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About Class A Energy Solutions, Solar Installers

Class A Energy Solutions
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Class A Energy Solutions is a successful industry leader in commercial solar sales, design & installation. Here at Class A, we understand the importance of keeping business running costs under control, and tailor cash positive energy solutions to our customer’s individual needs. Our sister company, Class A Electrical Pty Ltd, has completed over 6000 solar installations in Australia.


Class A Electrical has been servicing clients in the electrical field for over 15 years and installing solar for over 6 and a half years. Class A Energy Solutions is the rapidly emerging energy efficiency company, grown from a market demand for cost cutting and environmental awareness in Australian industry and commerce.


Specialising in all manner of solar installation, residential and commercial Class A Energy Solutions also assists customers with energy auditing and monitoring, energy efficient lighting retrofits, and battery backup.

Class A Energy Solutions Solar Reviews

Marius was great, as were the installation team. Unfortunately the fast talking salesman Marius brought with him to our home visit lead us down the garden path with respect to what Tarrif our hot water system should be on. We wasted a lot of time following his wrong advice. Over all though, a good honest company with honest friendly team Show additional information
Shane, Mick and Ben from Class A were excellent from the get go. I had major problems attempting to get a digital meter fitted to my meter board which required continual installation date changes. Mick was extremely accommodating, working with his installation team to ensure the system was ready to go as soon as the new meter was in. There were some issues with the supply of the panels I chose however, Mick offered alternatives but in the end I waited for the ones I wanted to arrive. I also have a steep pitched roof (think Tudor style) which meant other companies who use contract installers wouldn't touch my job. Although Class A does use contractors, they also have a team of their own installers, and these were the guys that came to my place. Awesome guys and the job was done beautifully and above all, safely with no damage to my roof. Highly recommend this company. Show additional information
We found Class A Energy Solution salesman absolutely wonderful to deal with, helpful in all ways. To get the system installed was another experience, we had to push to get the panels installed, we were understanding about Christmas and new year, the promised date was by the first week in February, after chasing them from the second week of February the system was finally installed 7th March, by a local company.
Class A energy solution need to return calls when they say and keep customers informed on what is happening.
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Excellent customer service, friendly install team. Show additional information
What a great team.... efficient and well organized.
Each team leader kept us well engaged in the installation process .. so we felt well informed about the task in hand. The 34 Solar panels and batteries were installed in the 1 day and all areas tidied up. Well done team.

We would happily recommend the Class A Energy Solutions company .
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Mick from the office was great, John and his install team were very professional and polite Show additional information
re: customer service - have been waiting 2.5 weeks since invoice payment to receive promised documentation for our system Show additional information
Of the 3 sales people Class A had the most knowledge and the most professional approach. Paid the deposit on the Wednesday and the panels were installed and working on the following Tuesday, exceptional service! Show additional information
Well the system has only been in 3 weeks so far seems to be running and producing pretty well even on days where it's pretty cloudy, no major issues installation went really well the guys that installed the system were Peter Havas and Matt from Electrical Pro Murray Bridge they were very polite and had good advise on how to get the best out of the system and very knowledgeable plus they left the house clean and tidy, plus Class A Energy Solution gave me a free upgrade to better panels than originally quoted which was most appreciated.
I am still 3/4 weeks away from getting my first bill with the solar on it won't be a full quarter but hopefully should get a good idea of how the system is performing.
I would like to say thank you for all the advise you have given and the companies you recommended where very professional i wouldn't have a problem recommending either company and i've suggested your website to some work colleagues that are considering solar systems.
Panels installed: Jinko 310M-60 original panels quoted JA Solar 310W
Inverter: Fronius Primo 5.0-1
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Difficult to comment on the quality or performance - only installed last Thursday
Very pleased so far.
I'll let you know how it's going down the track.
Read your article on reasons not to get batteries - great advice we'll wait until January and weigh up the benefits
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As yet we haven't been able to install the system but that is our fault not A1. Should be installed very shortly after which time I will be able to make further comment. Show additional information
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This company has fallen over backwards to meet our timelines and explaining all to our aging minds. Highly recommended Show additional information
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A few very minor communication issues, other than that the installation went very smoothly and I'm not only happy with the results but willing to recommend the suppliers to others. Show additional information
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Class A were one of the only two companies who were willing to come out and do a site inspection, rather than just quote over the phone. We have quite a bit of shade, so this seemed important. Both systems were similar sized, but my estimate on payback time was almost the same for both, so we went with the bigger system.

