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About ShineHub, Solar Installers


Reviewers report paying: $9,850 - $10,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

ShineHub is a Solar Power Installation company based in Ultimo and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

ShineHub Solar Reviews


Had so many people from ShineHub to deal with was poor. Still waiting for replies from 2 emails and a few phone calls 5 weeks ago. No reply yet Show additional information

Shine Hub

Solar panels and battery backup.
Over $4000. Cheaper than nearest quote.
Installer's were excellent. Company contact not so good, but follow up has been mutch better. System is working perfectly as it should for a new system.
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Great at the beginning, not so good with follow up!

The initial quote process etc with them was solid. Kept in touch etc. Then they "went overseas, travelling" and I was assigned another contact, who I did not hear from at any point, I had to liaise with them to get some information. Installation process was good, they cleaned up after themselves, however there is a mains isolation switch in the switchboard that is not connected, apparently it is supposed to be connected by SA Power, have not seen or hear from them about this. Have tried to contact Shinehub about this to no avail. I paid the extra to get the blackout protection from them and was shown briefly how this works. I had a sparky come out to do some work recently and he was shocked to see that nothing in switch box was actually labelled properly, he didn't really know what circuits were what after the new installation. He also made the comment that he is unsure why an isolation switch was in place as we have a smart meter and it can be managed via that!

It would seem that Shinehub are very quick to get the sale but very, very poor with any followup and to top it off Powershop have now further reduced the solar feed in tariff, not happy about that at all. I am going to find out if I have to stay with them or switch to another provider that is part of the Virtual Power Plant system.
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Quality installation but very disappointed...

I'm disappointed......At my previous property, I had a Tesla Powerwall 2 - it provided automatic backup on mains/grid failure, and the solar panels kept working.
The Shinehub system, with 2 x 10.1KwH batteries, requires manual switching on mains powerful, and solar panels cease working......
To be fair, the later issue (existing solar panels ceasing) is because i have two submarines- solar panels on one (on the shed), and the Shinehub battery on the other (house).
Shinehub did a pre-instal inspection and noted my expectations.....but the installation did not deliver.....
Shinehub did a pre-instal inspection and noted my expectations.....but the installation did not deliver.....
The Tesla Powerwall offered fuil backup....Shinehub (so I've now discovered) only provided for lights, the fridge circuit and the modem circuit...
Very disappointed.
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Fast to get the sale, slow and frustrating service after

So the sales guy = great

I need to constantly run around, checking up, following up etc.
Communication skills are lacking!!!
After 2 months of waiting for engineer approval and SAPN approval (so shinehub say ) I contacted SAPN to be told they were awaiting a reply from shinehub from weeks earlier. Did I mention SAPN approval takes 3-7 days??!! The last engineer approval took the other company 48hrs!!!!
SAPN were VERY HELPFUL and did a manual customer approval over the phone with myself.
I then let shinehub know, and got the process moving again!!!!
I was told esculation would happen (not the first time SH promised this). Yet 2 weeks later I'm chasing up trying to get an installation date set...?!?! Seems it takes over two weeks now to make a call to an installer to get a date?!?!

Cmon!!! This is ridiculous... I pulled a deposit and job from another company to go with shinehub.
They had an install date set 6 weeks after I signed!!!.... So far with shine hub is almost 3 months and no date set
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End to end the easiest

From the sale to the installation I could not fault anything. System up and running perfectly and monitoring is a major benefit. Show additional information
Very happy with the entire service and system. I'll be using them again to have panels and batteries installed at my 2nd property recently purchased. Show additional information
I went with shinehub because the price was good, seem to know what they are talking about and they are starting up their own Virtual power Station so that I will be able to sell back in peak hours for better price Show additional information
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