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A headache

My initial dealings with ECG went well, I was offered several options for inverter types and installation locations, as well as different panel layouts. There was only one or two reviews for the company on Solarquotes at the time and they were positive, plus the hundreds of positive reviews for the ACT operation left me comfortable with my decision to go with ECG. I certainly didn't choose the cheapest quote I received, it was the 10 year warranty on workmanship separated them from the others.

Beyond those initial communications during the quoting process its feels like I've had nothing but trouble dealing with the company, and issues with the paperwork has lead to months of delays in getting grid connected.

I started having issues with ECG when it came to arrange the installation. I was told I would be contacted on two occasions to arrange a date, which never happened so I had to chase them myself only to be told it was already booked in (on a weekend). The first date was cancelled on the Friday afternoon as they couldn't get a team together, but I was able to get another day the following week at short notice. The placement of the inverter meant that someone needed to be home to give access to the garage, so changing dates at such short notice wasn't convenient.

The system was installed on the 28th April and inspected about a week later, but ECG didn't send the paperwork off to my retailer for the meter reconfiguration until the 9th June. Despite not being grid connected the system was performing better than expected so I was really happy, aside from the delay.

I need to add that after the initial muck around with organising the installation, and then delays with the paperwork I was getting fed up with the company and the last couple of conversations with ECG weren't all that great. The last time I spoke to ECG on the phone, which was once again answered with a "Hello?", I asked who I was talking to and the reply was "Well you called me mate. Who's this?". I told them their phone manner was unprofessional, how am I to know if I've called the right number if you answer with "Hello?".

By early July I started pursuing my retailer about why I couldn't see my FIT and was just getting fobbed off by the customer service. I probably contacted them three or four times over a few weeks before I received a text on the 31st July, advising they had received the FWR form (for the meter reconfiguration) but it had the wrong suburb on it that needed rectifying. I forwarded this to ECG who sent off an amended version immediately. Happy days, or so I thought.

I contacted my retailer again on the evening of Monday 2nd August to see if they finally had the right version of my FWR, which they did not. I looked over the email that was sent by ECG to find that a hyphen had been added to the email address, so it was never received at their end. I sent the FWR myself and started waiting...again.

Past this point the wait wasn't the fault of ECG, but it provides some context to why it took so long to this point. I didn't receive notice of the meter reconfiguration until the 17th August, and that it would be up to 20 business days. On the 15th of September (21 business days) I contacted them to enquire about the status of my reconfiguration. The person I spoke to told me they weren't able to get an answer out of the relevant department as to why it had taken so long, and they themself seemed surprised it was taking so long as they are often processed within a day or two. He told me it had been escalated and would be processed within 5 business days.

I got off the phone to them and onto the phone with my retailer to make a complaint about the delay BETWEEN sending the FWR from the 2nd August and the 17th when I was notified of the reconfiguration. The person I spoke to was really helpful and said that they had definitely sent the request to them, back on the 3rd of August and couldn't explain why there was a 14 day delay in PROCESSING THE REQUEST.

Remember when ECG forgot to send my paperwork off to my retailer until the 9th of June (5 weeks after installation)? The other interesting thing my retailer was able to tell me, was that on three separate occasions on the 12th, 21st and 24th of June they reached out to ECG to tell them there was an error on the FWR paperwork that needed fixing. Obviously they never responded and it wasnt until the 2nd of August that my retailer finally got the amended copy, from me, nearly 14 weeks after my system was installed.

I can confirm that as of today, the 20th September that my meter reconfiguration has taken place, almost 21 weeks after my system was installed.

I cant commend the install team highly enough. They arrived on time and did a good job, they were also able to adjust the panel layout slightly so it was more symmetrical on the roof than what was originally planned, and the conduit for the panels is unobtrusive.

The only contact I have had with ECG since the installation has been around sorting our issues with the FWR. I have not had any follow up contact from the company regarding the solar system or its performance. Unfortunately the thing that got them over the line over the other quotes I received was the 10 year workmanship warranty, but after my experience so far I don't have a lot of faith in the company to fix any issues should they arise, nor do I want to deal with them again anyway.

Aside from the great install team, I would not recommend dealing with ECG.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Excellent service. Flexible. Helpful.

I spoke to a few different companies about solar panels whilst in the middle of one of Melbourne's COVID lockdowns. Of all the ones I spoke with ECG were the most generous with their time (thanks Elias) and answered all of my questions. They also introduced me to the CBA Green Loan (if you're a CBA customer - look this up, it's as good as it sounds).

As we approached installation we had a series of lockdowns which meant the installation date was moved around several times (understandably). At this point I was starting to worry that perhaps I'd selected ECG for the wrong reasons (good customer service) and wondered if I'd done enough due diligence.

On installation day the team turned up as scheduled. They were neat and tidy (a first for electricians). They were happy for me to ask questions, and everything has worked out as I expected. The first few days of power generation have been more than their projected average for August (I realise this could simply be normal fluctuations).

I expect a lot of others, and am pleased to recommend Elias and the team at ECG.
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Great value installation, great service, good quality kit, great installation team

This is the third solar installation I have organised and I must say that this was the best so far.

I followed a 3 quote process and ECG was the best value. The sales person was very knowledgeable and assisted in developing the design, maximising the solar coverage in the available space.

Tradies were punctual, did a very good quality job, inspector passes the work first time with no issue.

Only a minor issue that was associated with a missing part was resolved within 2 days. Great communication during the process.

I would recommend ECG and use them again if I have the opportunity.
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Great installation at a good price.

ECG were very easy to deal with and gave a good price. The installation was done efficiently and the crew were helpful in explaining the all the components of the system. It was a good job all done in one day.
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Honest advice during quotation and excellent customer service before, during and after installation.

While all of the companies recommended by SolarQuotes were excellent to deal with and very similar with their offerings, I went with ECG Electrical Victoria as they provided the best value for money offering based on my requirements. John from ECG was great to deal with provided advice throughout the process to ensure I got exactly what i wanted. Highly recommend John and his team. The after sales service has been very good and they have always answered any questions I had.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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