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MPV Solar is a family owned solar design and installation business based in Sydney, and has been operating for over 22 years. Your installation will be carried out by our licenced electricians that are Clean Energy Council certified . We don’t use sub-contractors so we control the quality of your solar installation .


We only use Tier 1 panel manufacturers like LG & Yingli and SMA inverters to ensure your 25 year investment keeps saving you money for the life of the system .


MPV Solar is a company you can rely on be around in the future if you have any questions or issues with your system with 22 years of professional service to their customers . We pride ourselves giving our customers honest advice without pushing for a quick decision .


We have been engaged as preferred installers for Harvey Norman Commercial , Origin Energy , AGL & NSW Public Works .


MPV Solar is the trusted name in the Solar industry !

Reviewers report paying: $5,200 - $12,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

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Great installation

So happy with MPV Solar.
Quote turn around was really fast.
Installation team were punctual, polite and cleaned up after themselves.
Would highly recommend using MPV
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Impressive team

I was impressed with the MPV team every step of the way. MPV provided fantastic information for the researcher with the quote, and a number of options to choose from. They installed on time and the installation team was friendly and helpful, professional and efficient. I couldn’t have asked for more.
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Amazing Team and Staff

The whole team from start to finish were amazing. Day of install everyone arrived early and got straight into it. Everything was explained in detail and all the guts went above and beyond to supply a great system but more importantly a easy and great experience, even to providing an awning to further protect my inverter from the elements and making sure my roof was free from any tile issues before and after the install. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.
Panel rating: 5/5
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I Want to See This Business Grow

System: 10 kw (28X415w LG) panels + 3 phase SolarEdge 10 kw inverter

Before I gave the job to Matt, I had a few similar offers. Matt seemed like a diamond in the rough, after I read the reviews about MPV. I believe I have read all the reviews from different websites about this family business because I was try to find something negative to see if I can go along with, yet I found almost nothing. I was an owner builder of my house and this is the very first time I have found a business this good.

Is it possible that one can make everyone happy? It was a long unanswered question in my life. Now Matt gives one.

Matt’s boys completed the job on my roof just for a day with a clean finish. While they carried out their committed work, they have

1) Sealed a crack on my roof ridge free of charge.
2) Used their own tiles to replace few broken ones free of charge.
3) Installed a 10 m Ethernet extension cable through the roof with a wall inlet and a signal booster free of charge.

I also planned to install a 10 kWh Battery but Matt suggested not to. I chose to trust his professional judgement and it took me a period of time to realise that he was absolutely right.

The LG panel started to work about 1/2 hour earlier than the others and stop about 1/2 hour later than the rest. When the air temperature is higher, LG makes more power than others. The SolarEdge power optimisers enable the 28 panels to spread out on Eastern, Northern and Western sides of my roof with a different pitch. After all, the numbers from my roof, not the numbers from the paper, are amazingly good.

The system was installed on 05/04/22, which is a step in the winter, harvests about 50 kWh on a shinning day (Max at 54.7 so far), 20-30 kWh on a cloudy day and 7-18 kWh on a raining day for the whole April. The worse day with a heavy rain morning to night, I got 6.7 kWh. In the beginning of few days, I observed a peak value as 10.9kw at around noon!! Consider that we use 8kwh in the day and 10 kWh in the night, battery is really pointless to add: we only need to trade 30 kWh in the day for 10 kWh in the night and the rest of the power should make me some income. I can’t wait to see how they pay me on the bill! I am expecting more power in the summer time and now am waiting to see the numbers in July and August.

After my installation, my sister asked me to set a similar system on her roof. Again, Matt made my sister happy and she is now waiting for the new meter to come.

