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Euro Solar Reviews

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About Euro Solar, Solar Installers

I strongly believe that if you use Euro Solar you are taking a risk. Maybe you are the sort of person who likes to gamble, but I think the odds are stacked against you when dealing with this organisation.

As you can probably tell, I’m not a fan of Euro Solar. While other companies have come and gone and performed worse installations and received more complaints on average, Euro Solar, in my judgement, has the worst reputation in the industry of any large company that has been around for an extended period of time.

While the rating of 3.9 out of 5 for Euro Solar reviews shown above may not seem too bad, it is one of the worst average ratings for any installer that we have received more than a dozen testimonials for. And, at time of writing, if you click the button to see only reviews from the last 6 months, you'll see that their rating is going down. There are a large number of recent Euro Solar reviews on the internet that are not flattering. When searching for them you may wish to try “Eurosolar review” as many people squash their name into one word.

Despite Euro Solar complaints being legendary in the industry, the company remains in business and still attracts customers because their prices are low. They even have a low price guarantee. While it is not necessarily true that you get what you pay for, it is definitely true that you won't get what you don't pay for and if you buy a cheap system from Euro Solar don’t expect a high quality system.

If Euro Solar were merely competing on price and using cheaper panels and inverters while avoiding the worst products on the market they would not earn my ire. Provided a company does not mislead its customers there is nothing wrong with competing on price or providing a “budget” option for people who are willing to take a chance on cheaper components. But not only has Euro Solar been responsible for some sloppy installations, the company has engaged in dishonest and illegal business practices.

Renewable Energy Certificates Were Claimed Using 'non-genuine' Solar Panels

On the 21 July 2017 the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator required an enforceable undertaking from P&N NSW Pty Ltd (who own the business name 'Euro Solar') for claiming Small-scale Technology Certificates for 'non-genuine' Solar Panels that were not approved for installation in Australia.

Euro Solar Claimed 15,044 Renewable Energy Certificates It Had No Right To

On the 26th of September 2013 the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator required an enforceable undertaking from Euro Solar for claiming Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) they did not have the required documentation for.

The Clean Energy Regulator determined that:

P&N Pty Ltd t/a Euro Solar breached paragraph 154Q (1) (a) of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 by claiming the multiplier for 508 installations where it did not have the required installation contracts to support its claim. As a result 15,044 STCs were improperly created.

STCs are certificates created as part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target for installing renewable generating capacity such as rooftop solar. They are worth money and can be traded for cash. If I install 3 kilowatts of rooftop solar but claim STCs for 4 kilowatts then I have committed fraud. I have also harmed the environment by reducing certificates available to others for the installation of renewable generating capacity.

Euro Solar was required to hand over the 15,044 STCs they were not entitled to. At the time they surrendered them, they were worth considerably less than at the time they improperly created them, so justice was not done.

A PDF of the enforceable undertaking can be found here.

Euro Solar Fined $145,000 For Shonky Practices

On the 17th of January 2014 the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) reported the Federal Court had fined Euro Solar and its related company, Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing Pty. Lt. $125,000 for:

“...publishing fake testimonials and making false or misleading representations about the country of origin of the solar panels they supply.”

In other words, Euro Solar panels were not made where they implied they were and Justice Besanko of the Federal Court found that these representations:

“...were a central part of the respondents’ business and marketing strategy”.

In addition the sole director of one of two companies that make up Euro Solar and also of Worldwide Energy Manufacturing Pty. Ltd. was ordered to personally pay a penalty of $20,000 for his role in misleading consumers.

If you have never heard of the company Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing Pty. Ltd. I am not surprised. They used to be known as “Australian Solar Panel” (since changed to "Australian Premium Solar"). They supplied Euro Solar panels and along with Euro Solar:

“...made false or misleading representations to consumers that they manufactured or supplied solar panels that were made in Australia - when they were in fact made in China.”


Euro Solar ACCC

Here's a little hint if you want to avoid getting in trouble with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission - do not call your company Australian Solar Panel and then suggest, imply, or flat out tell people that you make or sell Australian panels when all you are doing is importing them from China. They really hate that.

