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About Mark Group, Solar Installers

Mark Group

Mark Group underwent a merger and rebranded on May 26th 2016. It is now trading as Solgen Energy Group.

Mark Group's Head Office is in Sydney; with branches in Newcastle, Wollongong, the Central Coast and Melbourne. The company has been involved in home energy efficiency and solar power since 1974.

The Mark group says that it performs over 6,000 energy efficiency related installations globally each week, and as more and more customers tell their friends about how happy they are with their solutions, this number is growing rapidly.

A supplied customer referral said: “It was installed about a week after I paid the deposit. The installers were quick and efficient, and very polite. They were more than willing to explain everything to me.” Another customer said: “I have to say the installation guys were the most professional respectful people I have ever dealt with”.

Mark Group Australia say that all of their products are installed by skilled and trained company employees. The company conducts rigorous quality assurance on both installation and products; and provide industry leading guarantees on products and labour.

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Mark Group Solar Reviews

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Stay away!

Installed illegally, conduit tucked under tiles instead of sealed through a gasket. Dodgy wiring, wires crimped with pliers instead of proper crimped which were shorting. Brackets not trimmed.
5 years of 50% production from a 5kw 9k system, little difference to bills & extremely poor customer service & follow up on repairs. STAY AWAY!!!!!
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Dodgy installation of inverter

