away from cheaper Chinese panels.

I have the system(s) for 10 months now. I am not only carbon neutral, but I get a quarterly cheque for power production as well.

Don't waste time with cheap systems, quality is what's important.
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Some companies did not return calls for a quote, and some sales people just didn't have a clue. Lucky for me I did my homework first. Show additional information
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