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Harvey Norman Commercial Reviews

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About Harvey Norman Commercial, Solar Installers

Harvey Norman Commercial is the commercial arm of a large Australia wide company and they sell quality solar power and hot water components to the trade as well as carrying out installations. The company says that its staff are well trained and qualified to to discuss solar solutions with trade and retail customers.

Harvey Norman says that all contractors who carry out installations for them are suitably qualified, with all licences in place; and have experience in installing solar products. The company says that it complies with all state based regulatory requirements; and as such in NSW offer you home warranty insurance coverage for all installations, with a full price value of $12,000 including GST, as required by NSW Fair Trading. Harvey Norman Commercial provides a 25 – 30 year performance warranty on its solar panels.

Harvey Norman Commercial Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Took months to get the system installed, surprised to have inverter problems. Show additional information
Service second to none. High quality detailed quotes with alternatives. Willing to negotiate better deal. Good quality latest inverter and panels. Installers willing to stop and answer questions. Did not leave until I was familiar with system and turning it off in emergency. Always answered phone. Familiar with my job. Completely on the ball. Complete manual of system delivered after install with all certificates and approvals from engineers and electrician. Installing electrician totally familiar with different rules and regs in Canberra. Show additional information
Overall, I found the companies that you offered were all good except one company would not come out and physically give a quotation and we knew that a board upgrade was required even though they thought otherwise.

I would still definitely use your company to get quotations but because of the high price of the solar system the 3 year interest free terms was more beneficial to us.
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Harvey Norman Commercial run a very efficient operation so they were able to do the installation well before the end of the 2010-11 financial year, which was an important factor as I wanted to get it done before the government decided to reduce the rebate again. Also, none of the suppliers nominated by SolarQuotes provided quotes. (Andrew Towndrow of HTS did contact me promptly but advised he would not be competitive with Harvey Norman, being into high-end next-generation technology. EcoKinetics did not quote, but it turned out they were subcontracted by Harvey Norman Commercial to do the wiring diagram for the grid connection application to ActewAGL.)
My only quibble with Harvey Norman is that they didn't provide a lot in the way of warranty information until six months after the installation!
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Everything occurred in the time-frame advised and the when the person came to check the installation prior to connection, they said the installers are very good - he's never had a problem with their work - and we don't need to worry at all about the safety of the unit. Show additional information
There are several things that I found were important.
The main thing was the price paid for the RECs.
Another is the quality of the inverter.
The last was the customer service.
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Show additional information
The panels were installed this week, and now look forward to a new meter being installed so the process can be finalised. Realise ACTEW AGL might be the 'slow point' here. Show additional information
Installed in about three weeks of order, and by excellent and very pleasant tradesmen. Show additional information
Haven't had the actual install yet but have had good phone dealings with the same guy and questions answered when needed. Show additional information
I did initially select Mark Group from your recommendation of suppliers. However, after putting up with Mark Groups pathetic service I gave up. I emailed them twice with no response. I called, and a guy called me back, arranged a meeting at my place and then did a no show. I called again, got transferred to another guy who promised to get back to me and then he didn't. This would have to be the most incompetent comapny I have had to deal with in the past few years. God help me if I had actually got as far as the installation as that would have also no doubt been a bigger disaster. Harvey Norman on the other hand responded immediately, gave me a great price of $1899 and have been in contact ever since. Show additional information
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24 Months interest free, 1/3 deposit. Show additional information
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Show additional information
Most systems are made in china with overseas guarantees therefore it is important to have an Australian company behind the product. Show additional information
They had 2.28kw system at a very good price
it was installed within 2-3 weeks and connected to grid another week. They had interest free if needed.
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Show additional information
Yes, it was very difficult, as you did not get back to me, after the first installer was dropped due to his rude attitude. There was only one other, they wanted to quote without attending, but seemed ok; I found Harvey Norman (in a newspaper ad.) to be prompt, and helpful. After contacting CSIRO re. the materials described in the quote, I was directed by them to Alternative Technology Association, who were able to answer all my queries--on the strength of this, I decided to go ahead with Harvey Norman, have paid a deposit, and also lodged an application with Country Energy for Grid Connection ( with the help of Harvey Norman).Another important (to me ) factor in my decision is the offer of interest-free terms for 2.7 years, freeing up my funds for other projects--I can easily repay the balance within this period. Thank you for your help, at least you got me started on the right path. Show additional information
The more quotes I got the more I learnt about solar power. I thought I had made up my mind. However, when I saw an advertisement from Harvey Norman I checked it out and found it was better. I was particularly taken by the pictures from the Internet about my roof. I was able to use this information to fine tune the positioning of the panels to get the maximum amount of sun with the minimum amount of shading, something of critical importance on our roof. Show additional information
I emailed the sales person a list of about 15 questions obtained from your website. Harvey Norman Corporate promptly answered all questions and included additional info which they thought I might find of interest. Show additional information
I am very happy with the service I have received regarding initial selection of tpye of solar I need
salesman very polite and helpful As I have not yet received and installed the panels I can't comment
on the installation. I was given 2 years interest free for payment. As I am a pensioner this was very agreeable to me in making it more appealing.Integral are behind in installation because of the volume of purchases.
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We wanted monocrystalline panels but got polycrystalline by mistake however the situation was quickly recified. The company assumed that we would prefer poly not sure why. we particularly wanted mono so hope we made the right decision we wont know until we start using it. Show additional information