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Aussie Off Grid Energy Australia.

Aussie Off Grid are experts in Off Grid Solar Systems, Stand Alone Solar Solutions, Remote Energy Power Systems & Off Grid Solar Battery Storage.

Aussie Off Grid is Australia’s largest provider of a complete range of the world’s leading and most affordable stand-alone and off-grid power systems.

Aussie Off Grid can easily get off grid solar power to your rural, commercial, large property, small acreage blocks or smaller sheds or dwellings.

Aussie Off Grid specialize in the best off-grid power systems and use lithium and traditional battery storage solutions.

Aussie Off Grid are experts in Complete Stand Alone Solar Energy Systems including complete solar & off grid battery storage systems for your home or business. Aussie Off Grid provide a complete service including Off Grid System Design and Australia Wide CEC Installation. Aussie Off Grid provide obligation FREE QUOTES so you can get the right off grid solar or standalone power set-up for your needs and location.

Aussie Off-Grid are committed to providing the highest performing off the grid power solutions at the best prices. Aussie Off Grid believe that the future for many Australians is renewable energy. Our passionate team are experts in Off-Grid Power Solutions, and we have decades of expertise in multifaceted battery storage and solar system design and installation. Our consultants are located and operate throughout Australia, with our head office and workshop centrally based in Queensland.

Contact us and find out how one of our off grid energy storage experts can help you!

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They have gone broke

They have a person who you give your details to who says they will refer it to management. So much for the idea of any warranty issues on a $80000 off grid system that has a two year warranty.
Stay away from these guys!

Inverter rating: 2/5
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No respect for the law

After two years of promising we took Aussie of grid to court and won. They were ordered to refund our money they have not so now we are moving to wind the company up for being insolvent. So be very careful of paying deposits
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Good gear but company disappointing

Solar Quotes was terrific!

I received 3 quotes and decided to go with the first one I received. The sales and quoting process was very easy and value seemed to be too good to be true - which proved to be the case in the long run.

There was a change of design of the ground mount installation from concrete footings to mounting on posts driven into the ground. At this point, there was a request for additional payment because of the change of design. When I asked why, given that I was paying for the labour for the preparation of the ground mount, I was just told that it was because of the change of design, with no explanation of the difference in cost ie bigger posts, longer posts, or whatever.

I made the mistake (as I see with hindsight!) of proceeding with the installation instead of halting things until this matter had been settled. I was emailed an invoice, which I queried and received no written answer or satisfactory explanation, so I didn't pay the invoice. When the materials for the structure which holds the panels arrived, there was a mismatch between the material sent and the new design which required a further 2 poles to be delivered and driven. The installation was very good but it was completed by a local subcontractor who was very pleasant, polite and did a good job with setting it up.

Over the next 2 years, I had two or three issues with the system failing however all these were easily fixed when I consulted Aussie Off Grid. On two occasions, about 12 months apart, the accounts department followed up on the unpaid invoice. I again responded by saying that as far as I was concerned, I could not see any reason for the additional cost of $2,700. There was no further response from the company on both occasions.

In Feb this year, I was having trouble with the generator being triggered to start far too frequently so I contacted the firm and was ignored until a desperate email from me was finally responded to with the explanation that I owed the company money. When I spoke with the director, he informed me that the issue of the change of design was a 'Variation of Contract'. I have no documentation that this is what it was, and this is not how the unpaid invoice was presented to me. I was assured by the director that upon payment of the outstanding amount, I would receive top priority to solve the difficulties I was having. I paid the 'outstanding amount' and then had to wait as the technician (the only one apparently) was on leave or out of the office. Over the period of 4 weeks I managed to overcome most of the problems (from snippets from the technician, my own investigations and comments from an acquaintance familiar with off grid systems) so by the time the technician was really accessible, the system was working OK. He sent me an email with his instructions and informed me that he had been told that Aussie Off Grid was ceasing trading and referred me to local installers.

This was very disappointing because overall, I have been very satisfied with the system. The installation is neat and tidy and a lot more compact than others that I have seen around the district. I would like to upgrade and would be quite happy to purchase the equipment from them but I am very wary now. In retrospect, there was no formal contract as such that I remember or have a copy of. The only piece of paper that formed the 'contract' was the invoice, which had no details against the various components of the system. 'The Devil is in the detail' as they say!
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Original Review on 05-04-2018:

being installed at end of month Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: N/A

13 months later we asked Warren: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes it has we run a full house - full 90cm electric oven and hot plate- air conditioning- dishwasher, dryer,washing machine. You have to get the system to do everything you want it to do plus
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Absolute shocking after sales service. Had a problem with a 20 amp $200 battery charger. 12 weeks later and not one phone call returned or e mail answered back. Get to reception they outright refuse to put you through to anyone in management. Was told at the first conversation should only take a couple of weeks. Last call to reception told product was referred back to supplier and they will not be refunding or sending a replacement????? after acknowledging the faulty product. Going to consumer affairs with this. And this is over a $200 charger......imagine trying to get warranty on a big system..........Stay clear people...Told the receptionist my only answer is going online to relay may experience. Her answer was, "You do what you have to."
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Walk away now! I have had an off grid system from these guys installed for 9 months. The system has been riddled with issues from day one. I have emailed and called these people constantly and their customer service is nothing short of horrendous. The owner hides behind his staff and does not return calls. Being off grid i rely on this system to power my home and have been let down. Time for Aussie Off Grid and I to go in front of a Magistrate. You have been warned.
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Buyer beware !
I paid over $20,000 for a battery system from this company and after nearly 3 years, never worked from installation and still not working properly.
Very poor performance! 
Even worse customer service, once they had my money.
Experts only in cheap inferior products, which I believe they rebrand as their own, then avoid any sort of responsibility.
Professionals in excuses!
A company selling a product and not delivering what was promised needs to take responsibility.
Then asking for more money, as a so called pro-rata warranty, on something that wasn't delivered properly the first time??
Google this company and find out the truth for yourself.
Beware this company trades under several different names, such as Giant Power, Aussie Batteries and Aussie Off Grid.
This alone should ring alarm bells.
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Original Review on 26-07-2016:

Installation has not been arranged yet so maybe we can update this comment later. The company gave excellent advice and information, they were very patient and always helpful. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Helmut: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The system took some getting used to since we had been on a small generator for many years. Now that we understand its capabilities and its limitations I think that it is performing exactly as it was designed to do.
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The IPS , is a good product and does exactly what they say.
I have had a number of questions which were all answered timely and technically perfect. I have already saved the cost of the IPS, so I'm very happy with the product and service.
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System will not be installed till early 2017. Had set ideas into what I required and was admirably advised by them. Quotes ranged between $25 - $35K. Their price was not the cheapest but using the components they offer a similar system from other tenderer's could not be matched. Excellent to deal with.
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Original Review on 25-11-2015:

Basically, Giant Power were the only company who seemed to have their act together Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 4/5

8 months later we asked Christopher: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

I am happy with the system. It appears to be performing well. However, there is a real lack of data available from the installed system, meaning that it is hard to know what it has been doing all day unless you keep manually scrolling through the screen. This bothers me, as there is no way to know if the system is performing up to its maximum. There was a CD supplied with the system, but unless you have a spare computer with a CD drive, to put out with the inverter, this is very little use. I have contacted Giant Power about this, and they say that it isn't a priority at the moment. I must admit that if I'd known that there was effectively no data storage system i probably wouldn't have purchased it.
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