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About Class A Energy Solutions, Solar Installers

Class A Energy Solutions is a successful industry leader in commercial solar sales, design & installation. Here at Class A, we understand the importance of keeping business running costs under control, and tailor cash positive energy solutions to our customer’s individual needs. Our sister company, Class A Electrical Pty Ltd, has completed over 6000 solar installations in Australia.

Class A Electrical has been servicing clients in the electrical field for over 15 years and installing solar for over 6 and a half years. Class A Energy Solutions is the rapidly emerging energy efficiency company, grown from a market demand for cost cutting and environmental awareness in Australian industry and commerce.

Specialising in all manner of solar installation, residential and commercial Class A Energy Solutions also assists customers with energy auditing and monitoring, energy efficient lighting retrofits, and battery backup.

Class A Energy Solutions Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Turned up to install on Monday and left with it unfinished eventually had to phone to find out when they were coming back. Once installed I'm getting upwards of 20 - Gradual voltage depended power reductions a day which is crashing my system. When I contacted them they sent me a sheet with instructions to change settings on inverter. Changed them and shows some small improvement, but all attempts to contact them again have failed. Had to seek help from another company to find out what to do. Show additional information
SA power still haven't replaced meter and when enquiries are made they handball me back to origin energy, and vice versa. Show additional information
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The initial response and promptness was first class, but it was a little more "long winded" to chase up eventual installation, but all being well it will be installed either next week or early the week later.
I really had to ring a number of times, this is after the contract was signed, to enquire as to the progress and the final system configuration, but am confident that the final product who be worth it. Obviously time will tell, but I did a fairly thorough research before the decision.
Thank you for your service and follow up (as initially I only had 1 quote, and actually it was the one eventually went with)
For you information, one of the quotes was quite thorough in the detail sent via email, but they did not "bother" to come out to look around and hence I crossed them our straight away. One thinks they possibly had too much work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obviously I have not rated the supplier on 3 of the 4 categories as installation has not occurred yet, but for the money hopefully I have made a good choice.
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The salesperson from Class A Energy Solutions was very helpful, informing us what system would be best for our needs.
He described in laymans terms how the system works,didnt try to push for a sale and he arrived exactly at the time he said he would.
Just waiting for the meter to be changed.
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If you are intending to go solar, please read this, it may be of assistance.
Our initial search on the web about solar power resulted in an extraordinarily steep learning curve. After some months of looking at various companies and systems we resorted to a web guy named Finn Peacock, the founder of Solar Quotes. Finn recommended three solar companies for quotes. We chose Class A Energy Solutions for various reasons, one being that the salesperson, Shane Nielsen had a superb knowledge on the subject and always answered his phone or returned calls very promptly. After some humming and harring (and many questions) we finally selected a system.
At the pre-arranged time an electrician and an apprentice from NBF Electrical arrived at our reasonably remote property on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. The solar panels were to be fitted on a tin shed roof and wired to the house through existing underground conduit. The conduit was not good enough for the job and new cables needed to be installed underground. This meant an approximately 35 metre trench had to be dug. Much to the credit of Class A Energy Solutions they arranged a digging machine and operator and fit the new and appropriate conduit and cables at no cost to us. A week or so later the machine, an operator, two electricians, an apprentice and a work experience guy arrived then set about installing the solar panels and battery system. It was quite a large job which continued on into the next day with two of the electricians seeking shelter that night in a caravan park nearby.
The following day the system was switched on and it worked splendidly except our Wi Fi device was incapable of connecting to the inverter. We were unable to read what was going on as far as how much electricity was being produced and how the system was performing. The NBF electricians said they would be back at a later date with a Wi Fi extender to boost the signal. We signed off on the contract and paid the money and true to their word NBF Electrical returned and finished the job.
The nuts and bolts of this case are:
Finn Peacock, of Solar Quotes; excellent.
Shane Nielsen, salesperson, from Class A Energy Solutions, excellent.
Miles Ratcliff owner of Class A Energy Solutions also excellent in covering the cost of the trench digging and Wi Fi extender.
NBF Electrical was efficient, friendly and brilliant with the installation of panels and batteries. When Nathan Fielke, the boss of NBF Electrical returned with the Wi Fi extender he spent nearly a whole day making sure everything was working correctly and explaining in great detail how the whole system worked. To say the least, we were both tremendously impressed. Class A Energy Solutions have a superb team.
If we were not so remote the initial glitch about the conduit and then needing a trench probably would not have occurred. That along with the Wi Fi not connecting to the inverter was very minor in the overall installation. We believe that they have learned from this hiccup with remote properties or with other things that might be problematical, and will have an electrician/salesperson attend to assess those situations before contracts are signed.
Would we go down the same path with the same companies and people? Yes, you betcha, without a doubt. We both feel that we have made all the right moves by exhaustive investigating coupled with a smidgeon of luck, and we have ended up with a really great solar system. We can only conclude that we wholly recommend our particular path to solar and the people and companies involved in making it so. Bring on the sun. ?
David & Lee
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Great salesman. No glossy brochures or hard sell tactics. Just Quality products tailormade to suit your budget. Real advice in laymens terms. Installation due in 2 weeks. Show additional information
Salesman was excellent,explained anything I asked. What was great was that the salesman (the only 1)that came out to the house to look it over, the other quotes were good, but all done through e-mails and phonecalls.
Very satisfied with the system, installation and sales team only time will tell now when the next few bills come in.
Only 1 small hitch, was I had to chase up getting connected to the solarlive web site.
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There were a couple of hiccups in the installation, partly due to wet weather and our slippery terracotta roof tiles. However, the installation, when it happened, went swiftly and efficiently. Show additional information
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The names of the three Solar system suppliers you gave me were a good place to start my research.
Thank you
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Class A have done a good job, but we did need to push them. Initially they ignored what we agreed with the salesperson and installed the panels on the south side and in the shade. The efficiency of the panels was low. However after some prompting (and me not paying) they eventually put them where we wanted on the north and out of the shade so now we are achieving some good kw per day. Show additional information
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Site visit by a technically knowledgeable salesperson was helpful, albeit still a little bit short on installation specifics - 'that will be up to the installer'.
Info during lead up to and scheduling of the installation wasn't too flash but all sweet in the end.
Excellent post-install documentation and email/phone follow thru.
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The team at Class A were very professional and prompt to any questions we required.
Would highly recommend Class A Energy Solutions for anyone's solar solution
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I hope this is going to be a dis-connect between the sales and the install. The biggest issue I foresee with using a larger company is that the sales person is accountable on the day of installation. I await for the install and hope I won't be disappointed. Time will tell. Show additional information
Early days yet, to see if the system installed is saving me money, but can't fault the installation on the day, & after sales service - I rang the office before & after installation to ask questions, and always had everything explained, and the offer of 'is there anything else we can help you with' Show additional information
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No communication since paying deposit. No courtesy calls. Show additional information
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