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About CS Solar, Solar Installers

CS Solar

Reviewers report paying: $11,000 - $12,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

CS Solar is a solar energy company based in Mooroolbark and covering the State of Victoria. Owner Simon Lacey says that he has been an electrical contractor for many years and has been operating CS Solar since 2008. He says that he personally deals with all customers from initial enquiry through to installation. CS Solar say that they are CEC accredited. They also say that their aim is to reduce your electricity bills to zero. They say that they are currently installing over 250 solar electricity systems every year and have experience in installing systems in every conceivable type of building. CS Solar says that it can provide 12 months interest free finance through Lombard Finance.

Customer reviews for CS Solar are available, and include the following:

" I could not ask for better service assistance and honest advice; nothing was a problem to the owner of CS Solar. The installation was carried out within two weeks, and other contractors who we had emailed or rang had not even bothered to contact us in the time. Want a great contractor; go for CS Solar!"

Four customers reviewed CS Solar. The rated the company highly for value for money; and very highly for system quality, installation and customer service.

CS Solar Solar Reviews

CS Solar Panels installed very happy customer

CS Solar are a fantastic company which I highly recommend!
Job was completed on our very large home efficiently and has been so effective!
Highly recommend CS SOLAR!
I guarantee you'll be happy.
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Highly Recommend! - Fantastic Installers, Very easy to deal with and the quality of the installation was second to none!

Extremely informative during the sales and quoting process. The way it was explained to us how the solar system works, what the solar system would most likely offset and the tariffs that were available at the time made it very easy to make an educated decision.

The technicians who completed the installation were professional, polite, punctual and tidy. The technicians ran through how the system performs, how to check readings and permanence of the system. Once they were finished they left the site as if they were never there, clean and spotless.

For us the after installation process was a breeze CS Solar arrange their inspector, connection to the grid seamlessly and we were amazed with how our electricity bill had been basically cut in half saved $600 once the system had been on for a whole quarter!!!!!
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Will tell you what you want to hear. AVOID AVOID AVOID

Wow I am shocked that CS Solar is still trading. I was told by them late last year that they were facing bankruptcy when I asked them about a warranty issue with one of my solar panels on a system they had installed as the panels have a 20 yr warranty.

They flat out told me that they were getting out of the solar business and for me to call another electrician to sort my issue out. When I tried to ask more questions and said that my solar wasn’t working due to a faulty panel they couldn’t have cared less and said mate I’m sorry i cant help and hung up.

But this wasn’t the first time that they have hung up on me as I found out many years down the track, after my solar system wasn’t performing that well and wanting to try and recoup the $11,000 outlay with the tarrif.
I found out through the manufacturer that I should’ve had a 3 phase inverter installed but only a single phase inverter was installed even after stipulating that we have 3 phase and they said yes mate we’ve got it all sorted and not to worry. Well fool on me CS Solar.

When I found this out I called to ask them and they were adamant that single phase is no different than a 3 phase inverter. Well it seems that the manufacturer and countless other advice from other solar technicians must be all wrong and suggested that I put a 3 phase inverter in and potentially has cost us a lot in feed back revenue.

When I made them aware of this they told me i was wrong and hung up on me. I tried to call back but they wouldn’t answer my calls.

So as you could imagine I am VERY surprised that you are still trading CS Solar.


Supplier Reply

Hello Trevor.

Thanks for the opportunity to respond to you about your various issues in a forum where we are not repeatedly subject to high levels of abuse and bad language. Abuse and language that was so poor that we chose to disconnect our returned call on several occasions. We believe you last contacted us around March of 2019. This review is dated 5 June 2020. Your system was installed in November 2012.

We Apologize to those who must read these long reviews but unfortunately the many misleading comments and misinformation that has been written in your review needs to be addressed.

- We will assume that given it was 7 years after your installation before we heard about any problems that it had been working perfectly for that time. No person would not wait that long if there was a problem.

