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About Green Solar Energy, Solar Installers

Green Solar Energy
Platinum Partner
ABN: 52 131 964 826  ABN active since 01 Jul 2008 | Ultimate Spark Electrical Pty. Ltd.
ACN: 131 964 826  ACN active since 01 Jul 2008 | Ultimate Spark Electrical Pty. Ltd.

Green Solar Energy is Australian-owned and offers a variety of solutions to help customers lower their energy bills and consumption. It boasts an experienced team of technical experts who can deal with all the paperwork associated with buying solar panels to make the process as easy as possible.

Only the highest quality products are used by the company, which states that it does more than simply supply and install solar panels. Customers are asked to outline their requirements so the team at Green Solar Energy can come up with a solution for their needs.

People can also receive information on government rebates and incentives.

Green Solar Energy Solar Reviews

Great! Happy with installation, customer service etc.

Sales process was great!

The installation was on time as scheduled, installers were friendly and professional.
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Great installation

Great service from Green Solar Energy, installers were on time and did a quality job, it all worked without any hassles. Show additional information

A pleasure to do business with.

I received multiple quotes for different sized systems from Anne who was very accommodating and informative. Mahmoud arranged a date for installation and was easy to deal with, and very knowledgeable. After a slight hiccup (due to rain) the installers (Richard and Henry) were quick to arrange another day for the installation. I did not have to wait very long and the boys were attacking the job with great professionalism. I was impressed by their work ethic and obvious experience in the field. The site was spotless after installation and I was informed of what I needed to do next i.e. Grid connect, download monitoring software, etc.
Overall I cannot recommend this company highly enough, the product was excellent, the price was right, and the staff were great.
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An outstanding team of Solar Installation perfectionists.

It gives us complete pleasure to recommend these wonderful folks at GREEN SOLAR ENERGY to certainly delivered the right type of PV installation.

After negotiating the terms of installation, accepting a fair and equitable quotation, we proceeded with the installation. We were impressed that they listened to us and unlike others who offered quotes, did not push their agenda on what they wanted us to have. That was quite refreshing to start with. Politeness struck me as folks that we could work with and relate to.

Our installation was not your standard type, it was a domestic 3 phase, with 50 of 385W Canadian Solar panels installed and old panels and inverter removed.

After the careful removal of 10 of "older" cheap 250W low performance smaller panels and the "old" ABB AURORA 3.6KW inverter (installed in 2011) all traces of this bad, totally ugly 2011 install were totally removed.

A mammoth task to execute from start to finish.
After discussions with Mo... together, we worked on replacing the old 8 of 1640mm x 994mm 250W panels
With 10 of 2000mm x 994mm 385W Canadian Solar.

This was achieved by adjusting the geometry of mounting, thus facilitating all 10 x 385W to be mounted.

Next, was the total removal of 10 of a 2014 installation.
These too were carefully removed as well as the old mounting triangles and the mounting roof bars of our 88 Square metre flat metal garage roof.
Our garage roof received 40 new 385W PV, following the tiled house roof that had the new 10 385W installed.

Mo's Green Solar Energy team did it like clockwork in carefully removing the old and covering the metal flat roof with the new 40 of 385W Canadian Solar and following up with reconfiguring the new 10 of 385W Canadian Solar in place. An awesome task to do, however Mo, Richard and Henry worked brilliantly to achieve what was needed. A very impressive job well executed.

Next was the 27KW FRONIUS Inverter, connected to the meter box three phase meter from the street,. Watching Mo work, it was perfection in his work.

As a electronics Techo myself and a designer of good electronics gear, one seriously knows when your sparkie is switched on. Mo, is a "master" in my humble opinion.

I was impressed by his excellent workmanship, his eye for detail and the professional manner in which he did our installation. After his work, he cleaned up all off-cuts and paid great attention to making the installation far better than the 2011 sparkie's very slack and ugly job.

Impeccable attention to detail. That is the marque of a professional. Do it right first time, no corner cutting, very impressed. In the past 50 years, I have never seen a installation wired so well. It is outstanding to see it.

We discussed our forward estimations of our energy needs with the very helpful and knowledgeable Ann in their office and of course, with Mo, the Master.

