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Madison Australia Reviews

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About Madison Australia, Solar Installers

Madison Australia Pty Ltd (ACN: 154 413 519) went into voluntary administration on 2nd June 2017.

Madison Australia is a full service National Solar Power Installation company servicing VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, NT, ACT & TAS areas. It specialises in Elite European manufactured systems with industry leading warranties, higher production yields and superior protection against panel degradation. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes.

Madison Australia Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Madison, whom I selected from a trio of recommendations from the Solar Choice website, went out of business leaving me stranded as far as after-sales service is concerned. I have contacted LG Chem - the battery is an LGChem RESU10 - and their analysis was that the loss of communication between the battery and the inverter is the reason for the battery tripping. I have been in touch with Redback regularly and they are full of promises but empty on action. I have had to submit a warranty claim but, although they have been in contact with me twice, with different reps each time, I am still awaiting any effective action. Show additional information
The idea was great - install a reputable solar system, so I ordered and paid up front for a 5 kw Fronius with smart meter etc.
Installation of panels was mid December 2016.
Installation of inverter February 2017. Madison's installer apparently forgot to send meter information to electricity provider.
It is now June 30 2017 and although the inverter is working (cloudy day 3.6 kw on meter) power company informs me as of yesterday that there there has never been any power fed into the grid, despite the installation supposedly being completed. Cannot contact Madison - message banks full.
Is this the normal way Madison Australia does business? (Please take the "Australia" out of your business name - you are a disgrace to our business community.)
Tried calling them on several different numbers all to be met with "This mailbox is full -try again later..."
Back in March and April, phone messages left with answering service. Madison employees seem not to exist.
I would not advise anyone to do business with this "Madison Australia".
I will have a local installer check out the problem, and complete the setup and I will pay the cost myself, of course.
Madison Australia will not honour their side of the agreement to provide me with a working PV system.
Take the hit and move on. . . we live and learn.
My advice - buy solar panels and systems by all means, but avoid Madison Australia.

Added on July 1:
Questions about Madison Australia's poor service are all answered in ASIC website.

**** Company is in administration. ****

My panels installed December 2016, Inverter February 2017.
Still no power to the grid s at June 29, 2017 - Fronius system working but no power into the grid.
Local electrician to set it right - will cost $400 +
Thanks to Madison Australia.


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After waiting more than 6 months to have the system installed with minimal effort to followup, I received messages from the CE demanding final payment.
Meanwhile - no opportunity to use the solar. CE offered small discount based - and was hostile and blamed everyone else for the issues experienced.

No customer service, delays and lack of response and coordination from Madison, just demands for the balance of payment.

I have no idea if it is working properly, and despite requesting the Qantas Frequent Flyer points detailed in the contract - I have had no response and no points added.

This is an expensive system, and I read the reviews (all good at the time) - it appears the company has lost its shine!
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I would not recommend this company Show additional information
Madison were great at communicating right up until they got my money, one string on one of my SMA 5000 inverter has not been working for 3 months and Madison said they were organising but will not return my calls. I have been leaving messages for the last 3 weeks with no reply.
VERY POOR after sales support.
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I'll start with "The electricians who did the job were great", a far as I can tell. They came in (on time) did the job promptly and left the system installed, but awaiting activation. This is where my opinion of Madison has gone south. The electricians advised that someone would be along the next day to activate the system - NO ONE sighted 2 days later. So I am yet to actually see the system work. As I write this, the sales person returned my call and advised me that system would not be activated for up to another 10 days.

When I first contracted with Madison, I was told installed in March. Then I was advised that owing to some admin issue, could I wait. So I did and there were some responses from them, but I had to initiate the exchanges. Finally I was advised that they were ready to go and the 2 May was scheduled for installation, provided that some meter inspection was done prior and an approval completed with the supplier. I was also asked to re-send stuff I had forwarded weeks earlier (no problem - stuff happens). The latest glitch seems to be the approval paperwork is not done.

In the days prior to the installation I called Madison several times and was told 'no one is available', but leave contact details. They don't respond to messages (neither requests left with the receptionist nor emails). This was now getting frustrating and I had no idea if anything would happen until the electrician texted me the night before advising their arrival for 2 May. Until the text arrived I was quite concerned - silence is not encouraging.
Their sales folks were good at getting back to me, but silence from Madison as installation approached and since. Oddly the sales person is the only one to get back to me post the installation, after I called her direct.

So my assessment is that value for money is poor - every day the system is not generating is power bills I have to pay.
Quality is rated poor - It looks good but is not doing anything.
Installation - I went with good, which may be unfair to the electricians - The job looks very good, but I have no idea if it works properly. Eventually I may find out.
Customer service - the sales people (both of them) were very good and responsive. After that I can only rate the experience as awful.