And also, Euro Solar, fake reviews don’t impress anyone. Don't publish fake customer reviews on your site, on youtube, or anywhere else. Everyone hates that. That’s why it is illegal.

Euro Solar Complaints

Looking at some genuine and not fake reviews, I see many Euro Solar complaints involving a range of shonky business practices.

Firstly there is bait-and-switch where Euro Solar has a customer agree to a system and then calls back to tell them the panels they were quoted for are unavailable and will be replaced with an inferior brand. Two Euro Solar complaints on this are:

“When Euro Solar the next day sent me the documentation the quality of the panels was not the best as discussed... To this date they are refusing to give my deposit back.”

“I paid a $100 deposit to this company and was contacted the next day by one of their sales people telling me the solar panels that were originally quoted on were now out of stock so I would be getting some unknown brand name solar panels instead... I cancelled my installation with this company and requested a refund. Of course, no refund has ever been received.”

As described above, a common Euro Solar complaint involves people having difficulty getting their deposit back. So you would really want to be 100% sure you want to go with them before handing over any money.

There are numerous Euro Solar complaints about installations that were either faulty, not operational at all, or potentially dangerous, and the company not acting to rectify the problem. Four quotes from Euro Solar reviews mentioning these problems are::

“...system does not work properly and they refuse to fix it. If they refuse to fix it they shouldn't install it.”

“Shocking and incomplete installation... Legal action is pending to have all work that has been carried out by Eurosolar rectified in accordance with the sales contract and Ergon Energy requirements”

“The inverter packed it in after seven months and I have contacted them numerous times only to be given the run around...”

“Installed in Feb 2014, not yet connected at mid April 2015...”

If you are persistent it appears possible to get them to fix some problems, but I think you are far better off not putting yourself in a position where you need to hound them to do their job properly in the first place.


Euro Solar Is Not A SolarQuotes Client

SolarQuotes does not and will never include Euro Solar as one of the installers who will contact you if you are seeking quotes. They come nowhere close to meeting my standards for being a reputable installer. While I would like to think it is possible for them to change their ways, I do not believe they will ever change themselves to that large an extent.

While some installers working for Euro Solar are clearly doing better jobs than others, I have been unable to spot any pattern, so it seem it does not matter if it is Euro Solar Sydney, Euro Solar Melbourne, Euro Solar Brisbane, or Euro Solar Adelaide, you have to be on your toes when dealing with these people where ever you are. Or better yet, don’t deal with them at all.

Full Disclosure: SolarQuotes is a commercial site, albeit one run by a solar enthusiast. We make money by referring you to installers we trust, if you ask for quotes through this site. When we make a referral we get paid by the installer. We have about 200 solar installer clients throughout Australia that we've built up slowly since 2009. Those clients pay us every month for those referrals whether they make a sale or not. Euro solar have asked about becoming a client, but we have always turned them down. We would not be comfortable referring them to our friends, so we won't refer them via this site. In the spirit of transparency, Euro Solar are welcome to respond to our criticism, and we'll link to that response here.

Euro Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Installers wete very helpful. Show additional information
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Show additional information
I cannot believe the negative comments on Euro Solar. I installed my system 18 months ago. Scott the sales person bent over backwards to make me happy, even with several mistakes from Ergon which Scott quickly rectified without my involvement. The installation was quick and efficient by Mick from Hervey Bay.

Recently the inverter developed a fault. I reported the problem to Pat at Euro and within 4 days from my call a new inverter was delivered and fitted by a friendly maintenance Electrician, Dave from Yeppoon.

