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Euro Solar Reviews

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About Euro Solar, Solar Installers

I strongly believe that if you use Euro Solar you are taking a risk. Maybe you are the sort of person who likes to gamble, but I think the odds are stacked against you when dealing with this organisation.

As you can probably tell, I’m not a fan of Euro Solar. While other companies have come and gone and performed worse installations and received more complaints on average, Euro Solar, in my judgement, has the worst reputation in the industry of any large company that has been around for an extended period of time.

While the rating of 3.9 out of 5 for Euro Solar reviews shown above may not seem too bad, it is one of the worst average ratings for any installer that we have received more than a dozen testimonials for. And, at time of writing, if you click the button to see only reviews from the last 6 months, you'll see that their rating is going down. There are a large number of recent Euro Solar reviews on the internet that are not flattering. When searching for them you may wish to try “Eurosolar review” as many people squash their name into one word.

Despite Euro Solar complaints being legendary in the industry, the company remains in business and still attracts customers because their prices are low. They even have a low price guarantee. While it is not necessarily true that you get what you pay for, it is definitely true that you won't get what you don't pay for and if you buy a cheap system from Euro Solar don’t expect a high quality system.

If Euro Solar were merely competing on price and using cheaper panels and inverters while avoiding the worst products on the market they would not earn my ire. Provided a company does not mislead its customers there is nothing wrong with competing on price or providing a “budget” option for people who are willing to take a chance on cheaper components. But not only has Euro Solar been responsible for some sloppy installations, the company has engaged in dishonest and illegal business practices.

Renewable Energy Certificates Were Claimed Using 'non-genuine' Solar Panels

On the 21 July 2017 the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator required an enforceable undertaking from P&N NSW Pty Ltd (who own the business name 'Euro Solar') for claiming Small-scale Technology Certificates for 'non-genuine' Solar Panels that were not approved for installation in Australia.

Euro Solar Claimed 15,044 Renewable Energy Certificates It Had No Right To

On the 26th of September 2013 the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator required an enforceable undertaking from Euro Solar for claiming Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) they did not have the required documentation for.

The Clean Energy Regulator determined that:

P&N Pty Ltd t/a Euro Solar breached paragraph 154Q (1) (a) of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 by claiming the multiplier for 508 installations where it did not have the required installation contracts to support its claim. As a result 15,044 STCs were improperly created.

STCs are certificates created as part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target for installing renewable generating capacity such as rooftop solar. They are worth money and can be traded for cash. If I install 3 kilowatts of rooftop solar but claim STCs for 4 kilowatts then I have committed fraud. I have also harmed the environment by reducing certificates available to others for the installation of renewable generating capacity.

Euro Solar was required to hand over the 15,044 STCs they were not entitled to. At the time they surrendered them, they were worth considerably less than at the time they improperly created them, so justice was not done.

A PDF of the enforceable undertaking can be found here.

Euro Solar Fined $145,000 For Shonky Practices

On the 17th of January 2014 the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) reported the Federal Court had fined Euro Solar and its related company, Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing Pty. Lt. $125,000 for:

“...publishing fake testimonials and making false or misleading representations about the country of origin of the solar panels they supply.”

In other words, Euro Solar panels were not made where they implied they were and Justice Besanko of the Federal Court found that these representations:

“...were a central part of the respondents’ business and marketing strategy”.

In addition the sole director of one of two companies that make up Euro Solar and also of Worldwide Energy Manufacturing Pty. Ltd. was ordered to personally pay a penalty of $20,000 for his role in misleading consumers.

If you have never heard of the company Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing Pty. Ltd. I am not surprised. They used to be known as “Australian Solar Panel” (since changed to "Australian Premium Solar"). They supplied Euro Solar panels and along with Euro Solar:

“...made false or misleading representations to consumers that they manufactured or supplied solar panels that were made in Australia - when they were in fact made in China.”