They were unable to source the panels that we were quoted for, so upgraded us at their expense.

I've been disappointed by their inconsistent communication in a few areas. The date we were initially given for installation was delayed several times (initially told late Dec/early Jan, then pushed back to 19th Jan, then heatwave delayed it further (fair enough) and it's just taken three part days across a week to install it - partly because a miscommunication meant the installers thought the panels would be here and showed up without them, and then had to go fetch them, and also because they were doing other jobs in the middle of this one. The salesman told us that SA Power Networks takes a long time to install the meter, so the meter application would be sent off asap because it could take a month or two. However, when Class A rang to book an installation date in mid-Jan, they said they would send it off within the week. So we ordered the system in November, and it is now installed but it seems it won't actually be connected until sometime in mid-late Feb.

All of that being said, I really appreciated the time that Shane (salesman) gave to answering questions, even when I called back several times to ask more about it. Of the two companies, I'd probably still go with this system again, but I would follow up the company really closely to make sure they had done the things I thought they had done (particularly the meter thing).
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Communication with me in regards to installation date and any updates could have been better, but it all worked out in the end. Great tradies, polite and professional. Show additional information
The system has not yet been installed.
The quotation process was good. Shane at CLASS A ENERGY SOLUTIONS is an enthusiastic and informative contact.
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Class A Energy Solutions were nothing but professional and gave us the best system for what we needed for our home. Their attention to detail was impressive from the initial honest quotation to the installation, everything went smooth and it was all completed in the one day, and we are extremely happy with the final product. We have no hesitation recommending Class A Energy to all our friends and family, they really do deliver an exceptional service - well done guys !! Show additional information
Very happy with Class A solutions sales service. Shane arrived as arranged and had answers to all my questions. Only negative was the installers not turning up on the day or calling. Eventual install had to happen over two days but seems to go ahead with issue. All in all very good. Show additional information
Of the 3 companies recommended only 2 came out to quote. The third quoted by email. This eliminated the company from further consideration. Show additional information
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Specifically asked whether company was all in-house or used contractors [this was a deal breaker] - I was assured all in house.
Installers [contractors] arrived 3 hours late to undertake install, then left for the day with job half finished, saying they would be back "sometime next week". After a couple of blunt telephone conversations with the company, I was assured they would return the next day [they did] to complete the job.
It took approx. a month to receive the paperwork & C of C's, and only after a number of telephone calls.
To date, despite a number of requests, I am still to receive instruction on operating the system & having it connected to the web for monitoring. System was installed 12/13OCT17.
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Salesman was excellent,explained anything I asked. What was great was that the salesman (the only 1)that came out to the house to look it over, the other quotes were good, but all done through e-mails and phonecalls.
Very satisfied with the system, installation and sales team only time will tell now when the next few bills come in.
Only 1 small hitch, was I had to chase up getting connected to the solarlive web site.
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There were a couple of hiccups in the installation, partly due to wet weather and our slippery terracotta roof tiles. However, the installation, when it happened, went swiftly and efficiently. Show additional information
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Installers Levi and Pete were very efficient and professional as well. Show additional information
Waiting for the system to be installed was the only downside to using this company. The promised 6 weeks ended up being 15 weeks but we are really happy with the final product. Show additional information
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Class A Energy Solutions sales representative, Shane Nielsen provided me with several options for our requirements with respect to price, quality and warranty, and forwarded me information regarding my chosen system components as well as a quote. He addressed all of my many questions and concerns quickly and honestly, and I chose to proceed with the installation.

My system installation did not proceed without the odd hiccup, partly due to an isolating switch recall and a dispatch error. Throughout the entire process Shane Nielsen, and all others involved with Class A Energy Solutions including their installer, were prompt with their support, and acted with integrity in resolving issues that arose to my complete satisfaction.

