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The Green Power Company Pty Ltd specialises in the supply, design and installation of solar power products across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. It strives to ensure that all its technology is of the highest quality and therefore sets the company apart from its competitors.

The company has a showroom located in Oakleigh East and does its utmost to provide the best possible customer service, as well as flexible and affordable energy solutions.

All solar power installations completed by The Green Power Company Pty Ltd are carried out by solar accredited Master Electricians who are full-time employees of the firm.

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Happy Customer

They provided a Detailed Quote. Good Price. Skilled Technicians. All paperwork completed properly.
A Job well done.
Im glad they convinced me to go with the Victron Equipment.
thank you

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Good Quality - No nonsense

We are very happy with the service provided by Green Power. We have a delicate roof, and the job was knocked back by a few other solar companies, however, Green Power were more than happy to take on the job. The first site inspection was followed up by a second site inspection by the technician, and then the crew installed the job within 3 weeks of first contact.
They installed quality equipment, a clean installation, and on completion, we were instructed on how the system works and how to check the performance.

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Solar Installation was first class.

The 5KW Solar Installation by The Green Power Company was first class in every way, the system is doing what I thought it would do and save me many dollars. Sales rep Adam was very knowledgeable, pleasant and explained in detail all questions I had listed, and no pressure was placed on me to buy, as the woman of the house this was an easy decision for me to make.
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We have a small installation but the installation was very pleasing. They put a bigger inverter than we needed in so that we can add to the system later without the need to spend more on a new inverter. Very happy with the price and service.
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After Shopping around for years, I finally made the decision to go with GreenPowerCo. Unlike most solar companies, this company had a long history, going back to 2001, and they are all technicians and engineers. They provided quotes on quality equipment brands such as Sunpower, QCells, Canadian Solar solar panels and they recommended Fronius and SMA inverters. I opted for a 5kW Canadian Solar panel system and Fronius inverter. The quotation was very detailed with engineering diagrams, and the quote was followed up with one of the installers to do a site inspection prior to installation.

The installation was done by one of the company owners, and he was very polite and took care with the installation, explaining the system functionality, and operational procedure. They cleaned up well after the job and handed me a folder with all the system details and performance estimates.

The price they offered was about market average, and I am very pleased with the solar system so far.
I can recommend this company.
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Original Review on 01-10-2016:

We had three quotes previously and two more recently but The Green Power Co was the only one to suggest the micro-inverters for better efficiency because our roof is sometimes partially shaded by trees. The Green Power Co installed our system without any problems and so far we are very happy with everything. It's great to watch the solar power production graphs:)
Solarquotes website was certainly very helpful for comparing the panels, inverters and finding more information.
Thank you.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Vera: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

So far we are very happy with the whole system but we've had it only since last September, so yet to test the 3 winter months.
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The information gained through Solar Quotes was invaluable, but the interaction with the three companies was very mixed.
One could not supply black framed panels. (An estate requirement)
One was expensive but was quick to drop the price when I told him he had not got the job. Should have given me the best price first.
One was VERY late to the party and was not prepared to do any paperwork for submission to the Power company.
We eventually went with The GreenPower Company after a neighbours recommendation. They came out looked at the premises quote with 3 option and we accepted the middle one.
Their punctuality was poor but their work (when they arrived) was very good and they knew what they were doing.
Their after sales service has been good.
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The Company installed a 14kW system with 48kWh battery storage (grid tied). They did not follow the guidelines from the distributor (prior to install) by receiving approval to feed-in to the grid - the approval was not provided until approx. 6 months after install. They were very quick and easy to ask for final payment based on 'in good faith' promises to repair anomalies, however 2 years after install have heard only crickets, and they ignore all communication relating to this. To their credit, they did use premium quality products (that I specifically asked and paid for), and the quality of the products is the thing that has kept me reasonably satisfied with the system (although the system does not do what was quoted, terms of performance overall, and in terms of grid-feed-in (where they installed an under-performing Selectronic SPPro inverter). Communications with Selectronic have been fruitless, and the only benefit I gained from communicating with Selectronic was that I learned that the operating/software manual were underdeveloped (and hence could not be relied upon). I have had one warranty type call-out (to replace batteries that had gone awry) - this they attended to within a reasonable timeframe, and did fix the problem properly. I have considered taking this further, however, following a cost benefit analysis, have decided it is not worth the cost (although irksome in terms of principle). I plan to significantly increase the size of this system (> double generation capacity/battery storage), and will not seek a quote from the company for the work (The company management is aware of this missed opportunity). I will also not consider another Selectronic product as part of this upgrade.
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The jury is out on the installation and its effectiveness until the system is installed early in 2015.
My decision was heavily influenced by a number of residents on our estate who had used our chosen supplier.
The market is clearly crowded and it is not easy for a person to assess the relative costs/benefits of different panels and inverters.
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The Green Power Company were and remain a pleasure to deal with. Their installers were professional, all highly qualified in both normal electrical and solar installations fields. They arrived on time and cleaned up at the end of the job. Their head technician was fantastic in running us through everything to do with our installation....board controls & operation , software installs and other sundries. The office staff were brilliant to deal with also which is where many of the other companies fell down badly in their dealing with us as potential customers. And The Green Power Company are a local Melbourne company , so if there are any future issues getting hold of someone for warranty or service calls won't be a problem. They've also been around as an electrical company for a long time before solar power installs were around.
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So far the experience has been very positive. Excellent customer service and always answered my emails promptly...I had a lot of questions.
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I have just switched the system on - 14/08/2013 (have been on holidays). It's a bit early to assess the system yet. Sunpower panels were chosen because of the lengthy warranty and they have a bigger output than the other panels we were "shown"so only 7 panels were required.
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A warning to SA residents who wish to upgrade their earlier solar system purchased with $8000 grant & 44c Gov. FIT.

