Solar Power News

Queensland to benefit from electricity price freeze - 30th Apr

Newman bids farewell to ClimateSmart Home Service - 30th Apr

Territorians urged to lower energy consumption - 27th Apr

Solar panels may be cheaper than you think - 26th Apr

Cost of solar panels expected to fall - 24th Apr

Sydney researchers boost solar panel efficiency - 24th Apr

What do lions, flashlights and solar power have in common? - 23rd Apr

RoofJuice: The new way to access solar power? - 23rd Apr

New solar energy cells could light up the future - 20th Apr

Australia 'will be vulnerable' with no climate change action - 19th Apr

Solar panel installations made at Greenough River Solar Farm - 18th Apr

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise - 18th Apr

Act now to take advantage of solar power rebates - 17th Apr

Horizon Power feels the force of consumer fury - 17th Apr

ACT to lead the way with solar electricity? - 16th Apr

NSW braced for higher electricity prices - 13th Apr

Walmart and eBay go green - 12th Apr

Solar power shower to hit the shelves? - 12th Apr

Dubbo named Australia's top solar postcode - 11th Apr

Solar power goes portable - 10th Apr

Choose a feed-in tariff suited to your location - 5th Apr

Solar cells slim down - 5th Apr

Charge your car using solar energy - 4th Apr

New South Wales, are you ready for higher energy bills? - 4th Apr

Solar panel manufacturers take steps to protect environment - 3rd Apr

Eco experts gather in Melbourne - 3rd Apr

Experts shine light on carbon tax impact - 2nd Apr

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