Euro Solar ACCC

Here's a little hint if you want to avoid getting in trouble with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission - do not call your company Australian Solar Panel and then suggest, imply, or flat out tell people that you make or sell Australian panels when all you are doing is importing them from China. They really hate that.

And also, Euro Solar, fake reviews don’t impress anyone. Don't publish fake customer reviews on your site, on youtube, or anywhere else. Everyone hates that. That’s why it is illegal.

Euro Solar Complaints

Looking at some genuine and not fake reviews, I see many Euro Solar complaints involving a range of shonky business practices.

Firstly there is bait-and-switch where Euro Solar has a customer agree to a system and then calls back to tell them the panels they were quoted for are unavailable and will be replaced with an inferior brand. Two Euro Solar complaints on this are:

“When Euro Solar the next day sent me the documentation the quality of the panels was not the best as discussed... To this date they are refusing to give my deposit back.”

“I paid a $100 deposit to this company and was contacted the next day by one of their sales people telling me the solar panels that were originally quoted on were now out of stock so I would be getting some unknown brand name solar panels instead... I cancelled my installation with this company and requested a refund. Of course, no refund has ever been received.”

As described above, a common Euro Solar complaint involves people having difficulty getting their deposit back. So you would really want to be 100% sure you want to go with them before handing over any money.

There are numerous Euro Solar complaints about installations that were either faulty, not operational at all, or potentially dangerous, and the company not acting to rectify the problem. Four quotes from Euro Solar reviews mentioning these problems are::

“...system does not work properly and they refuse to fix it. If they refuse to fix it they shouldn't install it.”

“Shocking and incomplete installation... Legal action is pending to have all work that has been carried out by Eurosolar rectified in accordance with the sales contract and Ergon Energy requirements”

“The inverter packed it in after seven months and I have contacted them numerous times only to be given the run around...”

“Installed in Feb 2014, not yet connected at mid April 2015...”

If you are persistent it appears possible to get them to fix some problems, but I think you are far better off not putting yourself in a position where you need to hound them to do their job properly in the first place.


Euro Solar Is Not A SolarQuotes Client

SolarQuotes does not and will never include Euro Solar as one of the installers who will contact you if you are seeking quotes. They come nowhere close to meeting my standards for being a reputable installer. While I would like to think it is possible for them to change their ways, I do not believe they will ever change themselves to that large an extent.

While some installers working for Euro Solar are clearly doing better jobs than others, I have been unable to spot any pattern, so it seem it does not matter if it is Euro Solar Sydney, Euro Solar Melbourne, Euro Solar Brisbane, or Euro Solar Adelaide, you have to be on your toes when dealing with these people where ever you are. Or better yet, don’t deal with them at all.

Full Disclosure: SolarQuotes is a commercial site, albeit one run by a solar enthusiast. We make money by referring you to installers we trust, if you ask for quotes through this site. When we make a referral we get paid by the installer. We have about 200 solar installer clients throughout Australia that we've built up slowly since 2009. Those clients pay us every month for those referrals whether they make a sale or not. Euro solar have asked about becoming a client, but we have always turned them down. We would not be comfortable referring them to our friends, so we won't refer them via this site. In the spirit of transparency, Euro Solar are welcome to respond to our criticism, and we'll link to that response here.

