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Solgen Energy Group once installed home solar systems, but now operates solely in the commercial and industrial PV market.
In the past, there was some sort of association between Solgen and another company called The Mark Group (which is no longer operating), hence the mention of that company in some reviews below. But we’re informed the two companies operated as separate businesses and Solgen were not and are not liable for any Mark Group systems. To view Mark Group reviews, click here.


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We purchased our system from a company called the Mark Group and service was fairly good, the installers they used where average and I believe they are now non-existent. The system worked fine for 4.5 years when the Fronius inverter failed, and this is when I found out that Mark Group had sold out to Solgen Energy Group. It happened over Christmas so I could not get anyone until early January. No problems still under warranty will fix it. Well it took several weeks and phone calls to finally have an Electrician examine the inverter and say it's buggered and the several more weeks and phone calls to have the inverter replaced. It wasn't until late March it was finally installed. Three months it took, and my power bill was 300 dollars above what it should have been. We have a new project coming up where I will need more solar, and I think I will use a Local company so if there are issues than at least a local company might be more responsive than one from interstate.
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I paid $20000 to mark group for my solar system. The inverter stopped working . Solgen state that they honour the warranty. I sent the serial number ran the diagnostics as directed and sent a photo of the error code as required because clearly as a woman reading numbers is an issue or I can’t be trusted to communicate a 3 digit error code . Ten days later no communication . I sent an email what is happening ? 4 days later no response. Rude !!!!!!
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The initial sale and set up was great. The after service was appalling. Our inverter had to be replaced as it was still under warranty. After several years of power bills being in credit we received a bill which alerted me to the problem. I had initially spoken to Michael King back in February 2016 and emailed a cover letter with all the bills in credit and post to see if we had a claim for compensation. After no contact, I called and found that he had left the company. He was the first of many people. Every time I had a new go to person, I emailed all the details to find they had left the company! My last contact was with Dominic Blair who assured me that "someone would be calling me back today". It's been 13 months! I would never recommend this company. We live on a corner block and people often stop to ask who we used for our solar and I happily recommended this company - never again.
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We have put a deposit down to lock in the excellent price we had received. We plan to install before xmas and have delayed the solar install as we need to do some roof repairs prior to panel install.
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I was quoted back mid September for a 10kW system. We paid over $1000 deposit and signed the contract to have it installed by 9/10/16. We did not hear from them for two weeks after that. I was then informed that the sale person who signed me up then left the company (within two weeks? very strange). I called again and again and was told the quoted system was not possible because we do not have 3 phase electricity. They sent an installer around to inspect the site. Two weeks then passed, I still have not heard back from them. After my many calls, they insisted on a new quote for a 5kW system for $7000. I called again trying to say I do not want a 5kW system and want my deposit back. They still would not get back to me.
Really bad customer service.
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I was able to get them to reduce their price for a 16 panel 4.2Kw system to just over $6K including installation and monitoring capability. The installation team were great.
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