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If you’re looking for a lovely story to match the many wonderful assets of the beautiful South Australian city of Mount Gambier? The fact that the Blue Lake, aka the bottomless lake and one of the city’s main tourist spots, has an average depth of 75 metres. That’s right, the only bottomless lake where the depth is known. Is this a historical quirk? Or a neat little trick to attract tourists? Perhaps Loch Ness may be a good analogy?

The second most populous city in South Australia, the city borders the Victorian coast and is dominated by a geography of volcanic craters and outcrops – hence the lake. However, the city is also an important centre for primary industry and mining with tourism also playing an important role.

Finding evidence of a firm commitment to future energy needs is not hard for Mount Gambier. Just look at the solar training centre that has been set up at the Mount Gambier TAFE campus. The centre offers training for contractors looking to receive the qualifications necessary to install and maintain domestic solar panel systems. The TAFE also offers a solar power system monitoring service to gauge the performance of the installations.

Way to go Mount Gambier! The Blue Lake city’s well of goodwill towards solar energy is – like the lake – bottomless.

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