Euro Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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We contacted Company, agreed on product, paid deposit. Now we have tried to contact Company to install and are getting "run around", phones not being answered, will call you back" - no call backs, "you haven't paid your deposit"- have proof of payment, "nothing to do with Queensland office" - the phone number on paperwork. Project number is 125588, to us this is a binding contract, why does this Company think differently, even suggested money back & they "shirk" around this also, leaves no alternative but to take matter to next level. Stear clear of this shoddy Company, they are not honest. Show additional information
The panels were breaking down after 5 years with hairline cracks and burn spots growing. Eurosolar replaced the panels with renesola panels for a fee of $350. Show additional information
This was a 4 month process not worth the stress Show additional information
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Show additional information
All in all it went ok, Installers were very professional. Now i have contacted Energy Australia in order for them to come out and install a NET meter, i have read other stories of people waiting up to 10 weeks before the electricity suppliers came out and replaced there meters with the correct one, to enable feed in tarifs, i Personally think the solar supplier should have this Pre Arranged..... Show additional information
System installed 3 yrs ago, already replaced the inverter, no problem there, they switched it out for a new one with very little fuss. System is now all a sudden only producing half what it should. Euro solar have been giving me the run around. Want to charge me $220 to come out and investigate the problem. Apparently i need to bring them out every 2yrs for a ‘periodical’ but i didn't. Ok, i’ll pay the cash, but still can't help me. Will now have to go else where for after sales support. Show additional information
We had a 5kW system installed 2 years ago and noticed generation loss. After many phone calls to Euro and getting the run around with no outcome.
Will engage with ACCC for misleading and warranty only generated 1/2 it normal
They said that it working good 5 kW system only can produce 16 to 18 kWh a day in summer so stay away from this company
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Despite Eurosolar having the installation on and completed by the 12th of Dec, and me recieving notification that Origin Energy had received notification of it being ready,
I am still waiting for Energy to install a "smart meter', to enable the system to operate. I personally got onto them before Xmas about the delay. Was told it usually takes 20 days, but because of holidays, would not be on before New Year. Received an email saying they would to install on 10th Jan, but was no show. On again chasing them up once more, was told would be now on 22nd of Jan. Just hope it happens. Through no fault of the solar installers, I have been paying the energy company for over a month for their power instead of using my own. Most unsatisfactory power supplier. When all installed will be looking for another supplier.
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They did mark, damage the tin roofing a little which is annoying Show additional information
Totally incompetent. My power bill doubled! Despite my concerns with grid metering, they failed. Ongoing action with them now to rectify and compensation for extra power I produce being billed as grid supplied. Show additional information
False information provided in regards to rebate just to finalize the sale. I was informed over telephone, but they only keep 3 months of phone records on file, suprise first quarterly electricity bill was issued after records were deleted, hence no evidence on my behalf, EVERYTHING was verbal and over the phone, the only form of written paperwork was the contract issued via email to sign and return, which was non-inclusive of all the rebates information I was verbally provided with. Findings of customer service to be of unprofessional standard. Be very cautious! Show additional information
Very responsive and addressed my issues/questions immediately. At no point did I feel I was being pushed or ripped off. Show additional information
Happy with the service given. System has been running for 1 month but at the moment happy with everything. Show additional information
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I had contacted Euro three months ago with specific requests which they assured me they could accomodate. I paid a deposit on this basis. Nothing I have asked for has come to fruition. The salesperson promised me they could get the job done but once I signed, everything changed. The salesperson just told me what I want to hear and then ignored what was needed. I’m trying to get my deposit back. Would not recommend this company at all as I have no faith they can deliver what was asked for. Show additional information
We had a 5kW system installed 2 years ago and noticed generation loss. After many phone calls to euro and getting the run around with no outcome i paid an accredited Electrician to check system. Report back was 1/2 of the panels have failed and all 19 panels installed are not Energy Council Approved. The inverter OMNIK manufacturer has closed down so can not use the WARRANTY that came with this faulty inverter. The panel rail system is done on the cheap. Total waste of money. Don't use this company. Show additional information
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After paying full mount, I received call from their installation team that they are unable to proceed with installation on our roof. Refund was requested by me.
Refund received was not full amount. $220 was deducted as administration fee. I am told that every one must pay this even if installation is not done. I requested that full amount to be credited to my account since they are unable to proceed with installation.
To me it appears that they are offering very low price quote. Once quote is accepted and 10% deposit paid a false installation schedule is given. This is to pursue you for full payment. Once full amount is paid, a time and date is provided for installation.
