Solar Power News

Australia and China become solar buddies - 30th Mar

Will the carbon tax affect your energy bills? - 30th Mar

Is Victoria ready for solar power? - 29th Mar

Australia needs to think big with solar energy - 29th Mar

Is Victoria ready for solar power? - 28th Mar

Australians fly the flag for solar power - 28th Mar

World wakes up to the value of solar power - 27th Mar

3D solar panels: Bigger, better and more efficient? - 27th Mar

New South Wales 'ripped off' by solar power proposals - 26th Mar

Solar-powered windows could become a reality - 23rd Mar

Cost of solar panels could fall further - 23rd Mar

Australian electricity prices among world's highest - 22nd Mar

Are you concerned about electricity prices? - 20th Mar

Australia to welcome biggest commercial rooftop solar system - 19th Mar

Solar panel customers 'should benefit from feed-in tariff' - 19th Mar

New Thin Film Solar Cells 'achieve 13.4 per cent efficiency' - 14th Mar

Climate change concerns affecting electricity consumption? - 13th Mar

Could new cell boost efficiency of solar panels? - 12th Mar

Wider solar power deployment needed in Australia - 9th Mar

Report: Solar energy remains important to Australia - 8th Mar

Plans in place for worldwide solar projects - 7th Mar

Solar power to be more affordable than fossil fuels? - 6th Mar

Spherical solar cells to improve efficiency? - 5th Mar

Solar hot water still 'the best way' to lower electricity bills - 2nd Mar

Alternatives to Solar Flagships program 'should be sought' - 1st Mar

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