Our inverter (Fronius) has just started giving us an error code after 6yrs of service. We are no longer under warranty and so have had to go out and get quotes for a new inverter. We’ve now had two sparkies tell us that the Fronius inverter we have had installed by Mark Group looks to be a knock off version. And that the display does not accurately tell us what the issues is it even how much electricity we are putting back into the grid or even generating? Show additional information
When we purchased the system we were given a 5 year Warranty on the inverter and 10 years o panels and installation but can not get anyone to fix the panels for us. We have been trying to get someone for nearly tree months. Show additional information
Lost hope in trying to contact this company. Once they have your money you no longer exist. Show additional information
Sputnik manufactured inverter, they ceased operation. Mark Group Australia sold inverter and installed inverter however, would not replace unit under warranty when it began to fault. They said unit was still OK. Mark Group Australia merged with SolGen Energy Australia who agreed it is covered by them now. SolGen Energy will not even commit to inspect/repair/or replace inverter which has failed and no longer produces any power. There is still 6 years warranty on the inverter. A warranty seems to mean nothing when a company will not honor it, even though a warranty is promoted as a strong selling point. There was no ranking for less than awful for customer service that I could choose. The entire process has been an utter sham and awful experience. Show additional information
This review comes after a very good experience at the installation five years ago before the Mark Group merged to become Solgen. Four weeks ago, the inverter packed it in. As I had taken out additional warranty, the unit was replaced. Delivered three days after initial phone contact in fact - thank you Amanda! However, trying to contact Solgen to arrange for an electrician to come out and install the new inverter has been impossible. Every time that I have rung - no matter the time of day - the main number is engaged ... the ubiquitous "Your call is important to us..." for as long as it takes to get the shits and hang up. The one direct line that I have goes to voicemail and no return call. The email address I have elicits no response either and the "Contact Us" on the Solgen web page, gets no response either. All of which makes me think this is in receivership or closed its doors. Show additional information
Finn, I know this feedback comes years after the asking - apologies for this, lost email file - but first point is the survey needs rethinking. Even after 5 years in service I have no real way to evaluate value for money, quality of system, installation or customer service because I have no basis for comparison. I've selected "good" for each category but all this means is "good enough that I haven't wanted to have it removed for any reason". The system works but I have no way of knowing if it is any better or worse than any other system supposedly offering similar performance.
On the plus side it has paid for itself (just) over the 5 years we've had it, but only because we get a good feed-in rate. On the down side, performance has declined >3% per year which is a bit more than I expected. Now with some experience in this, if I were thinking of doing it all again with today's options, I'd install double the capacity - more if possible - using east & west facing roof faces, not just north, and look hard at batteries. Would also want a way to isolate from the grid during transmission failures, i.e. don't necessarily want to go off grid, but don't want grid problems to prevent access to solar or battery power while grid is being repaired. With current setup, the solar system is useless if the grid is down.
FYI, panels are Trina Honey (x16) and I'd look hard at higher end panels with more output and longer performance life.
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Purchased 4,75kw system in 2014. Mark Group didn't tell me about the government rebate. When i contacted them a few months after purchase they told me that the rebate had come off the initial purchase price. They got a contractor to install the system. The people did a poor job of installing and damaged my colorbond roof putting creases in it by not walking on the rafters and then tried to say they were already there. Which i know they weren't, as i helped put the roof on. Show additional information
I was concerned that we were not getting our moneys worth from a very expensive system. Our electricity retailer said we should phone back the supplier Mark Group. On sending them the figures straight off the Inverter Panel we now find that the feed in is far less than it should be meaning we are not feeding back what we should, nor are we really being energy wise by using electrical appliances.......while we are producing bugger all solar electric. Part of the problem was that there was no follow up from the group and remembering the Home Insulation Fiasco I should have followed up myself. But at some stage you need to take things in good faith. Never again and never, ever with these guys whatever they call themselves. Show additional information
Put solar on in 2012 first inverter went in 2014 had it replaced now it has failed. Now they tell me warranty starts from first inverter not the replacement so that's 2 inverters in under 6 years don't go near this company I think this is a ripoff if they cannot warrant the replacement. Rang them all you get is call centre they don't give a dam just want to take next call. Stay away Show additional information
The Mark Group refuse to acknowledge our 10 year warranty. We bought it with an extended 5 year warranty on top of the existing 5 year limited warranty. They claim it is not showing on their system as having the extended warranty. We have it on our paperwork so we may have to go to Fair Trading. We are very disappointed with the Mark Group. These companies need to take responsibility for what their sales people promise and sell. I hope we can sort this out soon as it is very stressful. Show additional information
Since being installed in 2015 our bill has gone up, we have paid $6118.78 in elec bills since solar installed, have had a total buy back of $34.20.
The day they put panels up the meter was suppose to go in but the guys here said they weren't putting meter in today, my husband said that's why l took the day off so l could have trench ready to lay leads, and cover up so they put meter in, now our bill is higher than it ever was, and the Solgen person looking after my case winged about having 172 other cases she was working on and her CEO has given her some of his cases, and she would get to it as soon as possible, finally a week ago an electrician came, he had never seen the type of meter we have, and Solgen said he has still not put his report in, so we pay while we wait. They don't return calls, there is no after sales service, we have complained since day 1 about outer solar and were told it was us, using more than we were making, but we weren't making anything, if anyone has any suggestions l am open to hear them, we just wanted a cheaper electricity bill and it has gone up and we have to pay for the solar system as well.