We never saw installer arriving but was told on the phone that installer has been to our property and they are unable to proceed for reasons which
appears to be false. We already have six panels installed by another company several years back without a hitch. Anyhow, I requested full refund.
Money was refunded partially in two attempts. I am planing to speak to my lawyer.
My conclusion is that this company has very poor business ethic, promise some thing they are unable to deliver and at the end of the day take $220 from returning full amount of your initial payment. I am very surprised how such a company is allowed to operate on Australian Soil.
I sincerely hope regulatory people will wake up to this kind of business practice and protect consumers from this kind of practice.
Please stay informed and protected. Thank you for organizing this review website.
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EuroSolar is a company working in Australia. They offered a good price for a 5kW system in SA. My first contact was OK by a guy called Keith who was informative and did not use any pressure tactics. But that stopped immediately after I signed the contract.
The day before the installation a guy called Berry (as in Strawberry ) rang. This was I believe a fictitious name. He stated installation was the next day and asked when would I pay the final amount. On the day of installation he rang a further four times asking when payment would be made THAT DAY. He was insistent. These were clearly aggressive business tactics that I had not seen before.
On the day after the installation when I had questions about the software I contacted him but he wouldn’t speak to me at all. He referred me to someone called Angel which was seemed another fictitious name. When I explained the software was not working she referred me to the Chinese manufacturer and refused to help further. The software recording package is still not working. I have heard that my treatment is similar to others-aggressive business tactics and faulty software.
I do not recommend this company to anyone who wants reliable customer service. Stay away.
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System installed 4 years ago after a couple of years I noticed the panels were going yellow. I approached Euro Solar whom said that the panels should have been serviced every two years. I was never told this or given any information to suggest this. Anyhow no matter how much service they got wasn't going to stop the panels turning yellow, they were obviously faulty right from the manufacturing process. Euro asked me to take readings over 3 days and forward to them which I did. They contacted me and said the panels should be replaced. However they wanted to charge $1320 for installation. I said that the panels were faulty and should be replaced at their cost not mine. My understanding is that they would have claimed the solar credits for replacing the panels which would have been in excess of $3000 so they weren't doing me any favours. I ended up reluctantly paying the $1320 as I wanted the inferior panels replaced. The panels were replaced I asked for a receipt for the $1320 twice but haven't received it. They were only interested in getting the money all interest ceased after that. Very unprofessional company wouldn't recommend them to anybody Show additional information
Order Number 12270
I took a deal of 12 Panel system provided by Gary at Euro Solar, I've asked them whether the 12 panels can go on my roof and the salesman was 200% sure and assured that his calculation was correct so I paid the deposit and sales process started, once I've been asked to pay the rest of the money, I've asked from Debbie at Perth office and she confirmed that 12 Panels can go on my roof, Installers rocked up on 16/11/2017 @6.40 AM and went on the roof, the installers didn't have proper ladders to go on two story house and they also putting ladders on gutters. I observed these very patiently and after about spending few hours on the roof I was advised that 12 panels cannot go on roof and they will have to speak to Euro Solar, the installer went back and never heard from Euro Solar until end of the day, I was waiting for installers to return. Then I was promised 320W x 9 or 10 panels and because it was 275Wx12 Panels, installation re-scheduled for 25/11/2017 after I made calls and no one even bothered ringing me back with new schedule.
So I requested Euro Solar for their sub-contractor to comply with following,
1. Use proper ladders to access the roof, without damaging gutters
2. Contractors to use safety harness while on roof (two story house)
3. Try 10 panels or else to go with 9 Panels
After sending the email I've received a call from the Manager at Wangara office and advised me that order has been cancelled ,so I waited 14 days for nothing paying the full amount for installation, I asked why and according to him installer cannot do even 9 Panels and he's the best installer they got, absolute rubbish, and received few calls from Gary at NSW office and also one manager who spoke to even didn't know what exactly happened and he told be the $220.00 will be deducted from my money, so it's not my fault and they want $220.00 for admin fees which isn't my fault. So if you need a reliable, honest and ethical Solar energy provider avoid Euro Solar.
I'm considering legal action against Euro Solar.
What I strongly believe is that they only have dodgy installers and installer wasn't able to comply with standard work place health and safety and also without proper gear and got afraid with my request. Also Gary from NSW office stopped answering my calls, so if he calls you for a sale don't trust his words, I guess this is a nick name and he may change his name after reading this review! watch this space for an update on my legal action.
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Customer service was rude and very unhelpful it was not professional.
Eurosolar said theres nothing wrong and will not fix the problem, so much for their warranty.
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PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING TO USE EUROSOLAR. They may have offered you the best deal in town but you are going to regret like I did it.

