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What is the Northern NSW city of Tamworth if it isn’t country music? The heart of the distinctly Australian version of this music genre, Tamworth lets down its hair and rolls up its sleeves for the famous Tamworth Country Music Festival – the second largest festival of its type in the world.

But don’t let the twang of a perfectly dropped tuned G-string (or one on a guitar) fool you, Tamworth is more than just country music. Known as the “First City of Lights” because it was the first place in Australia to use electric street lights in 1888, the city has shown that it not afraid to innovate.

This has also proved to be the case with solar energy. Tamworth’s location in northern NSW, sunny days longer than a Slim Dusty ballad and relentlessly rising electricity prices have shown it to be an ideal location for generating electricity with solar panels. The increased demand for domestic solar systems has been covered by a number of Tamworth-based solar installers who pride themselves on using local, reliable tradespeople to do the job.

The image of Tamworth is changing. While it will always be (proudly) associated with its country music and historical heritage, cost effective and environmentally-friendly innovations in such fields as solar power are proving the First City of Lights to be just as adept in switching to renewable energy as it is in hosting legends of country music.

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