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ShineHub is a Solar Power Installation company based in Ultimo and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Faultless service from Shinehub

Our experience with Shinehub from the original contact person (Ethan) to the installation team and general customer service staff have been faultless, our solar panels and battery were installed 3 weeks ago without a hitch. It was incredibly, timely, efficient and professional. The installation took 1.5days, the installation team under Adam were on time, efficient, professional and friendly. They tidied up following their work each day and were a pleasure to deal with. Shinehub installations team arranged for our Smartmeter to be installed the day after the solar installation at no cost to us, which was much better than the timeframe quoted by our energy provider.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Shinehub was very professional

The three quotes we got, one was the best for price and service, although we went with Shinehub.
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Installation was quick, process simple, excellent workmanship, great customer service and easily accessible. 5 stars

How was the sales/quoting process?

Easy and convenient.

How did the installation go? Polite? Tidy? Punctual?

Very fast and prompt on the day it was scheduled. The workmanship was excellent, neat and tidy.

How was the customer service? e.g. did they help organise the grid connection after the install?

great customer service and easily accessible. Shinehub organised grid connection form their end. Very easy process for the consumer.

Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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What a surprise

Attended a VPP presentation on the benefits of Solar panels and batteries presented by the local council / Shine.
The lack of clarity on T&C’s caused me concern, but it was explained that these conditions would be opened once l started the process of signing up!
When l started the signing up process, l found one clause regarding the VPP subsidy from Shine to be a little disconcerting, but managed to get a dispensation on that one and signed up.
The process after this little hiccup was very fast and smooth - only a battery/ inverter purchased
One little issue on installation was corrected very quickly, once Shine acknowledged they were at fault.
Once system was operating, the BIG SURPRISE to me was the extent that l could control the charging /discharge. My energy retailer has off peak rates so l can fully charge battery on cheap rates (when daily PV input is low) - it’s a very small version of the proposed snowy scheme. well done Shine
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Excellent Service, Professional & Efficient

Grant Ferry made it so easy for us to get batteries for our solar panels. Effortless, seamless and so easy to deal with with. He has a friendly and professional manner and everything was sorted out for us very efficiently. We will be saving so much money thanks to Grant and Shinehub. The backup and support is second to none. Thank you so much Grant.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Happy with installation

Very happy with final installation. Some hold up with the last piece of the covering due to Covid, but now it is complete it looks great!
And Customer Service kept in touch constantly whilst waiting for this final piece to be installed.
Everything now completed looks very tidy.
The follow up with the grid connection and help with understanding how it works has been most helpful. Thank you Shine Hub
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Most pleased with the system

Since our installation of a 10KW battery system on the 23rd of Sep and after crunching the numbers it looks as if
our power consumption has dropped to 3.5 KW per day from a previous of about 14KW per day (and with 3 Teen age grandchildren living with us it is a big drop )
We have a 7KW solar system so the battery charges in about 4 hours on a god day and sometimes does not fully discharge as it is not fully required..
I would have no worries about suggesting a battery system for home use.
The whole procedure from start to finish was extremely good and instillation was prompt clean and very efficient
Regards Les Mepham

Panel rating: 4/5
Battery rating: 4/5
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Fantastic install. Great communication.

How was the sales/quoting process? Easy, no hassle. Lots of information given and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

How did the installation go? Installation was easy. The crew arrived and installed 28 panels, battery and metres of cable in less than 2 days. Really professional and tidy.
How was the customer service? This part was remarkably easy. I thought there would be more work to do, but Shinehub talk you through every step. Delighted with our product.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Much appreciation given

Tom from Shine hub was awesome. Deserves a medal. Working tirelessly for 72 hours to make this project happen. Kudos mate!
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Very quick to get me to pay deposit, but subsequently very difficult to make contact and get transparent information about actual installation process, rebate application and unable to make contact with the project manager or with Shinehub (have been on hold for more than 45 minutes). Feeling very disappointed and regretful for trusting in this company.
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Amazing service..