The kit installed was good (Seraphim panels + SMA sunny boy 4.0) but the installation and the after sale service were and are awful.

First about Eurosolar. Eurosolar does not install the system for you. They rely on third party "certified" electrician. Eurosolar will not stand behind the installer if damages are done to your property (as stated in the Eurosolar sales contract) so if the installer, pardon the "certified installer" is a 2 dollars company and damage your property there is nothing you can claim from Eurosolar.

The "certified" crew that come twice to my place to finish the job, make me doubt about the selection process Eurosolar use for their business partners. My crew messed up with the cables . The + and - were installed inverted (because the cables are of the same color can you believe that ??). More problems. They were clueless on how to set up the inverter. I did the job for them because they didn't have a computer to do the set up .

Finally the cherry on the cake, they have connected the 2 PV panels strings ( east and west) on the same channel input rather than on 2 different channels.

After almost one week from the installation the deadly combo, Eurosolar/certified installer haven't yet corrected the problem and since I haven't signed the job acceptance paper, my grid connection application (for FIT) is still in the limbo.

The after sale service operator is pretty useless. Every time I call him (always the same operator) the only thing he says is "please Mr Luca send me an email with the problem and I will send to my superior" Very frustrating and not proactive at all.

The bottom line Euro solar has nothing of professional service and from what I am experiencing does not care at all about their customers, they just want your money in advance and then " bye bye Charlie....
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It has taken Euro Solar 2 years of rubbish talk and poor excuses to replace our two inverters. They caught on fire after three months and lucky it didn’t burn our house down. We have suffered paying very high bills because we had been told installing 26 panels will drastically and even zero our bills. Years of rubbish saying inverters will be in Australia in about 6 months and that ballooned out to 2 years. The electricians that turned up to install clearly told us don’t be surprised if they blow up again, they’re a very, very poor system. I will be taking this up with the ACCC and VCAT. Why should we be living day by day hoping they don’t blow up or catch on fire again. Show additional information
Shocking. Left a BIG hole internally in my brothers bedroom wall, when they installed the inverter in July. It's now November (21st) and after numerous emails, phone calls, website communication, etc and sending photos of the damage STILL NO RESPONSE !!,

Show additional information
After an initial setback on installation date once amended date was set it all went like clockwork after my 40 years in the building industry I was impressed by the Installer Travis Brown from Ocean sun Electrical. I am sure we had the :A: team on site . Well done could not be happier.

Ray Mc Dowall

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I would double triple check that you actually get what you paid for after the installation. In particular any “extended warranty” you’re sold. In my case, what I paid for was not what was delivered and the company was very quick to stop returning my calls or emails after they had their money. Show additional information
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Euro Solar what can I say their After Sales Service is the worst.

20 panels we had installed. They took our money and cut our vent pipes without telling us. How does a company send their installers, the installers cut our toilet vent pipes and placed the solar panels on top. We could not work out why we had a sewerage smell coming into the house.

We had our flooring done and the toilets had to be removed. When the plumber we engaged tried to fit the toilets back in we had all sorts of problems due to the vent pipes being cut by the installers.

