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Glen Clark and Co Reviews

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About Glen Clark and Co, Solar Installers

Glen Clark and Co serves Melbourne and the surrounding areas and benefits from more than 25 years' experience in the solar power industry. All work is carried out by experienced and registered tradespeople.

The company offers renewable energy solutions to residential and commercial properties - it is also a Registered Electrical Contractor and conforms to current Australian standards.

Customers of Glen Clark and Co are encouraged to make the most of state and federal government incentives for switching to clean energy sources. It strives to provide the highest level of customer service to encourage consumers to return time and time again.

Glen Clark and Co Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I found Glen Clark to be very informative. All my questions were addressed patiently and answered to my satisfaction. The installation was extremely well organised and went smoothly. Paul and Tristan were great. I would highly recommend Glen Clark Solar. Show additional information
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I went with Glen Clark after reading up some other reviews on your website and the forums

Re the installers recommended by your site -
* One was over priced for the same system Glen Clark provided
* Another did not have the system i was after
* & the other - did not contact them as they took to long to initiate first contact
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After meeting with 2 of 3 of the recommended installers by Solar Quotes, I decided not go with them. One of them priced their systems with a significant premium and the other did not have a system that I was after.

Read some other reviews about Glen Clark and decided to get in touch.
Initial response was a little slow, but after the onsite visit by Glen himself, things start moving quickly.

Installation took place within in a week of accepting the quote.
Despite weather challenges, his team did a fantastic job with the installation and were consistently friendly and helpful.

Top notch service and competitive pricing!
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Glen and I discussed my list of requirements and installed exactly the system I was looking for. 5.61Kw is the result. His electrician background meant he was very knowledgable regarding the electrical connection and requirements. His team of installers left the install clean and tidy with no exposed wiring/conduits. Very happy. Show additional information
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As a buyer one needs to put a lot of work into the decision process, and its difficult to cover all bases the first time round. Actually installed a 5.7 kW system. Show additional information
Had an issue with the placement of the panels but that was fixed, other than that everything was great. Show additional information
Glen didn't BS me or try to up sell on anything, and he provided me with honest and forthright advice. The quality of work his team did was clean, neat and professional. The panels on the roof look fantastic too. Glen got absolutely everything spot on, first time. I'm extremely pleased with the focus Glen gave to my requests and the outcomes we achieved. Thanks. Show additional information
At all times, Glen was courteous, helpful, informative and quick to respond to any query or request. He was the only guy willing to quote on the exact system I wanted - without trying to push me down a preferred path of a predetermined panel supplier or inverter supplier - I really appreciated that. His team were all friendly and worked efficiently throughout. We had a couple of teething problems - but one was very minor (and resolved immediately) and the other was a hardware issue that was not Glen's fault and which he had one of his guys devote 2 hours of time to resolve. I'm very glad to have found Glen (via Whirlpool and your website) - and enjoying my new solar system. Show additional information
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I love the service from Glen Clark & Co. It was amazing what they did and quote. I will go back as a customer again. The company is highly recommended. Show additional information
Glen Clark is organised and efficient; he understood what I wanted and didn't try to oversell. The installation team did a great job too. Very pleased.

Essential Solar were a complete waste of time - didn't read what was asked for, didn't follow through with proposals, but simply delayed the whole process by a fortnight.

Didn't hear from EnviroGroup.

So I didn't really get the chance to compare quotes, but nevertheless am happy with the outcome.
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Glen responded within 24 hours to Solar Quotes' request to supply a quote to extend our exist ting solar electricity system.
He asked one question then generated a quote according to my parameters within 48 hours.
He made an appointment for an on-site inspection and arrived on time and properly briefed.
We discussed use patterns, installation costs, my current energy purchase tariffs and 2017+ feed-in tariffs.

Glen recommended no extension to our existing system on cost recovery grounds.
He would have liked my money.
I would rather spend it on a flight to Hamburg or Paris or ...
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I wanted a SolarEdge system but most installers did not sell it or charged exorbitant prices. Glen installed whatever equipment I asked for at a fair price and answered all my questions, as well as provide a variety of quotes for different brands and configurations. Only problem was the system did not work after the installed! Took over a week to fix the problem but it did get fixed eventually. Show additional information
Glen visited and discussed options (last year). Then this when I revisited the idea of getting solar panels he was happy to revise his quote and discuss other options I put forward after further research. He also gets very good feedback on the Whirlpool Forums (which is where I first came across his name). Our system utilises LG 315 w mono panels and Enphase M250 microinverters.

We chose this system because we have some shading (and don't wish to remove the tree cover due to the advantages of micro-climate control) and also with the cloudy Melbourne weather the new LG mono (neon) panels plus the micro inverter system should give use a better outcome.
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Great service from the beginning of obtaining a quote, to the installation and follow up paper work. Show additional information
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The two companies that you referred - Just Energy and the Mark Group were a total waste of my time. These are sales focussed organisations and did not pay much attention to what I wanted or needed.
I did get independant quotes from Solargain and Glen Clark, both of which I would recommend to others looking for solar in Melbourne.
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I had no problems at all.

All installers providing quotes were VERY professional and seemed to be totally on top of their field.

