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Ausgreen Solar Solutions is a Solar Power Installation company based in Bexley and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Very knowledgeable sales reps

Whole process was very simple. Sales reps visited my property, looked at orientation of roof & best place to install the panels. Provided the quote quickly - actually on the spot with room to make changes once I had made a final decision on the cooktop I wanted, no restrictions as to what had to be installed - provide a link to Bright for the finance.

Installation went very smoothly, no broken roof tiles, installers were polite & tidy.

Augreen organised for ACTEW to install a smart meter & system has been working since the day it was installed.

System size is 6.4 KW
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Cheap installation but bad workmanship.

Getting the system installed was easy. But the installers did not use the best panel layout and also installed the wrong circuit breaker for the inverter. Every day the circuit breaker trips when it is sunny because it is rated to 40A and the inverter outputs around 41A. The inverter mounting position is also not the best as they didn't want to route the cables to further away.

Customer service is very bad after installation and they never return your calls.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Very Good

Excellent service. Highly recommended to you. Did an excellent job for us. Thank you so much for looking after us.
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Review removed. The solar business alleges this review is fake.
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Our experience with AusGreenSolar Solutions was poor from start to finish, and I would highly recommend avoiding them.

Some of the problems we have had are listed below, but a list doesn't cover the sloppy, arrogant way that they interacted with us. They had no real desire to be consistent or honest, or find out whether we were happy with the installation. Before the installation had been completed to our satisfaction, they began a series of phone calls during work hours that forced me to block their numbers. Even when repairs to the installation were still underway, and their electrician was due to come back for the final promised repair, they issued a threat to take the case to the ACT tribunal and remove the installation at our expense. We are still yet to receive an accurate invoice: so far, they have only sent invoices that incorrectly state we paid no deposit.

Some of the main issues we had were:
1) Sales person had no idea where the panels could be legally installed, and promised a site that the next guy dismissed (after we had already paid a deposit), so that we had to cut trees down to continue, having been assured initially that this would not be necessary

2) Installers turned up not knowing which building the panels were supposed to be installed on, and couldn't speak English well enough to discuss the matter

3) Site selection was based on a Google satellite photo taken around midday, so it did not include the effects of morning shadows

4) Panels were placed in an inappropriate location, based on a confused rooftop discussion between installers with poor English, my wife, and a manager who did not know where the morning shade would be - the result was that a large sunny space was left free of panels and one panel was installed in the shade, and had to be moved

5) Installers casually asked us to cut trees down that were in the neighbours' property, were told this was not possible, but put the panels up that end of the roof anyway

6) Installers, salesmen and electricians generally did not turn up at agreed times, and often left us waiting or turned up unexpectedly

7) Cabling was done in the laziest way for the installers, leaving a hole in our waterproof flashing and an ugly elbow sticking out of the wall, all without any discussion or consent

8) After moving the cabling, and promising to fix the flashing and brickwork, the electrician disappeared without following through on these promises. When the manager was told that the job was not finished, he had no interest in finding out what had been left undone, and started issuing threats

9) We eventually decided that we will pay the invoice (once we receive a correct one that acknowledges the deposit), but we will hold back $500 for repair of the flashing and brickwork, as it looks like the installers will not do this.
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The 20 solar panels (Canadian Solar) were installed by qualified local installers in one day, the inverter (ZeverSolar) a couple of days later despite the inclement weather. It is too early to tell if the system is generating its full potential. I had no problem configuring the monitoring by both my PC and my phone. I am waiting on Zeversolar to reply to my question on displaying consumption within the monitoring system as I currently see generation only. My local energy provider is also yet to replace the meter with a smart meter and arrange the feed-in tariff.
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