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About Green Engineering, Solar Installers

Green Engineering

Green Engineering Pty Ltd is a large solar installation company with an office in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

They are a different company to "Green Engineering (Vic) Pty Ltd" who operate in SA and Victoria.

I cannot in good conscience recommend them as an installer. This is not just because of their relatively low overall rating and their large number of one and two star reviews, but also because they now engage in the very questionable practice of charging their customers to simply request they fix a problem with one of their installations.

Green Engineering fined $15,000 by the WA Government for flouting cold calling laws

The Perth Magistrates Court found Green Engineering guilty of flouting door to door trading laws and offering contracts which restrict consumer rights. They were fined $15,000 on 31 August 2016.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words But Not Necessarily Good Ones

Currently on the main page of the Green Engineering website there is a prominently displayed picture of a group of buildings with their roofs completely covered in solar panels. I have placed a screen capture of it below in case it gets changed:

Looking at that picture a Dutch person might be forgiven for thinking that Green Engineering is an international company, because those buildings are in Langedijk in the Netherlands. However, Green Engineering did not install them. At some point someone took a picture which became a stock photograph that Green Engineering has used.

I understand why people use stock images, it makes putting a website together a lot easier, but if you are running a national solar installation company I don't think you should be putting pictures of other people's installations on your site. You may have noticed Mitsubishi doesn't try to sell its cars by putting up pictures of Teslas. I think in this day and age of mobile phones with built in cameras it is probably not that difficult to take some photographs of your own installations and use them on your site.

Green Engineering Sells Solar In Shopping Centers

If you've ever wondered where those people who try to sell you rooftop solar in shopping centers out of little booths come from, well, I can tell you that some of them come from Green Engineering. At the time of writing they appear to have 4 little shopping centre kiosks.

Green Engineering Warranty

Green Engineering provides only one year workmanship warranty on their rooftop solar installations. This is a very short workmanship warranty. It does not inspire confidence as there are other companies that offer 5, 7 or 10 year warranties for workmanship.

Note that under Australian Consumer Law, even if their 12 month workmanship warranty has expired, Green Engineering can still be required to repair problems caused by poor workmanship at their expense. So if you have issues with a Green Engineering installation, don’t be afraid to take it to your local Consumer Tribunal.

Green Engineering Will Charge You $50 Just To Ask Them To Fix Their Mistakes

From the 18th of April 2016, Green Engineering started charging customers a $50 fee in order to ask them to fix a defective installation. If you find this hard to believe, I quote their own words which are currently on the front page of their website:

“In order to improve our service quality, our management has decided to impose a service fee of $50 inclusive GST for every service request executed. For more information, please visit our Service Request page.”

If you go to their Service Request page they inform you:

“In order to improve our service quality, a service fee of $50 inclusive GST shall be payable upon submission of Service Request. The service fee will enable priority processing, reducing processing time from 30 working days to two weeks. Service fee shall be waived for installations within one year from date of installation.

Click our Payment page to make payment before you submit a service request.”

I don’t know how it is legally possible to charge people for talking to your company about fixing a problem with a product you’ve sold them.

Regardless of its legality, obviously you do not want to deal with a company that expects you to pay them in order to even discuss fixing a problem with a product they sold you.

Green Engineering’s VIP Programme Charges Money To Do What They Should Do Anyway

Green Engineering offers its customers a “VIP Programme” where they charge $500 in return for giving you a phone number on which you can call them, dedicated after sales service, and not charging you $50 each time you ask them to do their job.

In my opinion this is not VIP service, it is called doing your job and meeting your obligations under Australian Consumer Law.

Green Engineering Pty Ltd Is Not A SolarQuotes Client

SolarQuotes has never included Green Engineering as one the installers who will contact you if you are seeking quotes. They come nowhere close to meeting my standards for being a reputable installer and I can’t see that they ever will.

Full Disclosure: SolarQuotes is a commercial site, albeit one run by a solar enthusiast. We make money by referring you to installers we trust, if you ask for quotes through this site. When we make a referral we get paid by the installer. We have about 200 solar installer clients throughout Australia that we've built up slowly since 2009. Those clients pay us every month for those referrals whether they make a sale or not.

We would not have Green Engineering as a client because we would not be comfortable referring them to our friends. In the spirit of transparency, Green Engineering are welcome to respond to our criticism, and we'll link to that response here.

Green Engineering Solar Reviews

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Installation guys are really nice and patient to install all the system, and they also let me know how the system works. Show additional information

Scam company. You don't get the government rebate. Phone numbers don't answer. Great equipment. No backup. Beware.