The market of the solar system are rapidly changing and the business of small and big are come and go at the same time. I didn’t have a change to ask but, I can feel from the way Matt run his family business that he has a vision and a goal that his business has to be good enough to pass onto his grandchildren. My grandchildren are not coming yet but when they come, I hope that they are surrounded by good people and deal with good people such as Matt’s family.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Came recommended and would recommend myself

Very happy with Matt and his team, they came recommended from my neighbour and would recommend myself.
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MPV Solar Trustworthy, honest and reliable

I contacted MPV as they had done my previous installation in 2012. They recommended an entirely new system which would be much more efficient due to the vast advances made in size and efficiency of the panels and the quality of the inverters now available. They had a team of people who came on time, they were here for about 5 hours and left no mess. They also had a young woman apprentice who they were very happy with. I was delighted that they had included her in their team.
The system has been operating now for nearly a week and I can see what power I am drawing and what power is going to the grid from an app on my phone.
I am delighted with the whole process and would recommend them to anyone - in fact I have already recommended them to a family member.
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Solar Installation

How was the sales/quoting process? Very Good

How did the installation go? Polite? Tidy? Punctual?

How was the customer service? They organised the grid connection after the installation.
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Professional start to finish

They were professional and helpful every step of the way, they arrive on time, and were happy to answer any question I had at any stage of the install. The only reason you would know they had been to my house, was that there was a solar system installed, they wasn't a screw or scrap of anything let behind.

I even received a follow up call to make sure I could log on and down load the app to follow my production and consumption of power ( solar and grid )

Really pleased and excited to start my solar journey.
I must also thank solar quotes, I wouldn't have done it without the information you provided

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 1/5
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Many Thanks MPV

I highly recommend MPV. The quoting, installation and after sales service has been excellent. The staff have all been professional and courteous. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of connecting the new solar system with my electricity supplier through the management of the process by MPV.

Based on my last electricity bill my electricity consumption has been reduced by 60% year on year.

I am so pleased to have been referred to MPV and would be pleased to extend a referral when asked.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great Installer, Great experience

Just had my solar installed by MPV and had a great experience. Nothing was too much trouble and they will take care of everything from start to finish. The fact that their installers are part of the MPV team gave me the peace of mind that the job will be done to the highest standard. Thank you MPV and I will definitely be recommending you.
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Expert Knowledge and Installation

Really quick quotes with all brochures
Really quick lead time to install
Really quick and professional installation of 30 panels on two sides of roof - 7pm - 3pm - 4 teams of two!

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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True Professionals!

A detailed and thoughtful process taking into account all my current and future needs. An installation Team that MPV should be proud of!
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Could not have been better!

This was my second solar installation, this time with a battery so I had high expectations. MPV lived up to these and then some. I had an unusual install of: 13.3kw of panels, 10kw battery, heat pump and all to be installed on a small roof with quite a bit of shading from trees. I also wanted backup in case of black outs.

MPV came back with a great design that was 2/3 the cost of the next lowest quote. The quality of the install was 5 star and the evening after the install you would not even know they had been! The support was excellent as well. Great communication, liaising with power company, setup support for the app and on-going support.

The performance of the system has been even better than I anticipated. I had a full battery in under 4 hours, on an overcast and rainy day and have not needed to draw from the grid since.

Would I recommend MPV? Absolutely. I couldn’t recommend them high enough!

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Very Happy Customers

We were very impressed with the services provided by MPV Group from the beginning of the quoting service until the final result. The MPV Team were very professional. We had a lot of panels to be installed and it was an extremely hot day. The MPV staff worked very hard all day after arriving shortly after 7am until late in the afternoon. They were polite, punctual and very professional. We were set up with the grid connection the following day and the gentleman explained the process to use on the panel on the wall for me in simple terms. All the correspondence via email and phone calls from the head office was courteous and very pleasant people to deal with. We have already recommended MPV to our neighbours and friends and will continue to do so. Thanks for a seamless process MPV Group.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Solar Panel Installation.

