Solar Power News

Germany sets solar power world record - 31st May

Silex Systems ceases operations in Sydney - 31st May

Chinese solar stocks start to slump - 31st May

Solar powered plane halfway through its trip - 30th May

KPMG: Australia needs to move forward with renewable energy - 30th May

Swinburne scientists solve solar puzzle - 29th May

QLD: Solar scheme should be privately funded - 28th May

CEFC has the potential to "supercharge solar" - 25th May

Proposals shortlisted for ACT solar auction - 25th May

Consumers to lose out on solar power payments? - 23rd May

Solar power uptake soars in April - 23rd May

US upsets China over solar panel ruling - 22nd May

Grants announced to improve SME energy efficiency - 22nd May

Victorians get their say on feed-in tariffs - 21st May

Spending on renewables is not a bad thing - 18th May

Competitiveness of solar power often misconceived - 17th May

Walmart plans switch to solar in Massachusetts - 16th May

Solar agreement to bring high quality systems to Australia - 16th May

Yarra to welcome community solar power farm? - 15th May

REC reaches 5 million solar panel mark - 14th May

Mini-boom expected for Australian solar panels - 11th May

Investment in materials drives down cost of solar power - 10th May

Empire State Building towers above energy efficiency expectations - 9th May

Budget benefits business solar - 9th May

Solar power gears up for world domination - 8th May

Success for solar-powered catamaran - 7th May

New bendy solar panels based on leaves - 4th May

AuSES slams calls to scrap Renewable Energy Target - 3rd May

New RAA offers protection for solar installers - 2nd May

Environmental concern declines among Aussies - 1st May

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