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Fantastic installer

Fantastic,would recommend to any one ,installation was flawless , changeover was seamless,took care of all details connecting to grid ,even with 3 phase power, panels and inverters exceeding expectations, workers and staff friendly and professional ,a great company
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Follow up support

My earlier review indicates a very satisfied customer. BUT follow up technical service doesn't rate anywhere near as highly. Issues with App being offline. Called the office Thursday 14/12 and asked for support. No one from technical team available at the time and was advised no one works after 4pm. Also advised someone would definitely call 18/12 or I could pay for a call out service fee of $220. Declined the offer and stated this is a new system and my request is for technical advice about what appears to be a common issue with the App. The system itself is working fine. Did not receive a call, so I called again around 10:30am 20/12. No one available at the time, was advised someone would definitely call soon. At about 2:45pm I called again and advised no one had called me. I was told by the team member that the manager's notes indicate he had called me a number of times and got no answer. I disputed the claim and requested a note on my file to indicate I did not receive a call. Also requested a call back. Was advised a technician would visit my home 21/12. I said I had no intention paying for the service and was told since it was a new system (less than 6 months old) the service call will be free. Good one. I asked for confirmation of time. Not possible. I explained again that I simply wanted to speak to someone as I had no intention of waiting around all day. Situation is unresolved. Office shuts down for Christmas break 21/12, same day I am supposed to sit around waiting for service. Not happy.
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I asked for 10kw system to achieve $0.00 electric bills.

Salesman talked us out of 10kw system and battery comparing bills from 1 bed apartment in an embedded network to a 4 bed house at retail prices. They told me that anything more than 6.6kw of the german tech panels would be a waste of money. Adv discount given for cash as they had excess stock from a bigger job that werent required. (Double dipping clients fir panels and still being overpriced).

30 days in and yield is insufficient to cover the bills as promised and unable to maximise savings as talked out of battery also.

Just under $10,000 for a system that is saving me less than 40% of my electric bill. Only after installation i find out the inverter is unsuitable for 90% of batteries available.

When asked again to upgrade to 10kw was adv can be done at additional cost, and no mention or recommendation of add-on a 2nd system to better manage feedback to the system.

Also the panels used found to be not german made.

Slick salesman meant i felt ripped off compared to all other providers who spent hours going theough everything and making sure we understood

Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 3/5
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Informative salesperson. Great installers.

Sales person came to my home. No one from any other company would in the first part of the process.
Installers did a site review a week before installation, suggested some modifications to proposed set up in response to shade levels in the morning. Company added micro inverters to every panel to ensure efficiency. No extra cost.
Installation went without a hitch. Guys were lovely. Shared their knowledge and left the place spick and span.
Very happy. Fingers crossed my next electric bill doesn’t cause me the stress the last one did.
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Good team, communication not the best

The salesman sold a system which could not be installed because of roof limitations, we finally ended up with a smaller system. The installation teams were very good, we got a very nice upgrade of two complex 3 phase switchboards, very professional work all round, at an attractive price. We just wish that their internal communications was a little better.
Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Good all round

Sales guy knew his business and was friendly without being pushy. They came and installed the panels on time. They explained how things would progress to get my solar system up and running.
I’m currently waiting to get my power board updated.
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Excellent service

Excellent service. Very knowledgeable sales team. Efficient and punctual installers.
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Products seem good quality but customer service is abysmal.

5.18KW with 5kw inverter originally, 12mths later upgraded to 6.6KW and half the panels relocated to western side of the roof.

The salesman put me off completely, very greasy and dodged questions with flashy data and fast talking, I purchased months later based on a much cheaper offer due to I'm told excess stock in my region. The Install was good but lacking in specific information about the software and system information. I had to do my own research and learn about the what and why with the monitoring app.

I gave it well over 6 months to see if it was worth it and with the price of electricity going up, nearly 12mths down the track my bills were still the same. I put this partially down to poor install design (I agreed to it) and also increasing Electricity prices. I also noted the inverter only putting out 4kw max (clipped flatline), even spiking to 5kw but being clipped back to a flatline 4kw, so after discussions about how to fix yield they agreed to add extra panels and relocate half the system to the western side on my roof. This upped my yield to 5kw for most the day but I soon noticed the graph showed the system was resetting multiple times during the day. On some sunny Spring days my total yield was less than on Winter days as it was constantly going to zero and ramping back up.

PSS put the blame squarely on Ausgrid and their transformers, I did my research and understood this could happen but this fault would have affected my whole street not just me. Ausgrid came out, checked their limits and told me my inverter was reporting much lower voltage than the system said so would be clipping way too early. Back to PSS and more dodged questions and vague responses. Now that they have come to have a look, my system is back to not even producing 5kw on sunny days (in DEC).

The last response the install tech gave me was he didn't know and was still waiting for his boss to get back to him, coming on 3 weeks now. I got an email from the GM with cut and paste out dated data, so I called him and he said he wasn't a technician so couldn't answer my questions. I asked why was he contacting me not the head engineer and could he get an engineer to call me.