All work on the solar system installation was carried out by skilled tradesman using high quality material. Highly recommend them for any prospective customers.
Panel rating: 4/5
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I would highly Recommend MPV Solar

In the confusing world of solar, MPV made it very easy.
MPV was recommended to me from a friend who was very happy with their service.
They explained all aspects and what all the different options were in plain English.
The quote was very competitive to the large companies but MPV were able to instal the solar panels in a quicker time frame.
The installation ran smoothly. MPV staff were polite, on time and cleaned up everything after.
They organise all the paperwork to connect to the grid and continued to answer questions after everything was completed.
I would highly recommend MPV to anyone.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Careful, knowledgeable Installer with excellent ongoing support

Note - This is a review of our solar system installed by MPV in May 2017. I am providing this review now (Feb 2020) as I have been very impressed with the overall performance of the system over the past 34 months. MPV have also provided excellent support when there was a minor issue in December 2018 (see below).
The quoting process was very thorough. MPV were the only company (of four who quoted) to insist on a site inspection before completing their quote.
Matt (one of the company Directors) conducted the site visit and recommended a 5.12kW system comprising 16 x LG NEON-2 320W solar panels and a Solaredge SE-5000 inverter with Solaredge DC Optimisers installed on each solar panel. This would reduce the effect of partial shading, from a large tree in our backyard, on the system output. The DC Optimisers have the added advantage of providing individual panel monitoring. Eight panels were installed on the Northeast roof and eight on the Northwest roof. This allows solar production to start earlier and continue later in the day. MPV also provided me a written report from the Nearmap Solar software showing the estimated average daily energy output by month for the proposed installation.
As an Electrical Engineer, I had lots of technical questions which Matt was able to fully answer during the site visit and via several follow-up emails.
While MPV were not the cheapest quote, I chose them because of this knowledge and the fact that they are a company that provides Commercial and Residential electrical services as well as solar system installations. This gave me a level of comfort that they would still be around in the future.
The system included an LG Chem RESU 10H battery and changes to the house wiring to connect two lighting circuits, the kitchen power circuit and a powerpoint for the Internet cable modem, to the battery backup. This allows these circuits to continue to operate in the event of a blackout and can operate for extended periods without grid power if required.

The installation of the solar panels and the inverter occurred on one (long) day. The MPV team arrived on time and were excellent, leaving the site clean and tidy. Three days later, MPV returned to make the changes to the house wiring, connect to the meterbox and make the data connections for the monitoring system. MPV also installed the Smartmeter (this was allowed in 2017, but not now I believe). The battery was installed 8-weeks later as it was a new model and Solaredge & LG-Chem were finalising the software configuration and testing. (MPV had given me the option of waiting and having a single installation, but I opted to get the solar panels installed ASAP.)
I have experience in the System Control and Telecommunications industries and can say that I was very impressed with the quality of the workmanship by the MPV team during the installation process. I was also very happy that MPV granted me full access to the monitoring software provided as part of the Solaredge system, which gives great insight into the performance of the entire system.
Since installation, the entire system has operated perfectly, producing on average, more than the Nearmap estimated daily output. There have also been several blackouts during this period and the battery back-up has operated correctly ensuring that the lights and more importantly, the fridge and freezer, continued to operate when there was no grid power.
There was one issue in December 2018, where there was a brown-out on the grid (the monitoring showed 163VAC) and the Inverter & Battery couldn’t appear to decide whether to remain connected to the grid or switch to battery backup. This resulted in a period of switching between the two states. I reported this to MPV who raised an Incident report with Solaredge which resulted in a firmware upgrade being installed on the Inverter the next day! This response confirmed my decision to go with MPV.
I would definitely recommend MPV as a professional installation company who use top quality equipment and back this up with excellent ongoing support.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Really happy with the install and quality

MPV responded quickly and competitively to our request for a 10Kwh PV system and when it came to the day for the job sent a team of 4 to install in one day, the system was generating electricity before they left. They were open to questions and thoughts and were overall very helpful. We may have paid a little extra but peace of mind is worth it.
100% recommend for any electrical job and for PV systems.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Perfect Job - Couldn't be happier with MPV

After searching very hard for a decent solar company, reading many horror stories of jobs gone wrong and receiving many quotes we decided to go with MPV Solar. The owner Matt Vella and his wonderful team installed our system on 12-9-19.

When his staff member initially got on the roof he came back down to tell me that my brand new roof (6 month old house) had many fractured tiles and that he would like to replace these for me while up there. He sent one of their own guys out to Boral and picked up 50 roof tiles to match mine and installed these for me at no extra charge. I know for a fact many companies would have ignored these tiles and then just siliconed up any tiles that actually cracked when they had to walk on them.