The high quality components of the system installed are performing well beyond my expectations, and I have recommended that others in our area speak to Shane Nielsen with respect to their solar energy requirements.
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Miles and the team certainly are Class A+ Have recommended them to family and friends who are also very happy with the level of service, quality of the systems and the company. Show additional information
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The company kept in contact and confirmed the install which was great. Great quality so I know it will last many years. They were absolutely professional and I was happy with the work I even gave the boys a cold beer at the end of the day. Show additional information
The installer was professional and punctual and worked extremely well in the heat. I would highly recommend this company to anyone and have passed the name onto a close friend. When the job was completed the surroundings were spotless leaving no mess anywhere.
Great experience.
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The sales person was too pushy, took to long to respond to request for quote and kept repeating himself. The 2 quotes I got were very similar so the reason I went with Class A was that I thought their product maybe slightly better. Their installers were good and very quick and also clean. The company nearly lost the sale though because of their salesman. Show additional information
System was install on Monday. Meter hasn't been changed over as yet and apparently can take 30 days for change over.
I would have thought that perhaps they could have arranged that well before the install.
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I am very happy with the process from start to finish. Show additional information
Class A is all class! From the start to finish, the service and responsiveness of the team has been outstanding. Shane, the sales person was patient and helpful. Shane provided all the necessary literature I requested for in validating all his claims. Nathan, the installer, was courteous and explained to me how he intends to install the solar panels. Miles, the boss, takes a personal interest in the order, installation and switching of the standard meter to Import/Export meter by SA Power Network (SAPN). He actually turned up during the install to ensure that the installation is proceeding as it should. Mick and Dot from the administration was helpful and personable. Both Mick and Miles contacted me on the day which SAPN was booked in to replace my meter.

Overall conclusion - excellent service from clinching of sales, installing and switching of the meter into a Import/Export meter. The team is truly "CLASS A".
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SA Government requirements now say supplier must install new electricity meter so are waiting for that to happen at some stage. Show additional information
Site visit by a technically knowledgeable salesperson was helpful, albeit still a little bit short on installation specifics - 'that will be up to the installer'.
Info during lead up to and scheduling of the installation wasn't too flash but all sweet in the end.
Excellent post-install documentation and email/phone follow thru.
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I am very very happy with my system (295w Trina Mono/Fronius Primo 5).

The journey was very bumpy...

I ordered 300w Mono panels and the installers turned up with 295w Mono panels. Lucky I checked order (received night before) and queried with installers upon arrival.
Apparently there were no 300W Mono panels in Australia.
First I heard about it was day of installation... and the price on invoice hadn't changed. Invoice was altered...quickly. I agreed to go ahead with installation (felt a bit hamstrung and I am hoping I made the right decision in the end).

I don't know how a salesperson (Shane) could not know about 300W panels not being available especially since he talked them up so much (10 days prior). I am disappointed but the 295W are working very well.

Installers were excellent. They were thrown some curve balls by Class A during the day but were brilliant, polite and friendly.

I needed to get a new meter installed and if I was waiting for Class A to organise, I'd still be waiting for installation.
After receiving a message from SA Power saying a request had been sent from Energy Aust for a meter change.
I waited and waited for Class A to let me know time/day this meter would be installed...they said they'd contact SA Power on my behalf.
Waited 3 days and then contacted SA Power direct. Apparently it was lucky I had as I'd be waiting until late Nov/early Dec.
I got an email from Class A the next week advising me about the time/day of appointment ....yeah I know, I made that appointment myself...last week.

The Fronius App was not set up properly by Class A. I could receive data from inverter to my pc (demonstrating WIFI was working well) but not to my iPhone or iPad. It was so frustrating.
I had to ring Fronius Aust myself after Class A had no clue about the app problem or how to help me, I didn't really feel they wanted to go the extra mile to help me.
They just gave me a number to ring in Melbourne.

Fronius tech support pointed out Class A should have setup and tested App as a part of installation. Agreed. They didn't.
It turned out that Class A had not given me the required permission to use the app. This was a simple fix on Fronius' end, app started working immediately.

I am not going to recommend using Class A to my family or friends purely on customer service (start to finish) and their communication between stakeholders is clearly floored.
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