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About Solar Switch, Solar Installers

Solar Switch

Solar Switch is an Australian owned and operated company specializing in grid connect solar electrical and solar hot water systems for homes, schools, businesses and commercial buildings. The company says that it has installed over 5,000 solar electrical systems in NSW, Queensland, ACT, Victoria and South Australia.

Solar Switch says that it only uses premium solar panels manufactured by reputable multinational companies whose 25 year power output warranties are held in Australia. They are the master dealers for premium panel brands Conergy and Sunpower; they also use Australian made SilexSolar panels; and Solyndra, a funky new type of solar panel made from tubes of silicon that can be mounted at any angle without losing power output

Solar Switch provides full project management including organizing the solar credits; and the company says that its Clear Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar electricians are on site at every installation. Solar Switch provides a seven year warranty on solar electricity installations.

Customer testimonials for Solar Switch are available, and include the following:

“The Energy Australia Inspector called today and inspected the solar electrical system you installed and said: ‘very good installation; very pleased with the system.’ We have produced over 1400kW hours since installation four months ago with our 3kw system.”

Solar Switch Solar Reviews

Solar Switch 2.15kW system still working in Sydney ~9yrs later

I write this review 8.1.20 for Solar Switch, which probably went out of business in 2015. It is now ~9yrs since my 2.15kW system (10 x 215W Hyundai solar panels & a SG2000 Growatt inverter) was installed ~26.4.11 in Castlecrag NSW 2068, and it is still working. I don't really know how the value for money was then.
I mark them down for Customer Service as it was the installer (not the salesman) who warned me of tree shading, and broke off the install to get a study done (I proceeded when he showed ave 85% efficiency over the year - more shading in winter than summer); also my questions to the company on inverter efficiency went unanswered in 2013. Nevertheless, the system is still working. In 3mths to 17.12.19 net FIT to AGL was 554kW (same period prior year 442kW)
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I now have a fault in the inverter and have called Solar Switch's number several times leaving a message after voicemail. No response. Show additional information
Solar Switch is out of business and you should update your website to reflect that. I have a faulty inverter that needs to be fixed or replaced. Their phone number on their website is disconnected, as is my installer's mobile number, and they do not answer emails at all. So I phoned the business next door to them from looking at Google street view photos and was told they disappeared over a year ago. Show additional information
Never return calls Show additional information
After 5 years system was working well. Three months ago had two new solar isolator switches installed (remote solar isolator) switch which are new innovative items that kill all direct current in the panels when switch activated. The electrician who made the installation discovered many defects in the original installation, unsafe wiring system unearthed, problems with panel installation etc. and these problems were fixed at our expense, no reply from Solar sSitch. Problems continued and after ceo of remote solar isolator switch attended and located a plug and play to one of the panels had caught fire and burnt out. It appears two different male and female plug and play connections had been used resulting the plastic connection melting, a real risk of fire. Everyone who had an installation done by Solar Switch should have the system checked particularly the connections. Col. Show additional information
Can anyone tell me is this company still operating. I cannot get in contact with them. They do not answer calls or emails. Maybe A Current Affair needs to follow this up.... Show additional information
As with when I had my Solar System put in by Solar Switch in 2011 to now there after sale service is absolutely appalling. Not one person in a Management position in 2011 & now 2014 would take any calls & everything is left to the reception staff to make up stories or pass on the company line. I was told to leave a message but alas a week later & still no reply. Once again I called and was told yet again that leave a message and someone will call you. After 4 days still nothing. It seems to me that once Solar Switch has your money they believe they owe you NO after sales service at all and this is evident in my dealing with them. I have never dealt with a company where management have been unwilling to take calls from unhappy clients but this apparently is how they avoid explaining there poor after sales service & no existent warranty that is supposedly 5 years. Solar Switch Management your actions are absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed at your behaviour. If that is how people who have put their faith in you and dealt with then any bad press you get is well deserved. And yes exactly the same appalling behaviour & excuses 4 years ago Show additional information
My system had a fault after inspection. I called solar switch to no satisfaction and had to fix it at my cost. After service is not good, the fact is there is no service once you pay the money,
Would not recommend this company at all please avoid you don't want to go through what I have. My advice is don't pay until you get the inspection done.
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Poor follow up with the other two suppliers. Show additional information
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Wattson energy monitor has not been configured properly. Currently awaiting response from SolarSwitch to rectify this. Show additional information
Overall I'm happy with they system that was installed. There were some hiccups along the way which started to frustrate me but eventually these were sorted and all issues were dealt with & all questions asked were answered.