Matt Vella was the only person who said he wants to put the inverter in the garage out of the weather. All other quotes opt'd to put the inverter on the north facing wall next to the powerbox (the easy way out). All cabling was run inside the cavities (alot of extra work) rather than external. The whole job overall extremely neat and tidy.

The system itself has performed beyond my expectations. Upon posting a screenshot of my solaredge inverter power output onto a solar facebook page people were genuinely impressed at the output for an 8kw system.

Price-wise MPV was on par with the other quotes from reputable companies for the same gear.

I would not hesitate to recommend Matt and his team at MPV.

Very very happy customer.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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MPV Solar provided excellent service when installing the system and excellent follow up service well after the installation. I have had a couple of queries and MPV were prompt in getting back to me and providing support. I am very happy with the savings I am making on my electricity usage with my new system. MPV is a great company to do business with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solar system. They are a very professional company that provide quality service and a quality system and above all peace of mind you are dealing with a reputable company. Thank you MPV.
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Your website is superb but one of your recommended suppliers (space solar) never contacted us so not sure how you rate them.

Steve Gall from Solaray was excellent and he provided a top quality recommendation and proposal. I ultimately selected MPV as they recommended the same solution but MPV were $1500 cheaper than Solaray.
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It was great meeting a team who communicated well and took pride in the work that hey did.
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MPV was the only supplier (out of four we received quotes from) who wanted to come and see the house at the time of quoting. Seems crazy to me that I was being asked to spend $20k+ without a site visit. Matt Vella spent a considerable amount of time addressing all our concerns and questions - including questions about SolarEdge after reading a blog link in this site. He inspired confidence and the after-sales service has been excellent. Highly recommended.
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We had a large roof space on top of our shed behind our home so rather than go for a standard 5kw to 10kw system we went for a 20kw.
The quality of the installation was perfect, flawless and during the windstorm that smashed Sydney nothing moved or needed attention.
Our first power bill that arrived was $270.39CR - IN OUR FAVOUR.
We had our air con on all summer, garden flood lights, clothes driers etc.
We do not even have a battery and we are actually cash flow positive on our power bill.
This is the fourth Solar System that the team at MPV Group has installed for me, the first was over three years ago and not only has it paid itself off we have not had to do anything to it at all, no adjustments, repairs, or any type of maintenance.
Not only do I recommend them but I will be using them again in the future.
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Did what they promised on time friendly and professional staff installation crew were vey good
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Very helpful team throughout the process and the installation was excellent with all mess cleaned up and the system explained. Immediate respone to initial query via Facebook was also key to getting the process going.
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Matt and the team at MPV Group have been very good to deal with. I had four different companies come and quote me for an 6kw + system. Matt was the only person who actually got up on my roof as part of his evaluation/quote process. That impressed me and resulted in some different thoughts from the others who came on panel placement. MPV's quote wasn't the cheapest or the dearest but their proposed system was the best resulting in 8.03kw system. The install was seamless and the system has been operating very well pumping out 55kw on a good day and 1.2-1.3mw a month. My first power bill was $27 down from about $1,200-$1,300. I'm confident I'll get my investment back in 4yrs time.

MPV are very prompt to get back to you if you have any questions or issues and I highly recommend them. If i had to do it again they'd be the ones i'd go with a second time. Well done and thanks to MPV
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Happy to be a reference site for Matt Vella and his team
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Matt and his team were very professional from the quote stage right through to the installation and with service after a problem with the mains voltage.

The installation crew (all MPV staff) did an excellent job that was completed in just under one day.

A follow up call for service to MPV when High Volt alarms occurred was quickly followed up with Endeavour Energy who adjusted the voltage from the nearest transformer that serves our street.

Excellent professional service on all levels. I highly recommend MPV to anyone seeking a solar system.
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The installation was a breeze for me. They arrived on time and performed the installation with no hassles.