It was by mutual consultation, we chose a 15KW SONNEN BATTERIE/ Inverter tower to fulfil our battery needs and a FRONIUS 3 Phase inverter to replace the aged 3.6KW ABB AURORA inverter at our meter box.

The SONNEN 15KW battery and it's 3 phase inverter sit in a 1.86m tower along with the 6 x 2.5KW Li-Fe-P04 obatteriesr Lithium Ferric Phospate. These batteries were chosen for their battery chemistry, which we believe is far superior to the older Li-Ion types that are offered by many others.
The SONNEN BATTERIE warranty covers us nicely.

Mo wired everything neatly where practical so the majority of interconnecting wires were not visible, unlike the previous sparkies doing cheap "quick buck" installs for TV advertised jobs. A lesson learned here folks.

Seriously, you do get what you pay for. Cheap jobs. It does not pay in the long run. Pay peanuts, get monkeys
and yes, there are a lot of cowboys out there, seriously!

Then, the job of getting it all to talk with each other via the software, Wi-Fi, nothing was a problem for Mo.... he did it with the same mindset. Perfection.

We are now saving $$$ day and night due to careful battery planning of our unique requirement.

So far, we have been free of grid supply into our home and the battery has kicked in to run appliances and devices well above our expectations. We are almost not drawing much from the grid and that is one huge bonus.

We are more that delighted to recommend Green Solar Energy and Mo's team of experts for any installation.

A very impressive company from the knowledgeable Ann, who runs the heart of the Office, through to Mo... or Mahmoud, Mo suits him.

He has the full responsibility of planning the PV Strings, adding into the mix of our 2 year old 22 of 275W Seraphim PV panels (yes, a $4,499 cheapie from before) and then the logistics of removing the much older 18 solar panels and replacing the removed ones with 50 of new 385 Watt Canadian Solar panels.
Totally Awesome.
My Wife and I do thoroughly recommend Mo and his great, exceptionally experienced team.
It would be remiss not to mention the efforts of his very trusty, loyal assistants Richard and Henry, outstanding workmanship guys, extremely happy with your work and especially that all panels are gapped correctly, 25mm between each panel, spot-on.

It is on this fine basis, we offer our experiences as a benchmark of what you too, can have and achieve. Almost off the grid with all 3 phase approvals done.

All approvals were sought by Mo and fully passed.

With 72 panels, 50 new of 385 Watt, connected with 22 of 275 Watt from a previous installation, all connected correctly and by-the-book. It is a win-win for us. Tidy, punctual and extremely engaging. Great folks to deal with. From a technical aspect, outstanding work !

Vickie and Jeff J.P.

cheers, Jeff.
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Anne at Green Solar Energy was very helpful at every stage and the installers were excellent.
The System is not working yet as I had to wait 2 weeks for a "level 2 electrician" to upgrade 3 fuse holders on my Switchboard.

Following that switchboard upgrade I called my electricity provider (Red Energy) who said I would have to wait 6 weeks before they would change the meter. (the level 2 electrician that did the fuse replacement said he could do it on the day for AGL)

My new solar system is not working yet because i need someone to connect the new fuses to a new meter.

I installed a PV system in Brisbane and it was simple and easy (2 weeks)
In NSW it seems to be a bit more complicated. (3 months ?)
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Professional people, best service imaginable

I sought quote locally and Green Solar Energy’s quote was approximately 2k cheaper. Ann, Mahmoud, Richard and his team...all were ver professional and maintained vey well communication at each step of the process. My suggestion is that just don’t relay on your local installer, these guy’s go all over NSW. Can’t recommend enough. Also don’t get confused with another company that has “green” in its name. These guys are the real deal. Show additional information

Very professional

Quote was fine ( with a bit of good advice from you). Installation was very good & quick 1 week after quote. Yes they did a help the grid connection Show additional information

They went the extra mile

Sales staff were knowledgeable and flexible in their design of my solar system and prompt in getting back to me with variation prices. Richard and Henry were very friendly, and happy to answer any questions. Despite a late finish they did a great job on tidying up and sorted out some problems in my meter box.
I had to have my TV antenna relocated and urge others who need to do this to shop around or to ask the solar panel installer what their price is. My antenna relocation cost me $750 !!
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Great installers

Why do I need to make the review longer than 10 words Show additional information

Quality service, quality materials, quality installation

The sales quoting process was very professional. All my questions were answered and during that process of gaining clarification and also having to compare different systems in the different quotes, I was never pressured to buy.