The irony is that local installers came door to door to offer systems, which I rejected. In hindsight - my error of judgement.
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I contacted Madison for a quote on a 6kW system in December 2016. I placed the deposit and was then told the panels I had ordered were out of stock and there would be an 8 week wait for the panels to arrive from Germany. 8 weeks later I followed up only to be told the 265w panels I had ordered are no longer supplied and they would be replaced with 300w panels. I was then told I would need less panels to achieve the same output and was given an updated quote which was $100 less than the original quoted price. 2 days before the original install date I had not received any further communication regarding the installation so I again followed up only to be told the inverter I had ordered had not arrived and installation would be delayed another week. When the installation did finally happen, there was little detail provided about having the original electricity meter on the house changed to an import/export meter. I was told by the installers Madison Australia would submit all the necessary paper work. A week later I received an approval letter from SA Power Networks (South Australian Electricity Infrastructure) and in the letter was advised to call SAPN to organise a meter change over. On calling SAPN they advised they had not yet received authority from the Electricity retailer (Energy Australia) and this can sometimes take 5-10 business days. So I waited another 10 business days and then call SAPN for a second time. Still no luck. They said they have still not received the appropriate authority from Energy Australia. I contacted Madison Australia again to ask about the delay and they advised there was a delay in submitting the paper work and this was held up by a week. So I waited another 10 business days and again followed up with SAPN who again advised they had not received their authority. I then rang Energy Australia directly to find out they only received the paper work from Madison Australia 2 days prior to my call (close to a month after the panels were installed). Long story short, I now need to wait another 5-10 days before calling SAPN for the 4th time to organise the meter change over, which due to the backlog of jobs can take another 4 weeks from the date they receive the authority. So I am now close to 5 months on from paying my original deposit and am approximately another month away from having the import/export meter installed and the panels actually generating power!
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Once they have your money they do not want to talk. I have waiting weeks for a return call without any luck. I have still not received the safety certificate after 5 weeks and still waiting to be connected to the grid. Do yourself a favour and look for a different installer Show additional information
Paid deposit 6 weeks ago.they keep saying they will get back to me with installation date tomorrow. Haven't heard from them in 2 weeks. Pathetic. Show additional information
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We were given installation date and then were told that the inverters were out of stock so the inverter was installed 2 weeks later. When installation of the inverter was booked I wanted to be present so I could ask any relevant questions etc. I was told the installer would contact me prior to their arrival so I could be home, however I was not contacted so only found out the inverter was installed when I noticed it present on the wall near the electricity meter.

It has been a month since the installation and I still have not received any documentation whatsoever and have emailed Madison but have not received a response. They rarely return my emails or voicemails.
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Once the system has been installed. I can then give a better idea on how the whole process went. Show additional information
System only operating for 3 weeks - difficult to judge operation at this stage
Small difficulty with customer service @ Madison with "key" person away. I was not able to confirm installation date and details without several follow up calls
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Alinta energy, our retailer are dragging their feet. Happy with our solar system, not so happy with Alinta . Show additional information
Essential Solar Salesman was owner of business who was very passionate and knowledgable of industry without pushing his own agenda.
Best brands at a competitive price plus offered mobile monitoring which others never mentioned.
Installer was quick and more than happy to answer further questions on day.
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Efficient professional installers Show additional information
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They knew their stuff and provided a degree of confidence others didn't.
However, for a premium supplier, they didn't have premium response to messages left or calls made. I had to chase more than I would have liked.
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I found that Madison and one of the other quoting companies offered me much the same product for the same price. Madison seemed more professional. I did not get contacted by the third company. Thanks so much for all your help in cutting through the crap! Show additional information
Although there were hold-ups due supply Madison Australia kept us informed all the way. Madison's proposed panel layout differed to the other 2 quotes but their system now functioning better than anticipated and reveals the wisdom of their solar solution. Show additional information
Informative salesperson, very helpful and obliging, installers were quick and effecient Show additional information
Very friendly staff and great to deal with. The CEO answered a call from me and he was great to speak to Show additional information
Great service from Madison. Only downside is we have one panel with blotches on glass - visible from day 1. Supplier would not authorise Madison to change. Appears to be working ok Show additional information
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There was a very good choice of panels to select, which gave us great value for money. Show additional information
The installation was done on time even though we had to re-schedule a couple of times. We will be using Madison again when we either extend this house or build new. Will then be in the position to go to around 10kw w/batteries. Show additional information
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I originally thought that my system would be monitored for performance by the OEM and outages or problems reported to me as they occurred. The Enphase system spends more time offline than online, yet no one at Madison seems concerned. The system seems to work as promised but the support I thought that would come with it (for the additional system cost) is non existent. Show additional information
We are very pleased with our QCell PV system and in particular the service and follow up by Madison. Show additional information
Madison needs to improve relationship with power providers so the customer has new system implemented without issues Show additional information
The salesperson knew very little, I obtained my best information from my electrican Show additional information
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Show additional information
Once I was close to making a decision, following exhausting comparo's, the service, communication and credibility of the quality of the proposed system got me across the line. I hesitated due to the headquarters being interstate as I wanted to buy local, however following a review of other customers in SA, I was happy to run with Madison. The arrangements and background admin were all faultless and handled with no fuss and minimal involvement on my part. The installation was completed on time and the team seemed very efficient. Overall, an excellent choice. I have recommended the company to others. ?? Show additional information
In hindsight I should have went for a larger system. Show additional information
I have never experienced this level of service right from customer service right through to the installer, they are absolutely brilliant, a role model to the trade! Show additional information
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Very Happy with the overall Installation. This year I added additional panels and they were installed sooner than expected. Tradepersons were very professional. Show additional information
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co. proved itself with this job. I would confidently recommend Maddison and the system to another business operator. Show additional information
Workmen were very prompt and tidy Show additional information