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About Hembrows Electrical Service, Solar Installers

Hembrows Electrical Service

Reviewers report paying: $5,500 - $6,600 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Hembrow's Electrical Service was established in Brisbane in 1978 and has grown into a large and diversified electrical group with locations in Brisbane, Cairns, Sunshine Coast and Gladstone.

Hembrow's has installed over 20,000 solar systems in south east Queensland.

We are Master Electricians and the quality and safety of our work is what is most important to us.

Hembrow's is wholly Queensland owned and operated. We have a real office with over 100 staff, the majority are electrical tradesmen who are employed full-time. We do not employ subcontractors.

Hembrows Electrical Service Solar Reviews

Wish I had gone with the solar quotes recommended installer

The quote was quick but did not include the information that the solar quotes recommended installers quotes did. Trying to get specifics from them was frustrating.

The overall installation works but is not the neatest work. Switchboard wiring is a mess (I’m a sparky so have high expectations). I have as yet not been provided a certificate of test.

Still waiting on grid connection confirmation
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Solar System; Sub Standard

6.6 Solar system installed 28/03/18. inspected on 03/10/18 by Clean Energy Regulator overall assessment Sub Standard. E-mailed full report 15/02/19 e-mail back all received look into it and get back next 4 months could not contact them either out of office or on holidays. Contacted Office Fair Trading 26/06/1. Has failed to respond to any of my repeated attempts to contact them. Cost of solar system $5,690. Contract reads workmanship is warranted for a period of 10 years yeah that's if they can be contacted. Show additional information


Had a 6.6 Kilowatt system installed November 2017. System has almost paid for itself. Our last bill was $81 and we have a pool. Show additional information
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I have been ringing Hembrows since December 2018 to replace solar cells that have gone yellow. You call and get told who is in charge of the Solar department is never there always on site or gone home. Our claim was taken over and she says will take it up but still no replies to emails sent.
Even the company they get their solar cells from Astivita don't care.
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Lachlan and the team made whole process very easy and were extremely knowledgeable in the products and worked with us to tailor make the best system for our house. Value for money advise was correct on the installation of the battery in addition to the panels Show additional information
Ok I have been dealing with Hembrows for 10 years they have installed a total of 3 systems on my own home and investment properties and I am about to install 3 more. Now price, they are expensive, almost twice the price of a company which only deals over the phone. the main reason for the cost is they don't use lower quality products, you get what you paid for. After sales service, well only last week they replaced the display screen for free. 2 years ago upon routine inspection they discovered that ll 18 panels needed replacing (Warranty) they handled all aspects of the change over. If you are looking for cheap go with a larger company, you wont get that with Hembrows, if you want reliability and good products plus a good after sales service then they provide that. Not sure what happened with other reviews stating poor sales representation Lachlan is one of the best. Show additional information
If there was any way to score lower than a 1 I would. Biggest nightmare of a company I've ever dealt with. Will be reporting them this week. Save yourself the drama and RUN! Show additional information
HEMBROWS ELECTRICAL Slacks Creek are very good with sales pitch and installation of solar but after the job is done you had better hope nothing goes wrong. They are very poor in this area and if you can get them to honour a warranty without months of phone calls you are going well. They seem to think the longer they ignore you the more likely it is that you will just go away. Be warned. Steer clear of this crowd. Show additional information
They installed a solar power system for my new house in Jan and it keeps displaying error code ever since it got connected. I called more than 10 times to ask someone fix it. They always told me the electrician is busy/sick/gone home/not in the office and they will leave a note to him to call me back. Its been three weeks and nobody bothers to call me at all. I called again this morning. The receptionist said the electrician left message suggest me to switch it off and back on which I have tried a million times already. I was so confused because I never got this msg. They never called , not even a missed call from them. The msg was not in my voicemail or email. And guess where he left the message? It was in their system!!! I don't have any access to their system at all, so they must think I am a mind reader who can telepathically know that a msg was left in their system for me! After I asked the receptionist how am I supposed to get this message, she decided to hang up on me! What a great company! Show additional information
Called Hembrows Cairns in January and had faulty solar panel removed. Finally had panel replaced in June after many phone calls remained unanswered. Customer service can only be described as appalling. Would not recommend this firm as there standards of after sales service is non-existant. Show additional information
Prompt service, efficient installation, had a single contact point who answered all my questions and helped make the process smooth and easy Show additional information
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Have used these guys before - I had an issue with the last inverter and they came straight out and replaced it. They have been around for years and their installers are employees rather than contractors. One of the only ones that had wifi enabled to show both incoming and outgoing production/consumption. Show additional information
Upgraded from 2 to 3kw Show additional information
Trying to contact anyone at Hemborws and having them return your call is almost impossible. They promise a return call, however it doesn't happen - you have to continually chase them up - re : service calls. Very poor given that they have our money, installed the system, but after sales service communication is non existent. Not happy. Show additional information
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Too many things we need to do to get it going properly. Need to research tariffs for excess electricity, contract with Energex then have supplier do their B2B to get the meter going etc.
Then follow up inspections, found things that are needed and this throws out a few more curly issues.
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Just a thank you for the companies you recommended . But they were not all local, and that is what I wanted. Show additional information
I appreciate the help that your service provided. The 3 suppliers who I dealt with were very professional, I would have gone through one of them, had I not chosen the outside supplier who was recommended to me by a good friend.