They sometimes respond to emails if you email everyone whose contact you have, but rarely will you get a call from someone who can actually answer your questions.

I've added some pics of the yield app and you can see one that is ideal post upgrade (clips at 5kw). Then a few pre upgrade which are clipped well below what they would produce. And one from after the tech came to look where a bright sunny day it sits below 4kw in Summer.

Do your research.
Summary: With PSS, If everything works and you have low expectations, bargain down the price and they will be ok. If you need help or something fixed, technical support, good system knowledge, prompt responses, Definitely Avoid!

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 2/5
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Can’t recommend enough

Quick and efficient, warranties were great and installation was very professional and quick. Help with connecting to grid was quick and concise.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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New solar installation

Firstly a great and informative meeting with Jason.
Secondly great communication throughout the whole process.
Thirdly a big thank you Tyson, Stephen and Matt for a professional, tidy and efficient installation.
Everyone involved from start to finish are a credit to your organisation.
Many thanks from very happy and satisfied clients
5 Stars !!!
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Fantastic Installer

Jamie and Jono installed our solar system, they are friendly, approachable and nice guy. They explained to me how the system works and answered all my questions. I highly recommend the PowerSmart Solutions solar system in your house. They are fantastic.
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Really Happy with Our choice of PowerSmart Solutions

Wasn’t sure where to go and who to work with for my solar job. Was recommended PowerSmart Solutions and have had a great experience!
Jesse and Luke did a fantastic job installing and providing me with great knowledge throughout the installation.
Their pricing seemed higher but when all other facts taken into account really on par. You get what you pay for! fantastic to deal with!!

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Went with PowerSmartSolutions

Went with PowerSmartSolutions. Been a bit of confusion along the way, salesperson said I didnt need a safety fuse, but i did. He also said i had to have wi fi, which i didn't according to the installing electrician. The office contact was always helpful.
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Installation & sales

Jamie & Tom were great in everything they did today with the installation of the system. Nothing was a problem for them including the weather. We would also like to thank the sales rep Thomas Vantaggiato for giving us the initial information and procedding with the order. We are looking forward to the system working and our bill being reduced. Peter & Judy Thompson goonellabah NSW
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Good install. Questionable support following install

"5/10 - PSS followed up and organised a time for the timer to be reviewed.
12/10 - PSS attended and confirmed the timer is faulty and replaced."

Generally positive with the exception of an ongoing issue related to our hot water system, possibly caused by the timer installed as part fo the solar package. I have been unable to have a Power Smart Solutions (PSS) rep inspect the installation to rule the timer in or out of causing the fault. I will keep updating this review as the situation develops.

The sales process was interesting. The salesman was very helpful. Main thing is to be aware of what the equivalent system costs from other providers. This is because the systems are getting cheaper over time, so the calculated savings vs usage method used by PSS will result in an outcome appox 2x what others are charging for the equivalent system. My fault for not doing enough research. I cancelled during cooling off and promptly received a follow up phone call the same day offering the same system for a significantly discounted price. Must eb a common occurrence. So I signed up again.

Install and follow up
19 July - Installation went well. Installers arrived on the agreed day, were very polite/professional and installed in the morning.
As part of running me through installation at conclusion the circuit breaker kept tripping when the installer rotated the timer dial. After a phone call to head office the earth was modified and didn’t trip the breaker any longer.
The purpose of the timer is to have the hot water system heat water through the day when the solar panels are generating electricity, reducing the amount of purchased electricity required. However I observed the hot water system operating what seemed like non-stop and at times starting to make unusual noises (similar to an air conditioner).
27 July – I contacted PSS asking whether someone could attend and inspect the timer to rule it in or out as an issue.
4 August – I followed up having not received a response.
PSS responded unsure what the issue might be but provided a link to a youtube clip showing correct timer setup up.
I watched the video and checked the timer. The toggles were not set to the correct time and it had been set to ‘on’ for the full duration. I formed this to PSS and indicated I would monitor the system (and our next power bill!)
9 August – I contacted PSS as the hot water system was still operating at night and making louder noises (including videos). I again requested someone to attend the house and inspect the installation.
18 August – A PSS rep called but both being busy we missed each other a number of times. Apparently something needed to be discussed. I asked if it could be emailed so I can respond while sitting in a meeting and avoid missing each other on the phone. Were both busy, it happens.
2 September – We received our power bill which was significantly higher than previous months. A clue that the hot water system is faulty or is it just higher usage? I contacted PSS requesting either the questioned to be emailed or a rep attend. PSS asked for the full bill to review and provide feedback which I provided. The feedback suggested we should run appliances through the day etc, things we were already doing.
18 September – I have given up seeking PSS assistance. I have organised an electrical to attend and inspect. I will provide further feedback once this has occurred. I have no idea whether the timer is playing any part in the hot water system issues but there is certainly enough there that it is the logical first avenue of investigation. It is frustrating that I have not been able to get support to eliminate the timer after what might be a very quick inspection.
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worked out what was needed from my powerbill usage quoted price installed and Im loving the savings. Had the get now payoff as we go option works for me