I made the mistake of obtaining a system through Green 2 years ago. I paid in full even though I qualified for the government rebate. Phone numbers don't answer. If it weren't for the local installer, there'd be no follow up assistance. Go with government recommended companies. Show additional information
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Very poor workmanship

Very poor workmanship, called many times, no service at all Show additional information
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Valuable Information and efficient quotation process

Thus far in the process of purchasing and having solar installed, I have found Green Engineering Solar very useful in providing valuable information and quotes from what seem to be reliable installers. Show additional information
Getting referred by my sis in law. My consultant Lily was pretty prompt and professional. I actually went to some forum and did a bit of an in-depth read through about the Growatt inverter and Csun panels they are about to install for me. They used to have some quality issue before but the recent models seem OK. I personally liked the idea of using solar panels as a form of roof sheeting and they are environmentally friendly. Show additional information
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I personally liked another company and wanted to go with them but they couldn't offer me a better price for the exact same system. I offered them an opportunity to beat the price by sharing the price I was quoted for the exact same system(Fronus 5.01 & Jinko 300W) bu they couldn't beat it. I was going to be $800 more out of pocket if I went with them hence I didn't chose them. Show additional information
Not installed correctly still argument after 12 months do not use the Brisbane Sunnybank outlet Poor service, rude contractors not installed under Australian legal requirements. Show additional information
Green engineering bad customer service. CANDICE the sales person. Didn't install system and battery set properly. 3rd rate company.
Had to get another solar company to fix their mistakes. Green engineering wasn't interested in paying for their mistakes
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Panels installed on the wrong side of the roof. System worked ok for 7 years then the inverter failed. Cheap system made in China crap quality. Show additional information
This company is awful to deal with. Product lasted less than 1 year before inverter stopped working. Lodged a warranty claim in February, waited over 4 months to receive the new inverter. Have now spent the better part of the last month trying to get them to organise installation. Calling them every couple of days and leaving call back messages which are never returned, have even gone to the office a few times and it is always closed. The final straw was expecting me to pay for installation of the warrantied part. Do yourself a favor, go elsewhere and save yourself the headaches of dealing with a company who has no level of aftercare service. Show additional information
The SMA inverter Trinia panel system has worked ok for last 5 years but the inverter shows no LED information and not lights. I asked for a technician to come out and check and all l get is someone calling me back to say l need to buy a new system without even coming out to inspect for the fault.
Hey have rung 3 times now pressuring me to buy a new system.
I have started researching for a new 10kw system for another property and not a hope in hell they will get a look in.
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Installation was rescheduled 2 times which was annoying but it was still all done within 3 weeks from when I signed the contract
Purely a comestic issue but a few of the panels do not sit flat against each other
It would have taken just an extra few minutes to adjust them flat but now it just irks me when I look up at them
When you see that kind of short cut being taken it gives you an uneasy feeling about the rest of the install
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Good installers ,inverter failed after 18 months very long process to get it replaced ended up dealing with JFY direct. Still 3 months. Still waiting on replacement install refund from Green Engineering, they are non responsive Show additional information
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I would definitely NOT recommend this company. Our inverter died 3 years after installation. They refused to replace it although we had a 5 year warranty on their letterhead as the company that made the inverter had gone into administration.

We had another solar company come out and they looked at the roof installation and advised the system had not been installed up to code. I attempted to communicate with them but they did not respond. We got the Electrical Saftey Office involved and Green Engineering then sent a contractor out and fixed installation issues on the roof. They then offered us a refurbished 5kw inverter for $800. We declined.

We then went to the Office of Fair Trading and after ongoing communication they finally installed 2 new inverters this week - 1x3kW inverter and 1x2.2kW inverter this week.

This is after 3 months of communication and I only think we got the result we did due to the Electrical Safety Office and Office of Fair Trading becoming involved. No compensation was provided for Solar System out down time of 4 months over hot Summer period.
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DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY. Slow, unresponsive, poor quality and not recommended. The worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. The inverter was poor quality and broke within 4 years of installation. We lodged a warranty claim about 9 months ago for broken inverter, and they didn't respond until our warranty expired.

