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About MPV Group, Solar Installers

MPV Solar is a family owned solar design and installation business based in Sydney, and has been operating for over 22 years. Your installation will be carried out by our licenced electricians that are Clean Energy Council certified . We don’t use sub-contractors so we control the quality of your solar installation .

We only use Tier 1 panel manufacturers like LG & Yingli and SMA inverters to ensure your 25 year investment keeps saving you money for the life of the system .

MPV Solar is a company you can rely on be around in the future if you have any questions or issues with your system with 22 years of professional service to their customers . We pride ourselves giving our customers honest advice without pushing for a quick decision .

We have been engaged as preferred installers for Harvey Norman Commercial , Origin Energy , AGL & NSW Public Works .

MPV Solar is the trusted name in the Solar industry !

MPV Group Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
We can highly recommend MPV Electrical group of companies for all areas of your electrical requirements. All jobs large & small are run professionally, smoothly, efficiently and in a timely manner, by honest, reliable, highly trained tradesmen. We have dealt with mpv for over 20 years now, and their service has always been exemplary Site is left spotlessly clean on completion of every job. mpv have provided us with another perfect job as always, thank you. Robert & Sandra Archibald Show additional information
We have known this Company for many years
It' s pleasing to know that this firm is one of many recommended by Finn Peacock in his Solar web site
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We did some shopping around on a quality system and contacted MPV to negotiate a great price. Matt from MPV Group was very helpful and even gave us an upgrade on the inverter after the contract was signed. It was all done faiRly quickly, no problems at all. The main reason we decided to go with MPV is the overall quality. They don't seem to cut corners. Show additional information
Still working our way with the system, but it appears to be very efficient.
There was a problem with the reporting as we got confused with someone else getting the same size system, but that seems to have been resolved without too much hassle.
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The price included everything: 10 LG Neon Black 2 320 W, with 10 Enphase S270 micro-converters, installation, new meter and Enphase monitoring. The installation went very smoothly and the friendly team arrived very punctual, actually a few minutes earlier. Show additional information
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Follow service seems to be second to none. I would be happy to recommend MPV Group to anyone interested in a Solar Power installation. Show additional information
Matt organised the installation in double quick time, it caught me by surprise as I'd expected it to take a month or so to get installed.
His installers were very efficient and had it done and up and running in 4 or 5 hours.
It's been a pleasure to do business with this company and I'd certainly recommend them.
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Hi Finn,
Thank you for your advice. I found your website extremely helpful.
MPV are an outstanding family company with excellent customer service.
Norman, the marketing rep. was very accommodating in addressing our concerns and was attentive to detail and my requests.
Matt, the owner also met me as requested, one week before the installation as I wanted to talk about the finer points regarding the installation. He cared enough to bring with him equipment to be used in the system.
The most outstanding level of care was that Matt ensured that the tradesmen doing roof work wore 'soft shoes' as requested.
In regards to the system, I chose the Fronius 3 phase hybrid inverter with the LG NeOn2 320W panels. The performance has been very pleasing in that on cloudy days the inverter has been registering close to 1kW, naturally it is higher when it is full sun.
Overall I am very pleased with the system and with MPV.
Thank you once again.
Kind regards,
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There was a problem on installation, with a roof tile misplaced. But when contacted about this MPV attended immediately to rectify, and were very apologetic. Show additional information
MPV gave us the best price as requested on the phone/followed with an email. Did not hassle to come and sit with you as others did. Did not ask you to sign a contract when they did visit. The quote was all inclusive-no extra charges for the meter. Matt always returned phone calls if he was not available at the time
We went for a large system (LG 10.08kW PV) but could have gone smaller at less cost as advised by Matt from MPV. The LG panels are from Eastern Creek
It was installed in one day. Start time was booked in for 0730hours-both vans and 4 installers were on site and started by 0730hours. Some tiles needed to be replaced before installation-Matt arranged this immediately for tiles to be delivered (at no cost to us).
After the first couple of quotes I found Finn Peacock's site and was overwhelmed with information, but gave me questions to ask the installers
The inverter is monitored by MPV and it was set up that we could also monitor our system and an app was available to do this for our phone-this was set up by MPV security.
We were sent a package about our system and how to maintain it and services available for maintenance, warranties etc.
Overall it was a pleasure to deal with MPV and I would highly recommend them as the installers were polite, no rubbish left behind, installed in a timely manner.
Matt is innovative and seems passionate about his work and did not overwhelm you with knowledge BUT answered every question asked of him-unlike some others I acquired quotes from that needed to get back to us with the answers to our questions.
For anybody considering solar I would read Finn Peacock's pages on solar, arm yourself with knowledge and questions and phone Matt at MPV as he will not baffle you with BS
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As novices to solar power – we found the Solar Quotes website very informative and educated us about what to do - and by putting in your postcode they organise 3 quotes from supplier/installers who they say have been checked out. I received calls from 2 and I chased up the other. One supplier was particularly keen didn't seem to understand our concern about our fear of roof tiles being broken (installation of our solar water heating caused several tile breakages and difficult to track water leaks to our ceilings). I checked Harvey Normans website and they had a recommendation for MPV solar based in Gladesville. Matt Vella visited and was the only person (2 others visited from other companies) to check out the roof properly and pull up a tile and say he could source some spares. Previously, I had tried getting spare tiles but ours seemed difficult to match. Matt said no problem I know where to get these and I will bring a dozen on installation day - which he did. During installation only one tile was cracked and quickly replaced.