Everyone was great and there when they said they would be. Explained everything sometimes twice as I didnt understand. Installers where polite and friendly explained what they where there to do. .Solarpower solutions contacted my provider for me they did the rest. Now on solar Power its awesome ....should of done it years ago..
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Install guys were great, but overall customer service is terrible they will never get back to you when asking questions, only response given is was sent in a email, which clearly wasn’t questions were never answered.
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Above Expectations

We had a great experience from the initial sales pitch through to installation and follow up. Best was the dramatic reduction in the following power bills .. dropped by 2/3 .. what a excellent outcome .. :)
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Not hitting the numbers that we were quoted.

We got the solar installed based on the kw numbers that the rep told us that we would get, based on a North facing roof. My system seems to be governed so that it won't generate more than 23kw per day, even on very hot days. Also why sell a 6.6kw system when the inverter is only 5kw.
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Good system, but....

Just under 2 months since installation and it seems that the system is doing what is expected as correctly advised by the sales person, who was really nice and helpful, but may be not 100% informed about a system they were trying to sell to people. I am happy with the system, but one thing the company did not mention was the significant humming noise that the inverter makes! It is installed in the garage but the wall backs onto the living room and it feels like there is a server computer in the room! When company contacted, they said no one has complained about this and they had no solution for it, tough luck I guess!
They seemed to be aware of this issue when I asked about it and I think it is important to mention it to potential customers rather than letting them find out later.
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Felt like robbery and rude sales

I would like to leave this review for them to improve their service.

-- Terrible quoting process ever. Always trying to push the responsibility to the client. They refuse to provide the replacement cost of the solar panel when I asked the sale came into my house.

-- It feels like I have been robbed. I tried to cancel the installation within the cooling period and made several calls to the reception and admin, always got an answer of will get back to me in 10 mins then nothing for the rest. They ignore me till the end of cooling period and told me they already make the order therefore they can keep the deposit.

-- Worst customer service. Accuse me wasting time of both of us. Please talk to people when they try to communicate. As I mention above, the post service is a total ignorance. Their excuses includes at a meeting, at a training, cant talk while I can hear he is laughing with someone in the phone.

BTW, they offered me an unreasonable price of 10k QUOTE at the first place.
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I am extremely happy with my Solar system installed by Powersmart. The initial consultant explained everything in plain English whilst the other 2 companies who quoted confused me and were high pressure. The installation went well and my bill is now a credit so very happy.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Really poor follow up response from PowerSmart

The install guys did great, apart from putting a bunch of holes in the ceiling below the install on 1 part of the roof, the promised $300 gift voucher has not eventuated, been fobbed off ever since, now using Covid 19 as an excuse....curious as our system was installed in December 2019
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Great products but less than impressive customer service

We're extremely pleased with our solar setup, it's producing very well. (Solar Edge inverter and Canadian Solar panels.)

Unfortunately the customer service side hasn't been great. The sales person promised a lot which, we discovered later, wasn't actually possible with our system (the promise was a far quicker financial return on the money spent), and when we sought advice from the company later, found out he'd left Power Smart in a hurry with a trail of broken promises and unhappy customers.

We understand this sometimes happens... but since then we've asked the company for help with multiple issues and have either received no help, been rudely brushed off or ignored completely. This has occurred over approx 14 months.

Silver lining - in desperation to find solutions to the biggest problem (massive bills continuing after solar installation) I came across the Solar Quotes website, bought the book and haven't looked back. Now we're no longer needing to contact Power Smart Solutions to try and figure things out.

We also understand now that the size of the system recommended to us is not big enough; lesson learned, in future don't believe a seeming "expert" without doing your homework first.

The remaining concern is possible future panel/inverter issues... we may receive less than good customer service should we need their help.
Overall, the performance and quality of the panels and inverter are fantastic. If you are looking for a company who will explain things properly or be there to help you later if you have queries, perhaps this is not the company for you.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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What a good experience

Knowledgeable, factual and provide clear timelines.
We looked at numerous options and pleased we paid that little extra for complete piece of mind and reliable warranties.
Bernie and Natasja

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Extremely Satisfied!

The Sales consultant explained everything in detail. The install team were very well mannered and punctual, good lads answered all my questions. I didnt have to do anything in relation to the grid connection and i am very satisfied with the customer service! Thankyou Power Smart Solutions for the huge savings on my power bill!
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great Experience All Round

Couldn't recommend Powersmart enough.
Always on time, good communication, explained the solar solution well.
Installers were very professional and the installation as smooth.
We are now 2 months in and generating above expectations so couldn't be happier.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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