Well done guys. Great 5 star job all around.
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Show additional information
Show additional information
EURO SOLAR I ordered panels with the company in 2016, I live rural and was told there would be a wait, I was very patient and 4 months later they were installed, the day of installation they did not work, again I was very patient, I was told that I needed a new meter, I called my electricity company after paying them over $500 they installed a new one, I contacted the company immediately to inform them, I was sent an email stating that an electrician would be in contact. A month passed, I contacted the company again, another month passed, again contacted the company, again I was told I would be contacted. Several phone calls and emails later I was told that the electrician wouldn't contact the company and I needed to supply a name and number for a local electrician, I did so and now another month has passed and still no contact. I'm at a loss of what I can do, they have failed miserably, I paid for a service I did not receive, Show additional information
In my opinion this company sells the worst panels ever, they are great to get your money, and that is it. I get 50 dollars off my bills that is it do not go with this company. Show additional information
They make fake commitments and than waste lots of your time in installation process. I asked them before installation if I have to remove my tv antenna and also if there is enough space on my roof to install 22 panels which they offered me before installation and they confirmed me antenna removal is not required and also there is enough space for 22 panels. On the day of installation their technician told me that you have to remove the antenna as other wise it will hamper lots of performance and also there is only space to install 19 panels. I sent them back and complained to their office about the wrong information being provided. But they didn't help me but instead kept harassing me with their numerous phone calls. Than finally I removed my antenna by paying money to an electrician and agreed to install 19 panels as I was in dire need of solar panels due to high cost of electricity. On the next visit of their technicians they told me that my neighbours antenna will hamper the performance. I again sent them back and again complained to their office but instead they told me to cancel the contract. There staff was very rude and don't know how to talk to customers. But since I already wasted lot of my time I agreed to continue with the installation but they get signed from me a low performance form. Even the day when the installation was done finally was not smooth as I was at work and they forced me make payment immediately as otherwise they told me that they will call installers back. So harassment from day one till installation. Still not sure about the performance as still waiting for the power meter to be installed. But I won't recommend Eurosolar to anyone. Show additional information
By far the best price $3600 fully installed 22panel 5kw IN A REGIONAL AREA!!!
Installation was on the agreed day