Adding a bigger system than originally registered will lose all current & future Gov. FIT. Leaving only the paltry 9.8 c offered by the electricity co.

Only 1 of 7 quotes fielded made me aware of this.
(No rewards for trying to be greener).

New systems installed before September this year will get 16c Gov. FIT + 9.8 c for 2 years which is a good deal.

After that it is only 9.8c.
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I did some research into the quality of solar panels and inverters before even asking for quotes and decided on either Sunpower or Kyocera panels and SMA or Fronnius inverters. So I asked mainly for quotes on these.

Also, I was asking for quotes on 3 properties and Solargain came to the party in WA but bombed badly in Melbourne, where The Green Power Company won hands down. The Green Power Company were competitive with Kyocera panels and SMA inverter.

The installation was tailored to meet my date requirements (I had limited time) and it was done very well and very neatly. I know a reasonable amount about electricity installations and kept an eye on the job. The electrician did a very good and neat installation, checking everything.

I can recommend The Green Power Company.
One thing though, make sure the installers COMPLETELY fill in the Photovoltaic (Solar) Generator Connection Form and SIGN and DATE it. We were held up 5 days because of this and didn't realise until I rang and checked.
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Original Review on 09-04-2011:

Installation is next week so will wait and see how it goes. But customer service was great - always helpful and happy to answer questions. The quality of systems and price is very competitive so hopefully everything goes to plan during the installation. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 5/5

19 months later we asked Alison: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The system (2.88Kw) has been excellent had no problems with the panels or the inverter - really like the bluetooth application on the inverter. The quote was to get around 11Kw per day in summer mimimum and that has proven correct - max output has been 18 hrs per day. The installers were great, accidently installed the wrong inverter but it was no problem to fix the situation and it was done quickly. All in all a great decision to get solar.
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System seems to be working very well at this early stage, still waiting for smart meter installation, perhaps 2/3 weeks. The whole project requires effort and concentration and a competent installation company is essential as you can become confused unless you listen carefully to what is being said. I am sure the effort is worthwhile.
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The installers from Green Power were excellent, they explained everything clearly before they commenced work, gave us some choices regarding installation - at the same time, recommending what hey felt was the most suitable option. They worked quickly and efficiently and cleaned up extremely well.
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We continue to be frustrated by the appalling miscommunication between the solar installation people and the electricity distributor and supplier. No one seems particularly interested in getting the solar system turned on but they are breaking their necks with enthusiasm to get deposits and final payments but don't really give a shit about whether the solar sytem is actually operating and that the mug purchaser is even remotely satisfied.
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Initial service for inspection and quotation was excellent. Sales person arrived within 2 hours of initial contact.

Rain induced rescheduling caused a few hiccups as I was dropped off their job list by accident. However, once contacted the Company reacted immediately and the installation was rescheduled in a very timely way.

Installers obviously knew what they were doing and entire installation completed with 6.5 hours. The electrical work clearly involves meeting a lot of red tap requirements but the electrician was fully aware of these and indeed returned on his own time to complete labelling required under these regulations. My installation consists of 2 separate arrays, which complicates the labelling.

Payment by EFT is offered, and certainly simplifies finalising the contract. The Company does require a deposit of $1000, which some may find excessive but to me this is reasonable.
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I have used green power before and have found their service excellent.
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