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About The Solar Renewable Energy Corp, Solar Installers

The Solar Renewable Energy Corp

The Solar Renewable Energy Corporation is an Australia-based firm that has installed solar power systems on hundreds of homes throughout the country. It also offers commercial solar PV.

Members of the team will assess the home of the consumer before deciding which solar power system is right for their needs. Electricians who install the panels are certified by the Clean Energy Council.

The Solar Renewable Energy Corporation uses solar panels from a range of top suppliers, including Silex, Hyundai, Sharp and PVI Solar.

It can also offer assistance to customers hoping to make the most of federal and state rebates for renewable energy.

The Solar Renewable Energy Corp Solar Reviews

The communication between the company and ourselves was very good, they got back to us with every email and phone call. The guys arrived when they said they would and answered our questions and showed us how to read the meter. They came late on one day, did a couple of hours work and finished it all the following morning, the whole thing only took about 5 hours. There was also someone who rang us about a week later to see if all went well. We are very pleased with the whole experience. Show additional information
I said to go ahead with the installation. That said with in 23 days. Got a phone call after 35 days, they said would be in touch, still waiting after 14 days. Show additional information
Price for equipment was very competitive. Warranty is as good as or better than most. Installers were very good. Show additional information
As a "new purchaser" I knew very little. I had a call from Tom O'Donnell. I was most impressed with his help. He gave me a price that was "very low". I said to him that he could charge me more! Tom replied that he could pay more if I wanted to! He later took $150 off the price.

We got 8 panels and a 3kW system. for under $2300. Tom advised me to only purchase a minimum number of panels, and a bigger inverter as panel prices were going down and we could get more panels later.

Obviously talking on the phone one does not know if the service etc. is real. I emailed Finn and asked him about Solarrec. Finn emailed instantly and gave me positive feedback on Solarrec. I also forwarded a quote to a local Solar Company, who confirmed the prices were good.

I am very grateful to Finn, thank you. We could not have done it without you.
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My only disappointment is that the system was installed on the 4th March and to date the system has not been switched on!!! Show additional information
Solarrec's Tom O'Donnell was on the phone the next morning and then made a house visit.

Chose Solarrec on price and which included German PV Panels. Panel installation was completed within one week of agreeing on the price and then hook up to the grid took another two weeks.

Highly satisfied with the service and feedback from Tom O'Donnel and quickness of installation.
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Once I had chosen the Supplier and agreed on a price, it was installed fairly quickly in late February. After installation it took a long while to get the meter connected. Energy Australia approved on 14th March, but the installation wasn't completed till today [6th April], and this took a lot of persistent chasing on my behalf.

At the same time I was ordering a fireplace, and similarly i had to do a lot of chasing of the tradesman involved in installation to get a quote.

It seems that there is a lot of work around, a limited number of skilled tradesman and the companies are having difficulty coping with the workload.

The system seems OK to me and working as indicated. Difficult for me to assess the technical capabilities of system.
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While I was pleased with the Solar Rec - they were very very fast to install and prompt in delivering the system- there are a number of points that are not satisfying.

1. They switched panels on me at the last minute. Basically sold sytem A and when it came to install declared that they had only panels from manufacturer B available. I had no choice but to accept otherwise I would have to wait for a long unknown amout of time before I could get the system initially offered. Of course the new panels were slightly less efficient and from a less known manufacturer than the ones in the initial offer.

2. I am still waiting for the meter/grid connection. While they promised to organise this for me within 2-3 weeks, it did not happen and I am left to deal with the guys that do the meter connections. That is now after over 4 weeks after the installation.
3. Solarrec paperwork is totally inscutable. I am still not sure that they actually lodged all the correct paperwork (I assume so) and it is impossible to get a straight anwer here. This is even more vexing because NSW reduced the feed-in tariff to 20c/kWh in November and I'd really like to be sure that they lodged everything before the deadline expired. The system certainly was installed before the new feed-in law came into effect.
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A real pleasure dealing with solar rec and tom who gave me immediate attention and sorted out all my requirements .

Tom showed his knowledge and expertise by explaining the ins and outs of the various systems in laymans terms as well as giving me the best price.

Unfortunately all quotes received from other suppliers fell well short in all areas.

Thanks once again for recommending solar rec .
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They were very slow on the the follow through with the order .
Tell you that you will get paper work then forget to send it.
Should have been fitted at begining of March but actually waited into April when fitted.
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The installation was very prompt but we waited 2 weeks for the grid meter.
After a few broken promises it was installed at a much reduced cost.
Overall everything seems to working fine and we are just waiting for our 1st bill.
I would definitely recommend Solarrec.
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Very grateful for your most helpful advice. This could have been a very daunting experience except for the advice you have so professionally made available to the "not knowing" general populace. Thanks heaps!!! Show additional information
Both the supplier and installer were great people to deal with. We are still working on the retailer with the best FIT and the supplier has guaranteed a rate which they are working to secure on our behalf. In other words, we have had to do nothing but sit back and watch the power grow! No hassle, deposits or complicated contracts required with Solar SEC. Show additional information
The company (Solarrec) has been terrific to deal with and have done everything in a most professional manner. Show additional information
The salesperson did not show deep knowledge about solar panels and inverters, just a salesman good at calculating the cost of a PV system, almost no customer service at all. Show additional information
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Installation was completed on time & professional, Tom was very informative & helpful with selecting the system, customer service very poor they never return calls & little paper work. Have not been connected to the grid yet (6 weeks) told next week? Every day not connected is costing us money ( the paper work was approved in 3 days).
When the customer service & connection to the grid is improved i would only be to pleased to recommend this company to others .
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The boys at Solar REC were brilliant. Friendly installers and sales Rep. Phillip is very personable. The only let down which is not their problem is the wait between connecting to the grid. Which I believe is a common problem. Two weeks to have the thing installed, brilliant, only to have it sit there for an extra few months not generating any electricity due to the utility. Show additional information
Of all the quotes and advise we received for our Solar Power system, Tom at The Solar Renewable Energy Corporation gave the most sensible advice for our requirements and didn't try to oversell us. Communication was always timely, and we were kept abreast of progress across every step of the process. Our installation went very smoothly, and the product provided was very competitively priced. We are also in the position to increase our array in the future, thanks to the advice from Tom. Show additional information
Have been waiting over 2 months now for Energy Australia to connect the system to the grid! Show additional information
Overall, very happy with system and supplier. Would recommend to my friends. Show additional information
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Hasn't been installed yet due to delays but Tom has been very nice to deal with and is providing me with special discounts for the delays so as long as its installed in the next Show additional information
The only "Nasty" bit we are still waiting on is having it installed to the grid for over one month now. But that is not the SOLARREC fault. they delivered within a week of decision making and installed within a day. Perfect! Show additional information
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