All the work was neat and tidy and all rubbish was removed from site when they left.

Couldnt have asked for a better installation.

The system is performing extremely well!
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I had a very good experience contracting MPV. The owner of the Co (Matt Vella) took time on a weekend to have a look at my house to assess the case. He was the only one to do so, most companies I contacted (about 5 or 6) just quoted from a picture, some were very pushy, or too focused on selling whatever they wanted to sell, upsetting me and losing my business.

While cost is always important, I wanted a good quality system and comparing apples and apples is not an easy thing to do. I eventually arrived at a couple of "finalists" that were consistent with their info. While trying to sell their stuff, neither of these Co. misrepresented the technology or what they could do. I could have selected either of them as the price difference was minimal, but decided on MPV because of their direct approach, the short delivery time (about a week) and their initial home visit.

Their delivery was prompt and as promised, no issue, no drama. The team arrived on time and installed the system without a glitch and left the place impeccably clean. The system has been working for a couple of months now, and while too early to call, I would recommend MPV to my friends based on their service and attention to details.
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Matt and his team in the engine room - Louise, Nicole and all the" Installers" were professional, courteous, prompt and attended to all the loose ends that come with such a project of this size and complexity.
I very much recommend Matt and MPV to any potential buyer of Solar Energy - A job well done.
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The 3 solar quotes I received were all within $200 of each other. I also sourced a 4th quote from a company that had done several family and friends. The price was within the range of my original 3 quotes so my decision was based on service and longevity of the company. The 3 companies that were sourced by your group were helpful and professional also, but ultimately I knew the service I would receive from MPV and they have over 15 years of service. Otherwise I would have definitely used one of the original 3 quotes.
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Found Matt, office staff & installers to be very helpful. The installers did a great job concealing all conduits leaving the job neat & tidy. Looking at Solar systems around my neighbourhood I feel MPV have done a superior installation & I would definitely recommend them Matt is arranging for one of his staff to check my system and connect to internet as I was not connected at time of installation. Thanks Mpv.
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We cannot speak highly enough of MPV Solar.

Matt provided a detailed quote and information about the system, and was able to visit the business to have a look at the set up and determine the best system for us.

It was a few months between the initial quote and when we decided to go ahead with the installation. Other companies who had also supplied quotes were constantly calling and emailing to see if we had made a decision, where as MPV Group did not.

The install went without a hitch, and was completed in three days. The team were professional, well organised, practiced good work safety, tidied up after themselves, and answered any questions we had.

The system is now pumping out electricity, and it's obvious that our business will be saving quite a lot on our electricity bills.
We may be looking at battery storage in the future, and will happily go back to MPV for that option.

We will definitely be recommending MPV Group to others for their solar needs.
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Good product, good service on a difficult roof. And nice people. I felt like I was dealing with the A team.
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Hello Matt

Congratulations to your excellent team and its positive mind set. The installation of both our solar systems went like a well oiled machine. Everyone knew his job and needed no supervision, the communication and cooperation between them was fantastic. we were highly impressed by all of them but in particular by Albert and his expertise, his natural, unobtrusive and almost invisible leadership. He was the central point without much ado about it and approachable at any moment by anyone.

The capacity of this team to adapt to our various lokal peculiarities and in quickly finding solutions was extraordinary, sometimes even against the odds (e.g. drilling through our floor to connect to the internet was not possible as we have floor heating by means of hot water).

Always in contact with us and open to suggestions, this project overall was a very pleasant experience to us.

Likewise, we admired Darren, the master on the roof, placing and holding each panel upright with one hand while fitting the contacts with the other in the scorching heat with steady feet on the 40 degree steep roof even against strong wind gusts, steady like a pillar with no signs of getting tired.

My wife said jokingly: “If everyone in Australia would work like them, we had no problems in this country!”

And to top it off: The next day we found out there was no power to the outbuilding, which was no surprise at all after having seen the density of that tangled web of wires within that small space inside the main switch board.
After a phone call, within the hour Albert was back and fixed it instantly, providing us the experience of an almost incredible service you provided.