No followup call but no problems at all.
Power bill now half what it was. Means a return of well over 20 percent !
Show additional information
Euro Solar are a heavy advertiser based in Sydney. I live almost 400km from there. The installation team turned up just two weeks after I had signed the contract. The biggest downside is their after sales service. The original sales person was an absolute pain in the neck, very pushy and doesn't listen.
I had a small problem with the inverter which shut down showing a high voltage on the grid. It took me two weeks to get someone to answer the office phone. When they finally spoke to me the resolution was easy.
Show additional information
Show additional information
Only solar company we contacted who took time to explain everything. Installation was professional. Follow up excellent. Could not fault them at all. Highly recommend.
Thankyou to Hari and the team at Salisbury
Show additional information
The solar system has only been running for 12 days now and so far so good. Salesman is a bit too pushy initially but they do have the best price in the market as well as Captain Green...Installer not very friendly....didn't take time to explain how everything works (although I do have an idea because I have been reading a lot about solar power)....I did check the serial numbers of the Jinko panels that they installed and it was verified by Jinko office (they actually answered my email query within 24 hours) to be genuine. So far the system is producing above 30 everyday. lowest output is 31 and highest so far is 37...with the way things are going hopefully I can get my investment in 3 years...With Euro Solar, I definitely wont be buying their in house products (just my opinion) but if you buy the quality branded products from them, I think that should be ok... Show additional information
Show additional information
This company demanded payment upfront. After talking to the very rude salesman Chris I asked to talk to a supervisor only to have Chris come back on the phone and call himself Daniel. I then asked where he was he calling from and he was reluctant to tell me, finally told me he was in Perth. If I had my time over again I would not use this company because of the sales staff. The installers were fantastic as they were only contracted by Euro Solar. My advise is read the very small print in the quote and stay on top of them and who pays for work upfront without inspecting the work. Shame shame shame. Show additional information
I had several quotes. EuroSolar were quick and very professional from start to finish. Their installers were gentlemen, very impressed. I was extremely happy with their pricing and quality panels and hybrid inverter. Can happily recommend. Show additional information
Willing to quote on a 5kW micro inverter 3-phase system and came up with a very attractive price based on 15x 320 USG panels. Sales person very helpful and not pushy. The meter change and installation were completed within a fortnight, all done very professionally and without any hassle. The metering system, including end-of-month report, is most informative and easy to use. On the basis of my experience the company deserves top marks, i.e. 'Very Good' (in my view 'Fantastic' sounds surreal and a bit over the top). Show additional information
Show additional information
Show additional information
Euro Solar, great sales pitch, will move heaven and earth until they get your money, they didn't honour the warranty, and what you get is a person who couldn't care less about your problem, I have reported to the Office of Fair trading , they can investigate this lot. Show additional information
Show additional information
After sales support was abominable. I went with SMA (sunnyboy) inverter and due to some issues with installation or possibly the inverters themselves am now up to my fourth inverter. Euro Solar were very tardy with getting electricians in to inspect the inverters and then send them away to SMA for replacement. To make matters worse, they have misplaced the previous defective inverter and now SMA are refusing to replace my inverter until the EuroSolar return it and they are ignoring me, fobbing me off every time I contact them.
They will sell you a reasonably priced system but they will then dump you and concentrate on flogging more systems to people rather than help you.
DON'T go with them.
Show additional information
Will be installed within 2 weeks Show additional information
The Shenzhen JFY Suntwins 5000TL 3kw inverter with 8 solar panels were installed in Nov 14 during the build of my house and activated when I moved in, in April 15. Two months later the inverter stopped working. With many emails and phone calls I was promised a new inverter would be installed. A technician did finally (14months later) arrive and install a REFURBISHED inverter and stated the warranty would continue from the original installation. The technician who replaced the unit had difficulty removing it as it had been screwed and glued to the wall. Very unhappy with this outcome and Eurosolar. Bad enough that the company gave me a total runaround they also bombarded me with sale pitch phone calls to upgrade! Show additional information
So far all good will know more in three mohths Show additional information
We were happy with the quote and the system was installed within the time specified. We were also happy with the response from SolarQuotes and found the information provided excellent because it asked questions we had not thought of and provided us with 3 quotes which gave us an idea of what it would cost. Show additional information
They put in 22 panels with a 5 KW Zeversolar inverter for about $3600 which was about $1400 less than the ones you recommended.
Since I m now 75 I was not concerned that the life time of the system may be a little less than other brands as it should outlast me anyway.
Show additional information
The installer on day tried to push his way into the house after we were told internal access was not needed, he also said we needed to pay him a $400 cash payment. After they left my fuses kept blowing every couple hours as the wires in meter box weren't attached properly. Would not recommend them at all and the system was installed at wrong end of house from what we asked to have it installed and we do't even get half the output of the size system we have. Show additional information
Think twice before you pay any deposit. Despite the cooling off period written in the contract, they refuse to refund deposit. T&C's questionable, glad I cancelled my contract, even if I have to take it to consumer affairs now to get deposit refunded. Show additional information
They do not honour warranties, they do not respond to emails or calls, their customer service is non existent.
Save yourself the hassle, look elsewhere for a better service, DON'T BE FOOLED by their cheap advertisements, CHEAP is what you get, and when it breaks, you are left with NOTHING!!
I have had to refer my case to the ombudsman!
Show additional information
Was quoted $275 to have a technician come and service system after running 4 years and a noticeable drop in watts on inverter. They sent 2 blokes out who washed panels and nothing else. I asked them about the efficiency of panels and the inverter and they stated they weren't electricians. After a heated call to Dennis from the above company he stated that's all i got for $275 but as i said to him that's not what was agreed to at the beginning as i have washed my own panels twice a year since new. He know wants me to log readings from inverter to send him and he got heated when i told him I'd get my own electrician in to tell me what's going on with the system and I'd send this report to him. I suggest if you're looking for a system look elsewhere as they are nothing but trouble. Show additional information
Paid for nearly a year ago. System up and connected but not working still! Many many phone calls later and nothing!!!! They want me to take photos constantly which is obviously a stalling tactic because they've already admitted that it's not working!!!!!! Useless!!! Show additional information
Alert Alert Alert

