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Ecoelectric are a leading provider of licensed electrical contractor services specialising in solar power and hybrid battery systems. We are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality systems that not only meet their power needs now and in the future, but also help to reduce the carbon footprint of their property. With some 20 years experience and a suitcase of licenses and endorsements, we have the expertise to recommend truly individual and integrated solutions.

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Recent installation

Happy with the install and service. Will need to wait to see the quarterly results
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No after sales service

I would not recommend these guys. After sales service zilch. Who knows what's on my roof given I had to correct the installation of the original quote where they were installing a much lower system. Then I've just been through months of begging them to come repair the error reports I was receiving. My system was installed in Feb 2020. I lost app contact with my solar system 8 months later in October 2020. Months of begging for a fix this has been ignored but they did email me apportioning the blame to me. I had changed "something" like email address/wifi provider/anything. Which I hadn't. Avoid this company.

Supplier Reply:

Hi Les, I’m sorry it has come to this, but we have tried to help you many, many times.

The offer still stands to continue helping sort the issues with the SMA inverter, but at this stage we cannot offer any further assistance until you can communicate in a civil manner. We are now at the point where we have offered to revoke chargeable work and yet you still insist on taking a nuclear approach. That only leaves everyone offside and makes it impossible for us to help you.
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Working with Ecoelectric was a pleasure from start to finish. Jeff gave us a great price on our Trina solar panels with microinverters and as a result we were able to purchase a small 1.2 kWh Enphase battery with the savings.

Supplier Reply:

Thanks Erin, it was a pleasure to install solar for someone who genuinely cares for the environment.
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Technically I found Eco to be excellent, they explained the system, considered options and when we wanted something specific they helped out, rather than resist and sell us a standard set up. The installation has hit a little snag with late delivery of parts, but that is a minor irritation in the big scheme of things.
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... I find it difficult to find anything to say but praise for Jeff, Chris and the whole Eco Electric Team. They were very prompt with the initial quote, quoted exactly on what I asked without trying to upsell. We discussed options (as I was very keen to go completely off-grid, with an integrated LPG generator as back-up). We worked through the system and requirements and their prices were better than any others I found. There workmanship during the install was unfaultable, they turned up right on-time, every time and the system was installed without a hitch. I had made the install somewhat harder by being a 'hill-billy' and not having an internet connection for remote monitoring, but again, without skipping a beat, Jeff worked through options and solutions and made this an easy transition which ultimately ended up saving us money out of our household budget and has made us more data-connected yet respecting our off-grid ideals. Jeff and the guys even worked with the US manufacturers of the LPG Generator to come up with a much slicker and ultimately smoother integrated solution for the generator than 'what they usually do in the US'. The system has been in for two months now, without fault or issue and we are enjoying the great benefits from our panels, inverters and battery set-up. I cannot recommend Eco Electric highly enough.
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They had a real solution focus and actively met my budget.
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The sale person was prompt in arranging a visit, answered all questions and provided a competitive quote.
Our experience seeking quotes from a variety of sources highlighted the integrity of the suppliers you provided.
The install was well organised and we are happy with the result.
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Original Review on 20-09-2015:

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Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Fiona: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes it has
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Not knowing much about solar panels in general, it was great to deal with a smaller company which put customer's needs first, from the initial consultation (over the phone) to the actual system installation which was organised in a matter of weeks (AGL originally quoted me 7-8 weeks lead time). I was also impressed with the level of (continuous) communications throughout the whole process. All in all I am very satisfied with my system, it wasn't the cheapest quote I was given but I'd rather pay a little bit more and get the right system/service for our need. Thank you Finn for creating a great website to guide people around solar technology.
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It pays to go with a small company that's been around for yonks because you get 1st class service and it's easy to iron out any misunderstandings . I was able to contact the owner easily on a number of occasions. He's all over it and keeps his small band employees on their toes .. double checking everything. Needless to say, their head sparkie is very good at explaining the ins and outs of solar and has real customer focus. Ditto their salesman. Nothing was too much trouble. You get the impression they are passionate about solar.
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The 3 solar quotes provided through SolarQuotes were definitely helpful in getting more quality quotes for comparison. All 3 companies contacted me promptly and were able to provide me with quotes.
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