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About Cablelogic previously Renewable Logic, Solar Installers

Cablelogic previously Renewable Logic
Cablelogic is a Western Australian company previously known as Renewable Logic established in 2006. In WA it has offices in Perth, Geraldton, Karratha and Bunbury. It also operates in Tasmania and Queensland. They are accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

They are also a quality assured company, maintaining accreditation to AS/NZS 150 9001:2006, ensuring consistent and reliable quality of service. Renewable Logic is totally committed to environment issues; it recycles 90% of all waste, runs a fleet of hybrid cars and has implemented a number of energy management policies to better manage their own energy use. Basically they seem to walk the talk when it comes to being green.

Renewable Logic says that they will follow any project right through, and will take care of all the paperwork, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Customer testimonials for Renewable Logic are available, and include the following:

“Renewable Logic provided us with a simple solution that met our requirements. All of the bureaucracy and paperwork was completed painlessly with the assistance of our Project Manager. The installation team were professional and friendly, and our system produced power immediately.”

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Cablelogic previously Renewable Logic Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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My solar panels were installed 2012 and now its not working, and I can't contact Cable Logic anymore Show additional information
I was getting quotes for a 1.5kW system from various companies. What renewable logic failed to say was it is a 1.05?kW system when they quoted for comparison, which is a huge difference. Prices were the same as other companies for larger 1.5 system. Feeling very stupid to have been duped so easily. System installed 2009. Is currently not working. Doing the math to see whether worth paying an electrician to get it fixed so added up saving. Unit saves on average $19.35 per 61 Day billing cycle. That is a total of $116.10 per year. So far then for 6 years we ha e saved $696.66. Unit cost $2500. It will take us 21 years and 6 months to recoup installation costs before it starts paying for itself. That is if it was working, and the cost to fix will probably be more than the $696.66 saved so far. What a waste of money. Show additional information
I have not been getting any energy credit for 3 years. I was asked to get on a ladder and take photos of my roof. so the sale rep could work out how many panels he could fit on my roof. When the quote arrived, there was no name /address or phone contact on it. ( which is illegal in WA) Could not fault the Installation, was very well done. I have only just found out that I have not been getting any credit for the power i have been producing. They did not give me any paperwork to submit to Synergy. I was told by the Current manager that it would have been in the pack. I have since looked at all the paperwork in the pack and the info sheet included has no mention of a RED sheet for synergy. They do not want to help at all with the credit i have lost. Now I have to try and get Synergy to recognize that i have a system on my roof. Show additional information
I cannot rate "Value for Money" . It isn't as if I regularly buy Solar Energy systems. I was informed I had paid too much for it by a competitor but other quotes and internet research shows the price I paid was average for the system.
The company I used were reliable - they kept me informed, they came when they said they would and the job was completed in the time frame I was given. The installers were polite, neatly dressed, kept the work area neat and, given how quickly they completed the install, efficient.
My only concern was the company didn't give me sufficient notice regarding payment. The company expects money 48 hours prior to install. It was a bare 48 hours when they informed me of install date. If there had been a delay in the transfer - and banks are notorious for that - it may not have been a good situation. That was the only hiccup in the whole deal.
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All three suppliers were great. In the end, after doing my own research into the systems that were presented, I went for the system that Cablelogic suggested. Installation and the customer service was great. I am really happy with my system. Show additional information
I object to being subject to a buying practice that requires one to fully pay for the system (Confirmed payment required) prior to providing an installation date. This company would not budge on these terms - only action available is to cancel the installation and not pay.
The inverter installed failed on testing at site. I think this is indicative of some failings in their operating systems.
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Was the only Supplier to actually bother to:
1) Come and view the site
2) Explain the differences in the Components as per quality Etc.
3)Advise as to how Solar actually works and how to gain the most benefit from it.
The only "complaint" I have is that there was no follow up after installation, to check that all was OK.
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Renewable Logic were on time, tidy and efficient with installation. Even after hours of research, customers don't know which is a better quality product.

The after sales service is very important and you only truly find out if this exists when something goes wrong - which you don't expect and hope never does!! One has to initially go with trust that you are receiving the best quality product from a trustworthy dealer for the best price. Finding a recommended dealer who has no negative customer feedback is the way to go. But visiting the Solarquotes website helped tremendously understanding solar power panels!

