Solar Power News

Solar power rebate cut to impact Queensland jobs - 29th Jun

Energy use looks set to fall - 29th Jun

Small electricity suppliers competing with the big boys? - 28th Jun

Solar panel industry experiences price declines - 28th Jun

Wyndham City embraces solar power - 27th Jun

Changes made to Queensland's Solar Bonus Scheme - 27th Jun

First Solar hits power plant milestone - 26th Jun

MIT claims success with carbon solar cell - 26th Jun

Solar power systems 'flood Australian market' - 25th Jun

Carbon tax - keep your hands off green electricity tariffs! - 22nd Jun

Campaign encourages switch to cheaper energy - 21st Jun

Parkes plans for Solar Communities Program - 21st Jun

Harvey Norman turns to solar power - 21st Jun

Solar panels 'cut household electricity consumption' - 20th Jun

Solar pricing needs to be consistent - 19th Jun

Australia's got sunshine - even on cloudy days - 18th Jun

IT sector to be stung by energy price rises? - 15th Jun

US sees surge in solar installations - 14th Jun

Commercial buildings urged to enhance energy efficiency - 14th Jun

Increased performance for REC solar panels - 13th Jun

Go ahead given to Australian solar power installations - 12th Jun

Global investment in renewable energy hits record high - 12th Jun

US scientists develop underwater solar panels - 8th Jun

Origin Energy to contest Queensland price rises - 7th Jun

Successful landing in Morocco for solar powered plane - 7th Jun

Australia lagging behind on clean energy generation - 6th Jun

Solar panel systems to feature at Delhi stations - 5th Jun

Panasonic battery to maximise solar power consumption - 5th Jun

Origin Energy halts US solar panel production - 4th Jun

Queensland poised for electricity price rises - 4th Jun

Australia poised to embrace home solar power - 1st Jun

Solar panel efficiency boosted by 30 per cent - 1st Jun

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