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Country Solar NT Reviews

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About Country Solar NT, Solar Installers

Country Solar NT (Winner of Telstra NT Business Of The Year 2015) is the most experienced locally owned solar retailer and installer within the Darwin region. The company has been selling, installing and maintaining quality solar systems to residential, commercial, industrial and government departments since 2010.  Country Solar NT is the only company in Darwin with in house engineers, installers and project managers to cater for all systems sizes and projects.

Country Solar NT Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Not installed yet. Country Solar helped me understand the different options in complex area. Show additional information
A bit of a wait on the install but there was a cyclone which slowed proceedings. The team was in at 0800 and finished 22 panels, string Inverter and Power Water meter change at 1500. Happy days. Show additional information
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Decided to go with Country Solar NT and I'm so glad that I did. I spent weeks trying to decide which panels to buy and which solar company to use. Had absolutely no idea as there were so many different types out there. Mr Peacock helped tremendously and with his SolarQuotes I had 3 installers call me. Both the other installers seemed ok, but after Sebastian coming and inspecting my house, I was quickly impressed by his professional knowledge. He chose the best suitable panels and explained everything. So the 6kw system was ordered and was installed ahead of schedule. The installation team was amazing and finished in under 6 hours. I've had the system on now from the end of November and already produced 1450 kW. On a good sunny day its over 30 kW. Haven't had a full bill yet but of what I can see from the meter I'm producing almost double what I'm consuming.. Can't wait till jacana is paying me.. Thank you Sebastian and Country Solar Nt. Highly recommended! Show additional information
Installation includes a free standing frame with 65meters of 25ml cable. This extra cost was the most competitve. Show additional information
Thanks for Installing 6.5 KW system on my house, very happy with they way country Solar handle this full complicated process.....cheers Show additional information
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The knowledge and expertise of Sebastian was second to none, great service, could answer all our questions, with very good customer focus. The installers worked efficiently and fast and the whole process was completed in a professional and timely manner. We highly recommend Country Solar to others. Show additional information
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The Sales Representative from Country Solar NT insisted on an site visit. During this site visit he checked roof, current switch board, existing meter, the location for new Inverted and made suggestions for the best route of cables that would keep visual impact to an minimum. He suggested that I move my antenna and recommend micro inverter / as the solar panels might get partly shaded by solar hot water system and later in the day by trees. Based on my research in regards to Solar Systems I had a long list of questions for the sales representative. The sales representative answered all my questions before I even had a chance to ask.
The customer service from Country Solar was far superior and the price for my preferred solution was lower than their competitors.
Instalment is scheduled for February and then they have to prove that they can deliver what they have promised.
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Most of the companies I contacted were very helpful. ALL of them had the best products available, apparently........ I did a fair bit of research and some of the products offered, especially the cheaper quotes, weren't as good a quality as they were claimed. You really need to do your homework with solar. Show additional information
I was quoted 3-5 days for the system to be fitted, it was not operational for 10 and a half months. It then took another 6 months for it to be fixed to the point where it passed electrical and building compliance and that was after Work Safe was called in. My home also suffered a heavy degree of completely unnecessary damage during the installation, which while most of it was repaired it should not have occurred in the first place.

Supplier Reply

Most difficult customer Country Solar has ever had

We would schedule the work only to arrive to locked gates and be told he didn't want it done today. This happened 3 times and after the 3rd time Greggor was told that when he was ready to call the office. He did this after 3 months.

There was some damage to his roof, this was unfortunate and mostly down to his roof being tile and old. All damage was repaired.
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This company did not give me the cheapest quote in the first instance, but their sales guy was excellent with his knowledge and information. He was also quite impartial - eg: didn't put other brands / companies down, but rather concentrated on all the positives of his own systems. When I put to him that I had another quote for a very similar system but $500 cheaper, he not only price-matched, but also took an extra $50 off the price. I was really happy with the installation - they placed the panels on the roof exactly as I asked (symmetrical!) and the cabling was really neat back to the inverter. I received a follow up email a week or so after the installation to advise that all paperwork had been submitted to local building certifier and to local utility. All in all, a very easy experience with Country Solar NT and I would recommend them to anyone in Darwin looking for a knowledgeable, experienced, professional residential roof-top solar company. Show additional information
I went with Country Solar because I have an older house and was worried there might be unforeseen costs. They worked though each of those concerns and where able to put my mind at rest before i signing up. Show additional information
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The only issue I had was typical Darwin. They were supposed to come on a certain date and they didn't turn up and I had to chase them up to find out what was going on. I didn't mind that we had to reschedule the installation, I did mind not being told about it. The salesman was very apologetic but it still happened. Show additional information
We had 3 companies give a quote. We did not think there was much difference in the performance of the panels, we were concerned with all three for the warranty as we have researched companies providing panels and there has been a few takeovers in the past 3-4 years. In the end our decision was based on cost. Installation was quick once approvals had been received from Power Water. This is not the time of year for best energy output with storms etc, but are enjoying watching the inverter tick over - more entertaining than TV! Show additional information
Very good at sending out the righ type of quote with out even seeing the house and when they did see the house the quote stayed the same. Show additional information
I found big extreme between the providers with some being too pushy and others not getting back to you. Show additional information
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Everytime they sent paperwork to sign I had to send it back because it had the wrong address and the wrong details about the type of system and brand we had installed.

This happened twice.

We have been told that we now have to wait another 8 weeks until Power and Water come and connect us to the Grid. We have already waited 4 weeks.

Not happy about that - but it has nothing to do with Country Solar.

A part from the paperwork issues they were great. Came when they said they would. Provided the service that you expect.
Two other companies, I won't mention their names were awful. One did not even want to send someone to discuss our needs. The other came but never followed through with a quote.

Country Solar won the job by default really.
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System will be installed next week. So far so good.

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This was an excellent team from start to completion, highly recommend. Show additional information
Fantastic service and quality of work. Staff and installers were friendly and courteous. The installers took care when working in and around the house and we couldn't have asked for a better job! Would recommend their services anyday. Show additional information
We have had a 4.5Kw solar system put on in December and have found the service from Jeremy and whole team at Country solar NT to be extremely professional. The service from the start to complete install was very helpful and efficient. It was put in very fast and has increased the value of our home and will help save a bit of cash with rising power costs, I would recommend these guys to anyone who is looking to put one in.
Cheers Guys
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the quality and neatness was fantastic and the guys that installed it were very profesional Show additional information
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Finally we have a REAL local supplier, with local installers and the company owner is the installer. Show additional information
I was happy with the installation. It did take longer than i first thought. There are a few dents in the new roofing iron.

The guys were not too careful when walking on the new roof.

Workers working on new rooves should really not wear heavy safetly boots when working on a new roof.

PAWA took their time in installing the new meter.
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Country Solar NT were very professional right from the beginning. Just hours after my first contact with Country Solar NT a quote was provided. They were very informative and could answer every question I had. Our system was installed in just one day and our installer took the time to explain to us how it worked. I would recommend Country Solar NT to anyone considering a solar power system for their home as their prices are very reasonable. Show additional information
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Country Solar NT was very professional. Show additional information