Solar Power News

Solar power 'increasingly popular in Australia' - 31st Jul

Carbon tax support is growing - 30th Jul

China's solar fight spreads to the EU - 30th Jul

Solar is Australia's preferred energy source - 27th Jul

Solar plane's journey comes to an end - 27th Jul

Sydney team take up solar car challenge - 26th Jul

Australians 'supportive' of renewable energy - 26th Jul

Building execs show an interest in energy efficiency - 25th Jul

China to probe solar panel imports - 24th Jul

Victoria 'has potential' to be solar power hub - 23rd Jul

Are companies aware of carbon tax implications? - 20th Jul

Gov't aims to make energy easy - 19th Jul

Silverton wind farm sidelined for solar power - 19th Jul

NSW solar farm gets the green light - 18th Jul

Don't jump solar ships, warns CEC - 18th Jul

Australia beats US in energy efficiency rankings - 17th Jul

Rising energy costs put businesses under strain - 16th Jul

Tate Modern sheds light on solar power - 16th Jul

Denver installs solar highway - 13th Jul

Victorian gov't urged to reform energy sector - 13th Jul

Solar energy could assist heating and cooling technologies - 12th Jul

Renewable Energy Target 'needs to stay' - 11th Jul

Germany's solar panels could power 25pc of Australia - 11th Jul

Perth Zoo goes wild for solar power - 10th Jul

Queensland sees last-minute surge for solar - 10th Jul

General Electric faces solar power setback - 9th Jul

Young scientists could be key to a solar-friendly future - 6th Jul

It could pay for developers to consider solar panel installations in Sydney - 5th Jul

Don't be caught out by the carbon tax - 4th Jul

Israeli inventors create double-sided solar panels - 4th Jul

Aussies want supersized solar, poll shows - 3rd Jul

Paintable batteries - the future of solar power? - 3rd Jul

Treasurer reaffirms clean energy commitment - 2nd Jul

Carbon tax comes into effect amid public opposition - 2nd Jul

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