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About Todae Solar Residential (now discontinued), Solar Installers

Todae Solar Residential (now discontinued)

The residential arm of Todae Solar was discontinued at the end of 2012, as the company is now focused on commercial systems (50kW and above).

Todae Solar was ranked the number one commercial installer in 2015, 2016 and 2017 (for systems larger than 75kW) for total system size installations as verified by SunWiz Solar Industry Intelligence – Australia PV Market Insights.

Founded in 2003, Todae Solar is an award winning & industry-leading installer of commercial & business solar with an impressive portfolio and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our company’s philosophy is rooted in sustainability and our services are backed by experience and knowledge.

We completed thousands of residential installations before 2013 and below are some of the reviews left by our previous residential customers.


Todae Solar Residential (now discontinued) Solar Reviews

Todae was contacted both when the arcing became evident and again when sunlight started showing through the back of the panels. They very bluntly replied it was not their problem and to contact Canadian solar for warranty even though Todaes contract guaranteed them for 10 years.

The same batch of panels were used at 4 installations around town and all have the same faults. I have no idea what to do, and I get no response from Canadian solar either......
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After 5 years I had to engage an expert to inspect the system . It was discovered that 50% of the system HAD NEVER WORKED !!!!! . The initial installation was problematic as the subcontractor was feuding with Todae Solar and complained they were unlikely to be paid ! Given I have missed out on an income from the system of some 25K Todae solar advises that although the system was incorrectly installed they offer no compensation , Consumer law states that as i have suffered a financial loss they, Todae Solar are liable to settle with me an amount to cover my loss . It seems that my time will be spent advising others to avoid making poor choices in engaging companies that don't support products sold . Show additional information
I reside in a retirement village who installed a massive solar system. Since the installation there have been several faults with inverters. Our village operator has been trying to get Todae Solar back under the warranty period. This action by the village operator has not been successful and Todae don't appear to be service oriented. They have failed to respond to numerous attempts to rectify these faults and at this time don't appear to care about customer service. Very poor especially as our solar installation would have cost over $500,000. Not happy Todae Solar!!!! Show additional information
Love the Solar Panels and we are saving on our electricity cost. We are saving about $5 per day. My Sister is now also interested in installing Solar Panels and I have recommended Todae Solar. Show additional information
Not yet installed Show additional information
I was one of many people in the ACT who signed up on 28 June 2013 with the aim of installations being completed before 30 September 2013.

Todae Solar have been great in managing what is probably a huge number of customers. The installation is actually occurring today (23 August).
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Great company to deal with.
Got 3 quotes, chose by dealers (not price)
Thanks for recommendations
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There was no site inspection resulting in some confusion re: the no. of phases resulting in the inverta having to be replaced.

The only other issue related to the meter.The installer (as did their electrician) was adamant that we had to cable 25 meters from the garage to the power pole when we already had underground power from the garage to the house. In short our electrician shifted the meter from the pole to the house which is also what the supplier would prefer.

Other than a couple of setbacks all is good ....we are extremely pleased with the savings.
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I obtained 5 quotes in all. I spent days reading up on all things solar. Solar Quotes was very helpful. Solar is an absolute minefield, and with all of the rebates, feed-in tariffs, and deadlines, the industry has attracted a lot of "solar cowboys". Many of them won't be around after June 2013.

I agonised long and hard before finally deciding to go with Todae Solar. Todae were the only installer that did not send someone out to look at the job before quoting. This made me very nervous, and I held it against them throughout the process. Parting with 90% of the total install before you see anyone or anything on site was very scary. Luckily, Todae Solar turned out to be legit. Their subcontractors turned up on time. They were very professional, and they tidied up after themselves. My 5 kW system (Canadian Poly Panels and Growatt inverter) is very efficient - producing 25-30 kW most days.

I'm very happy.
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Too early to comment on Quality of System as yet unknown, because meter not yet installed.

I was aware of the delay on meters, but still waiting, even though final payment for the system was made some 3 weeks ago.

Installation could have been 'neater' if an existing skydome (skylight) had been removed and one panel positioned over that area, as I suggested.

