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When we think of the far northern NSW town of Coffs Harbour we usually think big. Vast expanses of beautiful beaches, superb national parks, a major centre for agriculture and a growing destination for “seachangers” looking to move from the large cities. And, of course, there’s the famous Big Banana tourist attraction – now forty years old and one of the first of the Aussie “big” icons.

Considered by the CSIRO to have the most liveable climate in Australia, the city and its immediate area is thriving in a number of ways. Tourism, agriculture, even the number of its residents is growing. The influx of new people, combined with its ideal subtropical climate, make Coffs Harbour an ideal template for the uptake of domestic solar energy.

Initiatives such as solar powered sub divisions in the city are being implemented partly with a view to protecting the region’s unique environment and also to offset rising power bills in Coffs Harbor. Research by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal some time ago found electricity bills for Coffs Harbour residents to have risen by 91 percent in the last five years.

Who wouldn’t think of solar energy in such a sunny climate under such circumstances? It’s a no-brainer for many of the city’s residents.

Beauty, superb climate, relaxation are all givens for Coffs Harbour people. Now they are showing the country the way to a sustainable future with solar energy, with nearly 3,800 small-scale solar power systems installed throughout Coffs Harbour’s postcode (2450) as at May 2018.

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