I heard of shinehub from a friend's friend, when I called I spoke with Tom he talked me all the way through it, and was a no pressure salesmen, I came to the decision very quickly and decided on the interest free payments for 130 fortnight's.
A site inspection was ordered and from there it was all organised and everything booked in..the electricians were easy to speak to and arrived on time and called to ask if they could attend early and were finished with in 5 hours from start to finish and cleaned up as they went, I would recommend these guys to anyone and looking forward to big savings on my bills and I'll put the extra into paying it off faster..

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great Customer service and products

The customer service was Awesome.Tom the Sales Rep was absolutely brilliant and friendly and explained everything to me and all my questions.He was very prompt in getting back to me.I saw this company on the News so straight away felt I trusted it, and Am very satisfied with the outcome.Have signed and can't wait for my solar panels :)
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Happy as

The installers were very prompt after hold ups due to weather neat tidy professional left my shed cleaner than they found it
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Excellent service and price

The staff at Shinehub took a very professional approach to my solar install walking me through the whole process from purchase to installation which was completed in a month from purchased. The company who installed on there behalf were also efficient and professional. Excellent company to work with in purchasing my solar system to suit my needs. I have recommended this company to other friends who are looking at a new solar system.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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A good basic option for those who aren't stressing over data security or smart features

Ben from Shinehub was extremely polite and affirming from the sales perspective and everything is extremely easy from start to finish, but as others have mentioned, there is a lack of continuity from one service desk staff member to another, and this could be disjointing if you have complex needs. From what I can gather, the systems represent great value and the payment options are good, but there are definitely a few things that you forgo for the good price - and that's just a reality of getting what you pay for. On the other hand, if you want something basic and good to go, at a good price, then ShineHub is a great option. The less fuss you make, the less fuss you'll have and that might not be great service from one perspective, but it's good enough for those who are teetering on the edge of getting solar or not, and who just want a basic battery and panel system. My advice is if you care about smart home features, or data security, or have complex needs, find somewhere else and pay for it. But if you don't know much about solar, or care much about features you wouldn't know you're missing (unless you're doing a lot of research, and then continue to care about when the system is in), then Shinehub is for you.
Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 3/5
Battery rating: 3/5
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ShineHub solar system is best in all other solar systems, ShineHub installs battery for at night use and battery solar package is best for to save money, when Sun is not shining,
Their system is fantastic, technicians are expert and helpful and SHINEHUB company is well known and their TECHNICAL TEAM is friendly and helpful.


Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Gladly recommending ShineHub

Have now dealt with Shinehub for two purchases, Panels and a battery.
Firstly I contacted them for a quote and they got back to me within 30mins to get the ball rolling.
A week later I had panels on my roof.
The installer took his time to make sure it was done correctly and to avoid damaging the terracotta roof tiles.

Every time I've talked with customer service they've been great and down to earth.
I've been recommending these guys to anyone that I've talked about solar too.
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Smooth fantastic process

This was such a smooth process. From the initial phone consultation with Jack to the installation with Russell to the day the solar was switched on.

I really can’t fault the customer service as they were just a telephone call or email away. Jack from Shinehub assisted us at the start of the process by answering all of our questions and contacted us at the conclusion to ensure all went smoothly.

I would recommend Shinehub without giving a second thought.

Well done Shinehub for making this such an easy process!!!
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Great from start to finish

Sales was a smooth process, my consultant Jonathan methodically went through my usage and what system would be the best fit for my home and the company delivered with friendly and punctual installers who didn't waste time.
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Excellent 13.3Kw Alpha Battery system!

Thanks to Thomas & team to introduce, consult &install outstanding, beneficial & value for money 13.3Kw system, free electricity day& night plus credit every day. Don't missed out this life changing opportunity to have this valuable investment, will achieve money back in no time. Currently got some friends onboard, cheers Long (SA)
Battery rating: 5/5
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Cancelling my 3rd project with Shine Hub due to extremely poor customer service from projects 1 and 2... Lots of regret.

I had an existing solar system which was 8 years old and with the purchase of a new Tesla Model 3, I thought it was time to upgrade my roof top solar and add a battery.