Difficult to comment on financial satisfaction without having received first bill and at this early stage to compare energy savings. With the low grid rebate rate it boils down to lifestyle. Understanding that if no-one's home during the day using the generated solar power, then the saving is minimal until the weekend higher power usage.
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The installers were excellent and the salesman good. However none of the salesmen consulted warned me about the mismatch between the daytime production of electricity in the winter months and mainly night-time usage, resulting in a longer payback period in States such as WA where the value of electricity exported is much lower at 8.4c/kwh than the cost of electricity at 25c/kwh. Show additional information
As we are located in North West it was all done over the phone and the service was very good, prompt and they followed up well.

Even though Western power & synergy were difficult to deal with this company was used to dealing with them and assisted us to get things done on time.
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The installation was carried out only 3 days ago. Hopefully I have chosen wisely, but performance of the installed system remains to be seen. Show additional information
We found our salesman Rob Howell to be informative; explaining the system to us in layman's terms which we appreciated.

Rob was on the ball, followed through at all times. We would recommend him to others. His installers were young chaps and we found them to be very polite, approachable and tidy in their work area.

We are at this time more than happy. Hopefully we will be even more so when we receive our next aurora bill.
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Not a lot of feed back, seemed like they weren't really interested. (Their HQ is in West Australia, I am in Tasmania --too bad) not real happy with customer relations. Show additional information
Renewable Logic of Perth were very believable from the start to finish. Presented all the information and worked out the system taking into consideration our choices and ideas. Communication was very good and prepared to negotiate price. Over all a very stress free exercise. Show additional information
Rob rang the next day and arrived on time and went through past bills and worked out the system we needed. They thoroughly explained how every thing worked the installers came and installed on the due date and we would highly recommend this company. Show additional information
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Renewable Logic were the first company who were prepared to come out to my property and do a full needs analysis.

Phil did an excellent job at explaining pro's & con's. Also they provide an interest free pay off system.

The contractors used for the installation were very professional, imformative as well as clean and efficient
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I did extensive research via this website and even went to the extent of going about our estate asking questions. In the end, we chose Renewable Logic because of good reviews they have on SolarQoutes and on Whirlpool and also an excellent salesperson by the name of Lemy who came across very honest and not pushy. They were quickest to reply as well. Price wise their quote was about par with the other quotes I ended up getting through SolarQuotes.

The installation was done promptly and professionally. The system is producing about 9-10 kWh/day which is decent for a 1.5 kW system. About 6-7 kWh on a cloudy day.
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The salesman told me the panels were tier 1 being from a tier 1 factory. I was told to look on the net to see a list of panels by another person regarding tiers, on the list the panels I were getting came in at tier 2. I put this to my supplier. He told me they are made in a t 1 factory so they are tier 1. I don't know who to believe, but in the whole scheme of things its done now. I can only hope for a good run out of it. Its very much like car yards, $1500 system. Won't do much, but our $5000 system is what you need and they're probably right. Show additional information
I bought the one from Renewable Logic. It was the most expensive, but it was the only quote I trusted.
Their sales rep came around and made an onsite inspection - the others didn't.

So far, the daily power generation has matched their estimate, but it is somewhat early days.
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Good informative sales pitch, none of this high pressure, irrelevant over powering sales talk.
Quotes were a variety of systems from cheap to more expensive.

I did ask for German Panels and a top range German Converter and they delivered and installed when promised.

Could not fault the installation team and received a lot of useful information from them as well.
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Renewable Logic were the only company to supply a quote within a reasonable time and are a local company to deal with. Show additional information
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We went with Renewable Logic because they delivered the quote and explained face to face how things worked. Prior to that, there was just too much information to comprehend from the internet sites. Show additional information
Renewable logic were the only people tocome to our house to give a quote and explain how the panels would benefit us. They were $100.00 dearer than the nearest quote but because they gave such good customer service we chose to go with them.

My father in-law had also got prices to get panels installed, we gave him the number to contact renewable logic energy and after getting a quote from them he also decided to go with them.

Thank you for the contacts you gave us.
For me personally it's not just about the money, but also the service.

Thank you.
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Renewable Logic gave an on site written quote. This allowed us to discuss position of the panels as well as the inverter and isolators. Also, the size of the system was 7 panels at 260 watts each. Total therefore is 1820 watts with a 2 kW inverter. Show additional information
The only one that supplied technical details of the panels and the inverter. Did not bother me with sales pitch. I am looking forward to the installation. Show additional information
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Hi Finn,

A bit early to say how effective the system is but only one of the 3 companies supplied attended (Renewable) and more than happy with their sales rep and installation.

