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About Aussie Off Grid Energy Australia, Solar Installers

Aussie Off Grid Energy Australia

Aussie Off Grid Energy Australia.

Aussie Off Grid are experts in Off Grid Solar Systems, Stand Alone Solar Solutions, Remote Energy Power Systems & Off Grid Solar Battery Storage.

Aussie Off Grid is Australia’s largest provider of a complete range of the world’s leading and most affordable stand-alone and off-grid power systems.

Aussie Off Grid can easily get off grid solar power to your rural, commercial, large property, small acreage blocks or smaller sheds or dwellings.

Aussie Off Grid specialize in the best off-grid power systems and use lithium and traditional battery storage solutions.

Aussie Off Grid are experts in Complete Stand Alone Solar Energy Systems including complete solar & off grid battery storage systems for your home or business. Aussie Off Grid provide a complete service including Off Grid System Design and Australia Wide CEC Installation. Aussie Off Grid provide obligation FREE QUOTES so you can get the right off grid solar or standalone power set-up for your needs and location.

Aussie Off-Grid are committed to providing the highest performing off the grid power solutions at the best prices. Aussie Off Grid believe that the future for many Australians is renewable energy. Our passionate team are experts in Off-Grid Power Solutions, and we have decades of expertise in multifaceted battery storage and solar system design and installation. Our consultants are located and operate throughout Australia, with our head office and workshop centrally based in Queensland.

Contact us and find out how one of our off grid energy storage experts can help you!

Aussie Off Grid Energy Australia Solar Reviews

being installed at end of month Show additional information
Absolute shocking after sales service. Had a problem with a 20 amp $200 battery charger. 12 weeks later and not one phone call returned or e mail answered back. Get to reception they outright refuse to put you through to anyone in management. Was told at the first conversation should only take a couple of weeks. Last call to reception told product was referred back to supplier and they will not be refunding or sending a replacement????? after acknowledging the faulty product. Going to consumer affairs with this. And this is over a $200 charger......imagine trying to get warranty on a big system..........Stay clear people...Told the receptionist my only answer is going online to relay may experience. Her answer was, "You do what you have to." Show additional information
Walk away now! I have had an off grid system from these guys installed for 9 months. The system has been riddled with issues from day one. I have emailed and called these people constantly and their customer service is nothing short of horrendous. The owner hides behind his staff and does not return calls. Being off grid i rely on this system to power my home and have been let down. Time for Aussie Off Grid and I to go in front of a Magistrate. You have been warned. Show additional information
Buyer beware !
I paid over $20,000 for a battery system from this company and after nearly 3 years, never worked from installation and�still not working properly.
Very poor performance!�
Even worse customer service, once they had my money.
Experts only in cheap inferior products, which I believe they rebrand as their own, then avoid any sort of responsibility.
Professionals in excuses!
A company selling a product and not delivering what was promised needs to take responsibility.
Then asking for more money, as a so called pro-rata warranty, on something that wasn't delivered properly the first time??
Google this company and find out the truth for yourself.
Beware this company trades under several different names, such as Giant Power, Aussie Batteries and Aussie Off Grid.
This alone should ring alarm bells.
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Show additional information
Installation has not been arranged yet so maybe we can update this comment later. The company gave excellent advice and information, they were very patient and always helpful. Show additional information
The IPS , is a good product and does exactly what they say.
I have had a number of questions which were all answered timely and technically perfect. I have already saved the cost of the IPS, so I'm very happy with the product and service.
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System will not be installed till early 2017. Had set ideas into what I required and was admirably advised by them. Quotes ranged between $25 - $35K. Their price was not the cheapest but using the components they offer a similar system from other tenderer's could not be matched. Excellent to deal with. Show additional information
Basically, Giant Power were the only company who seemed to have their act together Show additional information
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