I engaged Shine Hub for 3 projects:-
* Add a new Alpha ESS battery with 10KwH

* Installation of a new 5KW solar to expand my existing 5KW and Solar Analytics solution

* Add a 2nd Alpha ESS battery with an additional 10KwH

From the outset I explained to Shine Hub, that I have 3 properties with solar and batteries and that it was important for me to collect all the information in a single application (Solar Analytics), not spread across multiple vendors and apps.

This was all verbally agreed in the first call and I paid for the first two projects to proceed.
Wow, I wish I hadn't agreed. Their customer service is appalling and their project management skills terrible.

Basic project management skills 101, like checking the customer is available on the days the installers are onsite are overlooked.

Your assigned "Project Manager" is different every time you speak to them. Hand over between sales and engineering is almost non-existent, and I couldn't even pay the for their time to speak to Solar Analytics. As my "trusted" solar and battery installer, they repeatedly refused to speak to my trust solar analytics company.

Massively frustrating to deal with and being on hold for over a hour to call them is terrible. Their project managers seem incapable of resolving issues or even being helpful. They must be absolute juniors or I just got unlucky 3 times in a row?

They provide a website interface to log and schedule work, however, they won't write any responses to issues you raise, because they don't want it recorded that they've made a mistake. The "Report fault" button doesn't even work.

So first battery installation project was disappointing... Second project, upgrade solar panels was a complete disaster. They delivered faulty equipment and left the job incomplete. It's taken 16 days to get "working" equipment brought to site. After 2 weeks of pressing them for updates, they finally schedule a date I wasn't supposed to be home and notified me of this, the day before the installers arrived. I had to reschedule my entire day.

I put a complaint in to their management and I got a much less than sympathetic response, informing me of their staffing and supply issues in March 2021. "Not my problem", I thought! So day 16 and 2 installers later, and I'm still left with a non-function system and no offer of compensation or priority in resolving the issue.

I've now cancelled the 3rd project to expand my battery system with them. They've eroded all my faith in them.

Panel rating: 1/5
Inverter rating: 1/5
Battery rating: 4/5
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Good Install - But Poor Service. Don't Bother With Blackout Protection

So, Shinehub is an interesting one. They have decent sales, but once you've committed, their whole stance changes - they know they've got you in, and they don't care about their service anywhere near as much after that point.
They don't seem to know much about the technical details. I wish I had just decided to pull out when they couldn't answer some questions (simply about 'does the inverter have local API access?').

They did, however, organise /everything/. I just had to let them in to install the solar panels, the inverters and the battery. The physical installation was pretty good, even though the installers were short handed.

Now the problems start. The Kehua inverter sends data to China. So I've switched off that network access. The Alpha ESS battery sends data to a system hosted in Singapore, in clear text (no encryption), or useful authentication. Apparently according to Shinehub/Powow, they see no issues with this. This data includes my home address, along with control of the battery.

The Solus inverter is not (obviously) connected to my own wireless network, so I can't rate that.

I highly recommened NOT getting the Kehua inverter or the Alpha ESS battery system, as the latter is completely insecure. Oh, and it has no API access, so good luck trying to hook it in with any home automation systems.

I knew I should've not assumed there would be API access. I guess I learned the hard way, and should've gone with the companies that Solarquotes sent my way instead - I wouldn't have had a battery, but then, I probably also wouldn't have an awfully insecure system either.

Inverter rating: 2/5
Battery rating: 1/5
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Great installation by local people.

Sales and quote were good, considering sales people have goals. Booked calls were on time and duration
Installation went well after an initial delay of 1 month. This was not a big issue.
Installers were mannerly, punctual, discussed the process and went about their work.
Job was neat and site cleaned up. They demonstrated the App and the features how to switch over system etc.
System is running smoothly.
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Bad Experience would not recomend

Purchased a battery in June 2020, scheduled for insulation in early August, day before installation installer rang me say can't install not all items where supplied to him, then corona, once restrictions where lifted kept telling me can't install due to corona but restrictions where lifted, when i informed them that there are not restrictions there story changes we do not have a installer available, this is November now they took my money 3 months ago, so fed up i asked for a refund nearly 4 weeks later after a couple of phone calls, i got an email advising me my refund has been processed, minus the credit card fees charged, so after 4 months no battery and out of pocket around $60, not to mention all the phone calls and emails. I would like to warn other of my bad experience
Battery rating: 1/5
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Very unhappy