I did opt for Solar Switch as they offered a combined payment up front with the option to pay the remaining balance with an interest free payment plan using Certegy.

I felt the installation took too long compared to indications when quoted. It was over two months before it was installed and connected after deposit was made.
There were some issues getting a 3 phase net meter which put the final connection a couple of weeks behind and once fitted 2 callouts were required before it was set up and working correctly. Although these were minor issues, they did delay the time before the system was fully operational and may have gone on longer had I not taken the time to review performance output of my system against similar sized systems in my region.

Although some issues were experienced with the install, they did respond to my concerns and queries and fixed any faults raised. I am happy with the overall performance of the system and I would still recommend Solar Switch as an option if you're looking for a system.
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Our clip-lock roof is quite old so 10 days were wasted as the installers were given the wrong fittings.
Possibly a closer look at the roof in the first place would have been a better option.
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The first thing that caught my attention was the courtesy of the saleswoman and honesty, in showing us what is the best system for us.
She never hinted or went for a system higher.
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When we made our choice, we knew there was quality and honesty in the person in front of me.
Three times, she explained to me what was the best system for us and we knew we could not make a mistake.
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No pushy salesperson.

Ready information.

$0 deposit finance.

Helpful every step of the way with non experienced buyer.
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The initial contact with Solar Switch rep was informative and the benefits of solar well presented.

A fairly hard sell, but the rep's enthusiasm and willingness to negotiate the deal won us over.
All things happened when we were told they would.

Installation was stress-free, with very obliging tradesmen completing it in only a few hours.
On two occasions since installation, operational questions I have put to Solar Switch by phone were answered immediately and to my satisfaction.
A bit of a black hole re: feedback from my to-be energy provider so far, but I guess new electricity meters and a farewell call from my present provider means changeover has happened.

On these few weeks of fine winter's days, the system is producing up to 12kWh per day, with daily peak generation between 2.4 and 3kW.

We would recommend that anyone considering solar power include Solar Switch as a potential supplier.
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Carolyn the salesperson was very informative and helpful giving us a wide range of quotes.
She seemed to have a good understanding of solar and was not pushy.

The installers were efficient and tidy. All in all a positive experience.

Thank you Finn for all the good info on your website - very helpful.
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Company delivered the product in a prompt and professional manner. The staff/contractors were wonderful. Show additional information
So far, everything has been confused, installation etc. Show additional information
Show additional information
The system has not been installed yet. We are yet to confirm installation date. Panels and inverter have been installed. Show additional information
All three were very professional with frog solutions not as good as the other two thank you for your assistance. Show additional information
I haven't got the first electricity bill since installation yet so cant comment on weather it is going to save much money.

I believe all 3 suppliers I had give quotes would have done a good job.

I ended up going for the Solar switch option because they followed through with there quote and adjusting it to suit my requirements as I changed my mind.

Nicholls group didn't have time to do a sight inspection and the only communication I had with them was through email.

Mark group did not give competitive written quote but said they would beat the others quotes, however, once I gave them the final prices from from Nicholls and Solarswitch I didn't hear from them again.
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SolarSwitch were very good at communication all through the transaction and also followed up after installation to make sure we were happy with the job. Show additional information
Very happy with the service and the price of the system. It was the best system for the price. Show additional information
We were misquoted several times and the size of the solar array kept changing. The installation took 6 months longer than what they said and they were virtually impossible to contact. Show additional information
Electrical installation was poorly excuted in that the solar panel tile brackets were poorly placed ,however did not affect operation of Solar Panels. Installation in roofing space not to Australian Standards . Show additional information
Everything smoothly & all that was promised was kept. Show additional information
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I wouldn't normally post online about my experiences, but as Solar has had such bad press, I thought it would be helpful to tell everyone how good my installation with Solar Switch was. Right from the word go Solar Switch were helpful and very knowledgeable about their products. The install took place within 3 weeks of me purchasing the system, the install team were on time and very courteous and I couldn't be happier with my system. Show additional information
Thank you Solar Quotes! I appreciated finally getting quotes from reputable companies.

