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Sunways AG / Solar Energy Australia solar inverter reviews

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Sunway AG is a German Solar Company established nearly 20 years ago. The company headquarters are located in Germany (Constance, to be precise) but other international offices are located in Barcelona, Spain, and Bologna, Italy, in order to serve a more efficient customer service and support to local customers.

At least for the time being, Sunway AG hasn’t set up any local Australian office yet, meaning that our users will have to refer directly to the European headquarters should they need any technical or after-sale assistance.

Sunway specializes in the production of solar modules and inverters as well as photovoltaic cells used in the automotive industry, monitoring equipment, providing custom design solutions for clients with specific needs. In the inverter market, customers can choose among the products in the AT, NT and ST series, depending on their necessities and requirements.

If you want to learn more about Sunway’s line-up of solar products, make sure to take a look at the solar products listed here below to spot the ones that best meet your specifications and needs.

Also, if you bought one of their inverters in the past and you would like to share your experience with us, feel free to leave a comment.

Sunways AG / Solar Energy Australia has 15 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
AT2700680 V2700W95.50
AT3000680 V3000W95.50
AT3600680 V3600W95.50
AT4500680 V4500W95.50
AT5000680 V4600W95.50
NT10000900 V1000097.60
NT11000900 V1100097.60
NT12000900 V1200097.60
NT2500900 V250097.80
NT3000900 V300097.80
NT3700900 V370097.80
NT4200900 V420097.80
NT5000900 V500097.80
PT30k1000 V 3000098.00
PT33k1000 V3333398.00