Conned into getting solar for my $400 a quater (round figure bills)
It's ended up like this
Before solar $400
After solar $720. My first bill looks like that with the cost of my electricity bill and solar bill together.
Total saving. -$320 minus three hundred and twenty dollars.
This company is bad on communication apart from the first sales point, they were clear and make you believe your going to be better off
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Had so many people from ShineHub to deal with was poor. Still waiting for replies from 2 emails and a few phone calls 5 weeks ago. No reply yet
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Shine Hub

Solar panels and battery backup.
Over $4000. Cheaper than nearest quote.
Installer's were excellent. Company contact not so good, but follow up has been mutch better. System is working perfectly as it should for a new system.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great at the beginning, not so good with follow up!

The initial quote process etc with them was solid. Kept in touch etc. Then they "went overseas, travelling" and I was assigned another contact, who I did not hear from at any point, I had to liaise with them to get some information. Installation process was good, they cleaned up after themselves, however there is a mains isolation switch in the switchboard that is not connected, apparently it is supposed to be connected by SA Power, have not seen or hear from them about this. Have tried to contact Shinehub about this to no avail. I paid the extra to get the blackout protection from them and was shown briefly how this works. I had a sparky come out to do some work recently and he was shocked to see that nothing in switch box was actually labelled properly, he didn't really know what circuits were what after the new installation. He also made the comment that he is unsure why an isolation switch was in place as we have a smart meter and it can be managed via that!

It would seem that Shinehub are very quick to get the sale but very, very poor with any followup and to top it off Powershop have now further reduced the solar feed in tariff, not happy about that at all. I am going to find out if I have to stay with them or switch to another provider that is part of the Virtual Power Plant system.
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Quality installation but very disappointed...

I'm disappointed......At my previous property, I had a Tesla Powerwall 2 - it provided automatic backup on mains/grid failure, and the solar panels kept working.
The Shinehub system, with 2 x 10.1KwH batteries, requires manual switching on mains powerful, and solar panels cease working......
To be fair, the later issue (existing solar panels ceasing) is because i have two submarines- solar panels on one (on the shed), and the Shinehub battery on the other (house).
Shinehub did a pre-instal inspection and noted my expectations.....but the installation did not deliver.....
Shinehub did a pre-instal inspection and noted my expectations.....but the installation did not deliver.....
The Tesla Powerwall offered fuil backup....Shinehub (so I've now discovered) only provided for lights, the fridge circuit and the modem circuit...
Very disappointed.

Inverter rating: 1/5
Battery rating: 2/5
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Fast to get the sale, slow and frustrating service after

So the sales guy = great

I need to constantly run around, checking up, following up etc.
Communication skills are lacking!!!
After 2 months of waiting for engineer approval and SAPN approval (so shinehub say ) I contacted SAPN to be told they were awaiting a reply from shinehub from weeks earlier. Did I mention SAPN approval takes 3-7 days??!! The last engineer approval took the other company 48hrs!!!!
SAPN were VERY HELPFUL and did a manual customer approval over the phone with myself.
I then let shinehub know, and got the process moving again!!!!
I was told esculation would happen (not the first time SH promised this). Yet 2 weeks later I'm chasing up trying to get an installation date set...?!?! Seems it takes over two weeks now to make a call to an installer to get a date?!?!

Cmon!!! This is ridiculous... I pulled a deposit and job from another company to go with shinehub.
They had an install date set 6 weeks after I signed!!!.... So far with shine hub is almost 3 months and no date set

Panel rating: 1/5
Inverter rating: 1/5
Battery rating: 1/5
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End to end the easiest

From the sale to the installation I could not fault anything. System up and running perfectly and monitoring is a major benefit.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Very happy with the entire service and system. I'll be using them again to have panels and batteries installed at my 2nd property recently purchased.
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I went with shinehub because the price was good, seem to know what they are talking about and they are starting up their own Virtual power Station so that I will be able to sell back in peak hours for better price
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