I have made numerous calls to Euro Solar to rectify the problem. Spoke to a Pat who lied through his teeth. He put me on to a supposedly team leader by the name of Kelly. She is an even bigger lier. She promised me she would get back to me within 48 hours a week later I am still waiting. Her number rings out and she gave me a dodgy email.

Pat told me they will fix the problem as I am a valued customer. He then proceeded to tell me I have to pay for the plumber. I said no I did not cut the pipes Euro Solar’s installers did.

I have to get back to you after I speak to my manager. Pat you are a lier.

I have no choice but to take them to VCAT.

If you are thinking of getting solar panels don’t engage Euro Solar they are useless when it comes to after sales service.
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After reading all of the negative reviews around this company and installation, I was very hesitant to proceed with a system. However, I took the risk based on the amazing price and few good reviews, and I cannot be happier with the installation and service.

It has only been a few days since the system was installed but thought I'd share my experience on here and a few other sites to put peoples minds at ease. I opted for a 5kw system (5.5kw total thanks to 20 x 275w panels that were installed) with the Solax Inverter, as there was a special on it and it sounded very appealing. I haven't read a lot about the Solax Inverter due to it being relatively new to the market, but the quality of the enclosure and simplicity of the software is very good.

The install was scheduled 1.5 weeks since putting the deposit down, and the installers rocked up on time and were friendly and very professional, The panels are very tidy and neatly laid out on the roof, much the same as the conduit in the shed too. Very impressed with the install.

it has been only a few cloudy days and the system is already pumping enough power into the grid to cover the electricity I consume throughout the day/night period.

I already had a 1.5KW system on the house, which produced about 0.28 times the power output of the new system, so I am comfortable in saying that it has been wired up correctly and is outputting the correct wattage.

Hopefully this review helps some people out, for southern South Australia anyway.
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Received 2 responses via your app with 1 price and only 1 visited my property. Euro Solar seemed keenest to do job. Show additional information
It just flowed along nicely the Installers where professional on time and helpful with any questions. I would highly recommend Euro Solar after hearing a lot of bad about them Show additional information
Euro solar clearly focus on sales- once sold, the customer follow up is appalling. I can not express the extent of frustration I have had to manage in dealing with hollow promises; promise after promise. Words are clearly cheap in this company. Any dollar I saved in my purchase price has truly been exhausted by the hours upon hours I have spent chasing problems down. Be aware that this is a sales company, essentially a phone sales operation that out sources technical operations. A principle technique in managing complaint is to pass you to another officer ... all full of promise but no one actually takes action.... thy cannot offer technical answers.....and when they do, in my experience, there is a communication error. .the first big problem was getting someone to acknowledge an error - a huge and major hurdle.. I had to by pass the company and go direct to Solax to get verification.. once accepted, EuroSolar agreed to service the problem but month after month of phone calls has seen progress only under my actions- persistent calls, e mails to. The company has not been proactive. " I will post item x to you tomorrow morning" means I will tell some one else a story and they will post it ( I hope) ... and when you get it it is the wrong item anyway. .. so, I certainly can not recommend this company. Even the managing Director e mailed a promise that was not supported..indeed, I never got a return call from him either... very poor
My advice... go with a trusted company. Ensure you have a workable communications exchange. If you have trouble communicating with someone in sales, imagine how this will magnify when you are trying to solve a problem. I believe the ethos of this company is highly questionable . If I did not have technical knowledge I doubt that I would have loved my issues.
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Installers wete very helpful. Show additional information
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Show additional information
I cannot believe the negative comments on Euro Solar. I installed my system 18 months ago. Scott the sales person bent over backwards to make me happy, even with several mistakes from Ergon which Scott quickly rectified without my involvement. The installation was quick and efficient by Mick from Hervey Bay.

Recently the inverter developed a fault. I reported the problem to Pat at Euro and within 4 days from my call a new inverter was delivered and fitted by a friendly maintenance Electrician, Dave from Yeppoon.

Well done guys. Great 5 star job all around.
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