Keep up the good work!
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The price is right for a good package. Too early to comment on installation as it hasn't been installed yet. Show additional information
I had on-site quotes from 4 different company agents and Hembrow's was the only agent that did not bag other company's product or service. This was a contributing factor in my decision to choose this company. They also happened to be the cheapest. Show additional information
At the moment i still can't evaluate how much i will save, but looks good anyway. The company i choose was definitly not the cheapest but looked to me relaible and the salperson was honest and frank. The solar panel tecnology is not efficient and cheap but the governement incentives and "feed in tarif", make it convenient. Show additional information
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Too early to tell, have not heard anythig since paying the deposit. I assume they are waiting on the goverment approval of the 44cents rebate as there was a big rush on the cut off date.
i found your web site very helpful with technical information. Just this week had a door to door calll from BIO Solar with an offer that seemed too good to be true with apparently better panels, however told them I thought I was committed.
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Information and advice was very clear, well set out, good salesman who answered all questions without any bullshit or pressure. System was installed about 5 weeks after approval which was longer than what they said but they were unable to install on the original date due to rain and then they were extremely busy because of the influx of orders as the rebate came to a close. System has only just been installed but everything seems to be working. Sometimes they were a bit hard to get hold off but overall we are pretty happy! Show additional information
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The information you supplied was a great help but the the three suppliers you sent me only, one sent me a writen Quote (Nicholls), one rang with a quote and promised to sent Quote not received. Never heard from the other one. Show additional information
Of the three suppliers I was given only two responded, SAE Group and Nicholls Solar. The salesman from SAE was very pleasant but hadn't have a full product knowledge and or not full trained/checked on same as there were inconsistencies and inaccuracies to questions I asked.

He left absolutely no Company literature with us, not even a generic business card. On calling the Company and subsequently leaving a voice-mail message with what I told was the sales manager, eventually the original salesman called me back and with some diffidence provided me with a verbal quote for a different size system that that which I originally enquired.

However, it seemed to me that we were too hard (asked too many questions) when he had so many enquires to attend to.

Leon Beattie from Nicholls Group was very helpful. All communication was via email and a range of systems and prices provided. He answered emails promptly and unlike SAE, appeared enthusiastic.

Unfortunately, whilst the system I found attractive and I felt was high quality, Hembrow's provided a 2kw array of Suntech panels with a 2.8 kw Xantrex inverter for $3,000.

A veritable kick in front of the posts. Well known brands, and a Company that has not only a physical presence in Brisbane but when I visited their Company they were active in the industry and not just an office.

Their salesman was very ordinary but had the ability to see that I was spring-loaded and recognised I needed solid reassurance (not "trust me" without any literature) and a reasonable price.

Leon from Nicholls I think recognised that too and provided all the literature to back up what he was selling but sadly whilst I still feel the system I settled on is superior, I can't justify the cost.

SAE could have had our business but the salesman appeared to lack dynamism but in the climate of frenetic buying he simply didn't have to and I resented the hubris.
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Seen 2 installations by Hembrows.
Did see some dodgy quotes.
Be wary of 'Cheap quotes'.
Need to do homework and listen to what is being said as not all information given is true or reliable.
Given lots of different advice on where panels are to be fitted and how.
Watch out for different warranties
Need to check blogs.
Your website and emails extremely helpful.

I am not easily fooled and can see that some people could easily be 'sucked' in by some of the sales people we encountered.
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Other suppliers were either more expensive than Hembrows, or didn't even bother to contact me. Show additional information
I ended up selecting a supplier that would come out and inspect my property and discuss solar installation with me. It just provided me with a lot more information and confidence in their abilities. Show additional information
The more companies that I spoke to the more I found out about the systems, their components, how they work, how to compare systems, how the rebate scheme works etc. There are a lot of solar companies in a very competitive market so don't get pressured in to making a decision based on things like limited time offers - they will extend the offer to get your business or you will be able to get the same or better offer from another supplier. Show additional information
Everything seems to be gong smoothly at this stage. If I had not decided to go with another supplier then I wold have chosen Nicholls becuse their pre sales service was excellent - the sales person was not pushy and willingly provided a lot of useful information. Show additional information
I think we only got 2 quotes, one quiet fast, second one a couple of weeks later. Sorry deleted emails. Show additional information
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I obtained three quotes one wanted $15000 for a 2 kilowatt system, one was ok price wise. Hembrows was recommended by two people at my club who were both very pleased with the service they recieved and they are a local operation .Word of mouth is avery good advert so I opted for them .regards Patrick Show additional information
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Appreciated the initial help from Solar quotes and considered the recommendations but obtained a great deal for solar HW plus 1.44 kw solar power for under $4000 after rebate. Convinced it was a quality option after workmate had an installation. Hembrows is a long established firm on Brisbane's Southside. Show additional information
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