To be fair, all 3 quotes we got were fairly competitive with quality products (which I was able to determine from all the fantastic info on the Solar quotes website, I spent hours on there!).

We went with Solar Switch because they were able to offer us not only the cheapest price, but I felt the best value for money that we could afford in terms of the brand/performance of both panels and inverters. It is rare for me to take the cheapest quote, as I'm wary of a deal too good, but Solar Switch were great from start to finish - I would recommend them. And we've also been very happy with the way our system is performing so far, only 6wks in and it's been a good summer, but very satisfied!
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Solar Switch were great. The consultant was very informative and gave us lots of ideas on how we could save money on electricity whether we signed up with them or not. She showed us how we could greatly reduce our power bill by advising us on our individual electrical fittings . She explained everything thoroughly and answered our multitude of questions very well. We had the solar panels installed exactly when she promised they'd be installed. They did a very clean and neat job. Show additional information
All three recommendations provided quotes, with two visiting site to discuss their proposal.

We selected Solar Switch because they provided a larger Inverter for a slightly higher price so that should we wish to upgrade the system later we will not need to add a newer, larger Inverter.

Installation was performed very well and the final stage of the meter conversion all went without any issues. Very satisfied with their product and team.
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Professional & experienced salesperson and installers, all questions answered promptly.

Information & brochures were readily available to keep.

Communication was clear with touch to base for the customer when required.
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I really appreciated the information provided by SolarQuotes website in helping me make an informed decision on which company to go with. Show additional information
SolarSwitch was responsive, and their paperwork was good. They met their installation date once agreed, and the installation seems professional.

Good choice of equipment available - Conergy, Silex, Suntech, Trina, and Sunpower panels and SMA, Fronius, Aurora, and Xantrex inverters. This allow choices to be made on cost or quality basis.

I chose 11 Conergy 185 W panels with Xantrex GT 2.8 kW inverter. Mounting hardware is Conergy. panels because of 90% capacity warranty at 12 years rather than 10 years as with most panels. Inverter will allow another 7 panels to be added.
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We opted for a system with a greater output per panel and a larger inverter to allow for future expansion. The company we chose has been in the industry for some time, has a very good reputation, and has a well establisher Area Manager structure in Sydney. Everything has been done in a professional, timely manner and confirmed in writing. We couldn't be happier. Installation occurs next week and I am very cofident that it will be faultless. Show additional information
There is definitely not enough of information out there that is easily understood by the common man.
For example you sent me information from the government body and about the closing of the Gross scheme. The others that I spoke with did not provide these details. And they are very relevant details and should be part of the decision taking process of the clients.

The products offered by different companies are different and not comparable. Some websites have details of the products and others do not.

What is covered under Warranties, and who is responsible for removing / servicing in case of a failure is not advised.

How resilient the panels are to hail damage is not advised / easily available.

I agree with you that an independent ratings site is needed. I am sure there are a few "cowboys" out there that the public need to know of.
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Be sure to have the installer (not the salesman) visually inspect the roof, days if not weeks, before installation.
I had the experience, where A company's installers arrived to instal the panels, then decided the roof was to steep to work on.
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Research, Research, Research helped me understand the logistics before dealing with the sale peoples hype. Show additional information
Positive so far. The system was installed by Solarswitch on date stated and electrician installed meter shortly after.

Country Energy only supplies limited numbers of meters to electricians & still waiting for Country Energy to do final inspection & turn system on.
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I found the salesman honest and he provided a lot of information. Whereas other salesman from other companies gave me false or misleading information. Show additional information
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