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Two of the ten panels were place in a situation where windows reflected onto them under some sun conditions. This caused a marked reduction in output from the panels. Mark Group were contacted several times and were always happy to talk but not to act. An electrician finally came out and claimed the problem was caused by dust (the panels had been washed 3 weeks prior). I finally fixed the problem by moving these panels to a different place on the roof. Show additional information
Installers broke tiles which went undetected until we had heavy rain. So much water into ceiling cavity and then through the ceiling that I had a waterfall in my bedroom. Mark Group eventually returned and replaced roof tiles but no attempt to even look at internal damage. My ski gear, my wedding dress, my kids' baby momentoes, all sodden with filthy water from the roof. Not to mention the ceiling, carpet etc. In addition I can see very little savings on my power bill despite getting the panels with highest efficiency. Show additional information
Installed today - June 10, so all still very new! However everyone associated with Mark Group from Michael in sales to Harry and his installation team - they were all very helpful and very professional! Let's hope it delivers everything as promised!! Show additional information
Inverter blew up after 4 years.
Promised by Solgen to fix within a week, THREE MONTHS later still awaiting the fix.
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Thanks to Finn I've been able to get: a small system I could afford on the pension; with a good company whom I trust; and a local sales person who was great and sincere; and an installer who is also local and professional. Show additional information
For after installation service this company is the PITS!!!! We were very happy dealing with them, THE MARK GROUP, at the start but once you have a problem BE PREPARED - no return phone calls EVER! and this has been going on since July and it is now end of November. They have told us several times a new panel is on its way. We have lots of emails on that, most unanswered by them, asking for delivery details. It still hasn't been sent. They keep saying yes they will post it, and it never is. They don't return calls,EVER!!!!! We have dealt with three separate persons, two no longer working there but still no better service with our new contact. We are preparing to seek legal advice as to the next step we can take. Show additional information
We bought our system 2 years ago at a cost of $9,000. The most we have saved in a quarter is $75 most of the time it has been $20 a quarter. I know the Marks Group company is under new management as I had previously lodged a complaint and I did receive a phone call advising me that the company was under new management so the new management is aware that the system has never worked. I thought that during the day the electrical appliances would run on solar on a clear day ( and we have plenty f those in Cairns) however our power bill remained as high as it had always been before we had the solar installed. All I really wanted was to cut my power costs down so I installed a heat pump hot water system and my electricity bill has halved. I really didn't need to install a useless solar system that is never going to pay for itself in my lifetime and the idiot sale rep should have told me that instead of ripping us off with all of the crap about how much money we will save and how the system will pay for itself. When we received our first electricity bill after having the solar installed I called the sales rep and complained that we had only saved $20 and his response was that the weather had been exceptionally hot so the fridges were working overtime and I should try putting tubs of ice in the fridge to help keep them cool. Show additional information
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Mark Group were the only one who sent a person to see us and our property, the others just emailed quotes.
The sales advisor was very knowledgeable and provided us with a great deal of sound information about how to get the best from a solar installation. He recognised the unique nature of our property and came up with several alternatives i.e. different panels & inverters.
As we wished to have minimum panels and maximum efficiency we chose Sunpower 327w panels & Fronius Inverter which seem to be leaders in the field.
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The sales pitch was great but from there poor response time, much less output than promised, missing roof tiles (explained by Solvent as probably stolen!!??), shaded up tiles not fixed including under the panels, blocked valleys to the point our ceiling flooded and crashed to the floor, paperwork signed off by unverified installer and under a possible false name, the switch burst into flames, no responsibility taken by the company, lying and blaming others. They have caused untold misery and cost 10s of 1000s of dollars. I strongly advise staying away from them. Show additional information
Installation of system including panels and inverter completed on 3rd December 2015.
Inverter at installation date found not to function. Required service technician to establish cause of problem.
Had to wait till Saturday 12th Dec for service check. Took some time to establish fault.
Fault apparently due to grid voltage being high at 256 volt rather than required voltage at 240 volts.
Inverter does not function at the higher voltage. Need to upgrade inverter to Queensland standard which operates at higher voltage.
Could not access inverter code to make necessary changes to inverter . Hopefully will obtain code from Fronius on
Monday 14th Dec. If so not sure when technician will be able to make changes to inverter.
Indicated that it will not happen before Christmas and may have to wait till middle of January 2016.
Very disappointed with this service approach as system has been fully paid for.
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After being promptly provided with quotes I contracted Mark Group. I believe work was of good quality but customer service was lacking. A Solar Analytics was included by the salesman. When the main solar panel system was installed in October I kept pursuing the salesman for the Solar Analytics. I finally gave up, called Mark Group to find the salesman no longer worked there, no-one had informed me, and that I needed a new switch board (no-one had told me that either) before the Analytics could be installed. This was just before Christmas and I couldn't find an installer until late January to replace the switchboard. Then I kept chasing Mark Group for the Solar Analytics to go in. This took 6 more weeks of phone calls and promises.
Finally, from getting quotes in September, we are finally up and running mid-March. The system appears to be performing well.
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It has been 3 weeks since instillation and the system is not working yet!!! apparently due to and Energex high voltage issue. So I have selected "average" above until the system is operational (hopefully before my next power bill!!!!). When it is operational I will do this survey again and hopefully my remarks will be better. Show additional information
I find it hard to rate the solar system yet. I would be more qualified to review it after I have seen a couple of electricity bills.