The installation was excellent. The installers turned up on time and were very friendly and courteous. Highly recommend their work.
The grid connection was seamless and all of the work that was needed to be done to ensure that I could read the solar panel production and our consumption from my phone/computer was done by Green Solar. I highly recommend this company.
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After investigating three solar installation companies (recommend by Finn Peacock), Green Solar Energy was chosen to install two (side by side) 9kW solar power generation systems.
The final decision was based on price and service. Ann was very helpful providing: panel, inverter, battery and ancillary options; as I learnt more about what I had, and how best to optimise my system. As the difference in cost of the systems, between companies, was less than 0.5% of the total, the explanation of technical data, re-quoting of the system with variations, and the graciousness with which it was offered, were telling.
Having Henry inspect the site prior to installation, confirmed the installation requirements, providing piece of mind for the cost and confirmation of the quote.
As it was a large order, there was a mis-understanding about the delay between ordering the system and installation.
Mahmoud, Henry and Richard were exacting and accomodating with the installation and commissioning of the system. They threaded the DC system cableing through existing conduit (prepared during construction) to suit the owners requirements. The panels were installed over the two days allotted, commissioning of the inverters was completed the following day. Some time was lost as I was unaware that an internet (‘Wifi’) connection is required to access the extended inverter warranty from ‘Fronius’.
The job was well finished and done in good humour. It was a pleasure to work with the Green Solar Energy team, and it is one of the best fitout / construction experiences I have had.
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great price and installation

My Brother who is an electrical engineer helped us choose Green Solar Energy. He has found them great to communicate with and that they actually know their solar and product much better then many other companies who were not able to talk fine details or who accidentally misrepresented there products. They offer great quality Solar at a great price. The installation was smooth and the team polite and friendly and willing to listen to my brothers and our requests on roof placement ex. thanks so much Show additional information
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Fantastic Installation

Green solar Energy did a great job installing our solar panels, very courteous, professional job and cleaned up well, panels working well. Show additional information

Great Installation!

We were impressed with how professional and careful they were. thank you. Tidy and Punctual, All connections done before they left... even helped me get the app on my phone to check the panels production when we are away. Show additional information

July 2019 installation

The system was only installed two weeks ago so the comments are based on experience to date.

The sales process went well and after we demonstrated some commitment to purchase, Mo came out did an on-site inspection and suggested some changes from the original quotation. Ann from head office was easy to deal with and responsive.

The installation team were polite, tidy and turned up when they said they would. I can see the cabling on the underside of the panels and it looks neat and tidy with nothing flapping in the breeze. The cabling from the roof to the power box is in PVC tubing (as it should be) and is indistinguishable from other cabling running down the side of the house. The work at the power box is also neat and tidy.

They helped with organising the grid connection.

First tip: I called the electricity supplier to organise connection as the team were completing their work. The electricity supplier asked some questions I couldn't answer so gave the phone to Mo and he dealt with it. Suggest you do the same. As an aside and nothing to do with Green Solar Energy, it took the electricity about 12 business days to do the connection which meant upgrading the meter, but after reading some horror stories about how long it takes was better than expectation.

Second tip: Get the Enphase application so you can monitor production and consumption. Both are interesting, but consumption may give some surprising results as you will be able to see how much power various devices use.

Third tip: At this time of year, July/August, the panels are at their most productive between 10am and 4pm so that's the time to run appliances like washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers and so on because the power is free rather than running them later in the day or at night. Also, cloudy days really impact energy production so if tomorrow is going to be clear skies then delay if you can.
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Great system with some very hard working employees.

The purchasing process with Ann was easy with just a small deposit paid, within a short time the 2 fellows who arrived (Mahmoud and Richard) were both very good hard working young boys who had the entire job done quickly, efficiently and cleanly. I was up and running that day, no waiting for an electrician to come and connect as 1 of the boys was a qualified Electrician. Thank you Green Solar Energy, Ann, Richard and Mahmoud. Show additional information

Highly Recommended - Excellent job by a very professional team.