- Your 5kw system was installed and the final industry standard independent inspection conducted on the 2 November 2012. It came with the following industry standard warranties.

o Warranty on installation – 5 years. It is now also required by the Clean Energy Council to be an approved solar retailer. CS Solar is happy to have that accreditation. Your system’s installation is no longer covered by the warranty.

o Your Trina Panels have a 10-year Manufacturer warranty on them and a 25 year performance guarantee. If there is a fault with your panels you would still be covered. This is the only part of your system that is still covered by a warranty.

o Your PowerOne ABB inverter, came with a 5 year warranty and hence is no longer covered. It is now 8 years since your system was installed.

- It is a good idea of all owners of solar systems to have service calls on a regular basis, to check the performance and to mitigate any potential problems. This is often suggested by the various network owners. We, like all businesses in this field and similar fields charge for this. Given your solar system is installed in Wonthaggi and we are based in metropolitan Melbourne, it would be economical for you to use a
local supplier, or electrician. We could help you find one if there still is a problem. We have done this for many of our country clients. As the solar industry is now older there are more country-based installers. We often refer country leads to several companies. Both Sales and Service leads. If there is a problem that is shown to be a warranty-based complaint, we would support whatever was necessary to facilitate the claim against the manufacturer. Fortunately, we have only had to do this on very few occasions.

- Yes, it is true we were considering closing the doors around the time you first called. The Federal government at the had a negative impact on the industry. The then recent Victorian government solar program had been poorly introduced and had caused massive problems across the small scale residential solar business. You may recall the large protests and media stories of the time. They were organised by the Australia Solar Council on two occasions on the steps of parliament. There were some sad reports of suicide in the industry. Fortunately, we coped. It was an
extremely stressful time. The current state government program now is going very well and is a godsend to the industry.

- The single phase/3 phase inverter question. The most important question to answer here is you have not been financially disadvantaged by having a single-phase inverter. The credits for your feed in-tariff would be no different. (see explanation below). The practice of installing single phase inverters on 3 phase power is not uncommon. It does save you a higher installation cost.

o Your ABB inverter is a single-phase inverter.
The meter used by your power company is what is known as a 'polyphase' meter. In effect if the amount of power used across the 3 phases is less than what is being produced you will receive credit for it, even though the solar inverter is only on one phase.
o Traditionally all 3 phase import/export meters have calculated exports like
o 1) Look at the total amount of energy being consumed on all 3 phases
o 2) Look at the solar being generated on the single ‘solar’ phase.
o Subtract the solar energy from the 3 phases usage.
o Feel free to check this with Ausnet, who is the energy wholesaler in your region. Their phone number is Phone 1300 360 795
o Installing an inverter such as yours has not cost you any money in relation to your power bills and your potential savings. You will have made the same savings. A single-phase inverter also costs less to purchase. Particularly in 2012 when your system was installed. This reduced your cost of your system.

We are thankful to the opportunity to answer your questions. CSSolar.com.au
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Professional Punctual and Honest

We would highly recommend CS Solar
Clean workers they listened and answered our questions
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Very responsive to minor problem we have now used CS for three installations and they’re totally reliable with good workmanship Show additional information
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very happy with the installation they even replaced several broken tiles over the roof and didnot leave any rubbish at all Show additional information
Most of the quotes were competitive but there was some hesitancy in committing to installation by the required date set by the State Government. CS Solar guaranteed they would meet the installation dates and in fact installed the system within one week of us accepting their quote. Show additional information
These people are very good at what they do and are not pushy. All was explained and because certain panels were not available better quality ones were installed for no extra cost. The inspector of the installation said if Simon has installed this system everything will be correct. He even uses the best quality isolation switches on each set of panels as well as a main one. They have used an Aurora Inverter which I gather is good.
So far, we are very happy with the entire job.
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They were very polite work men, good at their job and cleaned up all their mess. Explained the solar system. Show additional information
I could not ask for better service assistance and honest advice, nothing was a problem to the owner of CS Solar of Mooroolbark Vic. The installation was carried out within 2 weeks and other contractors who we emailed or rang had not even bothered to contact us in the time and when they did the excuse was, we are very busy and the prices when I asked were way above cssolar. Want a great contractor go for CS Solar. Show additional information
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