They asked us to pay $950 dollars to get it reinstalled. We paid 3 months ago, they've been dawdling ever since, I've called them so many times and each time they promise to take action, but nothing happens. Two weeks ago I issued an ultimatum, install within 7 days or face a chargeback, a complaint to consumer affairs, and negative reviews on every single site possible. They still haven't delivered.
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No after sales customer service, very very poor service and responSe from this company, could not speak to a person at the company all calls going to a call centre. Show additional information
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Just heard about this company from my friend in town, sales person Kelvin Singh is very professional, answered my all questions, installation team was excellent . Very happy with the product and service so far . Show additional information
Subsequent inspectors opinion that the Green Engineering had done an excellent job. It was not an easy installation. No scaffolding was needed and the fuse box connection had to go under the house. The workers were most pleasant and efficient. Show additional information
Inverell was way out of the ball park on price,would of went with him if the quote was closer cause they are in the local district
The guy from Sydney was in the running but we didnt have the deposit for the finance
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An extremely comprehensive quote, giving 9 different options in one quote, Not at all pushy in any way. Rep was very easy to talk to, more than happy to answer questions and queries. Just over a week from deposit being paid to install happening. Installers were excellent. Will be giving a call when we are ready for our ducted air. Nice to deal with professionals. Thanks again! Show additional information
The sales rep was very friendly and knew what he was talking about. He was upfront and answered all my questions. The installation was very quick and professional, the guys came at about 7:30 am and were done by 10:30 am. They explained the system afterwards. I am very happy with the process so far. Show additional information
We initially contacted this company after visiting a solar comparison web site because the overall cost was within our budget. The installation went smoothly and any questions we had were answered politely. We have been surprised and impressed by the after sales service, we have received both a phone call and email to inquire if we are happy with both the product and installation. We highly recommended it to friends, family and sometimes even strangers. With a great product and great customer service, this truly is the complete package! Show additional information
The staff were and continue to be fantastic. From the initial contact of making an appointment, to meeting with the sales rep, and then the ongoing support has been a great experience, as all the staff have been extremely professional and helpful, a real pleasure to deal with. The electricians who installed the system were also great, efficient, and very friendly and cleaned up after themselves. Couldn't have asked for a better service and really glad chose them to go with in the end. They assisted with best system based on their thoughts, which ended up being exactly what I was thinking of installing from my own research, so was really happy they confirmed the right system. Would definitely recommend them to anyone considering installing a solar system. Show additional information
Green Engineering answered all our queries regarding solar panel system showing us how the system would be wired so we knew exactly how the end product would look, they did onsite inspection going up on roof to check panel locations then they told us about different options we could have as we had no roof space north so were looking for best design layout west and east and the whole team have been amazing, found them very helpful all through the process. The skillful installation team arrived on time and worked hard all day the bad weather didn't make it easy for them did a wonderful job cleaned up after leaving, no mess, all completed in the day . They let a booklet with us detailing all about our new solar system which is wonderful. Highly Recommend Green Engineering for their excellent services and installation. Show additional information
Our system has been good for 4 years, but our inverter is not working. The inverter company said to call the installer but after many phone calls Green Engineering are yet to show any interest to assist at all. Show additional information
After I decided to install a solar system, I started to do a lot of research and had four quotes from different companies. I did compare them, even the panels they are using, green engineering has the best offer. There is only one word that I can say about green engineering, fast! response fast, almost instant reply on calls and email; fast installation, everything for level one were done within one week; although level 2, installation for the solar meter box was a bit slow, took one week. But the guy who installed my solar meter box was very funny which wiped out all the unhappiness. Definitely recommend to everyone. Show additional information
I totally recommend this company, the sales guy was very honest and helped us to decide what's best for our needs and didn't push for a larger unit which would have been a waste of money. If we wanted, we can upgrade if our power needs change in the future. I was blown away that I didn't need to organize anything, they did all the ground work. Also the electrical installers they contracted are very professional. Show additional information
We recently had solar power installed on our roof. The roof is flat, unshaded by trees or other buildings, with lots of space for a 15-panel, south-facing array mounted on a rooftop rack.
I found this company to be fair and honest, transparent in their business conduct, work efficiency, and were accommodating to our needs with the added indoor electrical work. My system is fully up and running smoothly.
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we are having a problem the inverter is not working. Rang the company and experienced the following. 1 - went to fax, 2 - 5 hang ups, 6 reply but unable to hear operator, END OF DAY 1.
Day 2, more hang ups, my son then rang from Brisbane - no number displayed and he was answered, was asked to take a photograph of the inverter showing the red symbol and send it to them, eventually she said they would look into it and ring back within by Thursday or latest Friday. Also gave him name on installer but he informed us he no longer worked for them. Many more calls and many more hang ups. Final option will have to be CONSUMER AFFAIRS
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These people where payed cash, check on the day of instalment , at the time it was at 31 cents a kWh , with a 10 month window before any changes, Green Engineering took my money , never completed the final inspection. I got stuck with 8 cents a kWh. After many calls to Ombudsrman and Green Engineering, still no result, still fighting. I refuse to pay power company, just sold my home as a result to get rid of them. I would never do solar again, Green Engineering are
not a good company, I had a very bad experience with them and my power company ... they will tell you anything to get the work , and if your not up with things, your in trouble, my advice stay clear of them ,,,,,,, all very true ,,, regards chris h
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Had my system installed in July, just after 3 months the inverter gone faulty, took 2 weeks for a technician to come and checked on the system, took another 2 weeks to submit warranty claim paperwork, then i got a phone call stated that the inverter will arrive end of November. Now is December, haven't heard anything from them. Requested for production lost compensation, right away customer service rejected any compensation, i have to cope 3 months or longer production lost. Before purchasing the system, the sales guy will keep pitching but once the contract was signed, you heard nothing from anyone anymore. Will never ever recommend anyone to go near this company. Show additional information
We paid $6500 for a 5kW system with Jinko panels. Installation was fast but it took 2 1/2 months to get connected to the grid. The paperworks were not submitted immediately by Green Engineering and we have to consistently followup. And along the way, everyone delayed the connection to the grid. Now we have received our first bill and we are also able to track our usage plus the electricity generated by the solar panels and we are very happy with it. The delay to the grid connection was the only problem we had. Show additional information
Green Engendering solar installed my solar system right away. I payed a cash cheque on the day of instalment, then they did not complete the work, at the time it was 31 cents a kW , one year later final inspection still not completed. I lost my 31 cents a kW, now 8 cents a kW. I had to pay for my own inspection $500 more. I know they worked in with my power supplier POWER DIRECT, a hard lesson learnt for me , a lot of stress , dealing with power companies, there's no one you can go to speak to. Show additional information
i was able to get a good bargain on a Solax battery ready system with 1 build-in charger & 4kw of Jinko poly panels but not including batteries at this point of time. Show additional information
Use sub contractors to install panels which resulted in bad installation. Panels not secured at ends so they flap in the breeze. In process of installing the panels 46 screws were put through the ceiling. Despite numerous phone calls and promises for someone to come and look at the panels and screws no one came. They then told us we should get it fixed. The finance company who we were dealing with to pay off the panels considered our contract in dispute and issued us with a statement saying we owe zero dollars until such time the damage was repaired by Green Engineering and a new contract signed. Green Engineering still has not done anything over the past 18 months with any of the complaints and has now taken us to court to retrieve the monies owing to them. Cost of fixing their mistakes is well over the cost of the panels. DO NOT GO EVER EVER EVER WITH GREEN ENGINEERING IF YOU LIVE IN REGIONAL QLD....... Show additional information
Smooth and convincing sales pitch....but once they have sold you the system they drop you like a hot potato! Rude or no responses to queries, e mails ignored...Save yourself the aggrevation please do not use this mob! Show additional information
1 review
Being fooled around on annual saving and ROI
1 out of 5, reviewed on May 20, 2015
I had a solar system 3kw installed by Green Engineering at Victoria back to Nov 2014. Connection back to grid and setup was completed by end of Jan 2015 after long delay and processing time by retailer and distributor.