Both the sales/quoting process and the customer service provided were: efficient; friendly and extremely well managed. The installation went like clockwork. Due to the nature of the roof, It was a difficult job that required overcoming some challenges. However, the team handled it expertly well, keeping me informed, explaining the difficulties and using their combined knowledge to identify the best possible solutions. The work was completed in a day and, when they packed-up, there was no sign that they had been here at all - apart from the lovely new panels on the roof. Show additional information

Excellent prices and service

The entire team was excellent to deal with. Although the initial quotation was just on the phone, I later asked them to send somebody out to inspect the site itself – highly recommended. Richard, Mo and Ann gave thoughtful recommendations that took our situation into account, and quoted at competitive prices. They were willing to work on a 35-degree pitch roof, something other companies were reluctant to do. When one of the microinverters failed, they organised a replacement.

All in all, a very reputable and decent company.
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Systems running very well, SMA Sunny Boy with Opal solar panels Show additional information
Green Solar were very professional and accommodated my requests very well (ensuring water runs into the gutters properly and inverter installed inside shed (better protection from the elements). Haven’t turned the system on yet due to smart meter installation wait, but hopefully that will go without a hitch. Show additional information

Solar installation

Ann provided good customer service as well as being very knowledgeable in assisting me to determine my requirements. After some communication issues the installation went well and I was provided with all relevant documentation. Green Solar Energy care about their customers and will work to ensure they are satisfied. Show additional information

Very good installer

1. Good
2. Polite tidy and punctual
3. Good, yes they assisted with the grid connection
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All Staff at Green Solar Energy were very helpfull, went out of there way to help with any questions asked

Quoting was excellent made my decision easy, installation was fast, installers were very polite and helpful and punctual.
Great customer service.
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Fantastic company to deal with! Happy

Overall they did an outstanding job - right from all my questions, queries, options for products etc. Install was successfully executed and guys did a good quality job.

Cant think of any reason not to recommend their company.
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Whole experience easy and hassle free. Show additional information

Standout solar

Excellent advice and service in visiting our home to give us appropriate and pertinent information.
Prompt and competitive quote + phone access with Ann to respond to our follow-up questions.
Ann helped us also by organising an extended warranty on the invererter.
Henry and Richard worked brilliantly all day to finalise the installation and helped with repairs on some existing dodgy tiles.
Just waiting now on our energy provider to finalise the connection
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I had done some research for several months before I chose this installer. And found that there aren't many good installers around Sydney that have a strong market presence with good reputation in the industry.

Their track record and history was the most important factor for me because many installers push the low to mid range products with a very competitive price into the market and then go out of business without keeping their promise to provide warranty and customer support. And then they come back to the market with a new trade name so that no one knows who they were. I was shocked by the fact that almost 700 installers have gone out of business for the last 8 years in Australia.

So I started to believe that cheaper prices than $5,000 for 6KW solar panel would end up with little chance to get warranty and support, and thus set the target price range to be $5,000~$6,000 for my 6KW solar panels with 5KW inverter. And I have sent out request for quote, shortlisted into 2 installers, and then chosen Green Solar Energy. Their price was reasonably competitive, they offered high quality products (the inverter is the no. 1 in the market and the solar panels are tier 1, not the no 1), they completed the installation in a single day, the system generated circa 30 KWh a day last week, and I have a confidence that I can get their free services for the next 10 years since the company has been around in the Sydney market for more than two decades.

Every system breaks. I know it from my 20 yrs experience as an IT engineer. Look at the horrifying reviews by customers who the many dodgy installers left hung out to dry. So prepare for it by including the cost into your price range.
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Not installed as yet, but I have been very happy with the help that Anne has given me over the phone. Show additional information
Very pleasant, efficient and helpful across the whole team.
We will now just await the next electricy bill and the next few years!
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Hi Finn really like your site and I referral so many of my friends to it. The company we went me - my friends and me - has been the cheapest by a fair bit and while I gave one of the others a really good chance showing them the quote no one else could match them. I hope they will be good when installed in late September, so happy to give you feedback when that happens. Show additional information
Anne from Green Solar was amazing to deal with and the installation team that came to my house were really nice too, cleaned up all the mess, very talkative and the main guy was very informative about system and setup. Show additional information
Due to some unavoidable circumstances the installation didn’t go quite as smoothly as I would have expected, due mainly to some communication issues. However, Mahmoud has contacted me and is working to address the situation. Show additional information
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It was a pleasure to have Henry and Richard install my 6.6 kw system. They kept me informed as to when where and how the process of installation was going and showed me every courtesy of the true professionals they are. Both Ann and Mahmoud answered all questions with out fuss and took they time to explain in great detail. The paper work from the team was explained in great detail and every bit of help was generously offered. I would gladly promote this business. Thank you Green Solar Energy. Stuart. Show additional information
The Green Solar Energy experience started with the Salesperson, Ann, who was thoughtful and listened very well to my inquiries and helped determine our needs. This went on for nine months and she was unfailingly helpful and prompt in reply to requests.