Also I am a bit confused with a notice from ERGON with fault defects and they haven't put their reader in yet. My electrician seems to think the electrician who installed the system should have to rectify the faults and bring the meter box up to ERGON standards.
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Originally Mark Group did not quote. They had an issue with their sales rep and the quote was delayed 6 weeks. I was quite annoyed at the delay.

The Mark Group have since supplied the best value for money and cheapest quote alternative. We have actually sized a 15kw battery ready system with 19kW of solar panels, (3 phase). They have not installed yet as we are waiting on Energex approvals.

The system also has 10 year warranties on the equipment and the installation.
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Whilst there was nothing wrong with the service from Ionic we decided on the Mark Group due solely on the professionalism.
In fact the Mark Group was slightly more expensive with their salesman more experienced and explaining things in more detail.This was probably the only difference The installers were really good - working all day in light rain.
Thank you for your help in this - we only got connected to the grid about ten days ago so will need to be a bit patient for end of September.Thanks again.
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Still waiting for Energex to install the new meters. Everything else rates very highly but Energex very poorly.
We were particularly happy with our Mark Group rep who enlightened us greatly whereas both other reps simply wanted to sell us the biggest system they could.
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Currently in the process of having my system installed so too early to provide a full picture of my experience Show additional information
Polite and helpful salesperson. No fuss installation. so far no problems but too soon to comment on much else. Clyde Show additional information
All went fast and smooth and from wo to go we were up and running in less than a month Show additional information
I was impressed with the salesman's knowledge and how he explained it all worked. Some information I knew and some I didn't. Generally I thought it was all a good deal. They were slightly more expensive than others, and I even looked at ones not suggested by Finn Peacock, but the price difference was only marginal. I investigated the systems offered by doing my own research and what the Mark Group offered was reasonably top of the line for what I could pay and so worked in well with my allotted budget. The workman came and installed it rather quickly and the workmanship was good. All people I spoke to were professional and courteous and one thing I require when making a substantial purchase is that the seller respects that money is hard to come by and that spending such a large amount (by my standards!) can be fraught with worry if I'm doing the right thing or going with the right company. All in all, I was pleased with the service and felt comfortable that I went with the right company. Thank You to Finn Peacock for making this site up as I was struggling a little with the idea of purchasing solar but his assistance made it so much easier. Show additional information
A very complex investigation is required - from prices , solar panel types , inverter models etc.
This took me 3 months of solid dedication to come to an informed decision - I have become some what of a solar expert ??
I would not recommend buying through a cheap solar company - evidence has shown me that U really do get what U pay for with solar systems.
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BrightEarth electrical were contracted for the installation. They were super professional and very efficient. We're also happy to discuss and respond appropriately to all of my queries. Show additional information
Ergon Energy Mucked us about with approval for the Install for over 4 weeks
Not installers fault, they installed as soon as approval granted.
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Installer very knowledgeable
Follow-up conversations with Head Office lack knowledge of their product & information on Meter Readings. No one in their office is able to answer questions about the running of the Solar (how much power needed to run dishwasher etc)
In & working in 3 weeks, we made 15 calls to Electric Co. and Supplier
So far, we are happy. Thanks for your help
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Mark Group contractor was very professional with the install. The other two companies I received quotes from were also very professional and in the end it was a comment from Finn regarding the performance of one of the panels available which helped my decision to choose Mark Group. Unfortunately it must be close to five weeks and I am still waiting for Origin to install the digital meter in order for the proper use of the solar system. The companies suggested by Finn were top tier contractors. Thanks Finn. Show additional information
Was given incorrect / incomplete information about availability and cost of "off peak" electricity to my property
Installed 16/3/16 no grid connection until 26/5/16 - not happy about that
Head Office / salesman / installer have all failed to respond to email questions posed by me at different times
On occasions when I have rung Head Office, you are not even put in a queue if no one is available.
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The salesperson was very helpful and was able to answer all our questions - even hard ones! The installation was difficult because of the way our power is set up (rural property) and that resulted in the installation not being as smooth as it should have been. The admin staff were helpful but a bit slack getting back to us or fixing up the problems which cropped up. However eventually most things were ironed out - just took a lot longer than it should. We look forward to seeing the difference on the power bill. We were told more than once that we'd made the right choice with our supplier and it certainly was better than one of the other suppliers quotes who thought that we would be happy with a 3.8kW system (for the same price) when we'd asked for a 6kW one! Show additional information
I purchased 2 systems of about equal value. 1 at me house Townsville and one for my daughter at the farm Eltham NSW. This one has not yet been completed. Show additional information
A bit of messing around with the EWR form due to phase mismatch between Supply and Metering. Show additional information
Had some difficulty receiving the paperwork weeks after paying. The accounts person wanted payment the day of installation. We explained we will pay the next day but he tried to get us to pay by credit card ( even though he knew there will be a 1.9% surcharge ). Show additional information
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We did experience some electrical issues when the installers put the system in as our home security system and the electrical circuit in my shed was somehow shorted out on the day of the install. No resolution yet other than installer saying we should have turned off any delicate elec appliances when we contacted them about the issues.
We then had security company come and look into the fault and they said it was something the installers did, but neither party are willing to accept responsibility.
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