I was unable to be present during installation, otherwise I would (and should) have removed the skydome myself.
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This was the one serviceman that actually came to our house and assessed what we needed and where. He was slightly late for appointment but did ring ahead to tell us. Prepared to modify in the light of another quote. Show additional information
I think the ratings you ask for I cant really give for the first two lines. It's wait and see what the system produces. Customer service has been great to date but the installation is not quite finished, i.e. the energy company has not hooked the system up yet. Show additional information
I Have bought, but not yet installed (meant to be yesterday but rained). When they had initial difficulties in sourcing the inverter they offered a better system at their cost, but were then able to find the specified inverter. I have found communication less than ideal, but not different from any other tradesman/supplier I have dealt with before. Paperwork was managed promptly and efficiently. Show additional information
Took longer than I expected to get installed, but they were happy to install the panels in the places I wanted. Plugged in and producing through my GFIT meter straight away. Show additional information
I had a flat roof which required tilt frames, also the old roof and profile of the clip-lock meant special clamps were required. Todae solar warned me that the original quote may chage depending on the roof. In the end I changed from a 5kW system to a 4kW system to stick to my original budget. Todae were happy to work with me to change the configuration, they even did the new clamps at cost (so they say).

Todae Solar contracts the installation to Green Touch to do installs in Melbourne. Green Touch did the install and they were great. Kept everything neat and tidy on the roof, checked with me at every step when there were any minor installation issues.

Only thing is that Todae Solar just used satellite images and photos supplied by me to assess the roof and shade, when the installation was done Green Touch realised there was a little more tree shade than expected. They apologized and said they should have told me this before they did the install. If any shade is on any part of a group of panels then the entire set of panels is affected (I have 2x8). I suspected the shade issue so it was not a major problem for me but you need to be aware of the impact of even a small amount of shade.

I would recommend a site vist if possible (but only a few companies do this). Even 1 company that did do a site visit said that there was no problem with shade, when in reality there was.

I would recommend Todae Solar and Green Touch.
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You actually have no face to face contact everything is set up via phone and by you sending photos of set up and fax copies of electricity bills at first we were apprehensive but it was their knowledge of all aspects in solar that we went with them. Applications required for bigger system, size of electrical cable required from our end allow best running of system etc. Show additional information
I was promised the system before 30th of June and I am still waiting. Show additional information
The installation (by subcontractor) was great but the service and keeping me updated was a non event. Four months from deposit paid to installation is bad service for any business, their response seems to be that. Hopefully the system will be good and without any problems. Show additional information
With the 'special' from Todae solar, the process was little slower than expected - as there was a delay in installation due the high volume of the take up of the special (e.g. we signed up in mid March; installation 28 June). In all, happy to be getting the product - we've wanted to do it for a while - but not know much about what was involved - receiving the quotes through your website made it easy to get the ball rolling/discuss with Todae. Show additional information
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System is a 2.28kw with a 2.5kw SunnyBoy. We chose them because the Quality and reliability are both very good. The Company has been around for a while and they are large. Your Company did help on the Journey, Thank you we just changed our direction after your help. We went from best price regardless of quality to best quality Vs Company Reliability for our budget. Show additional information
The sales person was great (I suppose that's his job), but since then, the communication with the Project Manager is at best average. Show additional information
Todae weren't the cheapest, but they offered the best service, and the best quality solar panels. They were interested in finding the best system for us rather than just trying to sell us something. The staff are very helpful, and are able to answer all our questions. They are easy to contact either by phone or email and are project managing everything, ensuring things go smoothly. Show additional information
Still going through the process - getting approval etc etc but so far Todae have been on the ball and keeping me informed throughout the process - will update as we progress. Show additional information
All suppliers appeared to offer a quality product. Todae Solar made the effort to do a site visit which established a good rapport and responded very quickly and professionally when I sought further information on some alternative system sizes. Show additional information
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Found that Auzion from your site gave three different quotes, from three different people, on the same system with an average of $1000 difference between quotes, I phoned to speak to the sales manager for some explanation but he wasn't even courteous enough to return my call. NO recommendations for this company from me at all.
The other companies were well out of the ball park and did not offer time payments.
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Not installed yet. We got good competitive quotes and suppliers explained the pros and cons of their various systems. Show additional information
As the rebate scheme was to be axed in a few hours, I had to make a decision quickly, so was unable to fully research the companies involved. I decided to go with the company that used quality components & had been in business for some time. The three companies that you sent me had not had a chance to offer me a comparable quote before the cut off time, also being local companies they were unable to match the price that was offered by Todae when they did get back to me. I would like to thank you for your efforts in finding the local companies for me. Show additional information
Todae is the only co. of the three that personally sent a rep.