MPV provided two quotes - a cheaper panel system from China and the LG system. During our research and in discussions with 3 of the quoters we understood to avoid panels that have silicone sealants. We trusted the LG brand and its panels have no silicone. We wanted an all black look but we were advised that there is a some power inefficiency and while that did not concern us - the LG panels do have black frames and so were a good alternative. Matt explained that Ausgrid, the network supplier in our area will only allow a max output of 5 kilowatt hours which means 16 panels. The installation is battery ready for when the battery price comes down and we can be virtually independent of the grid. Our retail electricity supply company is Powershot who get their electricity from renewables. The MPV quote for LG Panels was in the middle of two other quotes. The only thing we requested was that MPV accept delayed payment after installation by 2 weeks for 50% of the bill - we agreed on 30%. MPV was the only quoter to agree to this. For us this was fundamental because we wanted to make sure we had time to check for roof leaks (none evident at the time of writing this review 2 months later).

The installation was excellent - we requested Matts best team - the two men that did the installation worked hard all day and were careful with our 70 year old terracotta roof tiles. The electrician who installed the inverter was very good and helpful. And MPV have followed up with our questions on using the software.

The system has an SMA inverter and software that provides a readout on the solar electricity generated and used that is sent to my mobile phone monthly and available to our home computer at any time (by the PV System logbook). It means you can easily see when you use electricity and adjust your usage pattern if you want. Our average daily electricity use is high at about 36kwh/day and our solar generation per day is about 18kwh/day. So we are saving 50% on our bill without doing much change to our patterns of usage except putting the swimming pool pump on during the day rather than at night in off peak. Powershot gives a great breakdown of our usage on our home computer for our non solar panel electricity.
I highly recommend MPV Group.
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Very pleased with whole procedure. MPV always arrived on time and job was completed quickly and efficiently. Show additional information
Matt (the Manager) advised us we did not need such a big system to save us dollars (how rare is this)
The workings of the system now and in the future (battery hook up) have been explained to us. Any further questions we have is a phone call or email away
Workmen were punctual, wasted no time, cleaned up after themselves, were well mannered
Workmanship was precise and no short cuts taken.
Matt arranged for some replacement tiles to be delivered to replace some broken tiles on the roof before the installation
We did not have to negotiate the quote as we asked for the best price and that is what we got. We did not have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd best price as we did from other installers.
We are able to monitor the system ourselves BUT MPV also will monitor it via the internet
Matt was direct and did not try baffle us with useless information.
I have no hesitation in recommending MPV to install a solar system.
I believe I chose a NUMBER 1 installer
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Matt always answered all questions immediately and was extremely professional Show additional information
Show additional information
I liked the fact that one of the principals of the company dealt with us. I would be happy to recommend MPV Group to friends and colleagues. Show additional information
Very professional and quality of workmanship was fantastic. Always able to assist with any questions we had.
Would highly recommend them.
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I looked at feedback that MPV Solar had received and decided to contact Matt as a result.
We initially had three separate systems for him to quote, we are on a farm.

Matt won our work over others because he -
1. sounded fair dinkum over the phone
2. was here to take a look within days - we are 4 hours drive from Sydney where his business is
3. arrived in a ute with a ladder and got onto the roof to check if it was sound
4. listened to what I wanted to do and had good ideas
5. checked existing wiring and suggested what needed to be upgraded to facilitate the solar install
6. was honest enough to talk me out of the 3rd system due to economics
7. seemed to be up on the latest hybrid technology and installed our systems to suit future battery installation
8. looked for ways to save us money on the ground mount system
9. arrived on time to install with good tradesmen
10. didn't complain about anything, just did the job
11. answered all my basic questions regarding the grid etc
12. I have recommended him to my friends who I knew were looking at solar and they have had similar experiences to me.
13. The design was done properly, not by some work experience kid using google earth - I kid you not, one quote did this and planned to install panels on our neighbour's pump shed!!