Euro solar have installed old ( scratched , faded/ discoloured, could be previously used or been in storage for years) panels in my place. I have photos taken a week later to prove it- your ideas please who to approach?
They claim that each panel has a unique serial number, this fact prevents it to be re - used , and enables them to qualify and receive the government rebate. These panels could have correct/ unique serial number to qualify them for government rebate but can be old products ( physical appearance) and not performing at expected level.
How and from where they receive these products? I will follow it up your suggestions please.
Panel Photos shown on this page could have been installed on your roof. Have you checked yours ?
This could be the reason why they offer cheaper price.
Show additional information
Last year inverter stopped working waited five months to be replaced now systems not making power again since replaced. Nearly a year in total. Energy company said its not working. Eurosolar wants four times a day readings. Just send a repairman out & stop stalling. Show additional information
Where do i start, they left our installation call to the last minute, wouldn't give us all the details of the installer.
Getting phones calls at kids bed times and very late at night.
If you want to know...DON'T USE THEM
Gave a quote based on a satellite photo, the day before installation they wanted to reduce our size and change panel amounts,this wouldn't even run our air con,let alone save us money.
After numerous heated and stressful phone calls were finally given a refund and then told us not to give bad publicity.
Well thank goodness I came across this site.
So my review is DO NOT GO WITH EURO SOLAR, stay away and avoid them.
Show additional information
Not only matched but gave significantly better price for the same high quality components compared to others. Show additional information
System broke down less than 2 years after installation, while still under warranty. Very poor service, more than 2 months and still not replaced. Person answering phone refuses to let me speak with manager. Says will organise and get back to me within 48 hours, has said in this on about 5 different occasions over the past 2 months. Still waiting to have fixed. Show additional information
I was told by Euro solar sales rep that the system would fit on my roof which i found strange as he checked it by satellite photos from the net. I told them i would like someone to come out and properly measure which the did not.

I trusted them and paid my deposit. The following week the installer came to fit system and they said they could not fit panels because there was no room to do so.

Since they could not fulfill the contract i asked for my money back. After 5 days and half a dozen calls and emails I am still to get my refund. Not a team i would like to deal with in future.
Show additional information
Worst experience and poor customer service. Installation was OK. But the installer broke many roof tiles and then glued them (as I did not have spares) asking us to replace them before the next rain. They promised when we got the spares they will come and replace them as glued tiles will not hold on heavy rains. Purchased the tiles, called them and they confirmed - did they show up? NO.

I organised to do the work myself and avoid pouring water into my house, have the docs, but no one (Euro solar or the Installer) takes the responsibility to pay for costs. I have another surprise to share and that is I found the solar panels the supposed to be brand new and last for 25 or so years , faded and full of scratches (second hand ones) plus many other broken tiles , not even glued. New customers there are other companies to consider.
I have been trying to solve these issues since Feb 2017, they are tossing and postponing the matter, and unfortunately phone calls and emails got me nowhere yet. .

I will definitely followed it up.
Show additional information
Good Customer service. Definitely recommended Show additional information
Their attitude towards the customer is absolutely ridiculous. In my case they have made a mistake of submitting my documents to the wrong supplier company, because of that I have lost all my generated (30 to 31 kWh daily ) electricity. And I came to know when i rang my supplier. Than I called Euro Solar and they are tossing my call here to there. Finally after 3 months, after talking to different people, finally shamelessly they said "I SPOKE TO MY MANAGER THERE IS NO COMPENSATION FOR IT" . AND MY MANAGER IS BUSY. SO NOW I AM GOING TO RING THE OMBUDSMAN DEPARTMENT. Show additional information
Recently newly installed so far..very happy. Show additional information
solar panel shattered on roof told by euro solar rock did it no warranty panels are tested for hardness of glass must of fell off a 380 boeing Show additional information
I would certainly recommend Euro Solar to others as they were an extremely efficient company. Show additional information
We have had a 5KW Growatt system installed (incorrectly wired initially) which from day 2 has clattered at the Inverter box and only worked intermittently. It is also affecting the ADSL service in our area as proven by a Telstra technician. Multiple phone calls and emails with little to no response has now led to a request for a replacement or refund or else we will be taking it up with Consumer Affairs. Terrible Service and Terrible Product no other words needed. Show additional information
Show additional information
Service to the customer poor and they do not keep you informed. The installers seem to run the show Show additional information
Show additional information
We are taking action. We can't take anymore of this and have lost so much already. We have contacted the department of commerce WA and ACCC. A current affair and will be telling everyone who will listen. Please, please contact me on [email protected] and lets work together so we can get refunded and get this absolute crap off our property. Show additional information