Received bills for 3 months. which only get it around $10 per month.

Consider Feb and March weather still alot fine and sunny days, but feed in rebate only $10 per month.

Based on average $10 x 12 months = $120 per year saving. Return on Investment will take approx 33 years.

Despite my daily usage not being decreased since I installed solar system.

Before i signed up, the sales rep said all the beautiful story how much you can save per year and within 5 years you will get money back on ROI and start enjoying.

Based on the current rebate vs my rebate calculation 33 years, by the time it reach to 33 years the life of the panels surely end.

I am expecting a full investigation and explanation from Green Engineering for my 3kws which I have paid few thousand dollars and ROI in 33 years.
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There was no sales pitch.Very good service and all paper work supplied. Show additional information
The entire experience was painless, very positive. Although we did not go with one of your installers, we had no problems with any of the companies that contacted us. Green Engineering were our choice - they provided a system for a friend and he was very happy. We had a personal visit from their rep at a very convenient time and they were prompt with the installation. Thank you for the follow up. Show additional information
I have had an inverter failure and cannot get anyone to arrange a warranty call
I have rang multiple times and cannot get anyone higher that the call centre the owner is overseas and apparently there is no one higher to speak to than the call centre
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They were quick to hound me for payment of over $12,000 and my solar isn't working properly 6 months down the track because metres need to be consolidated. Their electrician would have known this at the time on installation but as long as they get their money they don't care whether you are connected to your electricity provider or not!

I had to call and argue with their customer service! Your business practice is disgusting!!!
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