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Not the cheapest in the market but my preference was to go with a larger reputable company. The installers, who are employees of the company, were professional and took great pride in their work. Very pleased with the outcome. Great job guys! Show additional information
Renewable Logic were accessible, happy to explain things, delivered within time frames given and even followed up after install to make sure we were happy. They also gave us several options to choose from in terms of quality, and weren't pushy. We had a tight budget, but didn't necessarily want the cheapest option, as we want our sytem to last 25 years. My only comment would be for the other companies that quoted us - with hindsight, we might have been able to buy a comparable system a little cheaper from somewhere else, but the other companies initially only quoted us for one brand of panels and inverter, and I didn't realise that they could also provide other brands as well if requested. Overall, would happily use Renewable Logic again. Show additional information
I paid $2700 for a 1.56kw system using 6 Yingli panels and a 1500 Growatt inverter. These are good quality Chinese products. Yingli are just breaking into the market here so there was $1000 off the normal price. I had my panels placed on my south facing roof but mounted on tilted frames facing north. I have a lot of trees and this was the best position with least shade. I paid extra for the frames but got them for half price. I couldn't praise Dermy the consultant too highly! He was prepared to spend time and was so helpful without trying to pressure me in any way and explained everything clearly and simply. He also gave me important information that I didn't get anywhere-else (I actually contacted 5 or 6 different companies) for example about the Australian testing facility, Desert Knowledge Australia and the significance of panels being tested for Australian conditions. A lot of performance data is based on overseas testing where conditions may be very different. He also left me with well presented written material including a fact sheet of the 16 steps towards switching to solar power with expected time frames. Plus he's a very nice and funny guy! Show additional information
The whole process went smoothly. The installers did a thorough job and Damien returned my calls promptly. I chose RL for the quality of the panels and they ticked all the quality assurance boxes. I'll recommend them to anyone who's looking at installing solar pv's! Show additional information
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We decided to go for the best overall quote taking into account the anticipated customer service. It's hard to anticipate follow-up customer service when quotes are just given via telephone. When a Service Rep visits the home to quote, checks out the property as well as the power meter and the probable location for the inverter, this indicates that that company is getting all the information required to be able to quote effectively.
When the installers arrived right on the pre-arranged time of 0830, that was another indication that all would go well.
We believe we got a good deal and hopefully there won't be any need for "customer service" in the near future, but if there is, we also feel that we'll get good service.
A couple of telephone calls to the office were answered promptly and a message left for a callback on one occasion, was initiated. The callback was provided within an hour or so. Fantastic Customer Service, thanks.
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I found all of the companies you recommended to be very professional and knowledgeable. They all provided similar advice and discussed clearly the various options.

They did not promise what could not be delivered which other companies had.

The installation was well done and even when they encountered some problems they discussed with me what they would need to do before they commenced it.
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They were very efficient from quote through to installation.
Quality product and very good fitting.
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We were very happy with the whole process. Show additional information
We only have one negative in the whole process!! The installers were very late on the day, and never finished to well after dark. As we are very new to this system and the manual doesn't explain the read out all that well we are unable to determine just how well we are going for the moment. (Despite the rain) Maybe installing in the daylight would be a good idea. The guys doing the installation were all very professional and courteous. Show additional information
A very complicated experience to go through because of the large amount of systems available on the market with a very wide price range associated with them. I was happy with Renewable Logic in all aspects and hopefully I've purchased a system that will last and help reduce my power costs. Show additional information
Renewable Logic's sales person was very knowledgeable and advised us the system which suited most our needs and not the most expensive one. The communication with the company office was great and we have been well informed of the progress during the whole process. We waited around 7 weeks until the system was installed. The installation went smoothly, the workmanship was neat and tidy. We can only recommend Renewable Logic. Show additional information
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From quote to installation the service was great. Went with company that's large, been around for ages and will still be around after all the rebates. They use Q panels which test out at the top of the range and have a high output meaning less roof space used. They even got good feedback from other companies. All in all an enjoyable experience. Show additional information
We chose Renewable Logic for the purchase and fit of our Solar Converter and Panels because the salesperson sat with us and explained the whole process in an easy to understand way.

The salesperson did not try to pressure sell us more than what was required and we received excellent service with the fitting of the system and also the company kept us informed via email as the process progressed.

I would recommend Renewable Logic to others.
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Renewable Logic gave us facts encouraged us not to overspend and put in a system that we did not need. The follow up service of keeping us informed on how our order was progressing has been great. Show additional information
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