I installed a 3.5 with LG panels and Enphase micro-inverters and am looking forward to the near future when Enphase will bring out modular battery storage that will allow me to draw shoulder /evening energy from generated power also.
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We found Glen Clark the only one who kept us informed at every step.
Other installers promised something but did not follow through.
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Glen was able to provide us with a detailed quote via email within a couple of days. His quote had attached an aerial view with proposed pv panel locations and expected power production figures etc.
We had Glen come out for a site visit to discuss variations to the original proposal and he was prompt and gave us a couple of alternative options
We found Glen to be professional in his approach and kept us informed throughout the whole process and would not hesitate in recommending him
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Glen provided a fantastic assessment of the output of our system. He redesigned to suit our need for high afternoon use (the after school stuff). He was able to provide a detailed quote without a site visit, and then came out to us to talk us through the quote, just the approach we wanted.
We only ended out getting one quote through your service - Environ Melbourne. Enviroshop made a phone appointment time but didn't call - called much later in the day to reschedule but when I couldn't give them a suitable time off-the-cuff (it was mad kiddie hour!) they didn't follow up further. Mark Group did not give us a quote - they wanted an energy efficiency advisor to do a site visit first, whereas we simply wanted a solar quote.
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Glen and his team did a very good job with our installation. The units have been operating for nearly 2 months now and have performed very well, exceeding my expectations for the power generated. Glen's team were good to work with and I thought that they were genuine and really took pride in their work. I am very happy to recommend them to others as great installers. Show additional information
Performance of the system is exactly as described in the quote. Show additional information
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Glen did a great install, very professional. I cannot say enough about the quality of his work.
Anyone in Melbourne looking for an installer I would highly recommend him.
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Glen Clark was the only installer who is an actual electrician and not some sales person. Customer service good, excellent LG panels and Power-one aurora micro inverters.

Sorry to say Mark Group did not bother to e-mail a quote and did not bother to reply to my e-mails. They just disappeared - very poor customer service.

Shine On let me down also.
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Brad Townsend from SolarMyHome came promptly and was informative and gave a good priced configuration. But we weren't happy with likely shading issues for where he wanted to put the panels.

Madison seemed to want to do everything online and not visit. Plus the information on their web site was inconsistent and confusing. Then you'd call and get different details.

The Mark Group rep couldn't compete on price and recommended I look at another provider as he thought they were heaps cheaper. But when you got the details from this competitor, they actually were about the same as the prices we'd been given.

We decided to go ahead with a system from Glen Clarke & Co for $12,500. It is a 7 kW setup using an Aurora PVI6000-OUTD-AU inverter located in the garage, with 28 ET Solar M660250 250W mono panels setup on reverse tilt angle frames on the south side of the roof. This solution resolved all of the shading issues, plus uses the capabilities of the inverter to the max.
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The installer we chose, Glen Clark & Co. came via a recommendation from the whirlpool forums, he understood very quickly that I was after the best value system, so the best mix of quality and price.

He went through the quality products and discussed the pros and cons of each, at the end we decided on an Aurora Inverter with 20 x 250 ET Panels, for a cost of $10,400.

Glen has taken care of everything that is in his power to manage and the entire experience has been painless.

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Glen was always helpful and took time to explain everything. The installation was done when he said it would be and the inspector was here the next day, so no delay in getting the system working. We changed twice from our original idea and he was happy to adjust the quote and advise us of any necessary alterations to the system. Everything was done by email which was very convenient. Show additional information
Glen Clark was very knowledgeable and thorough, providing multiple installation options as there was some shading on our roof. He completed the installation quickly and without any hassles. Show additional information
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It is definitely a good idea for consumers to do a lot of research about the installer. This is almost more important than the products you choose because there are so many standards for the products to comply with (all good stuff thanks to the Clean Energy Council). Consumers must remember that any industry with considerable govt rebates that are available for limited time will have a lot of people who are not in the industry for the long haul (think the insulation scheme!). So do your research and choose carefully. Show additional information
Glen gave us the best price with quality components. There were some small communication issues with keeping us informed of an install date, which had to be delayed due to a large amount of wet weather. I had to call Glen twice to ask about the date, and we were given very short notice of our install date. Install itself was professional and system is running well. Glen will also provide us with after sales service should it be required. Show additional information
Was quite a pleasant experience, Glen Clark was professional in his design and quoting and responded to any questions promptly. I liked that he was an experienced electrical contractor who both did the site visit and the installation. Show additional information
Excellent experience with Glen Clarke. Glen is very responsive and offered the best value for money out of 4 quotes. He did what he promised to do on the agreed dates and provided a very professional service. His predicted performance of the system was accurate and a small problem with condensation in the electrical breakers was fixed immediately by replacing them at his cost to a better type and brand. The documentation provided with the system was complete and professionally organised and presented. The solar panels are not top brands, however I am satisfied with the quality, certificates and warranties provided (something has to justify the lower price). The inverter is of good quality. I am very satisfied with the supply and performance of Glen and with the system he installed. I highly recommend Glen Clark. Show additional information
It was a 1.8 kW system, with an inverter and wiring to enable me to double its size just by adding more panels. Show additional information
I've marked down the Quality of system solely because I have not had it installed long enough to make an accurate assessment. Generally the system seems fine. Show additional information
A bit slow due to inverter supply issues but I would not compromise. Show additional information
Glen Clark is an excellent person to work with on Solar installation. He is very professional, very well organised and the products he installs are first class. I would use him again. Show additional information