We are very satisfied and happy we chose your company for the delivery and installation of our solar systems. We would also be very happy, if you shared our satisfaction with your team.

Thank you.
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I was very pleased with the outstanding service MPV provided to me. I'm really impressed with how the whole team were extremely friendly, reliable and responsive. Everything they said they would do they did, they kept me informed at every step and checked in with me to ensure that all was well and I understood all that was happening.

The quality of MPV's work on the installation was second to none. There was an issue with the LG battery which was not MPV's fault. MPV were onsite as soon as they know there was an issue trying to resolve it. Eventually, the problem needed to be fixed through their supplier (Redback Technologies), Matt remained involved and available until the issue was completely fixed and I was satisfied with the outcome.

At all times Matt and his team were professional and easy to deal with.

I have recommended MPV to others because of my satisfaction and trust in their service.
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MPV is very professional.
Installers did a fantastic job exactly to plan.
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MPV Solar provided a complete design and installation service. From initial consultation where our needs were discussed, and options formulated, through tendering of quotes and successful and timely installation, MPV presented as a completely professional and experienced company. Teething problems have been dealt with immediately.
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Original Review on 14-12-2016:

Still working our way with the system, but it appears to be very efficient.
There was a problem with the reporting as we got confused with someone else getting the same size system, but that seems to have been resolved without too much hassle.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked David: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Most certainly.
We are waiting for our next bill to evaluate the need for batteries for our system.
We'll be going back to Matt at MPV if we need them.
Cannot recommend MPV highly enough
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Original Review on 31-10-2016:

Hi Finn,
Thank you for your advice. I found your website extremely helpful.
MPV are an outstanding family company with excellent customer service.
Norman, the marketing rep. was very accommodating in addressing our concerns and was attentive to detail and my requests.
Matt, the owner also met me as requested, one week before the installation as I wanted to talk about the finer points regarding the installation. He cared enough to bring with him equipment to be used in the system.
The most outstanding level of care was that Matt ensured that the tradesmen doing roof work wore 'soft shoes' as requested.
In regards to the system, I chose the Fronius 3 phase hybrid inverter with the LG NeOn2 320W panels. The performance has been very pleasing in that on cloudy days the inverter has been registering close to 1kW, naturally it is higher when it is full sun.
Overall I am very pleased with the system and with MPV.
Thank you once again.
Kind regards,
Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

9 months later we asked Dharshan: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

On reading your data and the manufacturers product data, it seemed that the selected equipment fitted my criterion.
The realised performance has exceeded my expectation. Bless you and your colleagues for work that has been done to navigate through this quagmire.
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I have no hesitation in recommending Matt and his installation teams. Knowlegable and professional from start to finish.
Installation was very professional and efficiently done within the day to a high standard.
(18 LG panels on 2 roofs with Enphase microinverters & Enphase batteries installed in an area with restricted access).
The installation team also accommodated my 'on the day' requests to run the cables down inside the wall cavities (3 stories).
The system is well balanced with Matt's recommendation on the batteries to smooth the production and usage. My objective is to use everything produced and not to send anything much back to the grid and that's been achieved.
I rarely write reviews unless I am genuinely impressed by the standards and that includes everything from the initial response to a request for a quote, through to the installation and post installation follow up along with the responsiveness and ease of communication with the office administration staff.
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I was reluctant at first to go with a Sydney based company, being situated 4 or more hours away, in a small village. However, my concerns evaporated when I had a problem with my inverter. The problem was apparently due to a lightning strike or lightning induced overload and not covered under warranty. Matt in good faith and in keeping with other things I had researched on MPV Matt covered costs of the article and travelled out to install the component himself. I am very impressed with the follow up and courtesy. an excellent result.
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We can highly recommend MPV Electrical group of companies for all areas of your electrical requirements. All jobs large & small are run professionally, smoothly, efficiently and in a timely manner, by honest, reliable, highly trained tradesmen. We have dealt with mpv for over 20 years now, and their service has always been exemplary Site is left spotlessly clean on completion of every job. mpv have provided us with another perfect job as always, thank you. Robert & Sandra Archibald
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