The thing is these guys are a family company who have been 22 years in business doing electrical, not just solar.
The man who turns up is a part of the business, the man who designs extra things is his brother and they are just good people.
I wish there were more city businesses like this one, mostly they are not interested in travelling too far and if they do then they charge stupid travelling fees etc.
Matt is a very enthusiastic person, so brace yourself when you meet him :-)
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Extremely great people to work with. Knowing that everyone is a qualified electrician gives you piece of mind.
They delivered everything they promised even though it was over the holiday period.
There was no pressure and they did not criticise other companies as their product spoke for itself
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I wanted a high end system and chose LG 300 panels with SMA sunny tripower inverter and dealt directly with the principal of the business who inspected my house the day after I asked for a quote. Matt Vella was helpful, professional and very responsive. The system was installed the day after the order was confirmed as they had a cancellation. Three vans turned up and each guy had his job and knew what he was doing. A very professional approach and excellent service. Show additional information
The installers were employed by MPVgroup and were very professional. They installed the inverter in garage, which is on the other side to the meter box. The cables were all hidden in the walls, no surface wiring and this is for a two-storey home with Hebel walls, I was very impressed. Mat, the owner of MPV, is very knowledgeable. He has been in the business for more than 20years which was the key for him to get my business. He also connected me with LG National Sales manager to discuss the LG Neon panels over other panels. This was key for me to spend a little extra on getting perhaps one of the best panels on the market today from perspective of vendor warranty and support. Very happy with MPVgroup and will have no hesitation recommending them to anyone. Show additional information
Long Term Investment in Quality LG 300W Panels & 5KW SMA Inverter System.

KW/H Generation has been exceptional and will deliver a great ROI.

Based on Generation & Consumption data from our Watson Anytime device, our bill will be reduced by at least 50%.

MPV delivered the highest quality of customer Service & Support and would highly recommend to anyone looking at buying with confidence.
My brother-inlaw also went with MPV after my positive experience and were also greatly impressed with the quality of Installation & Support.
Ultimately you get what you pay for and Solar is a long term investment and we wanted security with a reputable Brand like LG, supported by MPV, a quality Company.
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As general practice, I think it would be useful for all installers to walk through how the house circuits are connected up, and what part of the house will actually draw power from the solar panels. Will all parts of the house be connected, will it include the lights, how will it be metered, questions the customer may have on installation. Show additional information
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Service, quality and attention to detail made MPV the best choice for the high quality system we were after. The limited space and NW orientation of the roof on our semi-detached terrace made achieving an effective 4KW system difficult. Some other installers we dealt didn't bother coming on site to quote and only looked at the site with Google maps. One company even plotted panels on to our neighbours roof and kept changing the inverter equipment they were offering. Matt from MPV took a different approach. He promptly came to our location, carefully inspected the site and discussed the best way to squeeze enough high output 300Watt LG panels combined with an SMA inverter to achieve the capacity and quality we were after. Our ancient switch and meter board were long overdue for an upgrade and MPV provided us with a quote for that additional work. On installation day MPV's 6 staff worked professionally and the result was a new electrical system for the house and a solar system producing 4000watts that afternoon. We highly recommend MPV Show additional information
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Matt is a local resident of my area and has been supplying services for 20 years.
He is extremely knowledgeable and provided an outside the square solution for our installation.
He was the only provider to suggest a split panel array to capture solar power over a longer period of the day.
His installers were prompt, polite, tidy and efficient.
Couldn't be happier with the result.
Paul from Gladesville
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Matt from MPV solar and his team were great. Ours was a commercial install of a 15kw system. The instal went perfectly no easy task in a 7 day business operating 9 to 9, his team even vacuumed the floor afterwards. Matt put a great deal of thought into the solar panel alignment on our roof to maximize power generation as the roof faces south. However all this means nothing if it doesn't generate the power. So far we're averaging roughly 60kw per day. We got our first power bill which was for period 8/11/14 to 9/2/15 the system was operational from 16/1/15 hence for only 26% of the billing period. Last years bill was $3500 this years bill $2645 WOW. Looking forward to seeing the next bill when the solar power has been operational the whole period. Show additional information
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The experience was fantastic, Product knowledge was great everything explained and so easy of an experience.
Would recommend this company to anyone and even tho they were based in Sydney they were extremely more cheaper than anyone local to my area
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Paul Carlton from Dynamic Solar was extremely helpful also, and also agreed with my choice of LG panels. Show additional information
Cannot fault the supplier or their installers. Show additional information
Only installed last week and new meter still awaited. Show additional information