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Bundaberg’s abundant sunshine makes it a great place to install solar power systems and the region often features among Australia’s top postcodes for PV installations. As at May 2018, more than 12,000 small scale solar power systems were installed in the Bundaberg region, helping residents and businesses to smash their electricity bills and take more control over their energy requirements.

These systems combined have a very impressive collective capacity of nearly 43MW.

Use of the sun as a major energy source is also at the heart of the forward-thinking Bundaberg Regional Council’s plan for clean energy. In fact, solar panels have now become virtually mandatory where practical on any new Council projects. Council has really switched on to the idea that PV doesn’t just slash its emissions, but also its operational costs.

New Council PV projects include the Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant and also the new Multiplex, which will also feature a large battery storage system.

The Bundaberg region will also soon be home to a 120MW solar farm, which will generate enough clean electricity to provide the equivalent of powering 65,000 homes.

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