Once committed to the installation the team, Henry and Richard did an excellent job, including going above and beyond to aesthetically managed the cabling down the side of our house.

Worked well, easy to talk to and cleaned up well. Finished late and said they would come back two days later, a Saturday, to test the system in daylight, and as promised, turned up.

Selected them from Solar quotes as they have been in business for quite a long time (20 years)and the experience showed.
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They were able to install much more quickly than anticipated Show additional information
Communication is very poor with this company and I have to keep chasing for information, not very happy and I only hope when the install happens When it happens ? it improves Show additional information
Installers Henry and Richard were professional, industrious and courteous. The site was spotless when they left, nice neat job on the roof and with the inverter inside the garage. Well done guys. Ann was knowledgeable and always a pleasure to talk to. A good experience. Highly recommended.
Awaiting connection to the grid.
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The Green Solar Energy team - Mahmoud, Ann, Henry and Richard are fantastic.
From my planning stage, Ann was very knowledgeable on the solar panel system. I have done my research before hand and already comparing apples and apples, but this lady had informed me if its a Royal Gala or Delicious! She is easy to deal with even scheduled the installation with my terms.
The Technical/Installation team led by Mahmoud with Henry and Richard are all professional and efficient. Prior to installation, Mahmoud was on site and explained to me panel layout and listened to my suggestions and come up with the best structural positioning.
During the installation, the team was on time and spent the entire day carrying out a superior work. After installation, they did a thorough clean up. Richard replaced a broken tile and Henry explained the system isolation during emergency.
Mahmoud set up online account and checked the systems function and informed me even after hours. This is SERVICE at its best. A phone call away, and easy to talk to.
I personally recommend GREEN SOLAR ENERGY to my friends and workmates.
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Our experience with Green Solar Energy has been great! They have patient and friendly sales staff, competitive prices, professional installation technicians and exceptional after sales service. We were sceptical about choosing a supplier who wasn’t local but after months of investigating systems and comparing prices we weren’t disappointed. Our installation was expedited (and installers were friendly and didn’t complain that temps were over forty degrees on a black roof), and a follow up site visit (for a replacement panel which was damaged on arrival as identified by the installer) was not a problem at all. After sales service has been excellent, no question too small. I’d highly recommend Green Solar Energy! Show additional information
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The Green Solar representative (Ann) was very helpful and able to convey her knowledge and expertise to me clearly in a way I could easily grasp. I asked many questions and asked her to help me understand what to me was a complex topic. Ann was patient and straight down the line. I recommend Green Solar. Show additional information
MICHELIN STAR service from a STRONG SENSE OF PROFESSIONALISM, COMMITMENT & WORKMANSHIP. Mahmoud, Ann, Henry and Richard went above and beyond. ANN helping me choose the right system, to the Boys MAHMOUD, HENRY and RICHARD working hard in 45 degree weather !! Highly reccomended if you live in regional NSW, Riverina, MIA, griffith, Wagga places in between. Defiantly VALUE FOR MONEY compared to local options i had. Jinko panels and Furious inverter set up. I have personally recommended Green Solar Energy to my friends. #TEAMGREENSOLARENERGY Show additional information
Henry and Richard arrived on time on the day they were booked. Nothing was a problem, they worked all day and then some. They didn’t leave till the job was complete and the sun was down..
They cleaned up after themselves, extremely efficient, great knowledge, kept us informed on all aspects of the job.
We could not speak anymore highly for them. I would recommend the guys to do any job any time.
Good sense of humour and work so well together.
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As our unit has not been connected by our supplier as yet I cannot answer the first 2 questions, but as far as the Installation and Customer Service we would have no hesitation in recommending Green Solar Energy to any one wanting to install a solar system. Thank you for suggesting this company to us. Show additional information
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