The other 2 only made belated phone or mail contact
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We chose quality over a cheaper system Show additional information
installation date scheduled but not completed yet so unable to comment on installation at this stage Show additional information
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The main reason that I chose the supplier that I did is because the Sales person was prepared to get off his arse and come"; see me. There were some companys that just Google the job site then sent there quote. Those suppliers quotes regardless of cost were put in the shredder. The company that won the job was a very professional set up in regards to there supply of previous completed jobs 7 DETAIL TO WHERE THE PANELLS WERE MADE AS WELL AS THE INVERTER. Show additional information
sales pitch was good, still waiting for installation date (chased 3 time lats week - not reply), been 5 weeks since signed contract. Show additional information
I had quite a few technical questions I wanted answered before making my decision. Todae Solar (and also The Solar Shop) were the only two who were really able to address this matter. They both really knew their stuff.

We went with Todae because they were offering higher powered panels (hence less roof space) and were more competitively priced than The Solar Shop.

Everything was handled most professionally.
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I can't judge the quality of the system or installation. I think this will show after a few years. Show additional information
The orignial sales person left so we were in limbo for a short while. We were originally quoted on a single inverter but a month later we were told it wouldnt work to capacity as the panels were on 2 sections of the roof facing north and west. So we were happy to pay a little extra for 2 inverters. Friday was installation date and the installers discovered that as the roof wasnt a flat design we could only fit 14 panels instead of 16 so needed to consider a 3.1 system instead of 3.6. Okay. Then they discovered that the wood in the roof was weak and wouldnt support the panels on the north side so the best we could do was 6 panels and a 1.3 system (which they tried hard to push).
We have now told Todae that we would prefer to wait a few years until technology improves so that we can install a large enough system to cover all our electricity. In the meantime we will pay for 100% green power on our electricity bill again.
I have yet to confirm that we will be getting 100% of our $16,000 deposit back. I assume there will be no arguements as they couldnt properly assess things until a professional was in the roof and in the meantime they had $5,500 of our money sitiing in their bank for 2 months so they shouldn't be too unhappy.
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The only real hold up in the installation was waiting for Energy Australia to install the meter, which took about a month after the panels had been installed. I am inclined to think that it might be unfair to blame Todae for that.

Todae's contract was clear, and not burdened by legal gobbledegook like the others. (I am a lawyer, and can see what's what).

The price was fixed, and Todae took the risks of changes in circumstances.
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I selected the company because I wanted to have it around for a while if anything went wrong later. Their technology is good and their installers are first rate.

However their project management is poor as often issues were not properly discussed with us and we were not properly informed. We had several issues we had to escalate past the project manager.
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I haven't yet had the system installed yet- there is a time lag between accepting a quote and getting it installed.
If you like I'll do the survey again after the installation.
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Note - installation has not yet occurred but is scheduled for next week.

I did a lot of self-education and research and found the companies I communicated with varied hugely. Responses ranged from 1 page/automatically generated on-line quotes through to thorough, helpful and knowledgeable inspection and consultation (Todae Solar).

Prices for a 3kw system ranged from under $10k to more than $17k.

I also experienced bizarre high-pressure sales tactics from other suppliers (pushy phone advisors and visit from a sales representative and trainee who, after multiple calls to headquarters, refused to provide a quote or indeed any information at all because my wife was not present for the meeting).

It is difficult to differentiate between providers in terms of hardware - all claim to be high quality, high efficiency, comprehensive warranties, and licensed/accredited installers. It is also difficult to evaluate how established the companies are and whether they will be in business when a warranty claim might be required.

I finally made a decision based on a reasonable mid-range price, perception that Todae was an established company, the representative was knowledgeable, technically sophisticated and not at all hard sell, and the delivery time was not too long (some were 3-6 months).

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